02 November 2005 [17:40]

Sardar Jalaloglu comments Rasul Guliev's second attempt to arrive in Azerbaijan

"Rasul Guliyev made a decision on returning to Azerbaijan himself, and he will himself announce the date of his return. I cannot give exact information", said the first deputy of the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sardar Jalaloglu.
02 November 2005 [15:27]

Co-author of Venice Commission’s report on Elections Code of Azerbaijan will monitor elections in Baku

"Peter Paczolay, a co-author of the final opinion on Elections Code of Azerbaijan, developed by the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, a Hungarian parliamentarian, will arrive in Baku to monitor the parliamentary elections in the country," informs the PACE Secretariat based in Strasbourg.
02 November 2005 [14:51]

During elections old USSR passports and forms #9 will be allowed to be used for identity verification

The Central Election Commission's secretary Vidadi Mahmudlu presented at Tuesday sitting of the CEC the list of documents verifying identities of the citizens and non-citizens of Azerbaijan Republic having right to vote.
02 November 2005 [14:32]

The date of Guliyev's return will become known on November 3

The date of the return of the chairman of the Azerbaijan Democrat Party (ADP) to Azerbaijan will be determined at a meeting of the Supreme Majlis to be held on November 3.
02 November 2005 [14:18]

Registration of observers will continue up to the Elections day

The secretary of the Central Election Commission Natig Mammadov stated that the term was prolonged in accordance with the latest decree on elections issued by the head of state.
02 November 2005 [14:11]

Farhad Aliyev rejects to testify since does not believe that it will change anything

The former minister of economic development Farhad Aliyev being kept in the Investigational Jail of the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) was questioned again today.
02 November 2005 [13:21]

Ali Insanov says he is remorseful of his actions

The Office of Prosecutor General, Ministries of National Security and Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan issued a joint statement on Tuesday evening, reports Trend.
01 November 2005 [18:24]

Safarov's trial in Hungary drags on

Ramil Safarov a lieutenant of the Azerbaijani Army arrested in Hungary for a murder of Armenian officer will have to take another medical examination.
01 November 2005 [17:24]

Five countries of the Caspian region discuss the sea problems at Alma-Ata, Kazachstan

The fluctuations of the Caspian Sea's water level will be discussed at a conference on provision of a stable development of the coastal line of the Caspian sea, that started on Tuesday in Alma- Ata, Kazachstan.
01 November 2005 [17:09]

70 candidates in 4 precincts in Ganja city will participate in elections on November 6

Former executive head of Ganja city Rasim Dashdemirov and a member of Milli Majlis Nizami Ahmadov withdrew their candidacies.
01 November 2005 [17:06]

Asim Mollazadeh has met with EU Troika representatives

At the meeting Mollazadeh answered EU guests' guestions regarding the Parliamentary Elections in Azerbaijan.
01 November 2005 [15:35]

Monitoring shows no campaigning violations by TV channels

The results of the monitoring held during the last week show that TV channels noticeably prevented law violations concerning the election campaign after the warning by the National Council for Television and Radio (NCTR).
01 November 2005 [15:04]

204 foreign journalists will observe the Parliamentary elections

204 foreign journalists from 52 international mass media have been accredited by the Central Election Commission (CEC) for observing the parliamentary elections.
01 November 2005 [14:14]

Candidate dies from a heart attack

The candidate from the Surakhani second election constituency # 31, chairman of the Independent Politicians Movement Geyrat Guluzade (Guliyev) died because of cardiac decompensation today.
01 November 2005 [13:33]

1579 candidates continue the race

Candidacies of 484 parliamentary candidates have been cancelled by the CEC.
01 November 2005 [13:28]

Mazahir Panahov meets Lintner and Verner at CEC's headquarters

Head of the Central Election Commission Mazahir Panahov met with vise-chairman of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Committee for National Affairs and Human Rights Edward Lintner and German former Prime Minister, Professor Verner Munkhin today.
01 November 2005 [13:18]

Baku Mayor office does not permit Azadliq to stage its concert at Narimanov Park

The executive power of Baku responded negatively to the request of “Azadlig” bloc on holding a rally-concert in Narimanov Park on 4 November.
31 October 2005 [18:59]

President Aliyev comments foreign policy of Azerbaijan

"Azerbaijan has no foreign troops or soldiers. We don’t plan it in the future as well," Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani President, stated in an interview to Turkish mass media. He was commenting a report of world media on a placement of foreign troops or a military base in the country.
31 October 2005 [18:51]

PACE committee deputy chairman believes in democratic elections in Azerbaijan

Deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) committee on legal and human rights issues, Lintner believes that the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will be held democratically.
31 October 2005 [18:45]

Soldier accused of cooperation with Armenian inteligence services received 14 years of prison

The Court Martial for grave crimes of Azerbaijan summarized on October 31 the results of the court hearing on the case of Zaur Veysov, charged with the state treason, the judge Mammadbagir Zeynalov told Trend news agency.
31 October 2005 [18:30]

CEC bought 5500 lamps and 11,200 containers with transparent ink

In general, about 5500 special lamps will be bought for checking finger-inking of electors in the parliamentary elections.
31 October 2005 [16:03]

85 candidates sign Karabakh Declaration

A presentation ceremony of the Karabakh Declaration signed by candidates to the deputy on the initiative of the Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO) and Karabakh Coordination Council was held on Friday, October 29.
31 October 2005 [15:11]

Karabakh Liberation Organization commemorates 12 anniversary of the fall of Zangilan

Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO) and a group of former fighters visited Martyrs’ Alley on the 12th anniversary of occupation of Zangilan region by Armenia on Friday.
31 October 2005 [14:55]

Guliev's lawyer is set free after interrogation

Former prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, Justice General Huseyn Huseynov was set free after two hours of giving testimonies as a witness in the Office for Fighting Organized Crime of MIA yesterday.
31 October 2005 [14:34]

Number of international observers reaches 1060

Central Election Commission informs that so far 1060 international observers have been registered by the CEC.
31 October 2005 [14:25]

Armenian Defence Minister cautions Azerbaijan not to start military operations

"Azerbaijan should avoid starting military operations, because it will be harmful both for Armenia and Azerbaijan," announced Armenian Defense Minister Serj Sarkisyan.
31 October 2005 [13:59]

YAP expells one of its members for disobedience

The vice-chairman of the Masalli district branch of the Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Amina Seyidzade was expelled from the party.
31 October 2005 [13:53]

One Azeri soldier wounded as a result of Armenian ceasefire violation

Armenian troops again violated the ceasefire regime, this time breaking it in the direction of Ayag Gervend village of Aghdam district.
31 October 2005 [12:55]

CEC of Azerbaijan discusses ink application process

The Central Election Commission (CEC) held its regular sitting on Friday. The main issue discussed at the sitting was adoption of the guidelines on finger-inking process during the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.
29 October 2005 [18:02]

Armenia breaks ceasefire regime again shooting at Azeri positions

APA news agency informs that today at 6 a.m. Armenian forces at occupied territories opened fired at Azeri positions situated near Margushevan village.
29 October 2005 [17:37]

More medical workers are being arrested in Azerbaijan

More medical workers are arrested in connection with the coup attempt.
29 October 2005 [16:07]

Azerbaijan and Armenia will continue talks after both will be over with elections

"Negotiations on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will continue just after the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan on 6 November and referendum on changes to the constitution in Armenia on 28 November," Elmar Mammadyarov, the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister, said journalists on Friday.
29 October 2005 [15:25]

Talks on Action Plan between Azerbaijan and EU are not over and will be continued

European Union Troika which is on a visit to Baku held a press conference on Friday.
29 October 2005 [14:26]

Arrested ex-ministers are ostracized from ruling party

The Political Council of the Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) discussed social-political situation existing on the eve of the elections and party’s preparatory work for the elections at the meeting on October 28.
29 October 2005 [14:15]

Mardanov does not consider Insanov to be leader of Western Azerbaijanis

"I have never supported Ali Insanov as a leader of Western Azerbaijanis, and do not see him as the leader now," proclaimed the Minister of Education Misir Mardanov.
29 October 2005 [13:57]

Abiyev: Azerbaijan seeks balance of military power in region

"The increase of the defence expenditures by Azerbaijan is tied in the first line to the Armenian continuation of arms race," said the Defence Minister of Azerbaijan Safar Abiyev.
29 October 2005 [13:41]

Central Election Committee will run several workshops on usage of inking

The Azerbaijani Central Election Committee (CEC) will hold trainings for representatives of constituency committees, taking into consideration that the inking of fingers is used for the first time in Azerbaijan,” the CEC told Trend.
29 October 2005 [13:08]

Law Enforcement Institutions of Azerbaijan will work in intensified regime till November 10

The Azerbaijan’s Interior Ministry (IM) forces will be operating in an intensified regime till 10 November 2005, the Interior Minister of Azerbaijan, Ramil Usubov told journalists.
29 October 2005 [12:54]

PACE will deploy to Azerbaijan its largest observation team that has ever been deployed

A 47-member delegation from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, headed by Leo Platvoet (Netherlands, UEL), will observe the 6 November parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan alongside observers from the OSCE and European Parliament.
29 October 2005 [12:29]

OSCE Election Observation Mission publishes its third report on Azerbaijan

The OSCE Election Observation Mission (EOM) published its third report.
29 October 2005 [12:21]

Insanov's appeal rejected

The appeal of the former minister of health Ali Insanov was reviewed today. APA was informed about it from the Court of Appeals.
29 October 2005 [12:17]

Lawyer of Rasul Guliev was arrested yesterday

One more member of the National Committee for return of the chairman of Azerbaijan Democratic Party Rasul Guliyev, lawyer of the candidate to deputy R.Guliyev,Huseyn Huseynov was detained at about 21.00 yesterday.
29 October 2005 [11:52]

EU Troika is pleased by the latest decree of Ilham Aliyev

The British Presidency on behalf of the EU Troika welcomes the decree of President Ilham Aliyev signed on 25 October 2005.
29 October 2005 [11:31]

Parliament lifts the ban to more than 30% foreign-funded NGOs’ observing elections in Azerbaijan

Today Milli Majlis made an amendment to the law "On non-governmental organizations [public unions and foundations]", in accordance with the recommendation stated in President Ilham Aliyev’s decree on urgent measures in connection with preparation and conducting of elections to Milli Majlis.
28 October 2005 [23:30]

General Consulate of Azerbaijan in St. Petersburg changes its address

General Consulate of Azerbaijan in St. Petersburg will move to a new permanent building by the end of this year.
28 October 2005 [19:47]

Countries of Schengen zone refuse to distribute Azerbaijanis visas for Austria

Hard times are having Azeri travelers departing from Azerbaijan to Austria. The reason is simple – they cannot acquire Schengen visa for Austria in Azerbaijan.
28 October 2005 [17:40]

Final results of the Parliamentary elections will be announced at 7 p.m. on November 7

"Final results from polling stations will be declared on the next day of the elections – November 7, at 7 p.m.," announced the head of "Elections" Information Center of the Central Election Commission Igbal Babayev.
28 October 2005 [17:13]

Georgia assists Azerbaijan with inking procedures

Georgia will provide technical assistance to Azerbaijan during the parliamentary elections scheduled for November 6, 2005.
28 October 2005 [15:59]

Chairman of PACE's Legal Issues and Human Rights Committee visits Baku on October 30

Deputy Chairman of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) Committee on Legal Issues and Human Rights Eduard Lintner and German deputy Verner Munchin will visit Azerbaijan on October 30.
28 October 2005 [15:28]

Representatives of Azeri and Armenian communities of Nagorno-Karabakh met in Berlin

However the meeting and exchange of ideas did not bring any progress in the dialogue between two sides since no compromise was made.
28 October 2005 [14:18]

Presentation on Azerbaijan will be held in Sweden in December

An event dedicated to Azerbaijan will be held in the building of the executive power of Husie region of Malmo, Sweden in the first week of December this year. Chairman of "Khazar" club functioning in Sweden, Leyli Kiani will deliver a lecture called "History, culture and present truths of Azerbaijan".
28 October 2005 [13:56]

No more candidates will be able to withdraw from the campaign

The Central Elections Commission informed today that the term for recall of candidacies for participation in the November 6 parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan is over.
28 October 2005 [12:37]

Security councils secretaries of GUAM member states meet in Moldova on Thursday

The meeting of GUAM [Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova]security councils secretaries will be held in Chisinau, Moldova on November 3.
27 October 2005 [22:31]

Goris thinks that ending of occupation is the only way of solving Karabakh conflict

“Withdrawal of the occupation forces from Azerbaijan must be the main condition at the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict," said Steph Goris, the chairman of the West-European Council Interparliamentary Assembly at a meeting with the chairman of Milli Majlis [Parliament]Murtuz Alasgarov.
27 October 2005 [20:00]

Andres Herkel considers President's decree to be positive decision

Co-rapporteur on Azerbaijan of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Monitoring Committee Andres Herkel comments on the recent decree of the President Ilham Aliyev.
27 October 2005 [18:36]

Azerbaijan may become a permanent member of Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the West-European Union

"I will start deeming the issue of sending an invitation to the official Baku on involvement of Azerbaijan in a work of the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the West-European Union (IAWU) as the organization’s permanent member," stated the IAWU chairman Stef Goris on October 26.
27 October 2005 [18:07]

Norwegian ambassador comments problems that may occur with inking procedure

Steinar Gil: Decree of Azerbaijan’s President is positive response on OSCE, CE and Venice Commission recommendations
27 October 2005 [17:43]

All election precincts are now accessible by phone

Over 4500 polling stations in Azerbaijan will be accessible by phone on the elections day.
27 October 2005 [15:45]

Foreign NGOs may be allowed to observe elections in Azerbaijan

Special session of the parliament held on October 28 will discuss a possibility of lifting the prohibition.
27 October 2005 [15:12]

YAP will mark end of campaigning on November 4 by a huge rally

Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) plans to rally on the same day as Azadliq block.
27 October 2005 [14:51]

"Azadliq" block asks Baku City to allow opposition run concert at Republican Stadium

"Azadliq" political bloc has applied to Baku City Executive Power for permission to hold a rally and a concert on November 4 at the Republican Stadium named after Tofiq Bahramov.
27 October 2005 [14:24]

Candidates withdraw in numbers

More candidates have left the campaign.
27 October 2005 [14:21]

Father of the arrested ex-minister Yusifov appeals to Ilham Aliyev

Committee for the Defense of Rights of ex-minister of Finances Fikret Yusifov, who was arrested on October 16 informs that his father Huseyn Yusifov appealed to the President Ilham Aliyev.
27 October 2005 [13:33]

Number of international observers goes up

According to the Central Election Commission number of foreign observers has reached 401.
27 October 2005 [12:33]

European Troika arrives in Baku on Friday

The trio includes representatives of the present and future chairing countries of the EU – the UK (from July to January 2005) and Austria (from January to June 2006), as well as representatives from the EU.
26 October 2005 [22:29]

OSCE helps Azerbaijan to upgrage storages with hazardous rocket fuel

OSCE intends to provide technical and financial assistance for modernization of two outdated "melange" rocket fuel storage sites situated in Azerbaijan.
26 October 2005 [20:57]

Farhad Aliyev's appeal was rejected

The Court of Appeals under the chairmanship of judge Mirpasha Husseynova after reviewing the case decided to leave the sentence imposed by the Sabail district court.
26 October 2005 [20:08]

Azeri politicians comment statement of Robert Kocharyan

Azeri politiicians were commenting on the statement of Armenian President on a necessity of providing an oportunity for Nagorno-Karabakh to join the international community and the danger presented by Azerbaijan with its increasing military budget.
26 October 2005 [19:33]

US greets the decision of Ilham Aliyev on the usage of ink to mark voters

"United States find the latest decisions of the President Ilham Aliyev on preparations to the parliamentary elections to be a new step on the way of democratic development ", the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Reno Harnish said in a statement on October 26, 2005 at a meeting with journalists.
26 October 2005 [17:28]

Director of Caucasus project of International Crisis Group arrives in Baku this evening

Director of the Caucasus project of the International Crisis Group (ICG) Sabina Freizer is expected to arrive in Baku this evening.
26 October 2005 [16:52]

More candidates withdraw from the campaign

The Central Election Committee informs about new withdrawals.
26 October 2005 [16:06]

Monitoring shows no violations of ceasefire regime

The monitoring held on October 25, 2005 in the area of Bursunlu village of Terter district, at the front line showed no ceasefire violations during the monitoring, held in the first half of the day.
26 October 2005 [15:17]

Insanov's lawyers ask Ilham Aliyev to release their client

President has been appealed with a request of releasing Ali Insanov on bail.
26 October 2005 [15:09]

Appeal of Farhad Aliyev will be reviewed today

The Court of Appeals will consider the appeal of the arrested Ex-Minister of Economic Development Farhad Aliyev on Wednesday.
26 October 2005 [14:44]

National Democratic Institute probably will be again deprived of observing elections

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) was not granted a mandate to observe the November 6 elections to Milli Majlis (parliament) in Azerbaijan.