11 April 2006 [22:38]

Mehriban Aliyeva receives delegation of US Jewish Community Federation

Mehriban Aliyeva, the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, received delegation of US Jewish Community Federation headed by Lev Levayev.
11 April 2006 [16:48]

Azerbaijani delegation to take part in the "Bird flu" conference

The Azerbaijani delegation will take part at "Bird flu" conference in Ankara, the Health Ministry's press-release says.
11 April 2006 [16:27]

Court of Appeal to consider appeal by Musavat Party

The Court of Appeals will consider the appeal by Musavat Party on restoration of Aynur Jamalgizi in the ranks of the party on Wednesday, Ibrahim Ibrahimli, the chair of the Central Control Inspection Commission (CCIC), stated.
11 April 2006 [14:26]

President meets the Head of CIS Jewish communities' federation

The Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliyev has accepted the President of the CIS Jewish communities' federation, Lev Levaev.
11 April 2006 [13:47]

President of Austrian Supreme Court of Justice leaves for Guba

Johan Reshut, President of Austrian Supreme Court of Justice, left for Guba region on Tuesday, Allahverdi Nehramli, the Head of press service of the Azerbaijani Supreme Court, informs.
11 April 2006 [09:50]

US stops receiving Azerbaijani immigrants

The US government stopped receiving Azerbaijani immigrants within the Refugees Program.
11 April 2006 [09:43]

International Migration Organization holds training

International Migration Organization will hold training for state organizations representatives being busy with migration "Migration Management bases".
11 April 2006 [09:04]

Azerbaijani gymnast wins golden medal

International gymnastics tournament is over in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
11 April 2006 [08:59]

English language library openes in Zagatala

English language library was opened in secondary school #1 in the region of Zagatala by the initiative of US Peace Corps volunteer David Rizinburg.
11 April 2006 [00:06]

Bird flu quarantine remains in just one Azerbaijani district

A bird flu quarantine is being maintained only in one Azerbaijani district, the press service of state veterinary service at the Azerbaijani Agriculture Ministry said.
10 April 2006 [21:11]

Health Ministry to renovate Clinical Medicine Center

The Azerbaijani Health Ministry started renovation at the Clinical Medicine Center, former Semashko hospital.
10 April 2006 [21:02]

Prosecutor General's Office addresses to Georgian counterparts

The Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office addressed to the Georgian Prosecutor General's Office to hand over Azer Samadov, the head of the Center of Defense of Religion and Liberty of Conscience, who was arrested in Tbilisi in early April, to Azerbaijan.
10 April 2006 [16:38]

Youth of CIS & countries of world to meet in Moscow

Farhad Mammadov, a co-constitutor of "Irali" (Forward) all-republican youth movement, will participate in the meeting of the presidium of the Union of Youth and Student Organizations from 12 to 13 April, as well as the first forum of the representatives of the creative intelligentsia of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) from 14 to 15 April.
10 April 2006 [14:21]

Azeri SVS completes disinfection of territories on Caspian shore

The State Veterinary Service (SVS) under the Azerbaijani Agriculture Ministry completed disinfection of all territories on the shore of the Caspian Sea.
10 April 2006 [12:56]

Azerbaijani smugglers detained in Georgia

Aleksi Aleksishvili, Georgian Finance Minister demands introduction of stricter control at the customs checkpoints.
10 April 2006 [12:50]

4 items put on agenda of workshop on Azeri-Turkish media

The agenda of workshop "Media of Azerbaijan and Turkey: similarity and differences" is divided into 4 items.
10 April 2006 [09:21]

Diagnostic tests on 4464 samples conducted in case of Bird flu

The State Veterinary Service (SVS) under the Ministry of Agriculture spread information on the results of the Bird flu tests conducted in 2005-2006.
10 April 2006 [09:14]

Several members of SANAM arrested in Tebriz

The members of the South Azerbaijan National Movement (SANAM) Mustafa Avazpur and his two brothers were arrested by law-enforcement bodies of Iran in Tebriz city.
09 April 2006 [23:02]

Dialogue Eurasia Platform program's meeting held in Turkey

Antalya hosted on Saturday a "general assembly" amid the Dialogue Eurasia Platform’s four-day meeting over "media".
09 April 2006 [21:46]

Azerbaijani secret services overlook phone conversations with Armenia

A scandal broke off in Azerbaijan after the Minister of communications and informational technologies claimed that the local secret services tap every call from the country to the neighboring Armenia, local media reported.
08 April 2006 [18:31]

2 Azerbaijanis killed in Moscow in mob war

Two Azerbaijani criminals were killed on Moscow's Leninsky Avenue on Friday evening. The police think that it was a mob war.
08 April 2006 [18:16]

Proposal of Council of Europe: "Let a new mayor of Baku be elected"

Recently third meeting of steering project group on creation of National Associations of local authorities started.
08 April 2006 [17:46]

New head of Space TV Channel

Sevindzh Abdullayeva, who had been an Itar-Tass correspondent in Baku for the past 13 years, was put in charge of a leading independent television company of Azerbaijan, Space, on Friday.
08 April 2006 [17:15]

Russian prosecutors order arrest of 4 suspects in Azeri TV producer assault case

Moscow prosecutors have ordered the arrest of four suspects in an attack on an NTV television producer, the Prosecutor's Office said Saturday.
08 April 2006 [11:04]

Ombudsman of Azerbaijan Elmira Suleymanova met with Marco Barsotti

Commissioner for Human Rights of Azerbaijan Elmira Suleymanova has received resident–coordinator of UNO, UNO Development Program (DP) Head in our country Marco Barsotti.
08 April 2006 [10:55]

Parliament adopts amendments to anti-corruption law

The draft law "On making additions and amendments to some legislative acts to combat corruption" was discussed in the second part of today’s session of Parliament.
08 April 2006 [10:42]

Special Treatment Center for thalassemia patients to be built

Health Minister Ogtay Shireliyev met with parents of thalassemia patients in the Hematology Institute.
08 April 2006 [10:18]

Court sitting on Barmek's suit against Ministry of Taxes deferred

Court sitting on suit brought by the Barmek Azerbaijan Electricity Network Limited Liability Company (LLC) against the Ministry of Taxes was deferred in the Court of Economy of Azerbaijan because no representative from the Ministry was present at the sitting.
08 April 2006 [09:11]

Clinic for wild animals in Altiagaj National Park

Center for Restoration of Wild Nature and Watch for epidemiological Situation has been established, Minister Ecology And Natural resources has told journalists.
08 April 2006 [09:01]

Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management invites Azerbaijani journalists to participate in the program

Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management, the office of which is located in Georgia, invites Azerbaijani journalists to participate in the program to get master's degree.
08 April 2006 [08:23]

Parliament adopts amendments to bill on war veterans

Additions and amendments to the bill on war veterans were discussed and adopted in the first part of Parliament session yesterday.
08 April 2006 [07:29]

Vardan Oskanyan: "We are ready to host Azerbaijani team in Yerevan"

"We are ready to provide all conditions to conduct the meeting against Azerbaijani national football team in Yerevan," said Armenian FM Vardan Oskanian.
08 April 2006 [07:01]

Defense Ministry: "Rumors about order of mobilization in Azerbaijan are not true"

"Some TV channels and newspapers aim at generating public excitement by having recently spread reports that mobilization has been ordered in Azerbaijan, and military units in home front have been dislocated to battle field," Defense Ministry spokesman, major Ilgar Verdiyev, stated.
07 April 2006 [23:52]

New Head of State Control Department of the President Office appointed

The Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree on April 7.
07 April 2006 [23:36]

Armenian teenager faces deportation to Baku

19 year old Karen Avanesyan can be forcefully deported from the UK to Baku.
07 April 2006 [23:02]

2,300 new schools and additional corps to be built in Azerbaijan in 2006

In 2006 serious work will be carried out in the school-construction in Azerbaijan under the decree by President Aliyev.
07 April 2006 [17:47]

The next Azerbaijani-Russian negotiations on education to be held soon

The next Azerbaijani-Russian negotiations on cooperation in education will be held at the end of April, the Education ministry's head of the external relations and coordination, Mahir Aliyev stated.
07 April 2006 [17:08]

Education Ministry confirms 33 diplomas of foreign universities

The Azerbaijani Education Ministry confirmed 33 diplomas of graduates of foreign universities, submitted to the commission on nostification.
07 April 2006 [15:58]

Azeri fishing boat detained in the Caspian Sea

Russian border guards have detained and brought to Mahachkala port the Azerbaijani vessel suspected in poaching.
07 April 2006 [15:03]

There are 15, 000 hectares of oil-polluted lands in Absheron

Additionally, there are places where pollution depth reaches several meters, the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Huseyn Bagirov stated.
07 April 2006 [14:45]

Armenia proves its aggressive policy destroying natural resources of occupied lands

Destruction of forests at the occupied by Armenian Azerbaijani territory shows real intentions of the Armenian politics, the Azerbaijani Ecology and Natural Resources Minister, Huseyn Bagirov told at the press-conference April 7.
07 April 2006 [13:12]

Carolyn Martin: Establishment of NAMA planned for early 2007

The reforms in the self-government bodies will allow bringing of the Azerbaijani legislative base to conformity with the European Self-government Charter, which was ratified in Baku in 2002, Caroline Martin, the Project Director on the National Association of Minucipalities of Azerbaijan (NAMA), representing the Secretariat of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (CLRA CE), stated.
07 April 2006 [10:54]

Commander of Internal Forces of Azerbaijan Zakir Hassanov pays visit to Turkey

Delegation headed by Commander of Internal Forces of Azerbaijan, general-lieutenant Zakir Hassanov will pay visit to Turkey on April 10-14.
07 April 2006 [10:41]

Azerbaijan renders humanitarian aid to Iran

Following special order of the President, the Emergencies Ministry, Civil Defense regiment rescuers took humanitarian aid to Lorestan province of Iran which has suffered devastating earthquake recently.
07 April 2006 [10:38]

SCC Chair received program manager of Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

The chair of the State Customs Committee (SCC) Aydin Aliyev received the program manager of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property Daniel P. Keller.
07 April 2006 [10:33]

70 Azerbaijanis deported from Turkey

70 Azerbaijani citizens have been deported from Istanbul, Turkey.
07 April 2006 [10:12]

Khanlar Valiyev: "Interpol issued notice for 72 offenders over crimes committed by Armenians"

"Military Prosecutor's Office continues investigation into the crimes committed by Armenians. Interpol issued international notice for 72 accused and set card index on 532 suspects over these crimes," Military Prosecutor Khanlar Valiyev told.
07 April 2006 [08:13]

Training and Research Center in Population and demography opened in Baku

Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Fizuli Alekperov and Ms. Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Country Director for Azerbaijan have officially opened the Training and Research Center in Population and demography in Baku.
07 April 2006 [00:14]

Azerbaijani religious freedom campaigner arrested in Georgia

Reports from Tbilisi and Baku say Georgian security forces have arrested an Azerbaijani religious-freedom campaigner.
06 April 2006 [23:00]

Baku police disperse student protest

Azerbaijani police today dispersed dozens of students who were picketing the Education Ministry.
06 April 2006 [22:31]

Mehriban Aliyeva: "Education is a priority of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation"

Education is a priority of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the Foundation's President, UNESCO Good Will Ambassador, MP Mehriban Aliyeva told at the roundtable discussions dedicated to the second stage of the "New schools to new Azerbaijan" program.
06 April 2006 [16:40]

World Health Organization head to visit Baku

The World Health Organization (WHO) General Director, Lee Jong-wook arrives to Baku with work visit, the Health Ministry press service head Samaya Mammedova informs.
06 April 2006 [15:31]

National Municipal Association might play important role in development of regions

The Azerbaijan National Municipal Association (NMA) might play an important role in social-economic development of regions, therefore, strategy with the regard of each region specifics has to be prepared, the EC consultant on the post-conflict issues, Owen Martins told at the third meeting of the work group for the National Municipal Association (NMA) creation.
06 April 2006 [11:36]

ICRC pledges to look into Azeri captives, missing persons

The International Committee of the Red Cross will thoroughly address the plight of Azerbaijani captives and missing persons, its president Jacob Kellenberger said during his recent meeting with refugees in the country's Sabirabad and Bilasuvar districts.
06 April 2006 [10:25]

Azeri rights activists submit two lists on "political prisoners"

The meeting of the taskforce on political prisoners set up jointly by the authorities and human rights campaigners concluded on Wednesday without achieving major results.
06 April 2006 [10:20]

Armenians seek to turn ancient Azeri town into their "cultural center"

Armenian separatists are trying to turn Azerbaijan's ancient town of Shusha into their own "cultural center" and plan to carry out this outrageous plan by holding an electronic referendum.
06 April 2006 [09:52]

Hungarian journalists visit Azerbaijan

A delegation of Hungarian media representatives have arrived in Azerbaijan to familiarize with the country.
06 April 2006 [09:12]

UNFPA launches the Training and Research Center

On April 6, 2006, Mr.Fizuli Alekperov, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population, and Ms.Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) Country Director for Azerbaijan will officially open the Training and Research Center in Population and demography in Baku.
06 April 2006 [09:06]

Education Ministry to launch attestation of teachers soon

Azerbaijan's Education Ministry will launch attestation of school teachers soon, Education Minister Misir Mardanov told journalists.
06 April 2006 [08:49]

Two men and a woman searched for assaulting Azerbaijani journalist working for Russia's NTV channel

Moscow police is searching for two men and a woman related to assaulting of Azerbaijani journalist working for Russia's NTV channel Elkhan Mirzoyev.
06 April 2006 [08:46]

WHO recommends Azerbaijan to keep epidemiological surveillance for 3 or 4 more months

The World Health Organization (WHO) experts recommended Azerbaijan to keep epidemiological surveillance for three or four more months for precautions against bird flu outbreak.
06 April 2006 [08:34]

Azerbaijan Army officer will be sentenced on 13 April in Budapest

Trial of Azerbaijani Army officer Ramil Safarov, who is indicted for murder of Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan, in Budapest brought together Azerbaijani students, Turks living in Hungary as well as many media representatives.
06 April 2006 [08:24]

Azercell donates Gara Garayev's piano to National Conservatoire

Azercell Telecom Joint Enterprise donated Azerbaijani famous composer Gara Garayev's piano to the National Conservatoire of Azerbaijan.
05 April 2006 [20:38]

President Aliyev has been announced Grand-Prix laureate of Caspian Energy Integration Award-2006

Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani President, has been announced the Grand-Prix laureate of the Caspian Energy Integration Award – 2006 in the main nomination "The Politician of the Year in CIS and Baltic Countries".
05 April 2006 [20:34]

No facts of poultry death observed in Azerbaijan

The complex work aimed at the struggle with bird flu continues in Azerbaijan.
05 April 2006 [17:07]

Iranian Ambassador: "Nizami Ganjavi is an Iranian poet, not Azerbaijani"

Iran protests to Azerbaijan's "claim" to introduce "Sharyar" and "Nizami Ganjavi" as Azerbaijani poets.
05 April 2006 [15:25]

Misir Mardanov: "Turkish students at ASPU to be transferred to other universities"

The Turkish students at the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (ASPU) will be transferred to other universities.
05 April 2006 [15:16]

European Parliament to hold forum of Azeri students of Europe

A forum of Azerbaijani students of Europe will be held in the building of the European Parliament in Brussels on 29 May.
05 April 2006 [15:09]

Azeri Health Ministry sends tests of 43 people to London laboratory

The Azerbaijani Health Ministry has sent tests of 43 people with bird flu suspicion to the London laboratory for more exact diagnosis.
05 April 2006 [10:27]

Prosecutor asked 30 years of imprisonment for Ramil Safarov

Process of Azerbaijani Army Officer Ramil Safarov's trial, who was accused in killing Armenian officer Gurgen Margarian, was continued.
05 April 2006 [10:12]

Korean IT workshop started in Baku

Workshop on studying Korean experience in the field of information technologies started in the Baku Regional Training Centre of the World Customs Organization (WCO) yesterday.
05 April 2006 [08:24]

Azerbaijani citizen imprisoned for participation in 15-16 October, 2003 events in Georgia

Religious Belief and Freedom of Conscience Defense Center (RBFCDC) Caucasus Department leader Azer Ramizoghlu has been imprisoned in Tbilisi, the organization Chairman Ilgar Ibrahimoghlu informs.
05 April 2006 [07:53]

8 cameras installed to prevent traffic jams and accidents

Eight video cameras have been installed in central streets of Baku to prevent traffic jams and road accidents.
05 April 2006 [07:46]

Greek government to fund renovation of school in Zagatala

The delegates of Greek State Building Company visited Azerbaijani region of Zagatala today.
05 April 2006 [07:33]

Citizens' appeals for social assistance will be received from April 15

The local departments of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population in Baku, Ganja, Sumgait, Naftalan, Mingechevir, Ali Bayramli cities will receive appeals by citizens wishing to obtain targeted social assistance from April 15.