17 March 2006 [09:47]

Students Admission Commission to conduct exam for study in Turkey

Azerbaijan's State Students Admission Commission (SSAC) has announced student admission for Turkey's Universities from March 22 till April 14.
17 March 2006 [09:44]

Birds' mass death in Aghdam

Domestic birds died in Yuzbashi village, Aghdam.
16 March 2006 [20:47]

Abel Maharramov: "Education law to be adopted soon"

"The law on education is expected to be put for discussion and adopted at the spring session of the Milli Majlis," said MP Abel Maharramov, the head of the Baku State University.
16 March 2006 [18:45]

WHO gets familiar with Bird flu in Azerbaijan

The experts of the World Health Organization (WHO), Naomi Boxal and Andreas Gividorf assist to the Azerbaijani Health Ministry on epidemiological supervision in the framework of struggle with bird flu.
16 March 2006 [17:55]

Tomris Azeri: "Organization of 2nd Congress of World Azeris marked in US"

"The organization of the second conference of the Congress of World Azerbaijanis was marked in Brooklyn, New York," Tomris Azeri, the chairman of the Azerbaijani-US Society, Tomris Azeri, said in her speech to the conference in Baku.
16 March 2006 [16:30]

Adil Ismayilov: "Last examination of Azeri officer was tendentious"

The last examination for definition of psychological state of Ramil Safarov, an Azerbaijani officer who is accused of assassination of An Armenian officer, Gurgen Markarian in Budapest, was carried out in tendentious way, Adil Ismayilov, a law-defender of Safarov, told a news conference at the International Press Center.
16 March 2006 [16:15]

Ali Hasanov: "No tent camp for refugees, IDPs to be left by mid-2007"

"The tent camps built for refugees and internally displaced people will be fully eliminated by mid 2007," said Ali Hasanov, the Azerbaijani Vice Premier, the chairman of the State Commission on refugees and internally displaced people (IDP), on March 16.
16 March 2006 [15:48]

Nazim Ibrahimov: "Azeri Diaspora in the stage of progress and evolution"

"The Azerbaijani Diaspora now is in the stage of progress and evolution," stated Nazim Ibrahimov, the chairman of the state committee on work with Azerbaijanis residing abroad, at the 2nd Congress of the world Azerbaijanis.
16 March 2006 [13:36]

The Second Congress of World Azerbaijanis started its work

"We want Azerbaijan to become a powerful country and live in peace and prosperity," Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated on 16 March to an opening ceremony of the Second Congress of World Azerbaijanis.
16 March 2006 [10:45]

Scores arraigned over corruption in 2005

The Department on Fighting Corruption under the Azeri Prosecutor General's Office has received 92 appeals, according to the deputy prosecutor general, Eldar Nuriyev.
16 March 2006 [10:20]

No progress for Azerbaijan in FIFA rating list

FIFA reported new rating list of the national teams.
16 March 2006 [10:00]

Several PMs appealed to Ministries and Azersu Company

Several parliamentarians from south regions of Azerbaijan have appealed to Finance Minister Avaz Alakbarov, Industry and Energy Minister Natig Aliyev, Youth and Sport Minister Azad Rahimov and chief of Azersu Joint-Stock Company Nizameddin Rzayev.
16 March 2006 [09:55]

Nizami region does not follow instructions of Azerigas

Houses in the R.Aghayev Street of Keshle settlement are not provided with natural gas.
16 March 2006 [09:50]

World Azerbaijanis Congress to hold its 9th conference in Stockholm

World Azerbaijanis Congress led by Mammadrza Kheshti will hold its 9th conference in Stockholm, capital of Sweden on June 24-25.
16 March 2006 [09:45]

Deadly road accident happened in Lenkaran

Deadly traffic accident occurred in Alat-Astara main highway in Lenkaran region of Azerbaijan at 9.10 a.m on Wednesday.
16 March 2006 [09:40]

Six Azerbaijanis injured in Bassmany market incident still in hospital

Six Azerbaijani citizens who were injured in the collapse of Bassmany market's roof on February 23, 2006 are still being treated in different hospitals in Moscow.
16 March 2006 [09:25]

Village in Fuzuli quarantined due to Bird Flu

After bird flu was confirmed in Boyuk Bahmanli village, Fuzuli region of Azerbaijan, quarantine was imposed on the village.
16 March 2006 [09:15]

Georgian special forces attacked Head of NAGA

Saakashvili's regime accuses Dashgin Gulmammadov of acting in concert with ex-chief of Georgia’s SSM Igor Georgadze and considers him as a separatist.
16 March 2006 [01:31]

President Aliyev to award public figures

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree to award a number of public figures for their activities in solidarity of the world Azerbaijanis.
15 March 2006 [20:14]

Transport Minister: "Mayor's Office doesn't provide us with information on technical passports of routes"

Licensing and defining signs system application has moved under the Ministry of Transport control.
15 March 2006 [19:39]

Stray dog infected with Bird flu

Bird Flu virus "A" type discovered in a stray dog in Baku city, State Commission on Preventing Bird Flu epidemic announced.
15 March 2006 [17:24]

Foreign delegates visit Alley of Honors

About hundred delegates from Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries arrived in Azerbaijan to participate in the 2nd Congress of the World Azerbaijanis.
15 March 2006 [15:27]

Natik Bagirov: "Sunday schools for Azeri children open in Belarus"

"Sunday schools for Azerbaijani children will soon open in Belarus," said chairman of Azerbaijan Diasporas Congress in Belarus Natik Bagirov.
15 March 2006 [15:23]

Nasraddin Muhammadiyev: "2nd congress of world Azeris to develop Azeri-Uzbek cooperation"

"The 2nd congress of world Azerbaijanis will make a contribution in the development of the cooperation between Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan," said Nasraddin Muhammadiyev, the Director of the Uzbek International Culture Center, also the head of the group of representatives of Azerbaijani Diaspora.
15 March 2006 [15:20]

Justin McCarty: "If Armenians had anything to say they wouldn't have minded the TV debates on "genocide"

Turkey should maximally speed up the measures undertaken within the Armenian issue.
15 March 2006 [14:00]

WHO confirms three human deaths from bird flu in Azerbaijan - UPDATED

New blood samples sent to the UK.
15 March 2006 [11:12]

Hussein Baghirov: "Summer migration of birds from Africa may increase Bird flu risk"

"15,000 birds have been culled due to Bird flu virus. Most of birds have been culled in Khizi, Devechi and Khachmaz regions as well as Apsheron peninsula," Minister for Ecology and Natural Resources Hussein Baghirov stated.
15 March 2006 [11:01]

Baku will be awarded with "Investment City of the Future 2006/2007: Western CIS" certificate

Official ceremony of awarding Baku city with the "Investment City of the Future 2006/2007: Western CIS" certificate will be held in Cannes March 16.
15 March 2006 [10:39]

Two residents of Terter reported dead from TB not Bird flu

Two residents of Bayimsarov village of Terter, Subhan and Khayale Musayevs, who were suspected of Bird flu virus, died of tuberculosis.
15 March 2006 [10:12]

Congress of Georgian Azerbaijanis to be held

Congress of the Azerbaijanis living in Georgia will be held shortly.
15 March 2006 [09:53]

PACE report reveals human rights in armed forces

"Members of armed forces cannot be expected to respect humanitarian law and human rights in their operations unless respect for human rights is guaranteed within the army ranks," PACE rapporteur on human rights of members of the armed forces, Alexander Arabadjiev (Bulgaria, SOC) said during a meeting of the Legal Affairs Committee in Paris.
15 March 2006 [09:23]

Teymur Rajabov's rating points are the highest in Linares

Teymur Rajabov gained the highest points among the eight grand masters participated in Linares tournament held in Mexico and Spain.
15 March 2006 [09:00]

Azeri Diaspora to join great Turkish march in NY

Azerbaijani Diaspora will join the great Turkish march to be held in New York, US, this May.
14 March 2006 [22:45]

Azerbaijani-Ukrainian Friendship House & Trade House to be opened in Baku

On Thursday solemn opening of the representations of the Azerbaijani-Ukrainian Friendship House and Trade House will be held in Baku.
14 March 2006 [22:43]

ADRP applies to international organizations bacause of Armenian ecological terror

The Azerbaijan Democratic Reforms Party (ADRP) sent an adress to the EU, CE, OSCE and other international organizations in Europea in relation to illegal acts at the occupied territories of Azerbaijan by Armenians.
14 March 2006 [22:17]

Ecology Minister: "Bird death cases decreased"

"Sick birds have migrated to Azerbaijan after the frost came to Russia and frosty weather in the north Caspian coast in mid-January," said Azerbaijani Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Huseyn Bagirov.
14 March 2006 [22:11]

British Airways countdowns to new immigration legislation

From Tuesday March 7, 2006 British Airways started complying with the new Advanced Passenger Information (API), which has been introduced for all passengers flying to the US.
14 March 2006 [14:56]

ADB to approve assistance to prevent "Bird flu"

$39 mln technical assistance to prevent "Bird flu" in Asian and Pacific countries will be approved by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Board of Directors March 14.
14 March 2006 [10:29]

15 Azerbaijani taekwondo fighters to go to Holland

An international taekwondo tournament of "A" category will start in Eindhoven city of Holland March 18.
14 March 2006 [10:22]

World Bank and Health Ministry discuss funding of health project

The World Bank and Azerbaijani Health Ministry today discussed the conception of funding the project "Reforming health".
14 March 2006 [10:18]

One more Azeri paper banned in Iran

Iranian Committee of Media Control banned the weekly Azerbaijani newspaper "Navid Azerbaijan".
14 March 2006 [09:43]

Ogtay Shiraliyev does not want to meet with journalists

"The Health Ministry is guilty that press conference has not been held. We have appealed for this meeting many times. But Health Minister Ogtay Shiraliyev delays the meeting," chairman of the Press Council Aflatun Amashov stated.
14 March 2006 [09:38]

Abolition of 4 refugees camps will be completed by July 1

Works aimed to abolish 4 refugees camps to be completed by July 1.
14 March 2006 [09:27]

New structure of Ministry of Industry and Energy to be established

Regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Energy (MIE) are expected to be approved by the President these days.
14 March 2006 [08:45]

Structure of Ministry of Defense Industry to be formed soon

Formation of the structure of the Ministry of Defense Industry will be started these days.
14 March 2006 [08:42]

One more market roof collapsed in Moscow

One more market roof collapsed in Moscow yesterday.
13 March 2006 [20:23]

Svante Stockselius: "Information on Armenian singer to be changed on official website of Eurovision"

"Some changes will be made to the information on Armenian singer Andre after the letter by the Azerbaijani Culture and Tourism Ministry," said Svante Stockselius, the head of the Song Contests Unit of the European Broadcasting Union Television Department.
13 March 2006 [19:31]

Prosecutor General's Office & Internal Affairs Ministry warn heads of some media

The Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office and the Internally Affairs Ministry warned the heads of the media in relation to the information spread on murder of Galib Bakirov, the resident of Aghsu town, due to political views on March 6 2006.
13 March 2006 [18:50]

Heads of Diaspora organizations arrives

Heads of several Diaspora organizations from the European and Central Asian countries arrived in Baku on March 16 to participate in the second conference of Azerbaijanis of the World.
13 March 2006 [18:08]

Ecology Ministry to prevent forest fires

The Azerbaijani Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry drew up the special action plan on prevention of forest fires.
13 March 2006 [16:03]

Azad Rahimov meets with Vyacheslav Fetisov

Azad Rahimov, the Azerbaijani Youth and Sports Minister, met with Vyacheslav Fetisov, the head of the Russian Federal Agency for Physical training and Sports, in Moscow.
13 March 2006 [09:37]

An action brought by Haji Allahshukur Pashazadeh against SCRI Chair Rafig Aliyev

A preparatory sitting of the court will be held March 16.
13 March 2006 [09:22]

Khojali region Prosecutor appointed to Lerik

The Prosecutor of Lerik region Islam Aliyev has been appointed to Barda region; Ahmad Hasanov, former Prosecutor of Khojali region has been appointed instead of him.
13 March 2006 [09:15]

Fence of Azeri graveyard destroyed in Armenia on sale in Georgia

Armenians sell the railings of Azerbaijani graveyards in the villages bordering on Georgia.
13 March 2006 [08:49]

International Conference to be held in Lenkaran

March 25 in Lenkaran State University (LSU) international conference on "Formation of Information-communication technologies structure in social-economic development of regions and their management".
12 March 2006 [20:31]

Mugam contest held in Lenkaran

The Janeli Akbarov's Mugam contest of young talents held in Lenkaran.
12 March 2006 [20:21]

Military Prosecutor: "Desertion facts decreased dramatically"

Republic Military Prosecutor Khanlar Valiyev told journalists that according to the results of last and this year, desertion facts in the Armed Forces have sharply decreased.
12 March 2006 [17:34]

Health Minister visited Ganja

The Minister of Health Ogtay Shiraliyev was on a visit to Ganja.
12 March 2006 [17:31]

Ministry of Culture and Tourism sent protest to Eurovision 2006 organizers

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan sent a protest letter to the organizers of the Eurovision music contest to be held in Athens on indication of "Republic of Nagorno Karabakh" as birthplace of Andre representing Armenia in his biography placed in the official webpage of Eurovision.
11 March 2006 [16:00]

Construction of Heydar Aliyev's monument in Moscow suspended

Moscow authorities decided to suspend the construction of Heydar Aliyev's monument near to "Airport" metro station.
11 March 2006 [15:39]

UNESCO faculties to open at Azerbaijani universities

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Education is preparing to launch the program on "Establishment of UNESCO faculties at the Azerbaijani Universities" in 2006.
11 March 2006 [13:57]

Ramiz Hasanov: "Shortcomings observed in food industry"

"There are some shortcomings in the food industry of Azerbaijan," Ramiz Hasanov, the head of the Standardization, Metrology and Patents Agency, said to the journalists on Friday.
11 March 2006 [13:55]

14th anniversary of Azeri Internal Forces

A solemn event was held due to the 14th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Internal Forces this Saturday.
11 March 2006 [12:37]

Teymur Rajabov became a leader in Ciudad de Linares

Before the last playing day Rajabov holds 1-4 places.
11 March 2006 [11:07]

US funded kindergarten #13 opens in Sheki

Yesterday the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Reno Harnish attended opening ceremony of Ruzi kindergarten #13 funded by the United States European Command and the US Defense Cooperation Department.
11 March 2006 [10:20]

Azerbaijan vs. Turkey football match to take place on April 12

Holding of an official match between Azerbaijan and Turkey at the T.Bahramov Republican stadium on 12 April is solved.
11 March 2006 [10:00]

Next pardon decree to be signed in May

"Next pardon decree in Azerbaijan will be signed in May," said a member of pardon commission in Azerbaijan, MP Elmira Akhundova.
11 March 2006 [09:30]

Milli Majlis adopted Gender Equality bill

The bill on guarantees for gender equality was discussed at the session of Milli Majlis on Friday.
10 March 2006 [16:22]

Azerbaijani Ombudsman invited to Bucharest

The Azerbaijani Ombudsman, Elmira Suleymanova, has been invited for the International Conference titled "The role of women in multi-religious world", which will take place in Bucharest March 14.
10 March 2006 [14:22]

Strong winds cause damages in regions

Sharp weather changes predicted for upcoming days.
10 March 2006 [12:07]

WHO to visit hospital #7 and Lung Diseases Institute

World Health Organization experts – Naomi Boksal and Andreas Gilsdors visited Azerbaijan to help preventing Bird flu.
10 March 2006 [11:49]

Ali Insanov taken to the MNS jail ward again

Ex-health minister Ali Insanov, who had been taken to the Hospital of Court Decision Execution Department in Boyukshor because of problems with his health, was taken back to the isolated ward of the Ministry of National Security.
10 March 2006 [10:05]

Azerbaijani historical monuments vandalized

Armenians vandalized hundreds of Azerbaijani historical monuments in Zengezur.
10 March 2006 [00:35]

Special booklets on Bird Flu to be distributed at schools

Ministry of Education will distribute in schools of Baku, Sumgayit and Caspian region special booklets and leaflets on Bird Flu in the coming days.
09 March 2006 [16:39]

Second Azeri World Conference to discuss Azeri Diaspora activities

Foreign guests invited for the participation in the second conference have started arriving to Baku, the Chairman of State Committee working with Azerbaijanis living abroad, Nazim Ibrahimov stated.