12 December 2005 [11:49]

National NGO Forum prepares an annual report on NGOs in Azerbaijan

National NGO Forum sent questionnaire to relevant organizations, Ministries and committees to make an annual report on the activity of NGOs in Azerbaijan.
12 December 2005 [10:18]

Minister of Technologies will personally answer your phone call on December 14

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies released telephone numbers of "Inam" [Trust] telephone line where any citizen may call and express his/her opinion or make a proposal concerning the communication services in Azerbaijan.
10 December 2005 [19:07]

UNDP and HAF will implement joint project that will grant blind people access to information technologies

Yesterday President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva and UNDP resident representative Marco Borsotti signed a project On ensuring access to Information Communication Technologies for the blind and people with weak eyesight" yesterday. Mehriban Aliyeva called this document "the first foundation of the cooperation between the UN and the Heydar Aliyev Foundation".
10 December 2005 [18:09]

Nakhchivan wants to open bus route Baku-Nakhchivan-Baku via Iran

Rashad Gulamov, head of the representation of Nakhchivan AR in Baku informed APA news agency that bilateral talks have been initiated with Iranian authorities on opening Baku-Nakhchivan-Baku bus route via Iran.
10 December 2005 [11:02]

Ramil Safarov's lawyer leaves Baku for Hungary

Lawyer Adil Ismayilov will leave for Budapest on December 11 to attend the trial of lieutenant-general of Azerbaijani Army Ramil Safarov who is on trial for killing Armenian officer Gurgen Markaryan in Hungary.
10 December 2005 [10:40]

Mountanious villages of Lenkeran will soon have motorways leading straight to them

Motorway having total lenght of 38,4 kilometers will be constructed in Bileser, Gergiran and Gunehir villages of Lenkeran district of Azerbaijan.
09 December 2005 [18:54]

Scandal around police major Gasimov makes a new twist

Today Khoshgadam Hamidova who allegedly was sexualy abused by ex-chief of crime-investigation department of Nizami district police in Ganja held a press conference. Hamidova stated that Koroglu Gasimov never even touched her and she will sue the media, which spread false information about her.
09 December 2005 [16:25]

Two buses collide in Ujar district of Azerbaijan

Two men are dead and more are injured as a result of a traffic accident that happened on Baku-Gazakh highway on the territory of Ujar district.
09 December 2005 [11:54]

Azerbaijan may start construction of its own nuclear power plant

International Atomic Energy Agency sent a letter to relevant bodies of our country on being ready for a discussion of proposals on constructing nuclear power station in Azerbaijan.
09 December 2005 [11:30]

Ex-minister of Defense proposes to mark December 8 as important day in history of Azeri independence

Ex-Defense Minister proposes to celebrate December 8 as an important event in the history of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.
09 December 2005 [10:55]

Koroglu Gasimov expelled from membership to law enforcement institutions

Minister of Internal Affairs Ramil Usubov signed an order expelling major Koroglu Gasimov, ex-chief of crime investigation department of Ganja Police Nizami district Office from law enforcement institutions.
09 December 2005 [10:46]

Road from Baku to Russian Dagestani border will be shorter by 10 km after constructions works will be over

Construction of the Devechi circular road situated on the Baku-Guba highway will be started till the end of the year.
08 December 2005 [19:16]

So far 3,420,778 citizens were given plots in the frame of land reforms in Azerbaijan

According to the results of the first stage of land reforms, 869,268 of 873,618 families having the right to obtain a land plot or 3,420,778 individuals were given land.
08 December 2005 [18:20]

IV International Caucasus conference held in Warsaw

IV International Caucasus session was held in Warsaw, Poland on December 6-7 in memory of Georgia-born professor of Warsaw University Grigori Peradze killed by fascists in "Auschwitz" death camp.
08 December 2005 [18:06]

Press Council prepared recommendations that infact limit journalist's freedom while covering demonstrations

Press Council will conduct discussions on journalist behavior during protest actions. Recommendations consisting out of 13 points will be discussed at the meeting of Managing Staff of the organization.
08 December 2005 [10:57]

Law enforcement institutions participate in a project that will help them better facilitate court hearings of teenagers

The Azerbaijani law enforcement and legal bodies participate in a new project on court hearings of teenagers, the press service of the Justice Ministry told Trend.
07 December 2005 [17:46]

For the period January - November 2005 mines in Azerbaijan caused 9 deaths and 47 injuries

ANAMA reports that during November of this year it has cleared 447.651 square meters of territory from mines and unexploded ordnances (UXO).
07 December 2005 [16:46]

800 Azerbaijani muslims so far have visas to leave for pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia

Office of Caucasian Muslims informed APA news agency that quota for pilgrimage allocated by Saudi Arabia to Azerbaijan this year was increased.
07 December 2005 [11:45]

Baku police arrests two BP workers mistaking them for bio-terrorists

Two UK citizens have been detained by Baku police on a territory of a "strategically important object" and were accused of bio-terrorism. However, an investigation by MNS showed that "bio-terrorists" from UK were just peaceful joggers.
07 December 2005 [11:08]

SSPF will stop giving out pensions for more than 390,000 citizens of Azerbaijan

The State Social Protection Fund will stop giving pension to 393 thousand 848 pensioners by the next year.
06 December 2005 [19:04]

Azeri lieutenant killed by Armenian fire

Yesterday as a result of ceasefire violation by the Armenian Armed Forces was killed an officer of Azerbaijani Army. According to the information of Karabakh bureau of APA, the accident happened on the contact line between Azeri and Armenian troops.
06 December 2005 [18:44]

Turkish and US ambassadors visit specialized hospital 3

On Tuesday the Azerbaijani Justice Ministry and the International Committee of Red Cross held an event at specialized hospital 3 for TB-diseased prisoners under the Central Department of Execution of Court Sentences with participation of Ambassadors of the Unites States, Turkey and other countries, as well as Mahmud Guliyev, the Deputy Foreign Minister, Trend reports.
06 December 2005 [18:05]

For the last 10 months 3 million 842 thousand 500 persons were engaged in labour activity in Azerbaijan

In 10 months of 2005, the number of population engaged in the labour market was 3 million 842 thousand 500 persons. The number of population being engaged increased 86 thousand persons in comparison with the respective period of the last year and formed 46,4 % of the population of the country.
06 December 2005 [11:08]

Court case Insanov vs. "AzTV" and "Lider TV" will start on December 20

Preliminary sitting of trial concerning ex-health minister Ali Insanov’s claim against "Az TV" and "Lider TV" was held in Sabayil district court yesterday.
06 December 2005 [10:44]

Ganja Prosecutor Office has started criminal case against Police Major Gasimov

Ganja Prosecutor Office launched crime case against police major Koroglu Gasimov, chairman of Department of Crime Investigation of Ganja's Nizami district police.
06 December 2005 [10:28]

Ramil Safarov stays calm waiting for his trial to start

Lieutenant of Azerbaijani Army Ramil Safarov, who is accused of killing Armenian officer Gurgen Markaryan and currently is in prison in Hungary, yesterday has spoken with APA correspondent.
05 December 2005 [20:57]

Two villagers were injured by an explosion when their tractor rolled over a land mine

Two residents of Chemenli village of Agdam District, Azerbaijan, Rovshan Bayramov, 26, and Emin Bayramov, 16, got injured in a mine blast on 3 December 2005, the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) in Azerbaijan told Trend.
05 December 2005 [19:30]

"Azerenergy" finishes preparations for the winter period

Repairs in all electric substations on Absheron peninsula and Baku completed.
05 December 2005 [18:54]

Azerbaijani state intends to improve its financial assistance to young families and veterans

The state intends to assume interests of mortgage credits given to young families.
05 December 2005 [18:33]

State Statistics Committee released results of its latest research

A research conducted by the State Statistics Committee showed that during 10 months of 2005, 53,8 % of incomes of the population had been obtained from employment or self-employment.
05 December 2005 [12:09]

ATU will host a conference on Tempus educational project

On December 7, Azerbaijan Technical University will host an international conference to discuss overall results of the Tempus Project in Azerbaijan.
05 December 2005 [11:46]

Russian theater will stage "Love and Death or Love Dancing with Death"

Famous Russian Mariinsk Theater in Saint Petersburg will stage ballet of Azeri composer, professor Polad Bulbuloglu "Love and Death or Love Dancing with Death" on December 19.
03 December 2005 [18:41]

Azerbaijani newspapers face crisis having no money to pay to publishing house

Press Council conducts talks in order to solve a debt problem of newspapers to the Azerbaijan Publishing House.
03 December 2005 [11:02]

Three workers of Baku Subway accused of July 8 accident at "Bakusoveti" station were released

Court of Appeals reviewed yesterday a decision of Sabayil district court on release of 3 workers of Baku Subway accused of causing the July 8 accident at "Bakisoveti" subway station killing one and injuring 18 passengers.
02 December 2005 [18:03]

Chief Operation Commissioner of Ganja Police is accused of sexual abuse and mistreatment

Internal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is scrutinizing actions of chief operation commissioner of Police Office in Ganja Koroglu Gasimov. Gasimov according to "Azadlig" newspaper while interrogating two inhabitants of Ganja - mother and son, made them to have a sexual intercourse with each other.
02 December 2005 [17:59]

Azerpocht represents Azerbaijan at "Reforms in the postal field" seminar in Paris

Deputy director general of the "Azerpocht" State Enterprise Subhan Kazimov is going to represent Azeri post services at a two-day international seminar on "Reforms in the postal field" starting today in Paris.
01 December 2005 [21:33]

Azeri pop stars will perform at concert dedicated to World AIDS Day

On December 7, 2005 the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism of Azerbaijan and a local NGO Initiative for the Sake of Development will commemorate the World AIDS week by organizing a concert Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS.
01 December 2005 [20:51]

Zagatala pensioners protest against half-month delay in pension payments

A group of pensioners held protest picket outside of the Central Post Office of the Zagatala district yesterday.
01 December 2005 [19:12]

Bus following to Dagestan turns into blazes on 145 km of Baku-Rostov highway

Bus following route Baku - Dagestan suddenly was caught on fire at 1 a.m. on November 30.
01 December 2005 [18:50]

Azerkimya has problems with burying its hazardous wastes

Transportation of mercurial tailings located on the territory of the Superficial Active Substances (SAS) plant of the "Azerkimya" State Enterprise encountered problems and is way behind a schedule.
01 December 2005 [15:51]

Villagers block Aghdam-Agjabedi road to get back electricity to their homes

Residents of Husulu and Ranjbarlar villages of Agjabedi district closed Aghdam-Agjabedi road next to Husulu village for an hour at 10:30 a.m. yesterday.
01 December 2005 [15:29]

British auction caught in a scandal around a picture allegedly belonging to State Art Museum of Azerbaijan

The work "V duxane" by artist Mikhail Larionov allegedly belonging to the State Art Museum of Rustam Mustafayev was sold for 550,000 pounds by "MacDougall's" auction in London. Azerbaijany Ministry of culture claims that it has no idea that this work ever belonged to Azerbaijan.
01 December 2005 [15:18]

Amashov wants Justice Ministry to help Azeri press

Aflatun Amashov, the chairman of the Media Press (MP), addressed Fikrat Mammadov, the Azerbaijani Justice Minister with a request to improve legislative base of the press.
01 December 2005 [14:55]

Azerbaijan will mark Human Rights Day with a forum of right defenders

Human Rights Organizations of Azerbaijan decided to hold a forum dedicated to the International Human Rights Day on December 10.
01 December 2005 [14:18]

SDC donates medical equipment to be used for IDP, refugee and asylum seeker treatment

On November 30, representatives from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and United Methodist Committee on Relief (UNCOR) gathered at 6 p.m. at the refugee clinic supervised by UNHCR and UMCOR to mark a donation of medical items by SDC to the clinic.
30 November 2005 [04:28]

Nakhchivan flights shortage problem is finally solved

Rashad Gulamov, representative of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in Baku reports that ticket problems of passengers flying from Nakhchivan to Baku and on vice versa have been settled.
30 November 2005 [04:02]

SNS detained five illegal immigrants trying to leave Azerbaijan for Turkey

Five foreigners attempting to leave Azerbaijan for Turkey using falsified passports were detained today.
29 November 2005 [23:36]

Azerbaijan will mark World AIDS Day on December 1

December 1 is World Fight against AIDS Day. Galib Aliyev, director of Fight AIDS Center held a press conference on this occasion.
29 November 2005 [22:58]

Baku hosts the Third International Bulbul Vocal Competition with Grand Prix of $10,000

On November, 28 Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall hosted opening ceremony of the Third International Bulbul Vocal Competition.
29 November 2005 [22:45]

State Border Service contained 13 kg of drugs from being sneaked in Azerbaijan

Since the beginning of the year the State Border Service (SBS) of Azerbaijan prevented 38 attempts to smuggle narcotics through the state border finding about 13 kg of them.
29 November 2005 [22:27]

Mc Dermott promises to meet workers' demands, strike is over

The Conference of the trade unions of SOCAR submitted proposals on solution of the strike situation in American McDermott Caspian Contractors.
29 November 2005 [12:41]

Ministry of Education started implementation of school development program

The Ministry of Education has begun implementation of the "Development program on rendering equipment to schools providing general education in Azerbaijan Republic" covering period of 2005-2009.
28 November 2005 [19:43]

The Year of Azerbaijan in Russia is almost over and will be officially closed soon

"President of Azerbaijan will not be able to take part in the grand closing ceremony of the Year of Azerbaijan in Russia due to his intensive schedule," told Trend the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia Ramiz Rizayev.
28 November 2005 [19:31]

Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh is commemorated in Brooklyn, NY by a Jazz Music Festival

The Jewish Community of Azerbaijan along with the Azerbaijan Society of America presented a very special Jazz Music Festival honoring the memory of outstanding musician and composer Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh. The event, which took place at Baku Palace in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, November 27.
28 November 2005 [13:21]

Winner of several international pianist contests performs on stage of State Philharmonic Hall in Baku

On November 25 Azerbaijan’s State Philharmonic Hall hosted a concert of Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra after Uzeir Hajibeyov, conducted by People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Rauf Abdullayev.
28 November 2005 [13:07]

Anti-drug law enforcement units within ten months discovered 320 kg of narcotics

Within ten months of this year 683 of 2067 criminal facts were drug sales.
28 November 2005 [12:58]

Minister of Communications of Azerbaijan goes public

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies established "Inam" [Trust] telephone line where any citizen may call and express his/her opinion or make a proposal concerning the communication services in Azerbaijan.
28 November 2005 [12:48]

Iran sends Azerbaijan seven trucks of humanitarian aid

Seven cars of humanitarian aid sent from Iran to our country have entered the territory of Azerbaijan yesterday.
28 November 2005 [12:06]

High ranking physicians are not dismissed in Azerbaijan, they leave on their own

Deputy of Health Minister, Abbas Valibayov denies that the Minister Ogtay Shiraliyev implements cleansing policy in the Ministry.
26 November 2005 [19:34]

Ministry of Labor intends to lower unemployment rate in the country to 0,5-1 % by 2010

The working group formed at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population (MLSPP) to supervise implementation of the employment strategy is analyzing the existing economic situation and level of employment at present.
26 November 2005 [11:51]

Ramil Safarov completed his third medical examination

Chief Lieutenant of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Ramil Safarov who killed Armenian officer Gurgen Merkaryan in Hungary repeated medical examination today.
25 November 2005 [19:06]

Health Minister fires two high ranking physicians

Health Minister Ogtay Shiraliyev today dismissed head physician of Republican Clinical Hospital Vagif Jafarov and head physician of City Clinical Hospital #1 Penah Aliyev.
25 November 2005 [18:53]

IAEA helps Azerbaijan to open radiotherapy facility established at Republican Oncological Center

The IAEA coordinator on Azerbaijan Andrey Chubay will visit Baku on November 29.
25 November 2005 [11:02]

Starting January all employees of state budgetary organizations will receive their salary through payment cards

The president Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on additional measures in the field of improvement of the payment systems.
24 November 2005 [19:24]

State commission is scrutinizing causes of fire at Sumgayit EP-300 factory

Specially established commission carries out damage evaluation of the EP-300 factory [a part of the Azerkimya state concern]that was caught on fire on November 23.
24 November 2005 [19:08]

Ministry of Health fires 200 of its staff

The Ministry of Health is planning to fire 200 of its staff from the Hygiene and Epidemiology Center of Baku city (HECBC) and Hygiene and Epidemiology Center of the Republic (HECR).
24 November 2005 [12:38]

Press Council proposed to commemorate Hasan bey Zardabi on November 28

The Press Council made a proposal to mark Novemebr 28 as the day of commemoration of the founder of the national press Hasan bey Zardabi.
24 November 2005 [10:41]

Next Presidential Amnesty may be granted on December 31

"A next pardon decree can be issued on December 31 – the Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis," said Azay Guliyev, the member of the pardon commission at the president.
23 November 2005 [21:13]

Counterfeit money spotted in Baku

According to information received by Day.Az new counterfeit money has been circulating throughout Baku.
23 November 2005 [12:37]

Minister of Health closes department and opens another just changing the name

One more department has been abolished in the Ministry of Health.
23 November 2005 [12:27]

Baku will get a system of cameras to monitor traffic on streets of the city

"Automatically controlling system will be established in Baku for eliminating the traffic jams. Vagif Asadov," informed APA news agency the chief of the department for the raising awareness of transport security and relations with public of Baku city Traffic Police Department.
23 November 2005 [12:14]

"Azergaz" follows "Barmek" practice and starts to cut off its debtors from gas supply lines

"Azergas" Closed Joint-Stock Company faces difficulties with collecting payments for provided gas to the population of Baku and in other districts of the country.
23 November 2005 [11:47]

Experts of World Health Organization will visit Baku on December 12

Two experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) on the pharmacology program – Iuze Prokhorska and Mina Slutnikova will visit Azerbaijan on December 12.
22 November 2005 [20:44]

Barmek cuts electricity from those who did not pay for it

Today in the morning Barmek-Azerbaijan electricity Distribution LLC started promissed actions against subscribers who did not pay their debts to the company.
22 November 2005 [17:36]

McDermott workers' patience runs out as they stage walk out - UPDATED

Today workers of McDermott, RSN and Kentek companies gathered in front of the 8th workshop of the Deep Foundations Plant and began a strike demanding to raise their salary.