03 February 2006 [16:33]

OSCE/ODIHR issues final report

The OSCE's elections body, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), has issued its final report on the 6 November 2005 parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.
03 February 2006 [16:08]

Security Ministry completes official visit to Hungary

The Azerbaijani National Security Minister, Eldar Mahmudov, has recently returned from Hungary, where he was with a working visit.
03 February 2006 [16:03]

Azeri MP elected chair of commission of CIS Interparliamentary Assembly

The chairman of the permanent parliamentary commission on regional issues of Milli Majlis, Arif Rahimzade, was elected the head of the permanent commission on social policy and human rights of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly.
03 February 2006 [04:51]

President Ilham Aliyev received the delegation led by Deputy Chairman of Georgian Parliament

Today President Ilham Aliyev has received the delegation led by Deputy Chairman of Georgian Parliament, President of Trade-Industry Chamber Jemal Inaishvili.
03 February 2006 [04:32]

Vurgun Ayyub: "Ali Kerimli didn't sign the appeal of "Azadliq" bloc forwarded to PACE because of Asim Mollazadeh"

"Those who think that they can influence making of any decision by attacking Musavat Party, are wrong. Such position of our allies can't influence the decisions Musavat Party to make. Only some factors can influence the decision, one of these factors is the resolution of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe".
03 February 2006 [04:23]

Ibrahim Burhanov: "We are more hopeful to return to our native lands after the visit of Khaindrava"

"Our compatriots appreciate much the meeting of Georgian State Minister for Conflict Resolution Georgi Khaindrava with Ahiska Turks. I regard the words sounded by the Georgian official at the meeting as the first step taken to realize our repatriation to our native lands", Ibrahim Burhanov, the head of "Vatan" society of Ahiska Turks, stated.
03 February 2006 [04:16]

Fazil Gazanfaroglu proposes creation of "Parliamentarian group of Azerbaijani community of Karabakh"

"It is necessary to create parliamentarian group of Azerbaijani community of Karabakh out of the MPs elected at election constituencies of Karabakh region".
03 February 2006 [03:59]

CEC received invitation to observe presidential elections in Belarus

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has been invited to observe the forthcoming presidential elections in Belarus.
03 February 2006 [02:10]

Delegation led by Ogtay Asadov to visit Turkey

Parliamentary delegation led by speaker of Milli Majlis (MM) will visit Turkey on February 8.
02 February 2006 [21:40]

Araz Azimov: "Reintegration of Nagorno Karabakh is the only way of solution Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict"

"There is observed some progress in activity of OSCE Minsk group Co-Chairs," said Araz Azimov, Deputy Foreign Affairs minister and special representative of the President on Nagorno Karabakh issue at the press conference dedicated to the meeting of the cochairmen with Azerbaijani President and FA minister in Baku on February 1.
02 February 2006 [17:22]

Ukrainian official urges GUAM to boost European energy security

Ukraine's top security official has said that GUAM, a regional organization of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova, should put forth an initiative to ensure energy security for Europe.
02 February 2006 [17:19]

MP blames Armenian lobby for anti-Azeri bias

Gultakin Hajiyeva believes that all the problems the Azerbaijan delegation has encountered in PACE are the result of the Armenian lobby's activity
02 February 2006 [17:13]

Kyiv ready to send peacekeepers to Karabakh

Ukraine can send peacekeepers to Nagorno Karabakh if an appropriate decision is made by the UN and other international organizations, Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Anatoly Kinakh stated in Baku today.
02 February 2006 [16:51]

Co-Chairmen of OSCE Minsk Group departed from Baku directly to Yerevan

On February 2, by a direct flight Baku-Yerevan, Co-Chairmen of OSCE Minsk Group Yuri Merzlyakov (Russia), Steven Mann (US) Bernard Fassier (France) arrived to Yerevan.
02 February 2006 [16:48]

Visit of Minsk Group co-chairs to Azerbaijan finished

Last night a one-day visit of the Minsk Group co-chairs to Azerbaijan finished.
02 February 2006 [16:45]

?sim Mollazade met with head of Azerbaijan Bureau of International Crisis Group

The chairman of the Party of Democratic Reforms (PDR), MP Asim Mollazade met with the head of the Azerbaijan Bureau of the International Crisis Group (ICG) Sabina Freiser at the party's headquarters.
02 February 2006 [16:22]

Milli Mejlis Chair received Deputy Georgian parliament

The Milli Mejlis Speaker Ogtay Asadov received today deputy chairman of the Georgian Parliament Jemal Inaishvili.
02 February 2006 [16:17]

President Aliyev to tour southern regions of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev will participate in an opening ceremony of a module station in Astara on February under the tour of southern regions.
02 February 2006 [12:50]

International Herald Tribune: "Diplomats see chance to end Azeri-Armenian stalemate"

Renewed negotiations for a peace settlement in Nagorno-Karabakh, the contested region in Azerbaijan that slipped into war as the Soviet Union collapsed, have made progress after years of stalemate and have a chance for an agreement this year, diplomats familiar with the talks say.
02 February 2006 [12:11]

Georgian parliamentary delegation in Baku

A delegation headed by Vice Speaker of the Georgian parliament, Jemal Inaishvili, arrived in Azerbaijan on Wednesday.
02 February 2006 [11:02]

President Aliyev accused Azerbaijani opposition in striking a deal with Armenian special services

On January 31, speaking at a session of the Cabinet of Ministers, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev accused opposition in parricide.
02 February 2006 [10:43]

Armenian FM: "We hope the Presidents to advance one more step in Paris meeting"

"Armenian side leaves for Paris in positive spirit". Press secretary of Armenian Foreign Ministry (FM) Hamlet Gasparyan told.
02 February 2006 [10:41]

Kamaladdin Heydarov received Korean Ambassador

The chair of the State Customs Committee (SCC), customs service colonel-general Kamaladdin Heydarov received the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic of Korea to our country Mun Hayong.
02 February 2006 [10:20]

NIPA headed by Ali Aliyev to send a letter to the diplomatic corps in Azerbaijan

Sevil Hamidova, secretary-general of Azerbaijan National Independence Party chaired by Ali Aliyev made some appointments yesterday.
01 February 2006 [22:36]

Head of Interpol's Azerbaijan bureau: "Criminals hiding on the occupied territories will be brought into the justice sooner or later"

The names of above 43 people were determined by the Interpol due to crimes in Nagorno Karabakh. Most of them are Armenians and currently live in Armenia.
01 February 2006 [21:50]

Ilham Aliyev received Ukraine National Security and Defense Secretary

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received today a delegation headed by the Ukraine secretary of the National Security and Defense Anatoly Kinakh.
01 February 2006 [21:47]

?rif Ragimzade left for Saint Petersburg

MP to take part in the work of the Inter-parliamentary Assembly.
01 February 2006 [21:43]

President received OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received today the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmen.
01 February 2006 [17:15]

Co-Chairs gave no comments after meeting FA Minister

Police dispersed the protestors by taking them away by bus.
01 February 2006 [16:58]

Saudi Amb donates ANAMA $50,000

The Saudi government donated $50,000 for the implementation of the project on demining of houses and attached territory in Terter and Agstafa districts of Azerbaijan.
01 February 2006 [16:56]

Korean Embassy to be opened in Baku

"Azerbaijan supports further strengthening of the relations with the Korean Republic," Elmar Mammadyarov, the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister, said at reception of Khaiong Mun, the Korean Ambassador to Azerbaijan.
01 February 2006 [16:47]

Co-Chairs to discuss 3 uncoordinated issues in Baku

Russian Amb at OSCE MG Yuriy Merzlyakov informs about visits agenda.
01 February 2006 [16:44]

Elections Code not to be a topic of discussions at parliament

"The Elections Code (EC) will not be a topic of discussions at Milli Majlis," said Ramiz Mehdiyev, the chief of staff of the Azerbaijani President’s Executive Power.
01 February 2006 [16:40]

Newly appointed Azeri Amb to Russia to leave for Moscow next week

The newly appointed Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia, will leave for Moscow next week.
01 February 2006 [11:33]

Azeris to picket Armenian Embassies in Europe, US and Canada

The World Azerbaijanis Congress intends to hold protest actions in front of Armenian Embassies in European countries, the US and Canada on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the events in Khojaly.
01 February 2006 [11:02]

Elman Mammadov: "Parliament to appeal to international organizations for world recognition of Hodjali genocide"

"Attempts to recognize Hodjali genocide in 2002 by the international commuity failed," said the former head of the Hodjali district executicve power, MP Elman Mammadov.
01 February 2006 [03:33]

74 residents have taken signature sheets to participate in re-elections

So far 74 residents have taken signature sheets to participate in re-elections to be held on May.
01 February 2006 [03:21]

Novruz Mammadov: "Not missing the resolution opportunity of the conflict depends on Armenia's position in all circumstances"

The heads of the countries and international organizations, which were concerned about the resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, call 2006 the year of opportunity for the regulation, taking into consideration the intensive process of talks last year.
01 February 2006 [02:59]

Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine visits Baku today

Anatoly Kinakh, Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, pays a visit to Baku today.
01 February 2006 [02:48]

Steven Mann: "We believe in the opportunity for peace treaty in recent months"

"If sides make all possible attempts, make compromise and display political will, peace agreement will be sighed in 2006".
01 February 2006 [02:41]

Ali Kerimli holds press conference related to discussions in PACE on parliamentary elections

PFPA chief Ali Kerimli has held a press conference related to discussions in Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) on parliamentary elections.
01 February 2006 [02:19]

Interpol notice issued on 72 people in connection with Khojali, Garadagh and Mesheli tragedies

Military Prosecutor's office conducts investigation on Khojali as well as Garadagh, Mesheli tragedies and other criminal actions perpetrated by Armenians under 103rd article of Criminal Code on accountability for genocide.
01 February 2006 [02:07]

New staff of CEC to be formed after parliamentary re-elections

New staff of Central Election Commission (CEC) will be formed after parliamentary re-elections, CEC member Arzukhan Alizadeh told.
01 February 2006 [01:37]

Turkish MP of Belgium parliament Fatma Pahlavan: "Belgian Parliament doesn't have enough information about Karabakh problem"

"Belgian Parliament is aware of Nagorno Karabakh conflict. But MPs do not have enough information about this conflict".
01 February 2006 [01:29]

OMCT is concerned of new accusations against Ruslan Bashirli

The World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) is concerned of new accusations brought against the chair of the Yeni Fikir Youth Movement Ruslan Bashirli and member of the movement Ramin Taghiyev.
01 February 2006 [01:14]

Armenians violates cease-fire in the direction of Terter again

Armenian Armed Forces violated cease-fire in the direction of Terter again last night.
01 February 2006 [01:02]

Sergei Kuznetsov: "Innovations might appear on the cooperation between Venice Commission and Milli Majlis in about 2 weeks"

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) recommends Azerbaijan in its resolution on ratification of the mandate of Azerbaijani delegation to PACE to continue cooperating with the Council of Europe Venice Commission (VC).
01 February 2006 [00:37]

Asim Mollazade: "It is not true that I was removed from the delegation by the interference of PACE"

"I am unaware of concrete reasons of my removal from the Azerbaijani delegation to Council of Europe", leader of Democratic Reforms Party Asim Mollazade told.
31 January 2006 [18:04]

New Amb to Russia claims to be of benefit to further development of co-op

Polad Bulbuloglu accepted with high level of responsibility his recent appointment as the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia.
31 January 2006 [16:30]

"Caspian Oil and Gas policy" to be focused at int'l workshop in Berlin

International seminar on theme "Application opportunities of socio-economic and political strategy of Norway as oil country in the Caspian region" will be held.
31 January 2006 [16:21]

FAO representative meets with Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov on January 30 met with the newly appointed representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for Azerbaijan Abdellatif Tabet.
31 January 2006 [06:12]

OSCE: "Good opportunities exist to achieve improvements at the Paris meeting of Presidents"

"Good opportunities exist to achieve improvements at Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents' meeting to be held on February 10", OSCE spokesman Keith Jinks told.
31 January 2006 [06:01]

Appeal made to Milli Majlis on re-consideration of the cases of "Karabakh partisans", conveyed to the speaker

The appeal forwarded to Milli Majlis on reconsideration of the cases of "Karabakh partisans" by their parents was submitted to Ogtay Asadov, the speaker of the parliament.
31 January 2006 [05:54]

President Ilham Aliyev congratulated Finnish President, Canadian PM and the Emir of Kuwait

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev sent a message to President of Finland Tarja Halonen to congratulate her on reelection to this post.
31 January 2006 [05:12]

If Musavat decide to attend the parliament and re-elections, it can be removed from "Azadliq" bloc

"If Assembly of Musavat Party makes decision on attendance of its members at the parliament and in the re-elections, removal of this party from "Azadliq" bloc will be discussed", Deputy Chief of PFPA Hasan Kerimli told.
31 January 2006 [05:02]

Agshin Mehdiyev: "Council of Europe understands Azerbaijan's non-compliance with the commitments"

"We have successfully carried out a lot of joint programs with Council of Europe within 5 years since Azerbaijan became the member of it", the Head of Azerbaijani Permanent Representation in Council of Europe, Ambassador Agshin Mehdiyev told.
31 January 2006 [04:39]

Georgi Khaindrava met with representatives of Ahiska Turks within the framework of his visit to Azerbaijan

State Minister of Georgia on the conflict regulation, Georgi Khaindrava who arrived in Baku yesterday, met with Jamal Beridze, head of "Vatan" Society of Ahiska Turks settled in Azerbaijan today.
31 January 2006 [04:26]

Nobody has appealed to Central Election Commission to observe re-elections so far

Nobody has appealed to Central Election Commission to observe re-elections to be held on May 13.
31 January 2006 [04:12]

Rafael Huseynov: "Council of Europe fact finding mission should start investigation of destruction of monuments from Armenia"

Council of Europe will set up fact finding mission and send it to the region on proposal of Azerbaijan to discover the condition of historical, cultural monuments in the lands under occupation.
31 January 2006 [03:17]

Terry Davis: "Innovations will appear in resolution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict in 6 weeks"

"Innovation will appear in resolution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict in 6 weeks", Secretary General of Council of Europe told.
30 January 2006 [22:03]

President Aliyev appointed new Ambassador to Russia

Polad Byul-Byuloglu was appointed Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia
30 January 2006 [21:52]

French Ambassador completes diplomatic mission in Azerbaijan

President of Azerbajan Ilham Aliyev received today the Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan Roland Blatmann, completing his diplomatic mission in the country.
30 January 2006 [21:46]

Azeri customs bodies hold a meeting

On Monday the Azerbaijani State Customs Committee held a meeting on the results of 2005.
30 January 2006 [21:43]

Ministries restructured by President's Decree

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed today a Decree on restructuring of a number of ministries.
30 January 2006 [21:38]

President Aliyev expresses condolences to his Polish counterpart on tragedy in Chorzow

On Monday Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani President, expressed condolences to his Polish counterpart Lech Kaczynski after the roof collapse of an exhibition hall in the southern city of Chorzow which killed 67 people.
30 January 2006 [18:27]

Elmar Mammadyarov: "Paris meeting will determine next steps"

Meeting in Paris where Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia are going to have next round of talks to achieve peace in Nagorno Karabakh will define whether to continue or stop contacts.
30 January 2006 [17:42]

Andres Herkel: PACE pre-election mission to Azerbaijan not formed yet

"The composition of the pre-election mission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Azerbaijan and the date of its visit to Baku are not identified yet", the PACE co-rapporteur on Azerbaijan Andres Herkel told.
30 January 2006 [17:33]

Ukrainian National Security and Defense Secretary to visit Azerbaijan

The Ukraine Secretary of National Security and Defense (SNSF) Anatoly Kinakh will be on a visit in Georgia and Azerbaijan on January 30 - February 2.
30 January 2006 [16:38]

President of Azerbaijan received credentials from new Ambassadors of China and Ukraine

Newly appointed Ambassadors met with President Aliyev
30 January 2006 [13:20]

Justice Ministry holds a meeting

The Azerbaijani Justice Ministry will hold a meeting under the chairmanship of Fikrat Mammadov, the Justice Minister
30 January 2006 [09:30]

Bahar Muradova: "Azerbaijan looks forward to fulfill CE recomendations"

Vice Speaker talking about changes.
30 January 2006 [09:20]

Minister of Communications of United Arab Emirates received Ambassador of Azerbaijan to UAE

The minister of Communications of United Arab Emirates Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri received Eldar Salimov.
30 January 2006 [09:00]

George Khaindrava, Georgian State Minister on National Conflicts arrived in Azerbaijan

During his 3-day official visit Mr.Khaindrava will meet Meskketi Turks living in Sabirabad Region.
29 January 2006 [00:49]

Eldaniz Guliyev: "Eldar Namazov wants to please both sides"

The sitting of Coordination Board of "Yeni Siyaset Bloc" ("YeS") which was to be held in late January wasn't held.
29 January 2006 [00:41]

Rauf Denktash establishes anti-Armenian organization named afterTalat Pasha

A new anti-Armenian organization has been established in Turkey.