Today.Az Covering Azerbaijan inside and outside Today.Az More and more Azerbaijanis believe in peace with Armenia Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 16:12:00 +0400 Abbas GanbayThe Centre for Social Research conducted regular polls among the population to study public opinion on the prospects for peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Azernews reports.According to the results of the opinion poll conducted in November this year, 78.5 percent of respondents in Azerbaijan support the peace treaty with Armenia, 20.2 percent do not support the peace treaty, and 1.3 percent found it difficult to answer.74.1 percent of those with secondary education and 86.9 percent of those with higher education expressed support for the signing of the peace treaty.To the question, "Do you believe that shortly, a peace treaty will be signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia and diplomatic relations will be established?" 37,2% answered that they fully support the signing of a peace treaty and establishment of diplomatic relations. 37.2% answered that they fully believe in it, and 29.7% said they believe in general. 9.7% of those who took part in the survey said they mostly do not believe, and 21.5% said they do not believe at all. 1.8 percent found it difficult to answer.Among the respondents, 42.8 percent of men and 31.6 percent of women said they fully believe that a peace agreement will be signed shortly, of which 27.3 percent and 32.1 percent said they mostly believe.The survey was conducted between 25 and 28 November 2023 among 390 respondents over the age of 18. It covered 12 economic districts, excluding the Nakhchivan and East Zangazur economic districts.The research covered 12 economic districts except Nakhchivan and East Zangazur economic districts. Iran welcomes joint statement of Azerbaijan & Armenia Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 15:57:00 +0400 Abbas Ganbay Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasir Kanani said at a press conference held in Tehran today that Iran welcomes the joint statement of Azerbaijan and Armenia, regarding the exchange of prisoners and considers it a desirable and constructive step towards reaching a peace agreement, Azernews reports.According to Kanani, the joint statement of the two countries confirms the effectiveness of the regional dialogue and mechanisms for resolving issues.Kanani said achieving sustainable peace in the region is an important factor in creating conditions for cooperation and trust between regional parties."Iran hopes that the negotiation process between the two countries will be fruitful. Iran is ready to help the two neighboring countries achieve lasting peace," the Minister said.It should be noted that Azerbaijan and Armenia made a joint statement on 7 December. According to the statement, the detained servicemen were released. The statement said that the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia will continue discussions on the implementation of additional confidence-building measures shortly and called on the international community to support the efforts of the two countries, which will contribute to the creation of mutual trust and have a positive impact on the entire South Caucasus region. Projects implemented in Garabagh & East Zangazur economic regions presented in COP28 Business Mon, 11 Dec 2023 15:45:00 +0400 Abbas GanbayCOP28 presented information on the restoration and reconstruction projects being implemented in the Garabagh and East Zangazur economic regions, Azernews reports.Several meetings of the delegation of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the State Water Resources Agency took place in the Azerbaijani pavilion within the framework of the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28).The Ministry's press service reported that during the meetings the participants were informed about Azerbaijan's water resources, prospects, rehabilitation and reconstruction projects being implemented in the Garabagh and East Zangazur economic regions, as well as planned works in the direction of the use of alternative water sources. Shahdag National Park turns seventeen Weird / Interesting Mon, 11 Dec 2023 15:30:00 +0400 Laman Ismayilova Seventeen years have passed since the establishment of the Shahdag National Park.Founded in 2006, the Shahdag National Park has become one of the most exciting places for tourists.The park is a perfect place to experience the awe and wonders of nature.The park was laid in an area of 115,900 hectares (1,159 km2). In 2010, the territory of the park was enlarged to 130,508.1 hectares (1,305.081 km2). in accordance with the presidential decree.A celebration has been organized in the Ismayilli section of the national park to mark this date, Azernews reports.Employees of the regional branches of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, teachers and students of Ismayilli State College of Humanities and Technology, the employees took part in the event.The participants were informed about the creation of the national park, its flora and fauna, tourism potential, as well as reintroduced noble deer and bison to the territory of the park.The director of the Shahdag National Park Nizammaddin Taghiyev, said that the national park was established by the presidential decree on December 8, 2006, in order to protect the environment, preserve biological diversity and develop ecotourism.He underlined that the Shahdag National Park, which covers the administrative territories of Ismayilli, Guba, Gusar, Gabala, Oguz and Shamakhi regions and has the largest area in the South Caucasus, is beautiful in every season with its unique colors."Shahdag National Park combines the country's most important mountain and forest landscape and serves the preservation of biodiversity, including rare and endangered species of plants and animals, the park director said."The park also contributes to the development of ecotourism. Since May 2019, 46 bison have been brought to Azerbaijan from German, Belgian, and Dutch zoos. Together with 10 more bisons brought from the zoological park of Germany, the number of bisons in Ismayilli section of Shahdag National Park has reached 61," he added.In his speech, Nizammaddin Taghiyev noted that there are European roe deer, wolf, Indian musk deer, brown bear, Caucasian skunk, jackal, fox, rabbit, bison, red deer and other animals in the territory of Shahdag National Park. It is possible to see many animals up close by coming here as a tourist in all seasons of the year.In 2022, 4 noble deer, 3 females and 1 male were released to the Ismailli section of the Shahdag National Park.Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of International Dialogue for Environmental Action (IDEA) Public Union Leyla Aliyeva took part in the event.Currently, the number of deer has increased naturally and reached 7. The reintroduction project jointly organized by the IDEA Public Union and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources envisages that red deer will initially undergo an adaptation period in a specially designated place in the Shahdag National Park, and then be released into the wild in different regions of the country where the deer historically inhabited.Truly mesmerizing, the Shahdag National Park is home to the rare East Caucasian tur, a mountain dwelling goat antelope found only in the eastern half of the Caucasus Mountains.Other large mammals found here are the Caucasian, Bezoar ibex, domestic goat, Caucasian lynx, Syrian brown bear, wild boar, Indian wolf, common jackal, common jungle cat, red fox, roe deer as well as bison that truly captivates nature enthusiasts.A variety of tree species, including the Caucasian Oak, Caucasian and European Hornbeam, Oriental Hornbeam, Oriental Beech, Silver Birch, Birch, Common Yew, White Willow, Common Walnut, and Wild Cherry can be found here.The Shahdag National Park gives enough respite to those who seek a deep connection with nature. Bashkir sends 500 tons of wheat to Azerbaijan Business Mon, 11 Dec 2023 15:23:00 +0400 About 500 tons of wheat were shipped from the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan to Azerbaijan, the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control ("Rosselkhoznadzor") Department for the Republic of Bashkortostan has announced, Azernews reports.It is reported that for the first time this year, Bashkortostan exported 7 batches of wheat with a total volume of 500 tons to Azerbaijan. The product has been tested in the laboratory of Bashkortostan and fully meets the standards and requirements of Azerbaijan.The information notes that the republic exports wheat to such countries as the European Union, Turkiye, Georgia, and China.According to the article from, the total volume of grain and products exported from Bashkortostan to Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, China, Latvia, the Netherlands, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan amounted to more than 117.14 thousand tons in 2021. The largest volume of grain shipped abroad fell on wheat - 38.57 thousand tons, 9.19 thousand tons - of barley, 18.9 thousand tons - of flax, 0.16 thousand tons - of sunflower seeds, as well as mustard, chickpeas, safflower, buckwheat, and other crops.In addition, according to the article from Belta, by, representatives of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) met with a business delegation of Russia's Republic of Bashkortostan to discuss prospects for using BUCE to invigorate the trade and economic cooperation between Belarus and Bashkortostan.Finally, according to the article from, in 2016, the export of cereals for Bashkortostan, Republic was 22,162 tonnes. Though the Bashkortostan, Republic's export of cereals fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to decrease throughout the analyzed period.The export of wheat from Bashkortostan to Azerbaijan is a significant event in the region, as it marks the beginning of a new era of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. 171 more mines found in liberated territories Society Mon, 11 Dec 2023 15:08:00 +0400 By AzernewsAbbas GanbayThe number of mines discovered in the liberated territories has been announced. This is stated in the weekly (4-10 December) information on operations carried out by the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA), Azernews reports.According to the information, 84 anti-tank mines and 340 unexploded ordnance (UXO) were found.It was reported that 533 hectares of land were cleared of mines and UXOs.To recall from November 1 to November 30, 247 anti-tank mines, 228 anti-personnel mines, and 4,106 unexploded ordnance were found and neutralised in the liberated territories.Also, 7,143 hectares of land were cleared of mines.The investigation is ongoing. Emin Agalarov thrills music lovers with winter concert Society Mon, 11 Dec 2023 14:53:00 +0400 By AzernewsLaman IsmayilovaPeople's Artist Emin Agalarov (EMIN) has performed a traditional winter concert at the Heydar Aliyev Palace.The artist performed songs from the new Russian-language album titled "44", released on the day of the concert, and from the English-language album "Now Or Never", which is expected to be released on February 9, 2024, Azernews reports.A charity project Boomerang of Good, initiated by the EMIN fan club and actively supported by the singer himself and his team was launched as part of the concert. All funds raised will be donated to the family of baby Jahrami Fateh, who is battling a serious genetic disease.The album "44" is filled with romantic and soulful compositions, including duets with the legendary Nani Bregvadze, pop singers Jony, Jasmine and Alsou."This year I turn 44 years old, and I decided to mark this chapter of life with something bright for myself - a new Russian-language album. There are many duet songs here that have not been released on any record," said Emin.For the first time in Baku, EMIN performed the composition "Twelve Months of Hope" by the acclaimed composer Sevil Aliyeva from the repertoire of Muslim Magomayev, which was a real super hit in Soviet times.The singer shared with the public the story of how Sevil Aliyeva personally blessed him for this composition, which she once wrote for Muslim Magomayev, and heartily thanked the composer present in the hall for this.The concert also featured a song "Blue Eternity" as a tribute to Muslim Magomayev.The final chord was the performance of the composition "My Azerbaijan", which was sung by all concert participants: both in the hall and on stage.And one of the most touching moments of the evening was the appearance of the EMIN children on stage with bouquets of flowers - Ali, Mikail and Amina Agalarov congratulated their beloved dad on yet another sold-out show.Emin Agalarov thrilled music lovers with winter concert. Meeting of FM of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Brussels is not scheduled Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 14:38:00 +0400 By AzernewsAbbas GanbayA bilateral meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Brussels is not scheduled. This was reported by the head of the Foreign Ministry's press service Aykhan Hajizadeh, Azernews reports.Ayhan Hajizadeh said that a bilateral meeting between Jeyhun Bayramov and his Armenian counterpart was not planned within the framework of the meeting of foreign ministers of the EU Eastern Partnership countries. UNICEF: Azerbaijan has made great progress in preschool education Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 14:23:00 +0400 By AzernewsAbbas GanbayAzerbaijan has made great progress in improving the comprehensive level of preschool education, Azernews reports, citing Early Childhood Development Specialist of UNICEF's Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, Vidur Chopra telling at the international scientific-practical conference A New Look at Quality in Preschool Education.The UNICEF representative said that the community-based model of preschool education is very successful. Its introduction in remote areas is to be welcomed. The construction of modular schools is also a good step.The expert emphasized that in addition to this, not only in Azerbaijan but also in other countries, several new challenges are emerging."We can think about expanding the scope of services in preschool education. One model cannot fulfill the needs. The current model is expensive. It is necessary to form different models and ideas. In this respect, public-private cooperation is a successful model". Azerbaijan approves subsidizing social insurance contributions for people working in liberated lands Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 14:15:00 +0400 The "Terms of subsidizing at the expense of the state budget contributions to mandatory state social insurance paid by insurers operating in the territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan liberated from Armenian occupation, the order of payment of subsidies and control in this area" have been approved.The relevant order was signed by Azerbaijani Prime Minister Ali Asadov.According to the order, the change in this decision can be made following the "Rules for the preparation and adoption of normative acts of local executive authorities and local self-government" approved by the decree of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.This resolution is valid for the period of ten years, starting from January 1, 2023. Western Azerbaijan Community responds to former Armenian minister Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 14:09:00 +0400 By Asim AliyevThe Western Azerbaijani Community has issued a response to former Armenian Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian, Azernews reports.In a statement, the Western Azerbaijani Community declared that Former Armenian Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian makes ridiculous statements that succeed each other. Dashnak and racist V. Oskanian is completely detached from reality and spends his day in a parallel world invented by himself. The fact that such a frivolous person held the post of Foreign Minister for a long time explains well why Armenia is a failed state.V. Oskanian, like former OSCE Minsk Group member Thomas de Waal, is already a thing of the past". Cabinet of Ministers adopted resolution on import of food products and fodder Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 13:54:00 +0400 By Azernews Abbas GanbayThe Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a decision on the importation of food products and feed, as well as materials and products in contact with food products into the customs territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azernews reports.Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a decision on "Procedure for importation of food and feed products, as well as materials and products in contact with food products into the customs territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the form and terms of submission of electronic notification sent before the said products, materials" and products are imported into the customs territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "Regulations for transit transport of food and feed products", as well as "List of food and feed products that must be accompanied by a relevant document confirming their safety when imported into the customs territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan".The relevant decision was signed by Prime Minister Ali Asadov.In addition, the government decision of 16 July 2018 "On approval of the form and rules for issuing food safety certificate for food products" was canceled.According to the new decision, if food and feed products are imported into the country by road, sea, and railway transport, at least 24 hours before the arrival of the vehicle in the customs territory of Azerbaijan, and if they are imported by air transport, at least 12 hours before the vehicle departs from the airport of the exporting country, it is necessary to submit an "Automated Food Safety Notification" through the Information System (AFSA).In addition, once a positive import transaction history has been established, product types are subject to identification and physical control measures at the following frequency:- Not more than 12% of every 100 import operations, determined by random selection for product types with a risk score of 1;- not more than 17 percent of each 100 import operations determined by random selection for products with risk assessment 2;- a maximum of 34 percent of each 100 import operations for products with risk assessment 3 determined by random selection. Baku to host Disney multimedia show Society Mon, 11 Dec 2023 13:40:00 +0400 By AzernewsLaman IsmayilovaArt-East Media Group invites you to experience bright and eventful moments in the first days of the New Year.Spectacular multimedia show "Disney" will take place at the Cultural Center of the State Security Service on January 2, 2024, Azernews reports.Art-East Media Group invites everyone to enjoy an interactive "Disney" multimedia New Year's show, where the heroes of famous Disney fairy tales and the most popular cartoons will come together.Traditionally, on every upcoming New Year's holiday, each of us is in search of goodness and magic, waiting for a miracle, wanting to take a trip to the world of dreams. Taking this into account, the professional team has prepared a special program for you.If you want to experience nostalgic and magical moments of communication with famous heroes to the sounds of mysterious music and remain under the influence of these emotions for a long time, and at the same time, if you want your children to effectively spend their leisure time, expand their worldview and develop artistic and aesthetic taste, don't miss the interactive "Disney" multimedia New Year's show.Media partners of the event are Azernews.Az, Trend.Az, Day.Az and Milli.Az. Cyber-enabled fraud: an imminent threat to business in Azerbaijan Business Mon, 11 Dec 2023 13:22:00 +0400 The former CEO of Cisco Systems, John Chambers, once famously stated: ‘There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those don’t know that they have been hacked’. Be it for cross-border or national transactions, web-dependency of commerce is booming, which makes businesses increasingly vulnerable to cyber-enabled crime. Amid a growing number of new cases almost daily, various organizations around the globe have been issuing recommendations for governments on actions to be taken to combat cybercrime. On the other hand, since May 2021 the United Nations member states have been negotiating an international treaty on countering cybercrime, as well as 156 countries have enacted their cybercrime legislation at the national level.However, the above measures, despite being meant to serve the greater good, are not enough to protect the business from becoming the next victim due to the advanced technology that is catalyzing cyber-enabled crime and the organized, as well as de-centralized structure of criminal syndicates. Business organizations to a greater extent are suffering from Cyber-enabled fraud (‘CEF’), one of the most viral types of cybercrime along with theft.Types of CEF that business should beware ofThe Financial Action Task Force (FATF), among others, focuses on the following types of cyber-enabled criminal activities with higher possibility of occurrence where business is exhibited:Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud: Victims receive email instructions that purport to be from their clients or suppliers asking victims to transfer funds to new payment accounts. A prominent client (‘Client’) of our firm fell victim to this scam and wired payments to the wrong bank account in UAE. The intruder(s) had accessed the server of the supplier in UAE and modified the content subject to an email exchange between the parties. In the end, the cybercriminal (s) were able to withdraw the full amount that was channeled by the Client from their bank account and vanish. More and more BEC fraud cases are being reported from various business industries in Azerbaijan.Phishing fraud: Victims are deceived into revealing sensitive information such as personal data, banking details, or account login credentials. This information is used to funnel the victim’s funds from their payment accounts, open new payment accounts, or make fraudulent transactions. In most cases, the criminals send emails to business entities and request information to participate in attractive but bogus biddings, etc.The immediate stepsNotifying the originating bankIn case of any CEF or attempt to commit CEF businesses should immediately contact the bank holding the payment account (‘Originating Bank’)and notify them about the already occurred or attempted CEF case. Under the scenario where the wrongfully transferred amount is not withdrawn or transferred to another account yet, the bank might be able to alert the intermediary bank and the beneficiary bank to block the anticipated withdrawal or transfer.Local law enforcementThis year the government of Azerbaijan established the Main Directorate for Combating Cybercrime under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The specialized cybercrime unit is equipped with skilled experts to investigate cyber-enabled crime. It is vital for the business to report any cases of crime or attempt to crime. This is also important regarding regulatory compliance. Hence, the police report on the cybercrime must be submitted to the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan considering that at the end of the expiration of the two-years deadline, an administrative penalty will be initiated against the business that failed to declare goods (services) to the customs authorities.Law enforcement and FIUs of the country where the crime was recorded.If cybercrime occurs due to a leakage within the vendor’s infrastructure that resides abroad, businesses should file complaints with law enforcement and Financial Intelligence Units of the same country. This was the case with the Client, where our firm submitted a report to law enforcement, various FIUs, and even the Central Bank of the UAE to accelerate the investigation.DownsidesDespite implementing enhanced security measures, banks alone cannot provide sufficient safeguards to prevent CEFs. All the originating, intermediary, and beneficiary banks that processed the transaction initiated by the Client were not able to detect the fraudulent invoice and prevent the withdrawal of cash by intruder(s) in UAE. In as much as cyber-enabled fraud cases often involve more than one jurisdiction, one question to be addressed is where the criminal investigation will be opened. National law enforcement rejected to launch a criminal case because of the Client’s report since it became evident that the CEF had not taken place in Azerbaijan. Nor does the law enforcement of UAE open any investigation until the moment that the victim personally files a criminal complaint in UAE.RecommendationsWe recommend the business consider taking the following measures to encounters:To include robust indemnity clauses within agreements with the vendors that will oblige them to increase cybersecurity measures against criminal syndicates. To multi-verify the vendor’s bank account details with the beneficiary bank, and the vendor through means other than the possibly compromised email. To regularly train employees on phishing fraud, multi-verification processes, and measures to prevent cyber-enabled fraud. To build advanced cybersecurity infrastructure, also by virtue of involving a third-party IT security consultant. Victim reporting. In BEC and phishing frauds, the victims relatively quickly discover that they’re defrauded since the counterparty begins to question the payment. Victim reporting to relevant authorities is important considering that it might help to trace the criminal proceeds and possibly to recover the loss.About the authorRuslan Bayramov is a Founding Partner at Legalize Law Firm. He is specialized in corporate law, eCommerce, and AML/CFT Compliance. Ruslan is advising clients on asset recovery as a result of cyber-enabled fraud. For further info about the author and Legalize Law Firm please visit Azerbaijan to fund overhaul of Baku's Garadagh highways - decree Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 13:12:00 +0400 A total of 400,000 manat ($235,290) was allocated for the overhaul of highways in the Garadagh district of Baku city to the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads.The corresponding decree was signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Azerbaijan allocates funds for major repair of highway in Yardimli district Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 13:00:00 +0400 President Ilham Aliyev has signed an Order outlining measures for the reconstruction of the Masalli-Yardimli (44km)-Sirig-Afchadulan-Horavar-Angovul-Zangala-Varov-Kechalakaran highway in the Yardimli district.Under the presidential Order, the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads is initially allocated 1.7 million manats for the reconstruction of the road connecting 7 residential areas with a total population of 5,000 people. Baku Fashion Week 2023 wraps up Society Mon, 11 Dec 2023 12:50:00 +0400 By AzernewsLaman IsmayilovaThe 1st season of Baku Fashion Week 2023 has come to an end.As part of the week, fashion shows took place at Baku Convention Center, Azernews reports.The evening was opened by the Azerbaijani brand L's Arc. The brand founder and designer Kamilla Babayeva, managed to create a recognizable style that combines tenderness and sensuality.The brand's new collection, called "Diva", traditionally consisted of fabrics decorated with sequins and crystals.The Azerbaijani brand La'Le, following the ideas of elegance and modernism, showed a collection on the Baku Fashion Week catwalk, the distinctive feature of which was the original choice of materials.Stunning outfits made of black denim gave way to dresses with T-shirt corsets, and they, in turn, were replaced by evening dresses decorated with fringe.As a final touch, the brand's designer used leather, from which the final images of her show were sewn.Next on the catwalk was the collection of a specially invited designer from Turkiye, Katerina Ek?ioglu.As part of the show, casual outfits were replaced by evening dresses, in which a full arsenal of all kinds of jewelry was used.The designer used both lace corsets and crystals, flirted with a floral theme and combined translucent textures with dense ones. Spectators, inspired by what they saw, called Katerina the Turkish Elie Saab, and such a comparison is not without meaning.The Studio collection from the Azerbaijani brand NAN turned out to be much more restrained.Despite the extensive use of elements such as chains, belts, and patent leather, it did not look rude at all, since the images demonstrated had a femininity, which nevertheless showed the designer’s desire to demonstrate inner strength.During all three days of shows, the organizers of BFW have repeatedly said that they distributed the brands participating in the event in such a way that on each day the collections that were completely different from each other were shown on the catwalk.Following the drama of the entire season, it was truly a great decision to give the honor of ending the first season of Baku Fashion Week to the Azerbaijani brand Tuva Collection.When creating the Bridge collection, brand designer Shebnam Bayramova drew her inspiration from the Gobustan petroglyphs, one of the cradles of civilization on Earth.Prints with cave paintings dating back to the 12th century BC looked completely appropriate and modern on the catwalk.And the final appearance of the models in an embrace, symbolizing the Azerbaijani national dance Yalli, seemed to become a symbol of the unity of all that huge number of people who, for three days, delighted all spectators with shows of such a high level that the Azerbaijani capital had never seen before.The first season of Baku Fashion Week has come to its logical conclusion, but the organizing committee of the Week does not stop there, having already begun work on the second season, which will take place in May 2024.And again, the attention of all fashionistas in Baku will be focused on the new venue, which the organizers are keeping secret for now.Baku Fashion Week was organized by ModePoint and Stock.ModePoint is a project created to support the development of the fashion industry in Azerbaijan and to organize fashion events both within the country and abroad. For two years in a row, every summer ModePoint organizes Fashion Sunset fashion shows, taking place on the shores of the Caspian Sea.In turn, Stock is a concept store that plays the role of the first broad fashion platform, uniting more than 100 Azerbaijani brands. Stock's main goal is to promote the development of the local fashion industry, support young designers and bring local brands to the global level.The main director of Baku Fashion Week is Nina Drako (Poland). Nina is the creator and participant of a number of successful international shows for various designers and brands.Nina's style of work is always about the atmosphere, energy and special aesthetics of each show.She is also known as the creative director of the international modeling agency Nagorny models management. In turn, Evgenia Chernyshova (Belarus), who has extensive experience in international projects, plays the role of choreographer for the first season of Baku Fashion Week.Media partners of the event are Azernews.Az, Trend.Az, Day.Az, Milli.Az and Turkic.World. President Ilham Aliyev receives delegation headed by Speaker of Georgian Parliament [PHOTOS] Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 12:33:00 +0400 President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has received a delegation led by Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Shalva Papuashvili.President Ilham Aliyev lauded the successful development of the bilateral friendly and brotherly relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia in all areas.The head of state noted the role of his regular meetings with the Georgian Prime Minister, including his meeting with Irakli Garibashvili during the SPECA Summit held in Baku, where the latter was invited by the President of Azerbaijan as a guest of honor, in strengthening bilateral ties.Touching upon the importance of joint projects carried out by the two countries, President Ilham Aliyev described it as a significant factor in the broader region – the Eurasian space, expressing confidence that the joint initiatives would persist in their successful implementation. The head of state commended the contribution of interparliamentary cooperation to the development of bonds, adding that it created a necessary legal foundation for further strengthening cooperation.President Ilham Aliyev expressed confidence that Shalva Papuashvili’s visit to Azerbaijan would contribute to the successful development of bilateral relations.The Chairman of the Georgian Parliament, expressing gratitude for kind words, fondly recalled his visit to Azerbaijan this May, where he participated in the special session dedicated to the 100th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev at the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan.Shalva Papuashvili acknowledged the astute leadership of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev during a challenging period, emphasizing the pivotal role played by National Leader Heydar Aliyev and former President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze in laying the groundwork for bilateral relations.The Minister highlighted the importance of projects implemented by the two countries, underlining that these projects contribute to welfare of the peoples and regional peace. He noted the flourishing development of bilateral friendly relations, underscoring the role of reciprocal visits at various levels in this endeavor.The meeting involved an exchange of ideas on the prospects of cooperation in the fields of energy, transportation, and culture. Public legal entity Baku Theological College established Society Mon, 11 Dec 2023 12:25:00 +0400 By AzernewsAbbas GanbayA public legal entity Baku Theological College has been established under the public legal entity of the Azerbaijan Theology Institute, Azernews reports.The decision was signed by Prime Minister Ali Asadov.By the decision, the State Committee for Work with Religious Organisations has been instructed to solve other issues referred to the powers of the founder of a public legal entity by Article 8.2 of the Law "On Public Legal Entities," except for those specified in paragraph 2.1 of this Law.The State Committee for Work with Religious Institutions should take measures for the state registration of the college by the Law "On State Registration and State Register of Legal Entities" and resolve other issues arising from the Decision.The Ministry of Finance should take the necessary measures to finance the expenses necessary for the college's activities.The Ministry of Economy should, within two months from the date of state registration, submit proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers to resolve the issue of providing the college with an administrative building. Azerbaijan increases transportation of Kazakh oil 6 times this year Business Mon, 11 Dec 2023 12:10:00 +0400 By Azernews  Asim AliyevKaztransoil, the national operator of the main oil pipeline in Kazakhstan, in January-November of this year, increased oil supplies to 1 million 238 thousand tons in the direction of the port of Baku, Azernews reports, citing 'Kaztransoil.Based on the information, the volume of oil exported by Kaztransoil from the Tengiz field, located in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea, to the port of Aktau in the direction of the port of Baku, increased from 205 thousand tons to 1 million 238 thousand tons over the last year.It is reported that the export of Kazakh oil from the port of Aktau amounted to 3 million 62 thousand tons in the first 11 months of this year. This is 1 million 14 thousand tons or 50% more than for the same period last year.In addition, during the reporting period, 1 million 824 thousand tons of oil was shipped from the port of Aktau to the port of Makhachkala.It should be noted that in 2022, Kazakh President Kasym-Jomart Tokayev instructed to increase oil transportation along the Trans-Caspian corridor. In accordance with his order between KazMunaiGas and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan signed an agreement providing for the transportation of 1.5 million tons of oil produced at the Tengiz field in the direction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. Azerbaijan, Turkiye to supply Russia with eggs Business Mon, 11 Dec 2023 11:56:00 +0400 By AzernewsAbbas GanbayRosselkhoznadzor has authorized 21 Turkish companies to supply this product to Russia amid a significant rise in prices for hen's eggs, Azernews reports."Imports will be carried out with sampling for the content of harmful and prohibited substances within the framework of state monitoring," Rosselkhoznadzor said.Since 23 November, 4 Turkish poultry enterprises have received the right to supply eggs, on 8 December permission was issued to 17 more enterprises. In addition, in mid-November, egg supplies to Russia were allowed from Azerbaijan.In the last few months in Russia, there has been a significant rise in the price of hen's eggs, which are categorized as socially important products. According to Rosstat, during the week from 14 to 20 November eggs rose in price by 4.5%. In October, the agency recorded a price increase of 23.9% compared to October last year. Film dedicated to National Leader Heydar Aliyev shown in Ganja [PHOTOS] Society Mon, 11 Dec 2023 11:43:00 +0400 By AzernewsLaman IsmayilovaGanja State Philharmonic will host a film screening "Heydar Aliyev and the culture of Ganja", dedicated to the memory of National Leader Heydar Aliyev.The film screening was organized by the Ganja Executive Power,New Azerbaijan Party Ganja city organization with the support of the Ganja-Dashkesan Regional Department of Culture, Azernews reports.The film, the author of the idea and the director of which is Ramil Gasimov, presents the memories of artists about the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, and reflects the undeniable merits of Heydar Aliyev in the socio-political and cultural life of the city of Ganja.Before the show, guests of the event got acquainted with the exhibition dedicated to Heydar Aliyev, deployed in the foyer of the Philharmonic.After the show, the Chamber Orchestra of the Ganja State Philharmonic performed the favorite musical compositions of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. The concert was met with great interest.Media partners of the event are Azernews.Az,Trend.Az, Day.Az, Milli.Az. Romanian & Bulgarian media widely covered President Ilham Aliyev's visit to Serbia Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 11:30:00 +0400 By Asim AliyevAzerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev visited Serbia on a business visit. He had several meetings. These meetings were at the center of attention of Romanian and Bulgarian media, Azernews reports.Romanian and Bulgarian media widely covered President Ilham Aliyev's comments at the opening ceremony of the Serbia-Bulgaria gas pipeline.Romania's national news agencies AGERPRES, Adevarul, Digi 24, Bulgaria's national news agency BTA, and news portals,, 24 hours,,,, Vesti TV channel disseminated materials on the visit. It was noted that President Ilham Aliyev described the ceremony as a proof of friendship and strategic partnership, and emphasized that the gas pipeline will contribute to ensuring the energy security of Serbia and Bulgaria, as well as Europe. It is informed that the gas pipeline provides transit of natural gas from Azerbaijan and the Caspian region to the countries of Central Europe. Thanks to the interconnector, Serbia will start supplying natural gas from Azerbaijan. The article says that the utilization of the pipeline will ensure Serbia's energy security and provide additional capacity for supplies to Eastern and Central European countries. The commissioning of the interconnector is of strategic importance both for Serbia and the European Union. It is reported that within the framework of the agreement signed by the Serbian side with Bulgartransgaz, from next year to 2026, up to 400 million cubic meters of gas from Azerbaijan will be supplied to this country. After 2027, this volume may increase up to three times.Bulgaria's National News Agency BTA,,, news portals 24, BNT TV channel and other media reported on the one-on-one meeting between Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. At the meeting, satisfaction was expressed with the development of friendship and strategic partnership relations between Azerbaijan and Bulgaria in various fields. The opening of the Serbia-Bulgaria gas pipeline was emphasized. Discussions were organized on all important topics of bilateral and economic relations between the countries of mutual interest. Talking of the importance of the Ring of Solidarity initiative, the leaders of the two countries once again emphasized the significance of this project in terms of expanding energy cooperation between Azerbaijan and the European Union and Azerbaijan's contribution to ensuring gas supplies to Europe.It is worth mentioning that the construction of the new 109-kilometer-long gas pipeline between the Serbian cities of Nis and Dimitrovgrad took one year. The total length of the Serbia-Bulgaria interconnector is 170 kilometers and continues to Novi Iskar near Sofia. YARAT opens exhibitions themed "Danger Cleared: No Mines" & "The Equinox" Society Mon, 11 Dec 2023 11:12:00 +0400 By AzernewsLaman IsmayilovaYARAT Contemporary Art Space has opened two exhibitions themed "Danger Cleared: No Mines" and "The Equinox".The exhibition "Danger Cleared: No Mines" intertwines performances, video installations, and graphic artworks specially commissioned by YARAT, featuring the talents of Khanlar Gasimov, Orkhan Huseynov, Elturan Mammadov, Kamilla Muradova, Vusal Rahim, and Sabina Shikhlinskaya, Azernews reports.The artworks delve profoundly into core cultural, social, and environmental issues, centering around the poignant theme of post-conflict peace.Upon entering the exhibition, “Danger Cleared: No Mines” immediately envelops visitors in an evocative representation of a minefield - an artistic testament to Khanlar Gasimov's vision. Gasimov, an Azerbaijani artist based in New York, embodies the concept of “placing individuals in unexpected situations”. His work navigates themes of historical memory, land heritage, and cultural legacies.Simultaneously, Sabina Shikhlinskaya's video installation delves into cultural genocide (ethnocide) while advocating for a “secure future”, employing the illustrative example of Karabakh Khan's Palace.Complementing this theme, multidisciplinary artist Orkhan Huseynov illuminates demined areas through space photography, shedding light on extensive security concerns within ecological and social contexts.Elturan Mammadov's video installation, deeply rooted in local characteristics, reflects post-event social responses. Vusal Rahim, through his performance, emphasizes a future that is secure, vibrant, and environmentally sustainable. Additionally, a series of graphics inspired by Kamilla Muradova's personal story dissects stereotypical thoughts entrenched in collective memory, contributing depth and completeness to the exhibition.The exhibition narrates the story of a society that has faced the harrowing realities of war and emerged resilient. Its aim is to underscore that the quest for peace is not just a collective aspiration but an attainable reality. Through personal narratives, research insights, and historical artifacts, the exhibition emphasizes the crucial roles of reconciliation, cooperation, and empathy in reshaping history and fostering a future free from violence.P.S. The occupation of Armenia has led to the proliferation of landmines, posing a significant threat in Azerbaijan. Presently, our country stands among the most heavily landmine-contaminated nations globally. Since November 2020, over 300 Azerbaijani citizens have tragically lost their lives or suffered severe injuries due to these mines, constituting a form of terrorism. This acts in direct violation of fundamental legal norms and casts a shadow over the earnest desire for peace. Despite the cessation of hostilities, the majority of these deadly mines were manufactured after 2020. Mining stands not only as a crime against humanity but also operates as a mechanism that harms ecology and jeopardizes our cultural heritage.Note that the exhibition "Danger Cleared: No Mines" is curated by Farah Alakbarli.The multidisciplinary exhibition "The Equinox", brings together seven Georgian artists describing the cornerstone of the awareness of human identity, the path of consciousness formation from the late 20th to the beginning of the 21st century in local and global perspectives.The project unpacks a complex discourse of linked interactions, from the individual to the collective and vice versa, the impact of the individual experience on the collective experience and its impact on time-varying patterns. The exhibition is built on a dualistic principle, with reference to the interaction of light and darkness, and where the interaction of the individual and the collective is considered in the continuum.The research presented in the exhibition is based on a series of lectures given by Georgian philosopher Merab Mamardashvili to students at Tbilisi State University's Faculty of Arts and Humanities (1984-1985). In the lectures, titled “Psychological Topology of the Path” (1997), the philosopher used time and life as central themes in the discourse based on Marcel Proust's novel “In Search of Lost Time”. The exhibition’s title, “Equinox” is derived from the same lectures, in which Mamardashvili describes the place where the equilibrium of the expression of consciousness is obtained as an example of how darkness and light interact.The exhibition starts with a symbol depicting the metamorphosis of the path of consciousness by representing the inner confrontation within a butterfly, referencing the effort and time for the pupa to obtain its wings. Further, the project reveals the triggering factors of this path, where the research of collective memory and experience takes on an important role. Here, too, the dualistic principle is underlined. On the one hand, geopolitical shifts, cultural observations, the connection to the past and its transformation over time, all play a significant role in the emergence of a sense of belonging. On the other hand, how identities transform and metamorphose in response to globalisation and technological shifts changes the cornerstone of consciousness. New forms arise, where the necessity for memory is lost and the phenomenon of cultural belonging becomes absurd.The second part examines the continuum – the system through which the path of human consciousness passes. By studying the architecture of light (the gradation of yellow in black), reference is made to the phenomenon of the perception of information in consciousness (for the perception of light or impression, the receiver’s condition is under darkness and emptiness), and by the theory of relativity, the conditionality of perception of time and scale of human and collective consciousness is determined. The same principle determines the repetitive, massive processes in the world. With this aspect, there is a confrontation between individual and collective consciousness, coalescing into repetitive patterns or forming a different, singular path from where an individual act takes place.The culmination of the exhibition is reached by the reverse discourse, unfolding a space that is impenetrable to the outside world, which also becomes real only through one’s own efforts, and on the contrary, becomes a catalyst for the structure of collective consciousness, generating new forms and changes in time.The exhibition "The Equinox" is curated by Tamuna Arshba and Tata Ksovreli.Dates: December 7, 2023 – April 27, 2024Location: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre (National Flag Square)Exhibition opens: Tuesday through Sunday, 12.00 – 20.00 Azerbaijan, Turkiye discuss cooperation in field of climate change Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 10:58:00 +0400 By Azernews Abbas GanbayAzerbaijani delegation visited the pavilion of fraternal Turkiye operating within COP 28. During the visit, Ecology and Natural Resources Minister Mukhtar Babayev met with Deputy Minister of Ecology and Urban Development of Turkiye Fatma Varank, Azernews reports, citing the Ministry.The meeting discussed important issues of cooperation in the field of climate change for the two countries. Azerbaijani FM leaves on working visit to Kingdom of Belgium Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 10:45:00 +0400 By AzernewsAbbas GanbayOn 10 December, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov left on a working visit to the Kingdom of Belgium to participate in the meeting of foreign ministers of the Eastern Partnership countries, Azernews reports.The Press Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that during the visit, Minister Jeyhun Bayramov is scheduled to deliver a speech at an event in Brussels, as well as hold bilateral meetings. New Astarachay River bridge connecting Iran and Azerbaijan, to open soon Business Mon, 11 Dec 2023 10:25:00 +0400 The new bridge over Astarachay River, which connects Iran and Azerbaijan, is almost ready to be opened, Iran’s Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Shahriar Afandizadeh said, Azernews reports.Afandizadeh visited the bridge site and inspected the progress of the construction work on December 10.He said that the bridge, which is part of the international transit highway between the two countries, will facilitate trade, transport, and transit between Iran and Azerbaijan.The deputy minister added that a temporary border terminal and a temporary road for empty trucks have been built near the bridge, and that they will start operating in the next few weeks.According to him, about 800 trucks will be able to cross the bridge every day. Afandizadeh stated that the bridge project was a result of the cooperation between the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan, and the Azerbaijan Land Transport Agency.The deputy minister also pointed out that the two countries have reached several agreements within the framework of the Joint Economic Commission to improve and implement joint projects.He noted that the existing old bridge will be used for full trucks until the construction of a 1,100-meter-long road at the exit of the new border terminal is completed.Afandizadeh mentioned that the construction of the road is going on fast and that it will be improved in the coming months.The construction of the new bridge over the Astarachay River, which is the eastern border between Iran and Azerbaijan, started on January 25, 2022. The bridge will be 97.5 meters long and 30.5 meters wide, with three spans, four lanes, with two additional lanes for backup traffic. It will also have two pedestrian crossings, each 2.5 meters wide. EU not planning military exercises with Armenia World news Mon, 11 Dec 2023 10:00:00 +0400 By AzernewsAbbas GanbayThe European Union (EU) is not considering holding joint military exercises with Armenia, EU foreign policy spokesman Peter Stano said, Azernews reports.The spokesman emphasized that the EU is not a military alliance, but a political and economic community of values.In addition, it was noted that there are no plans within the EU to conduct training for Armenian servicemen on the territory of the EU member states. Taiwan records approach of Chinese air, sea forces, including 12 aircraft, seven warships World news Mon, 11 Dec 2023 09:00:00 +0400 Taiwan has reported the approach of 12 Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft and seven People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) warships in the region adjacent to the island, Taiwan’s defense department said in a statement, Azernews reports, citing TASS.According to it, four aircraft entered the island's air defense identification zone to the southwest of the island. The aircraft were a Y-8 plane and three J-16 fighter jets.Taiwan's army responded with aircraft, ships and land-based anti-aircraft missile systems to monitor the targets, the statement said.Taiwan has been governed by its own administration since 1949, when the remnants of the Kuomintang forces led by Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975) fled there after their defeat in the Chinese Civil War. Official Beijing considers Taiwan a province of the People’s Republic of China and urges foreign countries to comply with the ‘one-China’ policy. France plunges into abyss through its incomprehensible policy Politics Mon, 11 Dec 2023 08:30:00 +0400 By Asim Aliyev, AZERNEWSAnyone who follows international politics can say with certainty that France is currently living through the worst period in its history. The country's foreign policy is conducted not based on the advice of state institutions and think tanks but based on random decisions. Due to its illogical policies, the defeats it received one after another on the continent of Africa were undoubtedly a heavy blow to both its economy and its international image. But apparently, Paris has not taken a lesson from it. They want to conduct a similar policy in the Caucasus.So, at a time when the Garabagh conflict is over and the whole world is talking about peace, still arming and providing financial support to Armenia by France is quite mysterious.First of all, it needs to be pointed out that when looking at history, one can witness France's intolerance and aggression towards Muslim countries throughout history. The genocide committed in Algeria is the peak of this policy. Only in 1945, 45,000 Algerians were killed in the city of Setif, and a total of 1.5 million people were slaughtered as a result of violent operations carried out by France. Considering that more than 90% of the population of Azerbaijan is Muslim, we can partially understand the policy of France. It should also be noted that this is not the first injustice committed by Paris against Baku. For example, during the first Garabagh War, Monte Melkonyan, leader of the Armenian terrorist ASALA terrorist organization, was released from a French prison and sent to Garabagh. It should be emphasized that the release of Monte Melkonia was not only an injustice against Azerbaijanis but also against the ordinary French citizens who had died and been injured during the terrorist attack at Orly airport. Today, it is still not possible to understand whether the early release of someone who committed a terror act in France and injured dozens of people was the result of the power of the Armenian lobby, or was it the result of France's hatred against Muslims.The fact that France prefers Armenian citizens to its own citizens is not limited to only this. For example, pension reforms in France in 2023 have recently caused protests by pensioners. However, in such a period, France allocates financial and military aid to Armenia. Even though the economic situation in France is not good, it does not give up its financial support to Armenia.Some see it as France's attempt to enter the South Caucasus. Supposedly, at a time when Russia is involved in the Ukraine crisis, the West will take Russia out of the Caucasus with the help of Pashinyan and enter the Caucasus under the leadership of France. Thus, France will gain in the South Caucasus what It lost in Africa. First of all, I want to note that in the South Caucasus, especially in Armenia, there is enough uranium, diamonds, gold, etc. to meet the demands of the French industry. In other words, this region is not as rich as Africa. More precisely, the South Caucasus can never replace what France has lost in Africa.Secondly, there is only one dominant state of the South Caucasus, and it is Azerbaijan. Any state that wants to do any business in the Caucasus should regulate its relations with Baku.Thirdly, Armenia itself has already realized that if it makes peace with Azerbaijan, Armenia's economy will grow enough and it will not need the alms given by France or other Western countries under the name of aid. Otherwise, they will still fail. As we know, the support given to Yerevan by the Western countries in the last 30 years was ultimately useless. The leadership of Armenia should understand that the West, especially France, wants to use them to bring an artificially created hotbed of war to the South Caucasus, and this does promise nothing good for Armenia at all. Azerbaijan's anti-terrorist operation, which began on September 19 and lasted for 24 hours, showed that France's support for Armenia is actually against Armenia itself. Belarus to help Equatorial Guinea to develop healthcare system World news Mon, 11 Dec 2023 08:00:00 +0400 Belarusian specialists will help Equatorial Guinea to build a national healthcare system, Belarusian Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich told the media in Malabo, Azernews reports, citing BelTA.“Of course, we will pay close attention to their certain problems, including pediatrics. They lack a healthcare system as we see it, never mind public healthcare. We will offer elements to build such a system, from the primary level to hospitals that will provide high-level medical care. We will do it if not similar to ours, but at least using our models. It is clear that there are certain features here, including from mentality to territory. We should take care of the key points that will influence the state of health [of the population]. Our plan is comprehensive to cover virtually all the aspects,” the minister said.In his words, the full deployment of strategic cooperation with Equatorial Guinea may take some three to five years. Belarus aims to solve all the tasks comprehensively and quickly.“First of all, they need our specialists. There are a number of healthcare buildings that have been built and commissioned. They however do not function as there are no professional medical personnel, including specialists who can maintain this medical complex. We are ready to help them and are working on these issues,” the healthcare minister said.He also mentioned the importance of personnel training. On the one hand, Belarus can help organize training in medical schools and faculties in Equatorial Guinea. However, the initial stage primarily envisages training in Belarus: “We first invite them to study at our universities, as the standards of our medical education are quite high. It is impossible to copy them here [in Equatorial Guinea]. The main training base will be in Belarus. Then we will certainly lend a shoulder here.”Another point is that the treatment process in Equatorial Guinea will be organized according to Belarusian medical protocols and with the use of Belarusian medicines and medical devices. “Our Guinean colleagues want us to extend the supply of medicines and medical products to Equatorial Guinea and, possibly, to the Central African region. This is, of course, a complicated issue, given logistics. We have worked this issue over with a company that specializes in deliveries. In the future we are planning a hub for the supply of medicines to Central Africa in general. At least, we have such a task to implement, and we are working on it,” Dmitry Pinevich said.Equatorial Guinea is ready to finance these activities, and this work will be carried out mainly on a reimbursable basis to ensure an element of mutually beneficial cooperation.Belarus has also provided grants to Guinean students to study at the country's medical universities. The healthcare ministries have agreed to organize retraining of medical workers from Equatorial Guinea in Belarus.At the talks with his counterpart Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo in Malabo, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko praised the rapid development of cooperation in healthcare. Belarusian specialists have started training personnel in hospitals in Equatorial Guinea. “We have already started and are further ready to transfer experience and knowledge in the management of hospital complexes, organization of primary medical care for your population, personnel training, and pharmaceuticals. I am convinced that you will be impressed by the results,” the resident said. Italy to throw away 500,000 tonnes of food over Xmas World news Sun, 10 Dec 2023 23:20:00 +0400 Italy's households throw away 500,000 tonnes of food every year over the Christmas holidays, consumer association Assoutenti said on Sunday, Azernews reports, citing ANSA.It said fresh produce like fruit and vegetables are among the most frequently thrown-away foods, along with pasta, seafood, panettoni and even spumante sparkling wine.The association estimates that the average Italian family will chuck up to 80 euros worth of food in the bin over the festive period.It said the value of waste in Italy's food sector added up nine billion euros a year and around 6.5 billion euros of that was thrown away in the home. Equatorial Guinea can become gateway for Belarusian engineering goods to neighboring countries World news Sun, 10 Dec 2023 22:50:00 +0400 Equatorial Guinea can become a gateway for Belarusian engineering goods to neighboring African countries, Belarusian Industry Minister Aleksandr Rogozhnik told journalists in Malabo, Azernews reports, citing BelTA.The head of the ministry noted that great strides have been made in cooperation with Equatorial Guinea over the past two months. The documents were also signed within the framework of the official visit of Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko.A comprehensive approach will be used to working with this country. "We talk about all engineering goods produced by companies affiliated with the Industry Ministry, starting from tractors and ending with utility vehicles," said Aleksandr Rogozhnik.According to him, plans are in place to build a waste processing plant. And the plans are very impressive: "Today, everything related to environmental aspects - a waste processing plant, the processing of this waste into finished products and an incineration plant – is about the generation of electrical energy. This is a preliminary contract for $100 million."The enterprises affiliated with the Industry Ministry will also supply the entire range of agricultural machinery within the framework of cooperation between the ministries of agriculture. "This cooperation will be built by analogy with the ties with Zimbabwe, to help the country to ensure its food security," the minister explained.Aleksandr Rogozhnik expects that Equatorial Guinea will become a kind of hub for Belarusian engineering goods to neighboring African countries in the future. In the future, we may also talk about the creation of production facilities here, he noted. "This option is being considered. First of all, we need to reach the appropriate volumes in order for this to be economically viable. This is possible in the future," the Belarusian minister said. Victory elections to be held in Azerbaijan Politics Sun, 10 Dec 2023 22:15:00 +0400 By Mazahir AfandiyevA significant event occurred in Azerbaijan's sociopolitical life in 2003. On October 1st, National Leader Heydar Aliyev announced his resignation from the presidential elections and urged Azerbaijanis to vote for Ilham Aliyev, the first deputy chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party. He believed that Ilham Aliyev and the New Azerbaijan Party would continue to do their best for the growth of Azerbaijan and the well-being of the nation.October 15th, 20 years ago, went down in history as one of Azerbaijan's significant days. On this day, the Azerbaijani people voted for the continuation of National Leader Heydar Aliyev's policy and the maintenance of the country's stability.President Ilham Aliyev, by his deeds, proved the National Leader's words, "I believe him as myself." President Ilham Aliyev created the foundations for a new age and era in Azerbaijan, leading the country toward strategic goals built on the National Leader's solid foundation.In general, President Ilham Aliyev's pledges have been successfully fulfilled over the last 20 years. The bleeding wound of the Azerbaijani people—the Garabagh crisis—has finally been settled, and substantive steps have been taken to liberate the Azerbaijani lands. So, in 2020, the valiant sons of the victorious Azerbaijani Army executed the Supreme Commander-in-Chief's order and ensured that the valuable flag for each of us flew in the cultural treasure, Shusha.On October 15, 2023, in the "Year of Heydar Aliyev," the President of Azerbaijan raised the Azerbaijani flag in the central square of Khankendi, and on November 8, he conducted a military parade of the valiant Azerbaijani army."I am glad that over the past 20 years all the promises I made and all the tasks I set for myself have been fulfilled." This statement of President Ilham Aliyev demonstrates how correct the 20-year-old decision of the Azerbaijani people was.Thus, during the ongoing transformation in the world, Azerbaijan has created a completely new direction and political model in the region and global politics. On the one hand, the courage of Azerbaijan's valiant sons was demonstrated to the entire world; on the other hand, Azerbaijan's lost territories with a 200-year history of statehood were returned, and sovereignty and territorial integrity were assured.President Ilham Aliyev has demonstrated that his services to the Azerbaijani people, outstanding governance, and adherence to Azerbaijani ideology, as well as the political and economic path laid forth by National Leader Heydar Aliyev, are continually evolving.Although certain political circles have always attempted to discredit Azerbaijan and cast a shadow over our achievements, the world is no longer able to make false allegations in the face of our achievements.In this moment of transformation and the creation of modern political architecture, the Republic of Azerbaijan, as the locomotive of the South Caucasus and new center of power, is embarking on a new path, and, of course, new approaches should be used. From this point of view, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on holding early presidential elections fully reflects current reality while also demonstrating to the world how the Azerbaijani people are mobilized around their President, statehood traditions, and ideology.Another noteworthy component of the decree is that elections will be held throughout the republic for the first time in the country's independence history. It is no coincidence that the Victory elections will go down in history as clear evidence that the Azerbaijani territorial integrity and sovereignty are fully safeguarded.I would like to emphasize the need for strengthening the political system in order to preserve the gains made and to avoid provocations from states that cannot accept Azerbaijan's win.The holding of the first early parliamentary elections in the country's history in 2020, which played an important role in the country's socio-political life, and the adoption and approval of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Political Parties" created conditions for the formation of a healthier political environment in the country.The decision to hold early presidential elections was reached following the completion of the procedure for state registration of political party members in the country. This has made it possible for all state-registered political parties to run in the elections. This strategy demonstrates that the country provides a fair competitive environment.President Ilham Aliyev has become a symbol of our independence, the voice of Azerbaijan in the world, and the guarantor of the rights and security of Azerbaijanians worldwide along our winding road.I am confident that our people, who will never tire of saying, "Garabagh is Azerbaijan!" will support the country's leader, who has worked tirelessly for many years to create and implement this slogan in the new elections. I believe our people will actively support the state leader's foreign and domestic policy and the country's sustainable development, including the process of transforming native Garabagh into a paradise and creative work in other regions of the country.Mazahir Afandiyev is the Member of the Milli Majlis (the Azerbaijani Parliament). Germany wants Georgia to receive EU candidate status next week - German Ambassador World news Sun, 10 Dec 2023 21:45:00 +0400 Peter Fischer, the German Ambassador to Georgia, on Sunday said his country wanted Georgia to receive the European Union membership candidate status next week and to join the bloc, Azernews reports, citing Agenda.In his comments to the media, Fischer noted he had “positive and encouraging” expectations of Georgia’s candidacy, as the European Council would be making the final decision regarding the country in a few days.This issue is already on the agenda. Next week, the European Council must show that we can take decisions and act in a difficult and risky geopolitical situation. Expansion [of the EU] is a response to the current situation in the world”, the Ambassador added.Earlier in November, the European Commission recommended the Council to grant Georgia the candidate status.Later that month, the Georgian Government approved an action plan for fulfilling the nine priorities set out by the Commission in its recommendation. Georgia’s capital hosts first edition of Tbilisi VR Days World news Sun, 10 Dec 2023 21:10:00 +0400 Georgia’s capital has been hosting the first edition of the Tbilisi VR Days from Friday till Sunday, showcasing the latest award-winning French films in virtual reality and “travel through different fictional realities by immersive storytelling”, the French Embassy in Georgia said, Azernews reports, citing Agenda.The guests of the event, hosted by the Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi, with the support of a media production company - Film XR, have the opportunity to get acquainted with the new Georgian virtual reality works.Held within the competition ‘Novembre Numerique’ of the French Institute of Georgia, the Tbilisi VR Days offers three programmes in the selection - French interactive experience, French immersive films and Georgian VR films. Chinese Coast Guard uses water cannons against Philippine vessels World news Sun, 10 Dec 2023 20:40:00 +0400 The Chinese Coast Guard has again used water cannons against Philippine Coast Guard ships in the area of Ayungin Shoal in the South China Sea, Azernews reports, citing TASS.According to it, the incident occurred while the Filipinos were delivering food and exchanging personnel on the ship Sierra Madre. The engine of one of the Philippine ships was seriously damaged.Incidents between the two countries occur regularly in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. In August, for example, a Chinese Coast Guard vessel used water cannons while maneuvering dangerously close to Philippine Coast Guard vessels in the area of Ayungin Shoal. A similar incident occurred on Saturday while Philippines' Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources vessels were sailing to Scarborough Shoal.In 1999, Philippine authorities deliberately placed the World War II-era US landing ship Sierra Madre in the disputed reef area of the South China Sea to monitor China's activities in the region. The ship carries a small contingent of military personnel at all times. China has repeatedly demanded that the ship be removed and has threatened to tow it away on its own. Six people killed by tornadoes in US World news Sun, 10 Dec 2023 20:05:00 +0400 At least six people have died as a result of a tornado that hit the US state of Tennessee on Saturday, Azernews reports, citing TASS.According to the news agency, another 23 people were injured and hospitalized.The local branch of the NBC TV channel also reported that the tornado had led to the collapse of buildings. Several people are still trapped under the rubble, but their number has not yet been determined.According to the monitoring resource, more than 76,000 residents of the state of Tennessee remained without electricity. Turkish archaeologists discover more heads of ancient Greek deities World news Sun, 10 Dec 2023 19:35:00 +0400 Turkish archaeologists have discovered more heads of ancient Greek deities during excavations in Türkiye's western Kutahya province, Azernews reports, citing Anadolu Agency.The statue head of Aphrodite, known as the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology, and the statue head of Dionysus, the deity of wine, were discovered during excavation work in an ancient city in central Türkiye.Modern Türkiye is the site of many ancient Greek and Roman-era settlements.With a history dating back 5,000 years, Aizanoi, situated 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Kutahya city center, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2012.Archaeological excavations are currently underway in Aizanoi, which is located in the Cavdarhisar district of Kutahya province and is home to Anatolia's best-preserved Temple of Zeus.Archaeology professor and excavation team leader Gokhan Coskun told Anadolu that numerous statue pieces were discovered during the excavation."The most exciting development for us this season is uncovering new heads of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, and the deity of wine Dionysus," Coskun said."In the excavation works we have conducted in the region so far, we have unearthed more than 100 statue pieces. Some of the heads found are from statues that are 2-3 meters long," he noted."These statue heads, which we first discovered three years ago, are in very well-preserved condition. During our excavations, so far we have discovered two Aphrodite and three Dionysus statue heads," Coskun said.The excavation season, which began in the ancient city last April, will be completed by the end of this month, Coskun added. President Ilham Aliyev concluded his visit to Serbia [PHOTOS/VIDEO] Politics Sun, 10 Dec 2023 19:00:00 +0400 President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has completed his working visit to the Republic of Serbia.A guard of honor was lined up for the President of Azerbaijan at Niš Constantine the Great Airport.President Ilham Aliyev was seen off by President of Serbia Aleksandar Vu?i?. Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Aleksandar Vu?i? viewed military equipment [PHOTOS/VIDEO] Politics Sun, 10 Dec 2023 18:27:00 +0400 President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vu?i? have viewed military equipment. Fenerbahce beat Besiktas 3-1 in Trendyol Super Lig derby World news Sun, 10 Dec 2023 17:55:00 +0400 Fenerbahce beat Besiktas 3-1 in a Trendyol Super Lig week 15 derby on Saturday, Azernews reports, citing Azertag.Bosnian forward Edin Dzeko's touch assist to Dusan Tadic's in the mouth of the goal brought the lead to the Yellow Canaries in the 10th minute at Tupras Stadium.English midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain equalized on a penalty kick in the 24th minute.Serbian attacker Dusan Tadic brought the lead again to Fenerbahce with a penalty kick in the 63rd minute.Besiktas defender Tayfur Bingol was sent off with a red card but that was changed to a yellow after a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) re-evaluation, in the 75th minute.Fenerbahce were awarded another penalty with a VAR decision but Besiktas goalie saved Tadic's spot kick in the 92nd minute.Polish midfielder Sebastian Szymanski's left-footed screamer made it 3-1 for the visitors in the 96th minute.Fenerbahce took the top spot in the league standings with 40 points, while Galatasaray are just behind with a goal difference. Besiktas is in the fourth spot with 26 points. President Ilham Aliyev held one-on-one and expanded meetings with Serbian President Aleksandar ... Politics Sun, 10 Dec 2023 17:13:00 +0400 President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has held a one-on-one meeting with President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vu?i? in the Serbian city of Niš.The presidents lauded the successful development of friendship and strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Serbia across various areas, and expressed confidence that bilateral cooperation would continue to strengthen.Stressing the importance of the inauguration of the Serbia-Bulgaria Gas Interconnector, the sides hailed Azerbaijan`s contribution to European gas supply.President Ilham Aliyev invited the President of Serbia to pay a visit to Azerbaijan. The invitation was gratefully accepted.During the conversation, they exchanged views on the prospects for cooperation.x x xPresident Ilham Aliyev then held an expanded meeting over lunch with President Aleksandar Vu?i?. Cultural capital title of Turkic world transferred from Azerbaijan's Shusha to Turkmenistan Society Sun, 10 Dec 2023 16:53:00 +0400 At the official closing ceremony of the year "Shusha - Cultural Capital of the Turkic World - 2023" in Shusha, jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and the International Turkic Culture Organization (TURKSOY), the title of the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World for 2024 was transferred from Shusha to the Turkmen city of Anau, Azernews reports.Azerbaijani Culture Minister Adil Karimli presented Turkmen Culture Minister Atageldi Shamyradov with a symbol of chairmanship of the Permanent Council of Ministers of Culture of the Turkic World.Upon decision of the Permanent Council of TURKSOY which came together in an extraordinary meeting held on March 31st, 2022 in Bursa, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2022 the city of Shusha in Azerbaijan was declared Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2023. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev held one-on-one meeting with President of Bulgaria Rumen ... Politics Sun, 10 Dec 2023 16:33:00 +0400 President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has held a one-on-one meeting with President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev in the Serbian city of Niš.They commended the development of friendship and strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Bulgaria in various areas.Emphasizing the importance of the inauguration of the Serbia-Bulgaria Gas Interconnector, the presidents congratulated each other on this occasion.Touching upon the significance of the Solidarity Ring initiative, the heads of state reiterated the project`s crucial role in expanding energy cooperation between Azerbaijan and the European Union and Azerbaijan`s contributing to gas supply to Europe.President Ilham Aliyev invited the President of Bulgaria to pay a visit to Azerbaijan. The invitation was gratefully accepted. Serbia may triple supply of Azerbaijani gas from 2037 - minister Business Sun, 10 Dec 2023 16:05:00 +0400 Serbia may triple supply of gas from Azerbaijan from 2037, Azernews reports, Serbian Minister of Mines and Energy Dubravka Djedovi? Handanovi? telling in an interview.She made the remark on this sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of the Serbia-Bulgaria Gas Interconnector."For the time being, we want to operate this pipeline at its full capacity. In the future, if there is a need, we can expand it to 3.2 bcm. This would almost completely satisfy Serbia’s needs, reaching nearly 100 percent. Azerbaijan is currently our primary source for this pipeline, and we have signed a contract for the supply of 400 million cubic meters of gas until 2036. Starting from 2037, this supply could nearly triple," she said.According to the minister, the Serbia-Bulgaria Gas Interconnector launch is important for the continuation of good relations between Azerbaijan and Serbia."We will be able to bring much more gas to our homes and factories. Thanks to the additional supply from Azerbaijan, we will be able to enhance gas connectivity in this part of our country. This will further deepen our bilateral strategic relations in the energy sector. Due to the excellent relations between our Presidents, Serbia will solidify its position on the map as a key gas transit country," Dubravka Djedovi? Handanovi? added. Serbia-Bulgaria Gas Interconnector launch ceremony takes place Politics Sun, 10 Dec 2023 15:40:00 +0400 A ceremony was held in Niš, Serbia to launch the Serbia-Bulgaria Gas Interconnector, which will provide access to Azerbaijani natural gas, Azernews reports.The project of building the gas interconnector Niš– Dimitrovgrad – Bulgaria is financed partly through EU grants, in the amount of 49.6 million euros, as well as 25 million euros of a favourable loan from the European Investment Bank that Serbia will pay for the part of the gas pipeline passing through Serbia. The Republic of Serbia has allocated 15 million euros and 7.5 million euros for preparatory work and the design.Gas supply is important for citizens and economy. Gas secures partly the heating for homes as well as functioning of numerous industries. Currently, gas is responsible for 13 percent of Serbia’s primary energy consumption and Serbia can receive it only from two entry points – through the Balkan Stream pipeline and from Hungary. The gas interconnector, connecting gas networks of Serbia and Bulgaria, will boost the diversification of energy sources in Serbia and the Western Balkan region, allowing Serbia more secure and stable supply from different gas network systems, notably from Azerbaijan and to the future LNG Alexandroupoli terminal in Greece that can receive gas from all over the world.The new gas interconnector will connect the existing Serbian network in Niš with the Bulgarian network in the capital Sofia, stretching for 109 km on the Serbian side. With the pipe diameter of 700 mm and maximum pressure of 55 bar, its capacity will allow for the transfer of 1.8 billion cubic metres of natural gas annually, equivalent to 60 percent of Serbia’s total annual consumption.Besides Niš, the pipeline will also include 3 other gas metering and regulation stations in Bela Palanka, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad, allowing thus for these three cities and regions of Serbia – their citizens, schools, hospitals, businesses, to have access to gas supply, for heating and industrial production. Construction work started in January 2022. President: Supporting Azerbaijan's COP29 candidacy by member states of Eastern European Group ... Politics Sun, 10 Dec 2023 15:20:00 +0400 “A few days ago, we witnessed another manifestation of friendship. Both Serbia and Bulgaria, along with other member states of the Eastern European Group, supported Azerbaijan's candidacy, enabled the country to host the COP29 conference in Baku, demonstrating their solidarity,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the inauguration ceremony of the Serbia-Bulgaria Gas Interconnector.The head of state noted: “This is once again a testament to our friendship, and at the same time, it shows that although Azerbaijan has rich oil and gas resources, we envision our future in the production and export of clean green energy. I am confident that the day will come when a similar ceremony will be held to mark the launch of green energy projects.” Azerbaijan's gas export to Europe to reach approximately 12 bcm - President Aliyev Politics Sun, 10 Dec 2023 15:00:00 +0400 "Our gas export to Europe was slightly more than 8 billion cubic meters in 2021. This year, it will reach about 12 billion cubic meters," said President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the inauguration ceremony of the Serbia-Bulgaria Gas Interconnector.Highlighting that this accounts for 50 percent of Azerbaijan's total gas export, the head of state expressed the ambition for the volume of gas sent to Europe to double by 2027."We are confidently moving towards this goal," the President added. Founding conference of Union of Cultural Capitals of Turkic World gets underway in Shusha Society Sun, 10 Dec 2023 14:20:00 +0400 The founding conference of the Union of Cultural Capitals of the Turkic World has kicked off in the city of Shusha, Azernews reportsThe event was attended by officials of the cities of Eski?ehir (Türkiye), Sheki (Azerbaijan), Turkistan (Kazakhstan), Kastamonu (Türkiye), Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Bursa (Türkiye), Shusha (Azerbaijan) and Anau (Turkmenistan).