21 January 2006 [19:56]

One more member of Haji Magomedov’s criminal gang arrested

One more member of organized criminal gang led by Haji Magomedov, who committed a number of grave crimes in Zagatala-Balaken region in 2000-2002, was arrested and taken to Zagatala.
21 January 2006 [19:49]

The second report of Azerbaijan on "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child" reviewed in Geneva

The second periodic report of Azerbaijani government on "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child" was reviewed in framework of 41st session of UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.
21 January 2006 [16:14]

Azeri diaspora the US calls on world community to commemorate 20 January tragedy

Azerbaijanis living in the United States on the anniversary of Bloody January called on the international community to commemorate this tragedy.
21 January 2006 [16:05]

Ogtay Shiraliyev to attend WHO session

Health Minister will participate in the work of WHO session in Geneva
21 January 2006 [15:57]

State Committee on Statistics wants to prove wrong UNICEF estimations

The State Committee on Statistics with the assistance of the American NGO "Macro" will set in mid-2006 to conducting researches of the demographic social statistics in Azerbaijan.
21 January 2006 [14:31]

WFP to allocate $ 21 million to Azerbaijan

The UNO World Food Program (WFP) will allocate $ 21 million to Azerbaijan.
21 January 2006 [14:29]

Caunas to play against Neftchi FC in final of Commonwealth Cup

Lithuanian Caunas became a rival of Azerbaijnai Neftchi in the final match of the Commonwealth Cup in Moscow.
21 January 2006 [14:09]

Freezing winter without electricity - UPDATED

According to Baku residents the problems with eletricity supplies started on January 21.
21 January 2006 [13:47]

UN bars Pakistan rape victim interview

The United Nations, under pressure from Pakistani diplomats, barred an interview with a rape victim from Pakistan while the country's prime minister was at U.N. headquarters, her sponsors said on Friday.
21 January 2006 [13:36]

Rescuers keep up search for two W.Virginia miners

Rescue teams kept up the search on Friday night for two miners missing for about 30 hours after a fire broke out at a mine in West Virginia, where an accident at another mine three weeks ago killed 12 people.
21 January 2006 [13:20]

James Bond car sold for over $2m

An Aston Martin car driven by James Bond in Goldfinger and Thunderball has been sold in auction for more than $2m.
21 January 2006 [13:02]

Representatives of Hungarian media to visit Azerbaijan

Representatives of the Hungarian mass media will visit Azerbaijan shortly.
21 January 2006 [12:40]

Deadline passes for US reporter held in Iraq

In Iraq, a deadline set by the kidnappers of American journalist Jill Carroll has passed with no word on her fate.
21 January 2006 [05:17]

Garib Mammadov: "Some municipalities illegally make arrangements on lands of state's disposal"

The Head of the State Land and Cartography Commitee Garib Mammadov made statements on municipalities' activity and not demarked area in the borderland with Georgia.
21 January 2006 [05:00]

Aghaselim Mirjavadov: "Armenians refused to play because of fear of defeat"

"This is one of regular trickeries of Armenians. We did not want to decline the match."
21 January 2006 [04:36]

Courts of Appeal to be established in the regions by the end of the year

Deputy Chief of the Supreme Court Ingilab Nasirov stated that consultations on forming the structure of courts and other technical issues were conducted in the Court-Law Council at present.
21 January 2006 [04:23]

Conference on "Historical assessment of the January 20, 1990 events in Azerbaijan" held in the US

Azerbaijan Trade and Culture Center in the US organized a conference called "Historical assessment of the January 20, 1990 events in Azerbaijan" today.
21 January 2006 [04:02]

Sabayel district municipality brings 5 newspapers to court

Municipality of Sabayel district brought the newspapers "New Azerbaijan municipality", "Alternative", "Press Post", "Euro Times" and "Daily Azerbaijan" to court.
21 January 2006 [03:49]

Elchin Guliyev: "Smuggling and illegal migration dominated among border violations last year"

State border regime was breached in all directions last year. Violations of the borders were mainly fixed at the border of Georgia with Iran.
21 January 2006 [03:41]

One mentally sick died, 12 injured in the fire happened in Asylum #2

There were 153 mentally sick people in the asylum while the fire happened, 12 of them burned in different level.
21 January 2006 [00:37]

Rules on air passenger compensation and assistance validated

The European Union's top court has upheld new requirements for airlines flying into or out of the EU to compensate air passengers who suffer from delays or cancelled flights, or overbooking - with food, lodging, and, in some cases, cash.
21 January 2006 [00:33]

Pluto-bound probe is on its way

It is boldly going where no spacecraft has gone before!
21 January 2006 [00:30]

Arctic weather kills more in Russia

It has been described as Russia's coldest winter in a generation and it is continuing to take a heavy toll.
21 January 2006 [00:20]

Slovak military plane crashes in Hungary, killing 16: ministry

A Slovak military plane with 45 people on board crashed in northeastern Hungary, killing at least 16 people, interior ministry spokesman Tibor Dobson told, revising down a previous toll of 44.
20 January 2006 [17:26]

CIS Council of customs heads due in Baku in 2007

The arrangement of control places, the improvement of the legal base on security standards and global computerization were attributed as the urgent tasks for the CIS customs services at the 42nd meeting of the CIS Council of Customs Heads held in Strelne under St.-Petersburg, Russia, on Friday.
20 January 2006 [16:47]

President pardons 95

President Ilham Aliyev on Thursday pardoned 95 prisoners.
20 January 2006 [16:42]

President Aliyev pays tribute at Alley of Martyrs

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliev paid a tribute at the Cemetery of Martyrs in Baku on January 20.
20 January 2006 [16:36]

Azerbaijan mourns Black January Martyrs

On January 20, people of Azerbaijan commemorate a tragedy, which became a turning point in the nation's struggle for independence from the former Soviet Union and one of the most tragic events in its recent history.
20 January 2006 [03:46]

The students on hunger strike restored

The case of two students, former 4th-year student of History faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (ASPU) Namig Feyziyev and former 4th-year student of faculty of International Relations of Baku State University (BSU) Turan Aliyev, reported of being expelled from the universities for political conviction, was reviewed today.
20 January 2006 [03:06]

Head of State Commission on Student Admission Maleyka Abbaszade to visit US

Delegation led by the head of State Commission on Student Admission Maleyka Abbaszade will be on visit to US from February 6 till February 17.
20 January 2006 [02:45]

Report of Azerbaijani government concerning "Convention on the Children's Rights" heard in Geneva today

Azerbaijani Delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov participates in the 41st session of the UN Committee on the Children's Rights started on January 9 in Geneva.
20 January 2006 [02:03]

Seventh round of monitoring held by Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources ended, Bird flu virus not found

Seventh round of monitoring conducted by Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources aimed at preventing spread of Bird flu in Azerbaijan has completed.
20 January 2006 [01:44]

Heavy fire happened in asylum in Suleyman Rustam Street, some injured

A heavy fire happened in an asylum located in Suleyman Rustam Street 40 at about 20:15 yesterday.
20 January 2006 [00:56]

Caspian Sea level to raise up to 1 meter

Specialists of hydrometeorology center of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources prepared atlas of flooding of littoral zones of Azerbaijan on scale 1: 25000.
20 January 2006 [00:11]

US bird flu team to travel to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

A US team of experts, currently investigating the deadly bird flu outbreak in Turkey, will also travel to neighboring Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, a US embassy spokesman said here on Thursday.
19 January 2006 [23:00]

Neftchi FC probably to reach final of "Commonwealth Cup" without struggle

RFU's official reaction to failure of match Neftchi-Pyunik
19 January 2006 [14:49]

Azerbaijan society of America commemorates “Black January” and remembers the heroes who gave their lives for Azerbaijan’s independence

The People of Azerbaijan mark the 16th anniversary of one of the most tragic events of modern history of Azerbaijan - the "Black January".
19 January 2006 [14:25]

Azeri Omb meets Marco Borsotti

Cooperation with the UN receives high estimation.
19 January 2006 [14:21]

Armenian champion refuses to play with Neftchi FC

Pyunik can be punished by the Commonwealth Cup Organizing Committee.
19 January 2006 [14:13]

ABU to clash with Romanian Tomis

According to the draw of the European Challenge Cup women’s handball tournament, in 1/8 final Azerbaijani "ABU" club will clash with Romanian "Tomis", Constantza, spokesman of the Azerbaijan Handball Federation announced.
19 January 2006 [13:39]

Azeri wanted through Interpol arrested in Japan

"Murad Aliyev, the resident of the Archivan village, the Astara region, who was wanted through Interpol, was arrested in Japan," Madat Guliyev, the head of the National Center of the organization.
19 January 2006 [05:16]

Snow-storm is expected in Apsheron peninsula on January 21

"It will stop snowing at the noontime tomorrow", - Umayra Taghiyeva, head of the Hydrological Forecasts Bureau of National Hydrometeorology Department, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources told.
19 January 2006 [05:11]

Ministry of Economic Development monitors fulfillment of prohibitions fixed by Veterinary Service in connection with Bird flu danger

The Antimonopoly Policy Department of the Ministry of Economic Development began monitoring fulfillment of prohibitions fixed by the State Veterinary Service in connection with Bird flu danger in poultry and fowl sale stations.
19 January 2006 [04:32]

Level of Kur is falling from today

Level of the Kur has fallen by 5 cm in the territory of Sabirabad as the volume of water flowing from Mingechevir Water Reservoir was diminished.
19 January 2006 [04:26]

Serious changes to be made to the bill "On education"

Newly formed commission members of Milli Majlis (MM) will renew the bill "On education".
19 January 2006 [03:43]

Measure dedicated to January 20 to be held in Azerbaijani embassy in Moscow

Measure dedicated to January 20 will be held in Azerbaijani embassy in Moscow on January 20.
19 January 2006 [03:30]

Baku Mayor's office appealed to residents

Some problems appeared due to first snow in Baku. Baku Mayor's Office has appealed to the residents with regard to it.
19 January 2006 [03:13]

Special hospital set up in Baku to treat those supposed to be infected with Bird flu

Selling of fowl and feathers has been banned in Agdam region.
19 January 2006 [02:55]

Deputy Commander who killed and wounded soldiers of Military Unit "N" in 1992 sentenced to 11 years in jail

Today trial of platoon deputy commander Chingiz Ismayilov was completed in the Military Court on Grave Crimes.
19 January 2006 [02:43]

Officers serving in Defense Ministry system will be attested

The attestation of the officers working in the system of Defense Ministry (DM) will begin in early February.
19 January 2006 [02:24]

Meeting dedicated to fighting Bird flu held in Khanlar Executive Power

A meeting on conducting of prophylactic and anti-epidemic measures against Bird flu was held in Khanlar Execution Power.
18 January 2006 [21:28]

Ali Hasanov: "We want the same treatment for Armenians who killed ten thousands of innocent Azeris"

Preconceived opinions about Ramil Safarov, convicted of killing Armenian officer observed in several media organs manipulated by special services of foreign nations.
18 January 2006 [21:18]

Students expelled from high schools stop hunger strike action

The opposition students expelled from High Schools stopped their hunger strike action on the 21 day of the strike.
18 January 2006 [20:30]

On January 20 Neftchi FC to play against Armenian Pyunik

Azeri club in the semifinal of Commonwealth Cup in Moscow will face Pyunik, Armenian champ.
18 January 2006 [17:37]

The head of League of Children's Rights Protection: "Foreigners can buy children for $25-28 thousand in Azerbaijan"

On the 19th of January the Government of Azerbaijan will report to UN about the rights of children in our country.
18 January 2006 [17:05]

International seminar on use of IT in librarianship commences in Baku

The M.F.Akhundov Azerbaijan National Library hosted the international seminar on the subject Application of Informational Technologies in Librarianship, and Automation co-organized by the UNESCO National Commission on Azerbaijan and the country’s Ministry of Culture.
18 January 2006 [16:59]

Azerbaijani fishing boat which got aground is owned by private company

The Azerbaijan vessel PTS-201, which got aground in the area of the Urdyuk cape, 25 km away from Bautino settlement, is owned by the private company, therefore, the Caspian Shipping Company (CSC) is not responsible for the incident.
18 January 2006 [15:17]

Bus with Azerbaijani pilgrims got in road accident on territory of Syria

The bus with the Azerbaijani pilgrims got into the road accident tonight on the territory of Syria.
18 January 2006 [14:10]

Large educational building in Ankara named after Heydar Aliyev

The educational complex consisting of three buildings and covering the area of 10,300 square meters located in Ankara’s Batikend district was named after the Azerbaijan leader Heydar Aliyev.
18 January 2006 [04:40]

Azerbaijani Diasporas in foreign countries to commemorate the anniversary of the 20 January tragedy

Azerbaijani Diasporas in foreign countries will commemorate the 16th anniversary of the 20 January tragedy by different ceremonies.
18 January 2006 [04:23]

Our compatriots living in Marneuli rally to region center

Azerbaijani residents of Damya Gorarkhi village of Marneuli region of Georgia who are dissatisfied with land ownership have rallied to the center of region today.
18 January 2006 [04:09]

Irada Ashumova wins 1 golden and 1 silver medal in Luxembourg

Bronze medallist in pneumatic pistol shooting in the Olympic Games in Athens Irada Ashumova succeeded in the first competition she contested in 2006. Our shooter won a silver medal in the first day of the international tournament in Luxembourg.
18 January 2006 [03:55]

Environmental hygiene mission of World Health Organization to visit Azerbaijan

The environmental hygiene mission of the World Health Organization (WHO) will pay a visit to Azerbaijan in February.
18 January 2006 [03:45]

Construction of 17 kilometers of road completed in territory of Tovuz

Construction of 17 kilometers of the road has already been completed in the territory of Tovuz in the framework of the project of reconstruction of the Baku-Georgia border highway. Construction of rest 9 kilometers will be completed late in this year.
18 January 2006 [03:38]

Our 90 military men return to the home country ending their military services in Iraq

90 Azerbaijani military men having served in the Peacekeeping Forces in Iraq and ended their military services returned to Azerbaijan last night.
18 January 2006 [03:33]

About 1000 residents of Tovuz march to the region center

About 1000 residents of Khatinli, Chilovdaghli, Garakhanli and Gadirli villages of Tovuz marched towards the region center due to gas and electricity problems.
18 January 2006 [03:20]

261 thousand hectares of our forests occupied by Armenia

48,8% or 592 thousand hectares of forests of our country are in the territory of Great Caucasus, 14,5% or 176 thousand hectares of Small Caucasus, 2,5% or 30 thousand hectares of Kur-Araz lowland, and 0,5% or 6 thousand hectares of the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan.
18 January 2006 [02:59]

Repair of "Mushfig" substation to complete in 2007

The 220 kilovolt "Mushfig" substation supplying a big part of the capital of the republic with electric energy and to be repaired at the expense of funds of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will be completely commissioned in 2007.
18 January 2006 [02:32]

Meeting held in Ganja Executive Power in connection with preventive measures against Bird flu pandemic

A meeting was held on the initiative of head of Ganja Executive Power Eldar Azizov in connection with prophylactic and anti-epidemic measures against Bird flu pandemic.
18 January 2006 [02:23]

Appeal to be made due to the decision on elongating arrest measure on Akif Muradverdiyev for 4 more months

Appeal will be made on the decision of Nasimi district court for elongating arrest measure on Akif Muradverdiyev, ex-director of the administrative department of President’s Office for 4 more months.
18 January 2006 [02:03]

Shamakhi resident trying to rob the apartment of Canadian citizen arrested

Officials of Binagadi Police Department arrested a resident of Shamakhi trying to rob the apartment of Canadian citizen.
17 January 2006 [22:10]

Ministry of Youth calls students to stop hunger strike

Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism in a statement made early today notes that numerous appeals received by the Ministry expressing concern with the "politicization" of the action and "the use of it by opposition media and some human rights activists against Azerbaijan."
17 January 2006 [19:58]

"Commonwealth Cup" - Neftchi FC reaches QF

Azeri champion claimed the first place in Group B.
17 January 2006 [17:38]

"People can buy poultry products of large enterprises without any fear," head of State Veterinary Service

"People can buy poultry products of the large local enterprises without any fear," Ismayil Hasanov, the head of the State Veterinary Service under the Azerbaijani Agriculture Ministry, said to journalists on Tuesday.