12 January 2006 [20:30]

Embassy of Japan organizes posters exhibition

The exhibition of posters entitled “Discover Japan through Contemporary Posters” will open on 16 January at the Art and Exhibition Salon of the Culture Ministry of Azerbaijan.
12 January 2006 [16:27]

Health Ministry holds a meeting on preventive measures against bird flu

On Wednesday the Health Ministry held a meeting dedicated to the preventive and the anti-epidemic measures in relation to prevention of penetration of bird flu to Azerbaijan.
12 January 2006 [11:24]

British Council holds Old New Baku photo competition on Youth Day

British Council holds Old New Baku photo competition on the occasion of Youth Day on 2 February.
12 January 2006 [11:12]

Weather forecasted to be cold in second ten-day of January

Weather is forecasted to be unstable and cold in the second ten-day of January.
12 January 2006 [10:54]

Arabian film festival to be held in Baku

Arabian film festival will be held in Baku on the initiative of Cinema Department acting under auspicious of Baku Executive Power.
12 January 2006 [10:33]

“Bureau of the National Center of Interpol will hold a conference in Baku on 1-2 February 2006.”

Madat Guliyev, the head of the Bureau told Trend about it.
12 January 2006 [10:27]

Megastar Tarkan will come to Baku in June

Turkish megastar Tarkan is expected to visit Baku in June.
12 January 2006 [09:35]

In 2006 Ecology Ministry intends to intensify forest regeneration

In 2006 the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry intends to expand the area under the forest regeneration up to 10,000 hectares.
12 January 2006 [09:30]

First National Internet Prize competition started in Azerbaijan

A press-conference dedicated to the beginning of the “Netty-2006” Azerbaijan National Internet Prize was held yesterday.
12 January 2006 [09:15]

The US President George Bush sends congratulation message to Ilham Aliyev

The US President George bush sent congratulation message to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on the holy Gurban holiday.
12 January 2006 [09:05]

10 people died in mine explosions last year

592.603 sq. meter territory was cleansed from mines and unexploded military supplies. 104 mines and unexploded supplies were found and rendered harmless.
06 January 2006 [12:11]

Azeri frontier guards saved crewman of Russian boat

On Thursday at 00.40am [local time] the employees of the Coastguard Service of the Azerbaijani State Border Service (ASBS) saved a crewman of the fishing boat belonged to Astrakhan, Russia.
06 January 2006 [11:57]

No Azeri pilgrim suffer from building collapse in Mecca

“There is no Azerbaijani pilgrim among the victims of the building collapse in Mecca.
06 January 2006 [11:16]

Shahriyar Mammadyarov is 4 ranks ahead of Teymur Rajabov in the new rating of FIDE

International Chess Federation FIDE announced the first rating list of 2006.
28 December 2005 [10:09]

Crashed AN-140 black box found

Divers of the frontier troops the day before yesterday managed to find the black box containing flight data recorder of the Azerbaijan Airlines’ (AZAL) AN-140 crashed on Saturday near Baku killing all 23 people including 8 foreign citizens on board, AZAL said.
28 December 2005 [09:49]

Military supplies found in Azerbaijan-Russia frontier

The frontier-guards found military supplies near Samur bridge of Russia-Azerbaijan frontier while checking the border this morning.
28 December 2005 [09:48]

Azeri sportsmen gain record number of awards in 2005

230 medals were gained by Azerbaijani sportsmen at the international competitions in 2005.
28 December 2005 [09:47]

Ecology Ministry studies impact of Gabala RLS on environment

“The Azerbaijani Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry studies the impact of the Gabala Radio Location Station (RLS) on environment,” Husseyn Baghirov, the Ecology and Natural resources Minister, stated on Tuesday, Trend reports.
28 December 2005 [09:46]

942 died, 3337 injured in 2876 traffic accidents within 11 months this year

2876 traffic accident were registered during 11 months this year. 942 people died and 3337 were injured in these accidents.
28 December 2005 [09:42]

354 kg narcotics removed from illegal turnover within 11 months this year

?bout 354 kg narcotics, psychotropic matters and precursors as well as 27.144 kg heroin, 42.271 kg opium, 48.282 hashish, 227.345 kg marihuana, 11936 pills and 90 ampoules psychotropic matters and 8.822 kg acid anhydrides were removed from the illegal turnover within January-November this year.
28 December 2005 [09:40]

Nizami Pashayev recognized as sportsman of 2005 in Azerbaijan

World heavy athletics champion Nizami Pashayev was recognized as the best Azerbaijani sportsman on the results of 2005.
24 December 2005 [14:06]

The jet crash near Baku

18 passengers and 5 members of the crew died as a result of a jet crash near Baku (Nardaran village, outskirts Baku) on Friday at 22:27pm [local hours].
24 December 2005 [09:53]

Adil Ismayilov: “The judge put pressure on experts in Ramil Safarov’s trial”

Lawyer Adil Ismayilov, representative of parents of officer of Azerbaijani Army Ramil Safarov who is accused of murdering Armenian officer Gurgen Markaryan held a press conference yesterday.
24 December 2005 [09:31]

Mechanism for funding initial medical services was discussed in Baku

The roundtable has been held on 23 December in Baku on mechanisms for funding the initial medical services.
24 December 2005 [09:27]

Examination launched to study influence of Gabala Radar Station on environment

Radiation problems Institute of National Academy of Science launched examination to study the influence of Gabala Radar Station on the environment.
24 December 2005 [09:15]

Distribution of social aids to families of scanty means to be delayed

Distribution of social aids to families of scanty means will be delayed. APA was given this information by the director of the addressed social aid sector of the Ministry of Labour and Social protection of Population (MLSPP) Vafa Mutallibova.
20 December 2005 [10:36]

3,500 students from 41 countries studies at Azeri universities

In 2005 - around 3,500 students from 41 countries of the world study at the Azerbaijani universities against 1,500 students from 35 countries in 2004.
20 December 2005 [10:34]

Follow-up meeting on the implementation of the framework convention for the protection of national minorities held in Baku

Follow-up meeting on the implementation of the framework convention for the protection of national minorities was held in Baku yesterday.
19 December 2005 [18:04]

Sabirabad will possess fiber optical Internet cable by the end of this year

Construction of a fiber optic cable from Ali Bayramli to Sabirabad will be completed till the end of this year.
19 December 2005 [10:49]

UNESCO delegation visiting Baku finished its mission

Elmira Suleymanova, the Azerbaijani Ombudsman, received on Saturday the Director of the UNESCO Department for education policy and strategy, Mirasgar Husseyn, and a specialist on education, Dendev Badarchi.
17 December 2005 [16:03]

Moscow is going to host international jazz-mugam festival

The international Jazz-Mugam festival dedicated to the memory of Vagif Mustafazade, the Azerbaijani pianist, will be held at "Mir" concert hall in Moscow on December 15-19.
17 December 2005 [10:17]

Azerbaijan since yesterday has Ministry of Emergency Situations

President Ilham Aliyev signed yesterday a decree establishing Ministry of Emergency Situations. The State Control over Safety in Industry and Mining Control Committee, Committee of Material Resources at the Cabinet of Ministers have been cancelled, their functions , their offices and subordinate organizations were transfered under the new ministry.
16 December 2005 [18:45]

German aircraft departing from Yerevan made emergency landing at Baku airport

Today at 11:21 a.m. a private German Cessna-525 jet aircraft flying on Frankfurt- Istanbul- Yerevan- Ashgabat- Kabul route made an emergency landing at the Baku Heydar Aliyev airport.
16 December 2005 [18:39]

Azerbaijan starts new, first of its kind on South Caucasus project sponsored by UNDP, ADB and Israeli embassy

The Azerbaijani Economic Development Ministry and the Asian Development Bank signed $500,000 grant agreement "Towns alliance". The program is jointly financed by the UNDP and Israeli embassy, the UNDP Baku Office told Trend.
16 December 2005 [18:11]

Ministry of Agriculture applies stricter rules for licensing of alcoholic beverage production

The Cabinet of Ministers is about to issue a decision on licensing of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products. The minister Ismat Abbasov reminding that from now on the Ministry of Agriculture will engage in licensing of alcoholic drinks and tobacco noted that this decision will allow clearing the market off fake goods with poor quality.
16 December 2005 [11:05]

"Barmek" turns plug off for debtors in Khachmaz district

The operator of the energy distribution networks of Baku and Sumgayit "Barmek Azerbaijan" on Thursday started measures against debtors in northeastern regions.
16 December 2005 [10:47]

Investigation on case of police gang was prolonged by 3 months

The term of investigation conducted on Haji Mammadov, ex-chief of Main Crime Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and members of his gang was prolonged again.
16 December 2005 [10:27]

Hungarian judge doubts that Safarov unconsciously killed Armenian officer and sends him for another medical examination

Yesterday in Budapest a court heard judgment of the third medical examination of Ramil Safarov. Experts unanimously declared that Azerbaijani officer unconsciously committed the crime under an influence of stress he had in childhood due to the Karabakh war.
15 December 2005 [19:32]

Ministry of Ecology plans to lift ban on hunting fowlings in Azerbaijan

"The Azerbaijani Ecology and Natural resources Ministry addressed to the State Veterinary Service to consider raising of the ban imposed on fowling due to bird flu," said Sadagat Mammadova, head of a division in the Ministry of Ecology.
15 December 2005 [10:31]

Sheikh of All Caucasus is about to mark 25 anniversary of holding the post

Sheikh of All Caucasus Allahshukur Pashazadeh has been receiving congratulations on 25th anniversary of holding the post for some months already. Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexei II visited Baku to congratulate Sheikh and Cardinal of Catholic Church visited Baku and congratulated Allahshukur Pashazadeh on behalf of Rome Pope Benedict XVI.
14 December 2005 [16:59]

Medics contained jaundice outburst in IDP settlement in Barda

State Committee on work with Internally Displaced People and Refugees appealed to local health organization to take precaution measures to prevent jaundice spread among IDPs settled in Barda.
14 December 2005 [16:44]

"Roszarubejcenter" will organize photo-exhibition in Baku illustrating its scientific and cultural activity

In commemoration of the 80-th anniversary for establishment of the Russian Centre for the international scientific and cultural cooperation (Roszarubejcenter) jointly with the Embassy of Russia to Azerbaijan a large-format photo-exhibition will take place in Baku on 21-24 December 2005.
14 December 2005 [16:07]

Counterpart International invites Azeri NGOs to participate in Institutional Support program

Counterpart International re-announces solicitation of Letters of Interest and invites NGOs from all regions of Azerbaijan to submit applications for Institutional Support Grants.
14 December 2005 [11:04]

Ministry of Health closes drug stores functioning in Baku Subway

The Ministry of Health is banning drug stores functioning in the Baku subway.
13 December 2005 [19:27]

Armenians kill Azerbaijani drover in Aghdam

Today in the morning a resident of Chamanli village of Aghdam district was killed by Armenian fire.
13 December 2005 [18:09]

US children will be able to listen Azeri music in school thanks to "World Voices" project

Mj & Associates Company and Macmillan / McGrauu Hill's issued multimedia project as part of "World Voices" by professors of Indiana University, the United States, Meri Getse and Jeigh Fern. The project is aimed at familiarization of the U.S. pupils with world music.
13 December 2005 [11:14]

Russian "ORT" TV channel will be available for viewers in Baku for another year

"The term of the contract signed on broadcasting of [Russian]"ORT" channel in Azerbaijan will be extended. It will enable this channel to be broadcasted in Azerbaijan for the next year," stated Vagif Sadigov, head of finance department of "TV and Radio" Production of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies.
13 December 2005 [10:51]

Azerbaijan and WHO sucessfully pass second year of co-operation

A visit of experts on the pharmacology program of the World Health Organization to Azerbaijan has started yesterday. The goal of the visit of the experts is to discuss results of the second year of co-operation between Azerbaijan and WHO on a pharmacology program.
12 December 2005 [20:22]

Two years passed since death of the President Heydar Aliyev

On Monday the Azerbaijani people started visiting the Cemetery of Honors to pay tribute to ex-President Heydar Aliyev on the second year of his death, Trend reports.
12 December 2005 [19:17]

Peace Corps decided for long-term relationship with Azerbaijan

The Peace Corps American charitable institution will function on the long-term basis in Azerbaijan, the evidence to which is the decision to send a new (the fourth) group of volunteers to the country, the Peace Corps country director for Azerbaijan Zoltan Sigety said in his interview with Trend.
12 December 2005 [19:14]

Spanish "Gypsies band" will perform in Baku on the New Year's eve

Spanish "Gypsies Band" will give concerts in Baku on December 31 at the Baku Jazz Center and January 1 at the Heydar Aliyev Palace.
12 December 2005 [19:02]

Azerbaijan builds express data transmission network that will be ready by 2007

"The AzDATACOM express data transmission network will be ready in Azerbaijan by 2007," announced Ali Abbasov, the Communications and Information Technologies Minister.
12 December 2005 [18:35]

Kapellhaus hosts concert dedicated to Uzeyir Hajibayov

Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture along with Kapellhaus orginize tomorrow a concert dedicated to an anniversary of famous Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibayov and where will participate the best students of the two musical institutions: Baku Musical Academy and Azerbaijan National Conservatoire.
12 December 2005 [12:03]

Ministry of Technologies and SSC plan to implement a project that will cover whole Azerbaijan

The State Statistics Committee and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies plan to conduct a joint statistical experiment.
12 December 2005 [11:56]

Armenia breaches ceasefire regime on Friday and Saturday

Armenians breached the ceasefire on Aghdam front by firing at Chiragli village from the occupied Gulchuluk farm and at Orta Gishlag village from Bash Garvand village starting 17.30 till 22.30 on Friday.
12 December 2005 [11:49]

National NGO Forum prepares an annual report on NGOs in Azerbaijan

National NGO Forum sent questionnaire to relevant organizations, Ministries and committees to make an annual report on the activity of NGOs in Azerbaijan.
12 December 2005 [10:18]

Minister of Technologies will personally answer your phone call on December 14

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies released telephone numbers of "Inam" [Trust] telephone line where any citizen may call and express his/her opinion or make a proposal concerning the communication services in Azerbaijan.
10 December 2005 [19:07]

UNDP and HAF will implement joint project that will grant blind people access to information technologies

Yesterday President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva and UNDP resident representative Marco Borsotti signed a project On ensuring access to Information Communication Technologies for the blind and people with weak eyesight" yesterday. Mehriban Aliyeva called this document "the first foundation of the cooperation between the UN and the Heydar Aliyev Foundation".
10 December 2005 [18:09]

Nakhchivan wants to open bus route Baku-Nakhchivan-Baku via Iran

Rashad Gulamov, head of the representation of Nakhchivan AR in Baku informed APA news agency that bilateral talks have been initiated with Iranian authorities on opening Baku-Nakhchivan-Baku bus route via Iran.
10 December 2005 [11:02]

Ramil Safarov's lawyer leaves Baku for Hungary

Lawyer Adil Ismayilov will leave for Budapest on December 11 to attend the trial of lieutenant-general of Azerbaijani Army Ramil Safarov who is on trial for killing Armenian officer Gurgen Markaryan in Hungary.
10 December 2005 [10:40]

Mountanious villages of Lenkeran will soon have motorways leading straight to them

Motorway having total lenght of 38,4 kilometers will be constructed in Bileser, Gergiran and Gunehir villages of Lenkeran district of Azerbaijan.
09 December 2005 [18:54]

Scandal around police major Gasimov makes a new twist

Today Khoshgadam Hamidova who allegedly was sexualy abused by ex-chief of crime-investigation department of Nizami district police in Ganja held a press conference. Hamidova stated that Koroglu Gasimov never even touched her and she will sue the media, which spread false information about her.
09 December 2005 [16:25]

Two buses collide in Ujar district of Azerbaijan

Two men are dead and more are injured as a result of a traffic accident that happened on Baku-Gazakh highway on the territory of Ujar district.
09 December 2005 [11:54]

Azerbaijan may start construction of its own nuclear power plant

International Atomic Energy Agency sent a letter to relevant bodies of our country on being ready for a discussion of proposals on constructing nuclear power station in Azerbaijan.
09 December 2005 [11:30]

Ex-minister of Defense proposes to mark December 8 as important day in history of Azeri independence

Ex-Defense Minister proposes to celebrate December 8 as an important event in the history of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.
09 December 2005 [10:55]

Koroglu Gasimov expelled from membership to law enforcement institutions

Minister of Internal Affairs Ramil Usubov signed an order expelling major Koroglu Gasimov, ex-chief of crime investigation department of Ganja Police Nizami district Office from law enforcement institutions.
09 December 2005 [10:46]

Road from Baku to Russian Dagestani border will be shorter by 10 km after constructions works will be over

Construction of the Devechi circular road situated on the Baku-Guba highway will be started till the end of the year.
08 December 2005 [19:16]

So far 3,420,778 citizens were given plots in the frame of land reforms in Azerbaijan

According to the results of the first stage of land reforms, 869,268 of 873,618 families having the right to obtain a land plot or 3,420,778 individuals were given land.
08 December 2005 [18:20]

IV International Caucasus conference held in Warsaw

IV International Caucasus session was held in Warsaw, Poland on December 6-7 in memory of Georgia-born professor of Warsaw University Grigori Peradze killed by fascists in "Auschwitz" death camp.
08 December 2005 [18:06]

Press Council prepared recommendations that infact limit journalist's freedom while covering demonstrations

Press Council will conduct discussions on journalist behavior during protest actions. Recommendations consisting out of 13 points will be discussed at the meeting of Managing Staff of the organization.
08 December 2005 [10:57]

Law enforcement institutions participate in a project that will help them better facilitate court hearings of teenagers

The Azerbaijani law enforcement and legal bodies participate in a new project on court hearings of teenagers, the press service of the Justice Ministry told Trend.
07 December 2005 [17:46]

For the period January - November 2005 mines in Azerbaijan caused 9 deaths and 47 injuries

ANAMA reports that during November of this year it has cleared 447.651 square meters of territory from mines and unexploded ordnances (UXO).
07 December 2005 [16:46]

800 Azerbaijani muslims so far have visas to leave for pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia

Office of Caucasian Muslims informed APA news agency that quota for pilgrimage allocated by Saudi Arabia to Azerbaijan this year was increased.
07 December 2005 [11:45]

Baku police arrests two BP workers mistaking them for bio-terrorists

Two UK citizens have been detained by Baku police on a territory of a "strategically important object" and were accused of bio-terrorism. However, an investigation by MNS showed that "bio-terrorists" from UK were just peaceful joggers.
07 December 2005 [11:08]

SSPF will stop giving out pensions for more than 390,000 citizens of Azerbaijan

The State Social Protection Fund will stop giving pension to 393 thousand 848 pensioners by the next year.