13 June 2006 [14:04]

Justice Ministry delegation visited Strasbourg

Delegation of the Justice Ministry of Azerbaijan led by chief of department Azer Jafarov has been visiting Strasbourg to take part at 7th sitting of Azerbaijan-CoE working group on independence, election, appointment and assessment of the work of judges in the country.
13 June 2006 [13:00]

Guantanamo Bay prisoner Polad Sirajov will be set free

Treatment of Azerbaijani resident Polad Sirajov will be completed in early next week, who has been transferred to one of the rehabilitation centers of Guantanamo prisons. Polad Sirajov is expected to be released at the end of the next week.
13 June 2006 [12:45]

Earthquake observed in Azerbaijan

Earthquake happened in north- west of Azerbaijan at a distance of 75 km at 21.21.
13 June 2006 [09:43]

Azerbaijani population to constitute 3.5% of post-Soviet populations by 2025

The population of the former USSR territory will decrease 13 million in number in near 20 years.
13 June 2006 [09:41]

Culture and Tourism Ministry to make public summer resorts

"The Culture and Tourism Ministry officials have analyzed the situation in all of the tourism zones in the republic and notified me about that. The notification contains both positive nuances and serious shortfalls," Minister Abulfas Garayev told journalists.
13 June 2006 [09:31]

Salaries of several music groups employees to be increased

Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev today issued an executive order on increasing salaries of workers of several state-financed music groups.
13 June 2006 [09:27]

Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry: "Armenians are cutting forests at occupied territories"

Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry has found out after investigations that Armenians are purposely cutting and burning forests in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.
13 June 2006 [08:18]

Aflatun Amashov participated in World Press Council Association meeting

World Press Council Association yearly meeting held in Turkey, Azerbaijan Press Council chairman Aflatun Amashov participated in the meeting.
12 June 2006 [16:23]

Misir Mardanov: "Court will make final decision on Independent Azerbaijan University"

"Court will make final decision on the private Independent Azerbaijan University," Education Minister Misir Mardanov told journalists.
12 June 2006 [15:02]

Conference on traditonal medicine held in Azerbaijan

Today 1st international conference "Traditional Medicine and Material Medica in Medival Manuscripts" organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Washington Academy of Sciences, has started in Baku.
12 June 2006 [13:17]

Mass action of prisoners delayed

Though 109 prisoners imprisoned for life time sentence informed on their starting hunger strike from today this action has been delayed.
12 June 2006 [12:24]

Fire at occupied territories reduce 20 hectares to ash

Armenians began torching one more Azerbaijan's occupied region Khojavend.
12 June 2006 [08:44]

Next round of Icheri Sheher electrification project

The next round of project on electrification of Icheri Sheher (Inner City) monuments implemented by Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (AUAC) and Minnesota University, USA, has started.
12 June 2006 [08:37]

US diplomats visited students on hunger-strike

US Embassy officials visited Independent Azerbaijan University (IAU) students on hunger-strike.
11 June 2006 [18:59]

National volleyball team to leave for Minsk

Azerbaijan's national volleyball team will leave on June 14 for Belarussian capital of Minsk to attend the second round of the European championship's qualifying games.
11 June 2006 [12:37]

Azeri official to attend 17th International Summer School on human rights

Representative of the Azerbaijan Ombudsman office Aydin Safikhanli will attend the 17th International Summer School on Human Rights, which will be held in Warsaw-Miedzeszyn, Poland, between 24 June and 1 July 2006.
11 June 2006 [12:19]

Repair works continue on Mugan-Garasu railway line

Works on the results of the railway accident, happened on Mugan-Garasu railway line on June 5, finished.
10 June 2006 [08:48]

Supreme Justice School will be established

After discussions held in Justice Ministry it was decided to establish Supreme Justice School to serve more than 10 mln personnel working in court-right field.
09 June 2006 [22:19]

Georgian court finished proceedings against 16 Azerbaijani residents

Georgia's Tetsikharo district court finished the court proceedings against sixteen Azerbaijani local residents of Damya Gorarkhi village of Marneuli region.
09 June 2006 [15:59]

Sheikulislam Haji Allahshukur Pashazadeh addresses to press

Head of the Caucasian Muslims Office (OCM), Sheikulislam Haji Allahshukur Pashazadeh addressed to Azerbaijani press.
09 June 2006 [14:55]

Tuberculosis found among IAU students on hunger strike

The students of the Independent Azerbaijan University (IAU), who have been going on hunger strike for several days protesting against the Education Ministry's decision, began to felt worse this morning.
09 June 2006 [14:47]

President receives famous Russian ophthalmologists

On June 9, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received at the Presidential Palace Arkadiy Nesterov and Alevtina Brovkina, the famous Russian ophthalmologists, full members of the Russian Medical Academy.
09 June 2006 [14:02]

National flags sold in Azerbaijan do not meet standards

National flags of Azerbaijan sold in commerce sector do not meet required standards. The fact was discovered by Standardizing Metrology and Patent Agency raids in stores.
09 June 2006 [13:44]

President of ANAS meets Ukranian professor

President of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Mahmud Kerimov met with Professor Vladimir Larin, head of department at the Institute of Mechanics after Timoshenko of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to discuss implementation of joint projects on information technologies funded by International Association for the promotion of cooperation with scientists from the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union, INTAS.
09 June 2006 [09:42]

Azerbaijan President signed order on conscription from June 1 to 20

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev has signed order on conscription from June 1 to 20, and termed military service military servicemen releasing to reserve.
09 June 2006 [08:41]

1.981.895 sq. meters of Azerbaijan's territories cleared from mines and UXO last month

1.981.895 sq. meters of Azerbaijan's territories were cleared from mines and unexploded ordnances (UXO) last month. 1,400 UXO and mines were disarmed in this period.
09 June 2006 [08:03]

Azerbaijan's Border Service and Russian Regional Border Office to sign joint action plan

The delegation from Azerbaijani State Border Service (SBS) headed by headquarters chief Inayet Khalilov is visiting Rostov, Russia.
08 June 2006 [22:35]

Independent Azerbaijan University students to sue Education Ministry

The private Independent Azerbaijan University (IAU) students going on hunger strike held a press conference today.
08 June 2006 [14:05]

Zemfira Meftaheddinova to compete for Olympic Qualification

World skeet shooting Cup kicked off in the German city of Suhl.
08 June 2006 [09:45]

Ten Azerbaijani journalists detained in Iran

The list of Azerbaijani journalists in Iran, arrested for unbiased covering of the recent demonstrations, has been made public.
08 June 2006 [09:17]

100th jubilee of "Molla Nasraddin" magazine marked in Ganja

The 100th jubilee of satirical magazine "Molla Nasraddin" was marked in the reading hall of Ganja central library.
08 June 2006 [08:22]

Right defenders accuse each other of taking bribes

"Right defenders of Azerbaijan accuse each other of taking bribe from prisoners to appeal Pardon Commission."
08 June 2006 [08:09]

Protocol on Azerbaijani and Turkey Diasporas' activity signed

Yesterday in Anatalia city of Turkey with participation of Azerbaijani and Turkey Diaspora organizations conference held on formation of joint Diaspora organizations strategy.
08 June 2006 [08:06]

President decrees on conducting of population census in 2009

President Ilham Aliyev issued a decree on conducting population census in 2009.
07 June 2006 [15:52]

Georgian Public TV broadcasts news program interpreted into Azerbaijani

Georgian Public TV channel 1 broadcasts news program simultaneously interpreted into Azerbaijani.
07 June 2006 [14:52]

Training for law–enforcement bodies held

The USA Defense Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Customs and Borders Defense Agency from June 5 to 9 will hold training to about 100 representatives of Azerbaijan Ministry for Emergencies, Republican Prosecutor's Office, Defense Ministry and other law-enforcement bodies.
07 June 2006 [14:15]

Azerbaijani boxers attend International Tournament in Minsk

Azerbaijan's national boxing team is participating in the international tournament in Minsk.
07 June 2006 [14:11]

Azeri bodybuilders win Transcaucasian Cup

Bodybuilders from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia competed in the Transcaucasia Cup tournament in Georgian capital of Tbilisi.
07 June 2006 [13:10]

Students holding hunger strike to leave the building

Independent Azerbaijan University (IAU) leadership ordered students holding hunger strike to leave the building today in the morning, IV year's student of the faculty of History of Independent Azerbaijan University, Elnur Mammadov stated.
07 June 2006 [12:22]

OIC tourism ministers' preparation meeting will be held June 4-6

Islamic Conference Organization member countries tourism ministers V conference preparation meeting will be held on June 4-6 in Baku.
07 June 2006 [08:59]

Special commissions for addressed social aids to start activity July 1

Special commissions to render addressed social aids established in local centers of the Ministry of Labor and Population's Social Protection (MLPSP) will start their activities July 1.
07 June 2006 [08:22]

State Border Service detained 44 wanted last month

Azerbaijan's State Border Service (SBS) detained 44 wanted last month.
07 June 2006 [08:19]

South Azerbaijan Information Office established in Azerbaijan

South Azerbaijan Information Office established in Baku, World Azerbaijanis Congress Managing staff member Sirus Azadi informs.
07 June 2006 [08:02]

Renaissance Assoc. Company of Azerbaijan spent 140.000 dollars to lobby in the US

General income of the US lobbyists reached 2 billion dollars.
07 June 2006 [07:54]

Baku-Georgia Goods train crash polluted 1,5 hectare area

1,5 hectare area has been polluted as a result of crash of goods train #2646 from Baku to Georgia in Hajigabul region Muganli station, Ministry of Ecology and Natural resources informs.
07 June 2006 [07:43]

US and Azerbaijan to conduct counter-proliferation training

The United States Department of Defense, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency is conducting a crisis response exercise from June 5 to 9 for about 100 representatives from the Azerbaijani Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Defense, and other law enforcement agencies.
06 June 2006 [22:50]

Conference on establishing national associations of local authorities

A conference on establishing Azerbaijan National Association of City Local Authorities, of District Local Authorities and of Village Local Authorities was held in Baku on Tuesday.
06 June 2006 [21:13]

Washington Institute for Near East Policy : "Iranian Azeris: A Giant Minority"

Recently in Iran, tens of thousands of Iranian Azeris took to the streets for several days of demonstrations touched off by the May 12 publication of a racist cartoon in the state-run Iran newspaper.
06 June 2006 [20:59]

Shahriyar Mammadyarov: "Federation officials are to blame for Azerbaijani chess team’s failure in the Olympiad"

"If the Azerbaijan's Chess Federation had been interested in our national team's success in the Olympiad, it would have sent an optimal staff to Turin. However, focusing on their own interests, the Federation officials did not do it and led our team to failure. I regret for that," said Shahriyar Mammadyarov, one of the two top chess-players of Azerbaijan.
06 June 2006 [16:00]

Armenian senator of Kalmykia imprisoned for bribe

Federal Security Service imprisoned Armenian senator of Kalmykia Levon Chakmakyan while taking bribe 300.000 dollars, as a result of operation implemented in Transaero air company, General Prosecutor's Office of Russia informed.
06 June 2006 [15:14]

Conference of local authorities' associations took place

Conference on Azerbaijan National Association of City Local Authorities, of District Local Authorities and of Village Local Authorities was held in Baku today.
06 June 2006 [13:12]

Hot weather is forecasted to reach 40 degrees

Hot weather condition will last in June in the territory of Azerbaijan; even the temperature will reach 40 degrees.
06 June 2006 [12:27]

Education Ministry satisfies some demands of protesting students

Azerbaijan's Education Ministry satisfied the demands of protesting students of the Independent Azerbaijan University.
06 June 2006 [09:11]

President Aliyev addressed World Azerbaijanis Intellectuals Congress Forum participants

World Azerbaijanis Intellectuals Congress Forum has launched its work in Antalia, Turkey.
06 June 2006 [08:56]

Azeri Health Minister selected VP WHO Executive Committee

Health Minister of Azerbaijan Ogtay Shiraliyev by the proposal of European bureau, Luxembourg and Portugal representatives and unanimous voice of WHO Executive Committee representatives, was selected as vise-president of Executive Committee.
05 June 2006 [21:18]

Iranian Embassy issued statement on caricatures

Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Azerbaijan has issued statement on printing caricatures of Imam Khomeini, Ayatollah Khamnei, ex and present presidents' caricatures in Azeri press.
05 June 2006 [18:14]

Baku-Georgia train crashed in Hajigabul, 15 tank-wagon overturned, driver injured

On Monday morning Baku-Georgia train #2646 has crashed in Hajigabul, 15 tank-wagons overturned, and driver injured.
05 June 2006 [18:09]

Azeri killed after lowering himself by rope into lion's cage

A 45-year-old man was killed by a lion in the Kiev zoo after he lowered himself by rope into the lion's cage, local police reported Monday.
05 June 2006 [16:26]

Independent Azerbaijan University students held press conference

Independent Azerbaijan University (IAU) students, who have been holding protest action for 5 days, today conducted press conference.
05 June 2006 [13:10]

109 prisoners of Gobustan detention place start hunger strike

109 life sentenced prisoner of Gobustan detention place have applied to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.
05 June 2006 [08:19]

Sheyda Odabasi: "Plan of measures on tourism prepared"

Turkey Culture and Tourism Ministry representative dr.Sheyda Odabasi has paid a visit to Ganja.
05 June 2006 [07:57]

Action brought against "New Fact" and "Gun" papers

The Baku Prosecutor's Office has launched criminal case against newspapers "New Fact" and "Gun" over the charges of abusing powers, provoking national, religious conflict under articles 308.1 and 283.1 of Criminal Code.
04 June 2006 [17:33]

Workshop on health care development held in Bishkek

World Health Organization, World Bank, European Bank and Health Care Development Center of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan initiated the Flagship workshop in Bishkek on health care development in CIS member-countries.
04 June 2006 [17:31]

Azerbaijan takes part in a festival of religious music

As world musicians tuned up in the ancient Moroccan town of Fez for a festival of religious music, political figures and thinkers debated ways to bring spiritual harmony to a globalised world.
03 June 2006 [22:47]

Azerbaijan Republic's Day celebration in California

On May 31, 2006, the Azerbaijani American Council of California (AACC) joined the official reception organized in Los Angeles, celebrating the 88th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Republic's Day. The reception was hosted at Beverly Hills Country Club by the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles.
03 June 2006 [15:02]

Education Minister meets with WB official

Minister of Education Misir Mardanov met with James Stevens, team leader of World Bank's Education Sector Development Project (ESDP.
03 June 2006 [13:51]

Students continue a hunger strike

More than 60 students of the Independent Azerbaijan University (IAU) keep on going on hunger strike protesting against the Education Ministry's decision to close the private university.
03 June 2006 [10:02]

"RUH" announces monitoring of press in May

"The situation on freedom of expression and press in Azerbaijan was not so pleasant last month, the requirements of the law on getting information were not complied with," "RUH" Committee for Journalist Defense states.
03 June 2006 [09:43]

Huseyn Bagirov: "Bird flue might be back"

Though wild birds are not found to die of Bird flue lately, but Bird flu pandemic spread has not liquidated yet.
03 June 2006 [09:33]

Counterpart International assisted 50 IDP families

Counterpart International in honor of Child Protection Day - June 1, rendered humanitarian distribution of hygiene kits to 50 internally-displaced families settled in Surakhani district.
03 June 2006 [09:26]

Religious Summit to be held

Religious figures Summit will be held July 2-5 in Moscow.
03 June 2006 [09:17]

People's artist Mobil Ahmadov passed away

People's artist Mobil Ahmadov died in his 75 after long lasting disease.
02 June 2006 [22:38]

State Social Protection Fund owes nothing to pensioners

State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) pays nothing to pensioners who were awarded supplementary payments.
02 June 2006 [22:26]

Independent Azerbaijan University students go on hunger strike

Group of students from the private Independent Azerbaijan University (IAU) are going on hunger strike protesting against the Education Ministry's decision to close the University.