19 April 2006 [15:42]

USINFO: "Educators say Azerbaijan's culture is more important than its oil"

Six Muslim women visit U.S. on State Department-sponsored program.
19 April 2006 [15:24]

Mehriban Aliyeva: "Azerbaijan can be a model of high level tolerance"

Azerbaijan can be a model of high level tolerance for all world countries, Mehriban Aliyeva, the President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO, stated.
19 April 2006 [13:33]

Ural optic plant to supply medical technique to Azerbaijan

Ural optic-mechanical plant (UOMP) is going to deliver the state-of-the-art medical equipment to clinics of Azerbaijan.
19 April 2006 [13:00]

Since March 5 there is no suspicion for Bird flu in Azerbaijan

Number of Bird flu virus-infected people in Azerbaijan totaled 13, 5 of which died regardless of treatment, Chief Epidemiologist of the Ministry of Health Ibadullah Agayev stated.
19 April 2006 [10:34]

Activity of 42 establishments for hygienic regulations in Baku

The Republic Hygiene and Epidemiology Center implemented some precautions against communicable diseases and mass food poisoning in the country during the 1st quarter of this year.
19 April 2006 [10:31]

Rafig Aliyev: "Religious revolution is impossible in Azerbaijan"

State Committee Chairman on Religious Issues (SCRI) Rafig Aliyev has met with the second secretary of the US Embassy to Azerbaijan Paul Nerein.
19 April 2006 [09:46]

Ministry of Education to realize State Program for talented children

Azerbaijan Ministry of Education will set up Working Group with regard to realization of State Program (2006-10) for talented children.
19 April 2006 [09:35]

PACE rapporteur visits Baku today

Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) rapporteur, Russian PM Vera Oskina visits Baku today.
19 April 2006 [08:47]

Court of Appeal rejected ex-Health Minister's claim against Lider TV and AzTV

Court of Appeal chaired by Judge Ismayil Valiyev has rejected ex-Health Minister Ali Insanov's claim against Lider TV and AzTV, ex-Minister's lawyer Togrul Babayev informs.
18 April 2006 [18:41]

Two former Azerbaijan citizens injured in Jerasulem explosion

9 killed in Israeli bombing.
18 April 2006 [17:15]

Monument to Heydar Aliyev to be erected in Bishkek

Monument to the Azerbaijani ex-president, Heydar Aliyev will be erected in Bishkek. The project has been initiated by the Kyrgyz association of Azerbaijanis – 'Azeri'.
18 April 2006 [17:11]

Azeri national team wins four medals at European championship

Azeri national sambo team won three awards at European championship that ended recently in Beograd.
18 April 2006 [16:22]

President awarded 'Eurasian Man of the year'

President Ilham Aliyev has been interviewed by the Turkish magazine, Ecovitrine.
18 April 2006 [15:31]

UNHCR seeks to attract donors for refuges and displaced persons projects

There is still large portion of population in Azerbaijan considered as internally displaced persons (IDP) as a result of "frozen" conflict in Nagorno Karabakh, the UNHCR report for CIS, released on April 18, says.
18 April 2006 [14:15]

Map of "The Great Iran" includes Azerbaijani, Turkish and even African territories

The map of "The Great Iran" elaborated by the Iranian government includes territories of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Mediterranean coast, a section of Saudi Arabia and North Africa.
18 April 2006 [13:12]

Maleyka Abbaszadeh: "Rules of admission to universities may change this year"

Plans of admission in Azerbaijan's higher education institutions may change this year, Maleyka Abbaszadeh, Chairman of State Commission for Students Admission of Azerbaijan (SCSA), stated.
18 April 2006 [10:48]

Independent Azerbaijan University students to protest

The students of the Independent Azerbaijan University (IAU) will appeal to head of state Ilham Aliyev, embassies of foreign states in Azerbaijan, international organizations, Education Minister Misir Mardanov for legal solution of their problems.
18 April 2006 [10:33]

Marneuli residents protest against an act of vandalism towards Nizami Ganjavi's bas-relief

Officials of Azerbaijani Embassy in Georgia, authorities of Marneuli region and public representatives held protest action in front of the bas-relief of Azerbaijani prominent poet Nizami Ganjavi erected in the center of Marneuli, Georgia.
18 April 2006 [09:59]

"Career days" for students will be held in Azerbaijan

The biggest Student Organization of the World AIESEC Azerbaijan representation will hold event for students called "Career days".
18 April 2006 [09:53]

Prosecutor demands to jail al-Qaeda members in Azerbaijan

The trial over 16-member gang was held in Azerbaijan's Court for Grave Crimes yesterday.
18 April 2006 [08:54]

Culture and Tourism Ministry prepares special program with regard to development of library sector

"We prepare special program to improve the condition of libraries. Establishment of library and information centers within this program framework has been taken into consideration. First steps should be taken in this direction," Ministry of Culture and Tourism Abulfaz Garayev informed.
18 April 2006 [08:39]

Bird Flu not confirmed in Khachmaz

Regular monitoring are held among domestic and wild birds.
17 April 2006 [22:54]

President adopts elderly social protection program

President Ilham Aliyev has adopted state program on strengthening social protection of elderly people.
17 April 2006 [18:22]

Deputy Justice Minister and UN representative discuss children's rights

The Azerbaijani Deputy Justice Minister, Togrul Musayev and UN committee on children rights Chairman, Jacob Agbert Doek, who is currently on visit in Baku have discussed the children rights protection issues.
17 April 2006 [16:07]

Azeri military forces take part in actions

As per the agreement signed between Azerbaijan Republic and the USA, workshop "BTC pipeline security: hazard analysis and risk assessment" is led April 17 to 24 in Baku, press service of Defense Ministry imports.
17 April 2006 [12:38]

Press council conducted monitoring in western regions of Azerbaijan

Employees of the Press Council have conducted press condition monitoring in Azerbaijan's western regions, Ragim Guseynzadeh, secretary Executive of the Press Council, stated.
17 April 2006 [11:44]

Health Minister left for Moscow

Oktai Shiraliyev, the Azerbaijani Health Minister, has left for Moscow with a two-day visit, the Health Ministry announced.
17 April 2006 [11:38]

Delegation of North Cypriot Chamber of Industry arrives in Baku

Delegation of the Chamber of Industry of the North Cyprus arrived in Baku last weekend as the NGO of Year. An awarding ceremony will be held in mid April.
17 April 2006 [09:11]

Poultry fair held in Sumgait

Special-purpose fair on sale of fowl and eggs was held in Sumgait yesterday.
17 April 2006 [09:05]

Number of events took place in Lenkoran

The first event was dedicated to the 15-year activity of the Lenkoran State University (LSU).
17 April 2006 [08:55]

Azeris living in Sweden sent letter of protest to Embassy of Hungary

Verdict of the officer of the Azerbaijani army Ramil Safarov by the court of Budapest city to life imprisonment without the right of amnesty for 30 years enraged Azeris living in foreign countries.
17 April 2006 [08:52]

Journalists attended Training-Education Center of Defense Ministry

Group of journalists on the initiative of "Friends of Army" Press club have visited Training-Education Center (TEC) of Defense Ministry.
17 April 2006 [08:45]

Unidentified persons insulted bas-relief of Nizami Ganjavi in Georgia

The great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi's bas-relief in the center of Marneuli region in Georgia suffered of insulting behavior April 13 to 14.
17 April 2006 [08:28]

Head of International Republicans Institute Baku Office met ADP leader

International Republicans Institute (IRI) Baku Office Head Florid Dallas has met with Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP) leadership.
15 April 2006 [16:13]

President congratulates heads of Denmark and Syria

The Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliyev has congratulated the heads of state of Denmark Kingdom and Syrian Arab republic with their local holidays.
15 April 2006 [10:15]

Trial on assassination attempt against Soyun Sadighov to be held April 25

The Moscow court held a preparatory session related to the assassination attempt against Soyun Sadighov, President of AZERROS Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Russian Azerbaijanis.
15 April 2006 [10:06]

IOM Conducts Training for Government Officials

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) will start April 17 in Baku the 4-day training course on migration management for 23 migration practitioners from the Cabinet of Ministers, State Committee on Refugees and IDPs, MFA, State Border Service (SBS), Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population (MLSPP), Ministry of National Security (MNS), Azerbaijan Airlines State Concern, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Parliament of Azerbaijan.
15 April 2006 [09:59]

735 teachers removed from invigilators list

State Student Admission Committee (SSAC) has started holding seminar-training for teachers to participate as an invigilator in student admission to higher schools and technical schools.
15 April 2006 [09:45]

London lab announces Bird flu samples'results

The World Health Organization (WHO) Mill Hill reference laboratory in London has announced the results of 43 samples taken from suspected bird flu patients in Azerbaijan.
15 April 2006 [08:00]

Azerbaijani students introduce our country at international exhibition in Egypt

Exhibition-"International Day" was staged in American University in Cairo, Egypt, April 12.
14 April 2006 [22:22]

New airplane of President brought to Baku

New Airbus A319 airplane provided for the President of Azerbaijan has already been brought to Baku.
14 April 2006 [21:52]

Arthur Rasi-Zadeh meets delegation from Turkish football federation

The Azerbaijan PM Arthur Rasi-zadeh met with the delegation from Turkish football federation (TFF) headed by Haluk Ulusoy April 14.
14 April 2006 [21:20]

Political parties and associations protest Ramil Safarov's sentence

Alongside the injustice shown at issuing the life sentence on Azeri military officer Ramil Safarov charged with killing Armenian officer in Hungary, the sentence itself is issued by the order of Armenian lobby, Mamed Alizadeh, Chairman of Deliberative Council and leader of Azerbaijan Democratic World Party, stated.
14 April 2006 [16:49]

Ecology Ministry to work within the frames of International Earth Day

The Ecology and Natural resources Ministry will carry out works within the frames of the international Earth day that is celebrated annually April 22 in many countries of the world.
14 April 2006 [16:42]

Reduction of police staff is voluntary

Reduction of police staff is voluntary, Deputy Interior Minister, Orudj Zalov stated.
14 April 2006 [16:32]

Meeting to protest Ramil Safarov's sentence dispersed by police

Meeting was held near the Huseyn Javid monument in Baku to protest the court sentence to the Azerbaijani officer, Ramil Safarov sentenced to life.
14 April 2006 [09:22]

Head of the Committee on the Rights of the Child visits Azerbaijan

UNO Child's Rights Committee Head Jakob Egbert Doek has visited Azerbaijan.
14 April 2006 [09:06]

Journalists to visit military zones

"Friends of Army" Press Club plans to organize a visit of journalists to one of the military unit of Defense Ministry.
14 April 2006 [08:50]

Azerbaijan Committee Against Tortures announces its annual report 2005

The Azerbaijan Committee Against Tortures (ACAT) has announced its annual report 2005.
14 April 2006 [08:35]

Armenian still to be deported to Azerbaijan

The issue of extradition Armenian citizen Karen Ovannisian from Great Britain to Azerbaijan is discussed.
14 April 2006 [08:30]

Azerbaijan prohibited internal usage and import of ozone-destructive substances

Due to sharp increase of concentration of gases creating hothouse effect in the atmosphere of the Earth, the radiation balance of the planet became affected, what lead to global rise of annual yearly temperature.
14 April 2006 [08:20]

Azerbaijani military commissioner to retire

Chief of the Military Registration and Enlistment Office (MREO), major-general Aliagha Huseynov will be sent into retirement due to retirement age soon.
13 April 2006 [20:27]

PACE culture committee sends a monitoring group to South Caucasus

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe's (PACE) culture committee decided to sent a British MP, Edward O’Hara to study the condition of historical and cultural monuments in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, including occupied Azerbaijani territories.
13 April 2006 [20:26]

New translation software Dilmanc presented in Baku

Presentation of Azeri-English translation software Dilmanc has been held April 13 within the framework of "Creation and modernization of Azeri-English translation software" project executed jointly by the Ministry of Communications and IT and UNDP.
13 April 2006 [16:00]

Law on Education developing

However, Shamsaddin Hajiyev, Chairman of Milli Majlis Commission for Science & Education Affairs informed that the law on Education will be submitted to the MM spring session, but majority of Commission Members did not know about it.
13 April 2006 [15:56]

Prisoners' social problems to solve

Recently the Public Association of Detention Places and Azerbaijan Regional Development Center held round table focused on "Prisoners' social problems and ways of their solution" at International Press Center.
13 April 2006 [14:28]

Azerbaijan 1-1 Turkey

Debutant Hasan Kabze salvaged some pride for ten-man Turkey as his late goal earned a 1-1 friendly draw in Baku.
13 April 2006 [13:12]

President gets familiar with construction of module power station in Shaki District

On April 13 President Ilham Aliyev got familiar with the process of construction of a module power station in Shaki District, north Azerbaijan.
13 April 2006 [10:31]

Government will announce "golden amnesty" in recent days

The government is going to make decision on "golden amnesty", Society for Women Rights Defense named after Dilara Aliyeva informs.
13 April 2006 [10:28]

European Union expert to visit Azerbaijan April 13-15

European Union expert Thomas Zabranski will visit Azerbaijan from 13 April to 15.
13 April 2006 [09:35]

Officials, experts to discuss Azeri juvenile justice

The first national conference on juvenile justice, "Perspectives of Juvenile Justice Development in Azerbaijan", will be held at the Excelsior hotel in Baku Thursday and Friday.
13 April 2006 [09:33]

EU-funded anti-drug program to be mulled in Baku

The implementation of the European Union-funded South Caucasus Anti-Drug (SCAD) program will be discussed at a three-day meeting of experts from the Ministries of Health and Justice, and the State Statistics Committee, due in Baku Thursday, the SCAD office said.
13 April 2006 [09:31]

Iranian Embassy's web link in Azeri launched

A section of the website of the Iranian embassy in Baku,, designed for its press-service has been launched.
13 April 2006 [08:54]

President Ilham Aliyev visited Gakh region

President's visit to north-west region continues.
13 April 2006 [08:26]

Azeri bird flu girls discharged as outbreak eases

Azerbaijan's Health Ministry said on Wednesday that a bird flu outbreak was easing in the country and that two teenage girls had recovered sufficiently from the virus to be discharged from hospital.
12 April 2006 [17:03]

PACE rapporteur says 5,000 soldiers died from sickness and malnutrition in Azerbaijan's Army

At the PACE session Bulgarian parliamentarian Alexander Arabadjiev presented his report on human rights of members of armed forces.
12 April 2006 [17:00]

Day of Azerbaijan held in France

Event titled "Day of Azerbaijan" has been recently held in the French city of Toulouse at the initiative of Azerbaijan communities and Azerbaijani students, the State Committee on Azerbaijanis residing abroad informs.
12 April 2006 [16:05]

Israfil Ashurli postpones Everest climbing

The Azerbaijani mountain–climber, Israfil Ashurli postponed climbing Everest till the next year.
12 April 2006 [14:40]

International Red Cross Committee Conducts Training for Defense Ministry

International Red Cross Committee (IRCC) alongside Defense Ministry is leading training for militaries of Azerbaijan's army.
12 April 2006 [14:05]

Agajan Abiyev: "IOC reacted positively to changes in boxing judging"

Executives of the International Olympic Committee have positively estimated the changes made in the world’s boxing judging practice.
12 April 2006 [11:59]

President attends ceremony of new hospital foundation in Balakan

President Ilham Aliyev attended ceremony of new hospital's foundation in Balakan.
12 April 2006 [02:24]

Another case of Bird Flu confirmed in Azerbaijan

Tests conducted at a WHO collaborating laboratory in the United Kingdom have retrospectively identified an additional human case of H5N1 infection.
12 April 2006 [02:09]

Teymur Rajabov and Shahriyar Mammadyarov will meet in Spain

On April 14 international rapid chess tournament starts in San-Sebastian city of Spain
12 April 2006 [01:56]

Tarkan will present special program

Famous Turkish singer is getting ready for the concert to be held on June 25 at the Tofik Bharamov.
12 April 2006 [01:30]

International criminal gang stands trial in Baku

Court proceedings against 16-memebr gang charged with committing terrorism acts and other crimes started today in the Azerbaijan's Court for Grave Crimes.