25 May 2006 [18:45]

OSCE MG Co-Chairs made a joint statement in Yerevan

Having visited Armenia, representatives of co-chair countries of the OSCE Minsk Group for settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict issued a joint statement for the press.
25 May 2006 [15:51]

Delegation from Spain to chair OSCE next year to visit Baku

Spanish delegation led by Ambassador Carlos Sanchez de Boad, head of Spain's permanent delegation to OSCE, will visit Baku on 31 May within the tour to the South Caucasus states.
25 May 2006 [15:44]

Azerbaijan's flag burnt in Tehran

Azerbaijan's state flag has been burnt while two thousand protesters held an action outside the Azerbaijan's Embassy in Tehran in the evening of May 24.
25 May 2006 [15:38]

OSCE Minsk group discusses Karabakh conflict settlement in Yerevan

Co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group have met to discuss the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement.
25 May 2006 [15:31]

12 Azerbaijani detained in Tehran

Azerbaijani protester Ibrahim Azerpur was killed in the clash with government forces during the rally in Sulduz, Iran on 24 May.
25 May 2006 [14:51]

Zhirinovski calls Nagorno Karabakh to choose Montenegro way, Armenian expert doubtful

According to him, unrecognized republics in the former USSR territory, including Abkhazia, Transdnestrovie and Nagorno Karabakh will choose the way of Montenegro.
25 May 2006 [13:07]

Ukraine and Armenia agreed on military cooperation

Ukrainian and Armenian military officials inked the protocol on bilateral military cooperation.
25 May 2006 [12:50]

Ukranian official: "Ukraine does not supply arms to Azerbaijan"

Ukraine is a friendly country towards Armenia, Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine, Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, colonel general Sergey Kirichenko stated at a news conference in Yerevan.
25 May 2006 [12:38]

Georgia still mulling exit from CIS

The Georgian government is examining whether to withdraw from the Commonwealth of Independent States, but has not yet reached a decision, the country's state minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration said Thursday.
25 May 2006 [12:13]

O'Hara's visit postponed due to lacking necessary information to monitor cultural monuments

The postponing of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly member Edward O'Hara's visit to Baku scheduled for May 29 was due to his lacking necessary documents and materials to study cultural monuments in Azerbaijan and Armenia.
25 May 2006 [12:10]

AGO Group to visit Azerbaijan June 11

AGO Monitoring Group from the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers will visit Azerbaijan from 11 to 14 June.
25 May 2006 [09:31]

Young Turks Organization stages protest outside Iranian Embassy

The Young Turks Organization today staged a protest outside the Iran's Embassy in Baku demanding Iranian authorities to end repressions against Azerbaijanis.
25 May 2006 [09:24]

Azerbaijani Defense Minister invited to Iran

Mustafa Mahammad Najjar, Iranian Defense Minister, has invited Safar Abiyev, Azerbaijani Defense Minister, and Yaver Jamalov, Defense Industry Minister, to an official visit to his country. Afshar Suleymani, Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, has reported the media about.
25 May 2006 [09:18]

Afshar Suleymani: "IAEA confirms Iran abiding by international laws"

IRI Ambassador to Baku said at a press conference that the IAEA Chief Muhammad ElBaradei, as well as that agency's inspectors, confirmed in their latest visits of Iran that Tehran has not breached any of the related nuclear international laws, including NPT articles.
25 May 2006 [09:18]

Leo Platvoet's report on by-elections in Azerbaijan

Council of Europe Parlaimentary Assembly Standing Committee will meet in Moscow May 29.
25 May 2006 [08:40]

President receives delegation of Minsk Group co-chairs

The sides exchanged views on the negotiating process for the settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.
25 May 2006 [08:27]

IRI sends letter of appreciation to Azerbaijani CEC

The International Republican Institute (IRI) has sent letter of appreciation to the Central Election Commission (CEC) related to the 13 May by-elections.
25 May 2006 [08:22]

Azerbaijani students to hold forum in European Parliament

The forum of Azerbaijani students in Europe will be held in the European Parliament building May 29-30.
25 May 2006 [08:18]

NAGA demands Saakashvili's resignation

The National Assembly of Georgian Azerbaijanis (NAGA) is demanding Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili's resignation.
25 May 2006 [08:04]

Romania President will visit Azerbaijan this autumn

Romania President Trayan Basescu will pay an official visit to Azerbaijan in autumn of this year, Romania Ambassador to Baku has told yesterday.
24 May 2006 [22:38]

U.S. sees progress, no final agreement on Iran package

Major powers have made progress on a package of incentives and disincentives aimed at resolving the Iran nuclear crisis but have not reached final agreement and more meetings are likely, U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said on Wednesday.
24 May 2006 [22:29]

Iran links Azeri riots in Tabriz to Ahwaz intifada

Iranian intelligence officials have linked a riot in Tabriz by thousands of ethnic Azeri Turks with "issues in Khuzestan".
24 May 2006 [21:03]

Azerbaijani Prime Minister leaves for Dushanbe to attend CIS meeting

Azerbaijani Prime Minister Arthur Rasizadeh today left for the Tajikistani capital, Dushanbe, to attend the meeting of CIS Board of Heads of Government.
24 May 2006 [20:49]

Iranian ambassador denies death cases during the protest rallies in Iran

"The newspaper 'Iran' wrote a story and published a caricature which caused dissatisfaction of Iranian Azerbaijanis and they reacted to this naturally. I must say this caricature was a mistake.
24 May 2006 [20:43]

Yerevan surprised at Mammadyarov's statements

"We are again surprised by the fact that Azerbaijan tries to put forth an approach not corresponding to the contents of the current talks on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict," Acting Spokesman of the Armenian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Karapetyan said when commenting on the statement by Azeri FM Elmar Mammadyarov who said that "the stepwise resolution of the conflict is the best one."
24 May 2006 [20:42]

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs issued statement

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, being on a visit in Azerbaijan, issued joint statement.
24 May 2006 [20:24]

Anti-government demonstration in Orumieh, Iran

Demonstrations erupted in Orumieh yesterday afternoon and continued until late hours on Wednesday evening.
24 May 2006 [19:09]

Romania plans to join new GUAM

Romania plans to join the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development, GUAM, said Romanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Nicolae Ureche.
24 May 2006 [16:34]

President congratulated King of Jordan

President Ilham Aliyev congratulated His Majesty King Abdullah II on the national holiday of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - Independence Day.
24 May 2006 [15:30]

Deputy PM meets delegation of Fuji Optical Co. Ltd

Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Hasanov met May 24 with the delegation of Fuji Optical Co. Ltd (Japan) led by its president Dr. Akio Kanai.
24 May 2006 [15:18]

Ex-CIA agent: "The West should recognize Iran as nuclear power"

The USA should officially recognize Iran as a nuclear power and stop threatening the country, former CIA agent Robert Baer is quoted as saying by ATV TV-channel (Azerbaijani) citing Iranian sources.
24 May 2006 [15:11]

U.S. may allocate $43 million for reconstruction of military airfields in Azerbaijan

Pentagon requested the U.S. Congress for $43 million for the reconstruction of four military airfields in Azerbaijan and organization of anti-missile defense and radio-electronic intelligence, reported Express Baku-based newspaper citing sources within Pentagon.
24 May 2006 [14:13]

Ahmadinejad: "U.S. will fail to provoke ethnic differences"

Iran's president accused the United States and its allies on Wednesday of "hatching plots" to provoke ethnic tensions and destabilize Iran, a day after the government closed a state-run newspaper for publishing a cartoon that sparked riots by ethnic Azeris.
24 May 2006 [10:44]

National Security Minister pays official visit to Austria

Azerbaijani National Security Minister Eldar Mahmudov was on an official visit to Austria from May 15 to 19 at the invitation of Austrian Interior Minister.
24 May 2006 [10:41]

KLO denouncing Minsk Group co-chairs' next visit to the region

Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO) issued statement denouncing Minsk Group co-chairs' next visit to the region.
24 May 2006 [10:18]

Musavat MP group preparing draft law "On status of ex-presidents"

Musavat deputy group acting in Parliament has prepared draft law "On status of ex-presidents".
24 May 2006 [09:26]

President Bush to appoint new US Ambassador to Armenia

President George W. Bush today announced his intention to nominate Richard E. Hoagland to serve in his Administration.
24 May 2006 [09:20]

PACE rapporteur's visit to Azerbaijan and Armenia postponed

PACE rapporteur on monitoring of cultural monuments, Edward O’Hara, British MP, visit to Azerbaijan and Armenia postponed, Azerbaijani delegation member to PACE, Rafael Huseynov stated.
24 May 2006 [09:10]

Elmar Mammadyarov: "Nagorno Karabakh problem should be settled in three stages"

On May 24, Russian, French and US OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs Yuri Merzlyakov, Bernard Fassier and Steven Mann, as well as Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin will visit Baku.
24 May 2006 [08:58]

President Aliyev considers relations of his country with Russia to be constructive

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev believes that his country's relations with Russia have been developing constructive for the last time.
24 May 2006 [08:33]

CSTO adopts document to avert new threats and challenges

The High Level Group of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) met in Moscow yesterday.
24 May 2006 [08:11]

ICPS: "198 prisoners per 100,000 of the population in Azerbaijan"

The International Center for Prison Studies (ICPS) has announced the latest world prison population list.
23 May 2006 [22:09]

Protest outside Iranian Embassy in Baku

The members of the South Azerbaijan National Revival Movement (SANRM) and the United Azerbaijan Union (UAU) staged a protest action outside Iran's Embassy in Baku with regard to the killing of Azerbaijani protesters and detaining of more than 100 of them in Tabriz, Iran, on May 22.
23 May 2006 [21:48]

Robert Simmons: "NATO doesn't object to Russian base in Armenia"

NATO has nothing against the Armenian wish to have a Russian military base on its territory, special representative for the South Caucasus and Central Asia Robert Simmons said on Tuesday.
23 May 2006 [21:28]

Iranian opposition in exile calls for nationwide solidarity with anti-government protests

Government buildings torched, many arrested during uprisings in three northwestern Iranian provinces.
23 May 2006 [21:20]

Train carrying hardware pulled out from Georgia moves to Azeri border

A second train, loaded with military hardware and property withdrawn from the Russian military base Akhalkalaki in Georgia, left for Russia from the railway terminal of Palka in Georgia at 9.00 a.m. Moscow time Tuesday.
23 May 2006 [21:18]

Moldovan President: "GUAM's work aimed at solving problems four countries face"

The activities of the GUAM alliance of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova are not aimed against anybody, but expected to solve problems the four countries face, Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin said after the GUAM summit on Tuesday.
23 May 2006 [21:15]

Armenia, NATO discuss cooperation prospects

Armenian President Robert Kocharian and the NATO Secretary-General's Representative for the North Caucasus and Central Asia, Robert Simmons, have discussed Armenia-NATO cooperation, the Armenian presidential press service told Itar-Tass on Tuesday.
23 May 2006 [20:53]

Yushchenko, Aliyev, discussed energy cooperation

Victor Yushchenko has met with Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev, according to the Ukranian President's press-office.
23 May 2006 [19:36]

Azerbaijani Education Minister Calls on VP

Visiting Azerbaijani Education Minister Misir Mardanov conferred with the Iranian first Vice-President Parviz Dawoodi here on Tuesday.
23 May 2006 [19:31]

20 Azerbaijanis killed in Tabriz, protest action dispersed

Azeri Embassy in Tehran does not respond.
23 May 2006 [15:26]

Russian Deputy FM: "GUAM not anti-Russian group"

A Russian deputy foreign minister said Tuesday Russia saw no anti-Russian sentiment in GUAM, a regional organization uniting four of its former fellow Soviet republics.
23 May 2006 [15:23]

Azerbaijan leader says energy security boosts GUAM independence

Energy security of GUAM, a regional organization of four former Soviet republics, is vital for the independence of its member countries, Azerbaijan's president said Tuesday.
23 May 2006 [14:53]

Ukraine says GUAM must focus on cooperation with EU, NATO

GUAM, a regional organization of four former Soviet republics, should focus on cooperation with the European Union and NATO, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said Tuesday.
23 May 2006 [14:47]

GUAM leaders adopt charter for group's new incarnation

Leaders of GUAM, a regional organization of four former Soviet republics, adopted Tuesday a charter changing the group's status and renaming it the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development.
23 May 2006 [13:45]

MM Speaker meets State Secretary of Vatican

Speaker of Milli Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic (Azerbaijan Parliament) met with the State Secretary of Vatican for Relations with States archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, 22 May.
23 May 2006 [13:36]

26-30 May 2006 NATO PA spring session

Some 340 parliamentarians from North America and Europe are expected to attend the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's Spring session which will be held in Paris, France from Friday May 26 to Tuesday May 30.
23 May 2006 [12:34]

OSCE: De Gucht discusses Nagorno Karabakh, frozen conflicts

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's chairman-in-office, Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht, is in Prague for the OSCE's 14th Economic Forum on May 22-23.
23 May 2006 [12:31]

US official urges reform in oil producer countries

With energy security quickly moving up on its agenda, the US administration is putting pressure on oil- and gas-rich countries to open up their economies and initiate political reforms.
23 May 2006 [11:03]

Mikhail Saakashvili: "Georgia may be forced out of CIS without clothes"

Georgian President regretted on Tuesday that Georgia may be forced out of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
23 May 2006 [10:38]

Senator Sam Brownback: "US should seek negotiated Karabakh settlement"

The Bush administration's new strategy on the Caspian region is known, said US Senator Sam Brownback, who authored the draft law on supporting the South Caucasus and Central Asian states in the US Senate.
23 May 2006 [09:18]

Co-chairs and their FM officials to have talks in Baku May 24

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs Yuri Merzlyakov (Russia), Steven Mann (US) and Bernard Fassier (France), deputy Russian Foreign Minister Grigori Karasin, US Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Daniel Fried as well as French Foreign Ministry director for political affairs Stanislas D’Labule will have talks on the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, on May 24.
23 May 2006 [09:16]

US to aid $5 million to the alleged "Nagorno Karabakh Republic" in 2007

US Congress House of Representatives committee for military aids adopted a decision to preserve parity in rendering military assistance to Azerbaijan and Armenia.
23 May 2006 [09:14]

Ali Hasanov: "There is no danger to Azerbaijan from PACE Summer Session"

"Azerbaijan does not expect any danger from the Summer Session of the Council of Europe Parlaimentary Assembly," head of Presidential Administration's socio-political department Ali Hasanov told journalists.
23 May 2006 [09:03]

President Aliyev: "Kyiv Summit will give strong impetus to current cooperation among GUAM states"

Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev told journalists at the Borispol airport in Kyiv today that energy issue will be the priority in the cooperation among GUAM member states.
23 May 2006 [09:00]

Education Minister visits Iran

On May 22 delegation led by Education Minister, Misir Mardanov, left for to Islamic Republic of Iran.
23 May 2006 [08:50]

Contact line of Armenian and Azerbaijani troops to be monitored

A monitoring is due to be held near Kurapatkino village of Azerbaijan's region Khojavend, in the contact line of troops in accordance with the mandate of personal representative of OSCE Chairman-in-Office.
23 May 2006 [08:44]

Samad Seyidov: "There is no problem between Azerbaijan and CE"

Head of the Azerbaijani delegation to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) Samad Seyidov stated that there was no problem between Azerbaijan and CE.
23 May 2006 [08:41]

Talks on Aliyev-Kocharian meeting to be held during OSCE MG co-chairs' visit to the region

At the proposal of the Council of Europe, OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs organized the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia Elmar Mammadyarov and Vardan Oskanyan within the 116th session of the Council of Europe Committee of Foreign Ministers in Strasbourg on 19 May.
23 May 2006 [01:27]

UN Security Council powers to hold key Iran meeting Wednesday

Senior diplomats of the five permanent U.N. Security Council member countries plus Germany will convene in London Wednesday to discuss next steps in the confrontation over Iran's nuclear program.
23 May 2006 [00:14]

GUAM not going to compete with CIS

GUAM is not a competitor for the CIS, but it turned out to be more effective than the Commonwealth, according to the GUAM foreign ministers who gathered in Kiev on Monday.
22 May 2006 [20:17]

GUAM foreign ministers synchronize watches ahead of Kiev summit

The GUAM alliance comprising Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova will be transformed into a full-fledged organization that contributes to stability and security, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Boris Tarasyuk said at a meeting of the GUAM foreign ministers on Monday.
22 May 2006 [20:08]

China, Russia Foreign Ministers discuss Iran in Beijing

The foreign ministers of Russia and China met in Beijing on Tuesday where how to resolve the standoff over Iran's nuclear program is likely to be high on the agenda.
22 May 2006 [19:38]

Iran aims becoming Shanghai Collaboration Organization active member

Iran is willing to become a full-fledged member of Shanghai Collaboration Organization (SCO) and this aspiration is not connected with its nuclear program, Romin Mehmonparast, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Iran to Kazakhstan, has said at press conference in Almaty.