25 January 2006 [01:46]

WHO expert mission to visit Azerbaijan to study Bird Flu

On January 28, World Health Organization expert mission will visit Azerbaijan in order to acquaint themselves with Bird Flu situation and prepare first aid protection measures plan.
25 January 2006 [01:41]

Chambers of Accounts of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia to conduct joint audit of utilization of funds allocated for protection of bioresources in Caspian Sea

The Chambers of Accounts of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia plan to conduct joint audit of utilization of funds allocated for preservation of bioresources in the Caspian Sea this year.
25 January 2006 [01:35]

Ministry of Taxes holds regional conferences for purpose of preparation to board meeting

Regional conferences were held in the Tax Crimes Preliminary Investigation Department of the Ministry of Taxes, and in the Territorial Tax Offices #5, 6, 8 in Ali Bayramli city on January 23.
25 January 2006 [01:30]

President Ilham Aliyev signed decree on increase of salaries of military staff of Defense Ministry for their ranks

President Ilham Aliyev issued a decree on strengthening of social protection of the military staff of the Defense Ministry on which the head of state doubled the salary of the mentioned staff on military ranks since 1 January 2006.
25 January 2006 [01:28]

SANAM activist Davud Azimzadeh arrested in Maragha today

Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM) activist Davud Azimzadeh was arrested by the officials of Iranian special service bodies in Maragha.
25 January 2006 [01:21]

Analysis of birds died out in Masalli sent to WHO lab in London for re-examination

In order to determine whether the disease spread among birds in Masalli is Bird Flu or not, samples of the birds has been sent to the laboratory of World Health Organization (WHO) in London.
25 January 2006 [01:16]

Sezen Aksu visits Baku

Star of Turkish stage Sezen Aksu will visit Baku.
25 January 2006 [00:52]

President Ilham Aliyev holds meeting on problems caused by bad weather

Yesterday President Ilham Aliyev has held a meeting on the situation in the capital and regions caused by bad weather.
24 January 2006 [22:28]

1.5m social insurance cards delivered to country

"1.5m social insurance cards were delivered to Azerbaijan," said Salim Muslimov, the chairman of the Social Security Fund.
24 January 2006 [22:08]

Heydar Aliyev Foundation issues book "Truth about Nagorno Karabakh"

First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva held the book's presentation.
24 January 2006 [16:57]

Flight to Yerevan lands in Baku

Russian passenger plane made an emergency landing in Baku's Heydar Aliyev International airport.
24 January 2006 [16:41]

National minorities in Azerbaijan will study at their native language

Azerbaijan will ratify the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML).
24 January 2006 [16:38]

Leader of Mountain Jews: "Jews have never been oppressed in Azerbaijan"

The history of Jews living in Azerbaijan counts about three thousand years, during which they have never been subjected to oppressions. At present moment over 30,000 Jews live in Azerbaijan.
24 January 2006 [16:06]

Azerbaijan ombudsman, UNIFEM expand co-op relations

Ombudsperson of Azerbaijan Elmira Suleymanova met with Christine Arab, the Regional Project Chief Technical Advisor of the United Nations Development Fund For Women (UNIFEM).
24 January 2006 [16:01]

Japanese bank mull over granting educational credit to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s Education Minister Misir Mardanov met the delegation of Japan, led by Tetsuya Yamada, Deputy Executive of the Asia and Caucasus Department of Japanese International Cooperation Bank.
24 January 2006 [15:49]

President Aliyev suspends office duties of a judge for repeated law-breaks

The Azerbaijani President signed on Tuesday a decree on cessation of the activities of the judge of the Nizami District Court of Baku Vilayat Nadirov, ahead of schedule.
24 January 2006 [15:45]

US pleased with level of works on bird flu fighting in Azerbaijan

The US specialists are satisfied with the level of the measures aimed at the bird flu fighting in Azerbaijan, the head of the State Veterinary Service Ismail Hasanov said on 24 January.
24 January 2006 [11:22]

Presentation of the book "Azerbaijan 2003: new phase in development strategy"

Ceremony of presentation of the book "Azerbaijan 2003: new phase in development strategy” was held at the "Park INN Azerbaijan", January 23.
24 January 2006 [05:46]

81 dismissed from internal affairs bodies in 2005

54 rank-and-file officials of commanding staff, 27 officials of middle-ranking commanding staff were dismissed from internal affairs bodies through negative motives last year.
24 January 2006 [05:05]

Project of IAEA on "Maintenance and development of nuclear sciences" will be implemented from 2007

The project will be implemented in the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the project coordinator will be the Institute for Radiation Problems of Azerbaijan.
24 January 2006 [05:00]

Universal Postal Union to assist Azerbaijan with improvement of quality of domestic postal conveyance

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) will assist Azerbaijan with improvement of quality of domestic postal conveyance. UPU has already sent 7 motor cars to Azerbaijan for this purpose and the Union will continue its measures in this direction.
24 January 2006 [04:37]

Buses of Azerbaijani pilgrims unable to return to the country because of heavy snow in Turkey

9 of 58 buses of Azerbaijani pilgrims have not returned to the country yet.
24 January 2006 [04:08]

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources: "Gabala RLS causes electromagnet radiation to the environment"

"Gabala Radiolocation Station (RLS) has electromagnet radiation affect to the environment", Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources claimed.
24 January 2006 [03:45]

US experts visited Influenza and Sharp Respiratory Virus Infection Center to control the measures taken against Bird flu

Delegation of US Center for Disease Control (CDC) visiting Azerbaijan went to Influenza and Sharp Respiratory Virus Infection Center in order to acquaint themselves with measures taken to prevent spread of Bird flu.
24 January 2006 [03:36]

The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Justice Ministry conduct a joint workshop

The international workshop on "The prevention and control of tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS in prisons and opportunities for collaboration between government health services" was jointly organized by the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan and the ICRC from 17 to 19 January.
23 January 2006 [21:15]

Kobe hits for 81, becomes fifth player to score 70 or more

Kobe Bryant kept shooting, from all over the court and from every angle.
23 January 2006 [21:09]

Yamaha raided over China exports

Police in Japan have raided vehicles firm Yamaha in an inquiry into possible illegal helicopter exports to China.
23 January 2006 [20:59]

Russian security service discovers British spies

The Federal Security Service (FSB) has discovered facts about employees of the British embassy in Moscow spying against Russia, a program of Rossiya (Russia) television claims.
23 January 2006 [19:16]

US specialists in Baku for preventing Bird flu penetration to Azerbaijan

The US specialists for studying works on averting the Bird flu penetration to Azerbaijan are in Baku now. The US delegation is comprised of the representatives of the US State Department, USAID.
23 January 2006 [19:05]

Exam held on student admission to get Master's Degree

The State Commission on Student Admission (SCSA) held exam on student admission to get Master's Degree within the international programs MBA and Tempus-TACIS on 22 January.
23 January 2006 [18:20]

Azeri President signs a decree on 100th anniversary of Molla Nasraddin magazine

On Monday Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan, signed a decree on marking of the 100th anniversary of Molla Nasraddin magazine at due level.
23 January 2006 [16:59]

2 concerts to be held in Azerbaijan-German Cultural Centre

The Azerbaijan-German Cultural Centre "Kapellhaus" will hold two concerts till late January.
23 January 2006 [14:40]

Monitoring doesn't reveal Bird flu in Azerbaijan

The next monitoring on revealing the Bird flu in Azerbaijan was planned for late January.
23 January 2006 [09:59]

Seminar-conference on results of 2005 held in Ministry of Internal Affairs

A seminar-conference on the results of 2005 was held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) yesterday.
23 January 2006 [09:49]

U.S. experts visiting Azerbaijan today for familiarizing with situation concerning Bird flu

U.S. experts are visiting Azerbaijan to conduct investigations in the realm concerning Bird flue together with their Azerbaijani colleagues.
22 January 2006 [18:59]

France tests woman for bird flu

"A first test has come out as negative. Other tests are under way," a ministry spokesman said on Sunday.
22 January 2006 [18:54]

US officer guilty in Iraq abuse case

A US Army officer has been found guilty of negligent homicide in the death of an Iraqi general during interrogation at a detention camp.
22 January 2006 [18:49]

Google defies US demand for data

Internet search engine Google has defied a legal challenge from the US Justice Department by vowing to fight a demand to reveal details about online searches.
22 January 2006 [17:35]

SSAC delegation to take part at action tests in the US

A delegation led by chairperson of the State Students Admission Committee (SSAC) Maleyke Abbaszade will participate at the action arranged by the US Educational Testing Service in the city of Princeton, February 6-17.
22 January 2006 [17:24]

US Embassy: "Cadavers of birds and blood samples to be sent to London"

US Embassy Charge d’Affaires meets Minister of Agriculture Ismet Abbasov.
22 January 2006 [17:10]

Russian Football Union spokesman: "Armenians were to proud to lose to Azerbaijanis"

For Igor Vladimirov, a spokesman for the Russian Football Union, Pyunik's withdrawal carries clear political undertones.
22 January 2006 [14:43]

Neftchi FC won the Commonwealth Cup 2006

Neftchi FC vs. Kaunas 4:2
22 January 2006 [06:33]

Abnormal weather condition will continue till the end of January

Head of Hydrology Forecasts bureau of National Hydro-Meteorology Department of Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Umayra Tagiyeva stated that abnormal weather condition would continue till the end of January.
22 January 2006 [06:22]

Israel Parliament demands non-admission of Iran to the World Cup 2006

Israel Parliament (Knesset) officially appealed to FIFA president Joseph Blatter and German Consoler Angela Merkel, requesting Iran not to be admitted to the final stage of the World Cup 2006 to start this June in Germany.
22 January 2006 [06:19]

Mass die out of birds prevented in Massalli

State Veterinary Service (SVS) at Ministry of Agriculture has sent 10 thousand dose vaccines to that region for preventing Colibacteriosis disease among birds.
22 January 2006 [06:08]

Emin Shahbazov: "Turkish Agriculture Minister's statement on Bird flue danger in the countries bordering with Turkey doesn't concern Azerbaijan"

"There is Bird flue virus in the countries bordering with Turkey. However, these countries don't announce it" - Turkish Agriculture Minister Mehdi Akar claims.
22 January 2006 [06:02]

Shahriyar Mammadyarov will play against Levon Aronyan tomorrow

The XIX chess tournament continues in Wijk Aan Zee in Holland. 6 rounds of traditional chess tournament which are being held with organization of "Corus" company have already been held.
22 January 2006 [05:56]

Population of the country was 8,000,436 in number in 2005

Number of both the divorced and dead has risen. Chief of State Statistic Committee Arif Valiyev told the press conference today, 6900 divorce cases were registered in 2004, it became 8900 in 2005.
22 January 2006 [05:36]

About 10 solicitations raised on Akif Muradverdiyev's case

About 10 solicitations have been raised on the case of Akif Muradverdiyev, ex-director of administrative department of President's Office, who is detained in the jail ward of Ministry of National Security.
22 January 2006 [05:27]

Karabakh Armenians accuses administration of "Punik" of indecisiveness and betrayal

Armenians, who were involved in occupation of Azeri territories, got furious by the refusal of Armenian champion "Punik" to face "Neftchi" in the semifinal of Commonwealth Cup tournament.
22 January 2006 [03:25]

Two trapped West Virginia coal miners found dead

Two miners trapped in a coal mine fire in West Virginia have been found dead, officials said on Saturday.
21 January 2006 [20:06]

U.S. starts Pakistan quake reconstruction aid

The United States handed over the first tranche on Saturday of its $200 million grant to Pakistan for reconstruction in the northern region devastated by an October 8 earthquake.
21 January 2006 [19:56]

One more member of Haji Magomedov’s criminal gang arrested

One more member of organized criminal gang led by Haji Magomedov, who committed a number of grave crimes in Zagatala-Balaken region in 2000-2002, was arrested and taken to Zagatala.
21 January 2006 [19:49]

The second report of Azerbaijan on "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child" reviewed in Geneva

The second periodic report of Azerbaijani government on "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child" was reviewed in framework of 41st session of UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.
21 January 2006 [16:14]

Azeri diaspora the US calls on world community to commemorate 20 January tragedy

Azerbaijanis living in the United States on the anniversary of Bloody January called on the international community to commemorate this tragedy.
21 January 2006 [16:05]

Ogtay Shiraliyev to attend WHO session

Health Minister will participate in the work of WHO session in Geneva
21 January 2006 [15:57]

State Committee on Statistics wants to prove wrong UNICEF estimations

The State Committee on Statistics with the assistance of the American NGO "Macro" will set in mid-2006 to conducting researches of the demographic social statistics in Azerbaijan.
21 January 2006 [14:31]

WFP to allocate $ 21 million to Azerbaijan

The UNO World Food Program (WFP) will allocate $ 21 million to Azerbaijan.
21 January 2006 [14:29]

Caunas to play against Neftchi FC in final of Commonwealth Cup

Lithuanian Caunas became a rival of Azerbaijnai Neftchi in the final match of the Commonwealth Cup in Moscow.
21 January 2006 [14:09]

Freezing winter without electricity - UPDATED

According to Baku residents the problems with eletricity supplies started on January 21.
21 January 2006 [13:47]

UN bars Pakistan rape victim interview

The United Nations, under pressure from Pakistani diplomats, barred an interview with a rape victim from Pakistan while the country's prime minister was at U.N. headquarters, her sponsors said on Friday.
21 January 2006 [13:36]

Rescuers keep up search for two W.Virginia miners

Rescue teams kept up the search on Friday night for two miners missing for about 30 hours after a fire broke out at a mine in West Virginia, where an accident at another mine three weeks ago killed 12 people.
21 January 2006 [13:20]

James Bond car sold for over $2m

An Aston Martin car driven by James Bond in Goldfinger and Thunderball has been sold in auction for more than $2m.
21 January 2006 [13:02]

Representatives of Hungarian media to visit Azerbaijan

Representatives of the Hungarian mass media will visit Azerbaijan shortly.
21 January 2006 [12:40]

Deadline passes for US reporter held in Iraq

In Iraq, a deadline set by the kidnappers of American journalist Jill Carroll has passed with no word on her fate.
21 January 2006 [05:17]

Garib Mammadov: "Some municipalities illegally make arrangements on lands of state's disposal"

The Head of the State Land and Cartography Commitee Garib Mammadov made statements on municipalities' activity and not demarked area in the borderland with Georgia.
21 January 2006 [05:00]

Aghaselim Mirjavadov: "Armenians refused to play because of fear of defeat"

"This is one of regular trickeries of Armenians. We did not want to decline the match."
21 January 2006 [04:36]

Courts of Appeal to be established in the regions by the end of the year

Deputy Chief of the Supreme Court Ingilab Nasirov stated that consultations on forming the structure of courts and other technical issues were conducted in the Court-Law Council at present.
21 January 2006 [04:23]

Conference on "Historical assessment of the January 20, 1990 events in Azerbaijan" held in the US

Azerbaijan Trade and Culture Center in the US organized a conference called "Historical assessment of the January 20, 1990 events in Azerbaijan" today.
21 January 2006 [04:02]

Sabayel district municipality brings 5 newspapers to court

Municipality of Sabayel district brought the newspapers "New Azerbaijan municipality", "Alternative", "Press Post", "Euro Times" and "Daily Azerbaijan" to court.
21 January 2006 [03:49]

Elchin Guliyev: "Smuggling and illegal migration dominated among border violations last year"

State border regime was breached in all directions last year. Violations of the borders were mainly fixed at the border of Georgia with Iran.
21 January 2006 [03:41]

One mentally sick died, 12 injured in the fire happened in Asylum #2

There were 153 mentally sick people in the asylum while the fire happened, 12 of them burned in different level.
21 January 2006 [00:37]

Rules on air passenger compensation and assistance validated

The European Union's top court has upheld new requirements for airlines flying into or out of the EU to compensate air passengers who suffer from delays or cancelled flights, or overbooking - with food, lodging, and, in some cases, cash.
21 January 2006 [00:33]

Pluto-bound probe is on its way

It is boldly going where no spacecraft has gone before!
21 January 2006 [00:30]

Arctic weather kills more in Russia

It has been described as Russia's coldest winter in a generation and it is continuing to take a heavy toll.