12 May 2006 [09:55]

Isa Gambar: "Exit-poll" organized in more transparent way"

Today Musavat Party Head Isa Gambar has held a press conference dedicated to re-parliamentary elections on May 13.(APA). Isa Gambar has stated that the party has forwarded 7 candidates on 10 constituencies, on the other constituency it supports other party's candidate.
12 May 2006 [08:56]

Protocol is signed between Ganja Automobile Plant and Chinese Lifan

Agreement protocol on installation of Chinese automobiles in Azerbaijan has today been signed between Lifan Company, China and Ganja Automobile Plant (GAP) on GAP premises.
12 May 2006 [08:39]

CEM and CleanExpo exhibitions took place in Baku

2nd Furnishings and appliances exhibition (CEM) and Cleaning and hygiene equipments exposition (CleanExpo) has started in Baku.
12 May 2006 [08:27]

Bank Standard assets reach $145,224 million

Bank Standard CJSC assets aggregate AZN131 225 thousand (US $145 224 thousand) for May, 1 this year, exceeding last month figure by 14% and last year figure by 32%.
11 May 2006 [21:10]

The Guardian: "Cheney has Turkey in his sights"

The vice-president highlighted an unheralded goal of US foreign policy when he took a shot at Russia, writes David Gow.
11 May 2006 [20:26]

Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to transport 10 million tonnes of oil via TRACECA

The transportation of oil and oil products from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan via the transport corridor Europe - Caucasus - Asia (TRACECA) are expected in the volume of 10 million tonnes.
11 May 2006 [20:25]

Azerbaijan can increase oil export price by 25%

Incomes and expenditures of Azerbaijan's state budget for 2006 can be increased be increased for AZN 350 million, Prime Minister Arthur Rasizade told journalists.
11 May 2006 [13:17]

ADB allots $179 mln credit

Asian Development Bank (ADB) has loaned 179 mln dollars to Azerbaijan in accordance with the Country strategy and program update, ADB's office said.
11 May 2006 [13:12]

Azeri Enrerprises increase gas production

Some 2 bln 239. 31 mln cubic meters of gas have been produced in Azerbaijan within past four months that is 591,9 mln cubic meters more of the same period of 2005.
11 May 2006 [12:37]

Adidas-Salomon AG to distribute Reebok brand in Azerbaijan

Adidas-Salomon buys Reebok brand distribution rights for part of CIS.
11 May 2006 [09:50]

Azerbaijani and Latvian Accounts Chambers to sign cooperation agreement

Chamber of Accounts of Latvia submitted draft document on cooperation agreement to Azerbaijani structure.
11 May 2006 [09:48]

Purchasing new equipments to strengthen control over customs stations

State Customs Committee (SCC) negotiates foreign companies on purchasing new equipments to simplify the examination process and to strengthen control over water frontiers.
11 May 2006 [09:45]

WTO proposals on customs tariffs are considered in Azerbaijan

State Customs Committee (SCC) currently considers World Trade Organization (WTO) customs tariffs for Azerbaijan. Aydin Aliyev, Chief of the Committee, told in his speech to the media that WTO wants Azerbaijan to consider proposals on customs tariffs.
11 May 2006 [08:16]

Hotel "Azerbaijan" to be invested

State Committee on State Property Management has declared investment competition for selling 99,83% (including 14,83% remaining after privileged sales to employees) of Hotel Azerbaijan OJSC stocks.
11 May 2006 [08:10]

AIOC increased oil exportation by 60,7% in January-April

Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC) exported 5 507 thousand tons oil in January-April this year exceeding preceding year's figure for the same period by 60,7%.
10 May 2006 [13:22]

Kazakhstan regards TransCaspian gas pipeline construction

The government of RK regards an opportunity of a gas pipeline construction through the Caspian Sea.
10 May 2006 [13:02]

Turkey's Energy Minister: "BTC are protected in high level in all three countries"

"The oil will reach Ceyhan (Turkey), on 27 May, and we'll load the first tanker on that day.
10 May 2006 [08:11]

Samir Sharifov: "2006 state budget will be changed due to increasing incomes"

"Long-term salary increase policy is now driven. For this purpose state budget should be changed that demands more expenses," Samir Sharifov, Finance Minister, told to the media.
09 May 2006 [19:23]

BP to load first BTC crude cargo end May

Oil major BP will load the first cargo of Azeri crude from its $4 billion BTC pipeline in Turkey at the end of May, trade sources said on Tuesday.
09 May 2006 [19:11]

Fazil Mammadov: "Barmek accounts will probably be re-blocked"

"It is absolutely legal to put up property of some public enterprises at auction. This rule is expected to be implemented over some other public enterprises too," Fazil Mammadov, Taxes Minister told in his speech to the media.
09 May 2006 [18:30]

Zaman Online: "Trans-Caspian gas pipeline being warmed up again"

Article by Mirza Cetinkaya, published in Turkey's Zaman Online edition.
09 May 2006 [18:14]

TRACECA Intergovernmental Commission meets in Sofia

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Transport Corridor TRACECA and the Second Ministerial Conference on enhanced Transport Co-operation between the EU, the Black Sea/Caspian littoral States and their neighbouring countries ("Baku Initiative") were held in Sofia on 3 May.
09 May 2006 [17:56]

Azerbaijan Minister of Communications visits UAE's JAFZA facilities

Ali Abbasov, Azerbaijan Minister of Communications and Information Technologies praised the development and the success achieved by Jebel Ali Free Zone "Jafza" that ranked them in the leading Free Zones to export its goods and products world-wide in a visit paid to Jafza.
09 May 2006 [10:35]

New module of Baku Power Station is to be built

One of 5 module stations to be built in Azerbaijan will be constructed in Baku Power Station area which activity is limited for being economically unprofitable and due to un-normal work graphic.
09 May 2006 [09:52]

Number of people with tax debt decreased by 9,6%

Number of tax-payers who has debts on taxes has decreased by 9,6% in January-March this year. The figure in April was 30,5 thousand persons and legal entities.
09 May 2006 [09:50]

1,083 million tons pure oil filled in Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline by May, 1

8 050 thousand barrels (1 083 thousand tons) pure oil has been delivered to Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline by May, 1 this year.
09 May 2006 [09:37]

SOCAR increased budget transfer by 2,2 times in April

State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) transferred AZN60 041 into state budget in April this year exceeding last year's indicator for the same period by 2,2 times.
08 May 2006 [20:07]

Turkish PM: "BTC pipeline to flow by June"

The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline will see oil flow in June, Turkey's Anatolia Adana news agency reported Sunday.
08 May 2006 [19:52]

President Aliyev holds meeting of the Cabinet

President Ilham Aliyev held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the results of Q1
08 May 2006 [15:47]

Government initiates to privatize agro credit organization

Azerbaijan government initiates to privatize agro credit organization till 2008.
08 May 2006 [14:35]

SOCAR awards scholarship to Oil Academy students

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) bolsters 50 students of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy through awarding monthly scholarships in order to provide oil industry with qualified cadres.
08 May 2006 [14:24]

Azerbaijan, US discuss ICT cooperation prospects

Communications Minister discussed prospects of bilaterial cooperation.
08 May 2006 [12:08]

Rajap Tayyip Erdogan: "There exists no threat to Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline"

The official opening ceremony of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Main Export Pipeline is due to be held in Ceyhan district of Adana province in Turkey in July this year, APA informs.
08 May 2006 [11:59]

American companies intend to build petroleum chemical complex in Azerbaijan

American companies intend to construct big petroleum chemical complex in Azerbaijan, informed Heydar Babayev, Minister of Economic Development.
08 May 2006 [08:39]

Increase of diesel fuel caused fall of grain-growing in Zagatala

From beginning of this year, increase of fuel twice had made impact on agricultural development in Zagatala.
07 May 2006 [21:23]

BP to withdraw from the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline Project?

BP turns over its Black Sea shares.
07 May 2006 [18:36]

Bahamas to issue verdict on Viktor Kozeny's extradition to USA on May 19

The Bahamian court is to decide on Czech-born financier Viktor Kozeny's possible extradition to the USA on May 19, Kozeny's Bahamian defence counsel Philip Davis said.
07 May 2006 [15:34]

IT and Communication Minister of Azerbaijan visits Etisalat University College

Minister of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Azerbaijan recently visited the premises of Etisalat University College.
07 May 2006 [14:52]

Ukranian company wins Azeri Light tender

A tender for a million barrel batch of Azeri Light crude has been wrapped up, according to the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan.
07 May 2006 [14:47]

SOCAR's capital expenditures to increase

Capital expenditures of the State Oil Company will reach $300 million, up by 16.5% on the same period last year.
07 May 2006 [13:44]

Poultry products fair held in Azerbaijani capital

Another poultry and poultry products qualified fair is organized today in Baku.
07 May 2006 [13:03]

Azerbaijan delegation to participate in Eurasian Economic Summit

The Ninth Eurasian economic summit will take place May 8-10 in Istanbul, Turkey, Industry and Energy Ministry's PR office announced.
07 May 2006 [13:01]

East Azeri progress on target

The East Azeri Topsides construction progress at the Heydar Aliyev Baku Deep Water Jacket Factory is on target with 93% of the overall work already complete against the plan of 94%.
07 May 2006 [13:00]

Shah Deniz Project continued to progress according to schedule

The Shah Deniz gas and condensate development project has continued to progress according to schedule since the beginning of 2006.
06 May 2006 [19:11]

Artur Rasizade holds talks with Kazakh Premiere on Caspian pipeline

Kazakhstan calls for building Aktau-Baku pipeline in Caspian Sea.
06 May 2006 [16:18]

Azerbaijan starts to export sugar

Azerbaijani Sugary Production Association has exported its first products to Georgia today.
06 May 2006 [14:08]

New flights on Vilnius-Baku route

Flights have started on Vilnius-Baku airline this week. Airline travels are run twice a week, on Wednesday and on Sunday by Air Baltic Company.
06 May 2006 [11:47]

Azerbaijan's foreign debt grows 5.5% in Q1

Azerbaijan's foreign debt grew 5.48% to $1.741 billion in the first quarter of 2006.
05 May 2006 [16:45]

International exibition "CEM/CleanExpo-2006" to open

The 2nd Azerbaijan international exhibition of Electronics and Household Appliances, hygiene facilities "CEM/CleanExpo-2006" will open in Baku May 11 at the Heydar Aliyev Sport and Concert complex.
05 May 2006 [16:41]

Accounts Chambers of Ukraine and Azerbaijan sign cooperation agreement

The agreement on cooperation between Counting Chambers of Ukraine and Azerbaijan was sealed on May 4.
05 May 2006 [14:24]

Trade turnover rise

The natural and juridical persons were involved in foreing trade with 112 countries in January-March this year.
05 May 2006 [13:00]

Ali Abbasov visits UAE

Ali Abbasov, Communication and Information Technologies minister starts official visit to United Arab Emirates May 5 on invitation of Sultan bin Said Mansouri, Minister of the State sector development of the Emirates.
05 May 2006 [09:02]

Huseyn Arabul: "We are going to sue state structures, unless they shortly pay their debts"

"Barmek-Azerbaijani Electricity Company LLC raised a question vis-?-vis the Economic Development Ministry on violation of stipulations of its agreement with the government and some state structures’ not paying their electricity fees," Company President Huseyn Arabul stated.
05 May 2006 [08:44]

Special Commission to check the contract between Barmek and Ministry of Economic Development

Ministry of Economic Development has organized special commission to check the fulfillment of the contract signed between the Ministry and Barmek-Azerbaijan Energy Network Limited Liability Company (LLC).
04 May 2006 [13:42]

State Security Committee has registered first mortgage credit paper

Anar Ahmadov, Department Head of the Committee says the paper may be issued to any natural or juridical person giving credits.
04 May 2006 [13:10]

President of SOCAR meets Likoil delegation

Rovnag Abdullayev, President of Azerbaijan State Oil Company (SOCAR) met May 3 with the delegation of "Lukoil Overseas Holding" Ltd led by its Vice President Azat Shamsuarov.
04 May 2006 [08:46]

Azerbaijan will chair ECO

In the meeting of Economic Cooperation Organization to be held in Baku May 5, chairmanship will be transferred to Azerbaijan from Tajikistan.
03 May 2006 [16:53]

Ministry of Taxes ratifies regulations on municipality taxes

Fazil Mammadov, the Minister of Taxes, ratified the package of regulations on the right of municipalities to collect taxes.
03 May 2006 [13:30]

International conference on law and legal reforms to be held in Baku

An international conference entitled "Law and Legal State: legal reforms in Azerbaijan" is due to be held May 3 in Baku, with representatives of Azerbaijan Armed Forces in attendance as well.
03 May 2006 [12:39]

Topaz eyes investment in Azerbaijan

A Topaz delegation visited Azerbaijan in the Caspian region to hold discussions with SOCAR.
03 May 2006 [12:30]

Crocus to build a complex for PBL to be first overseas group to run casino in Russia

Australian media and gaming group to run a casino in Russia's capital
03 May 2006 [12:22]

Work on INAM PSA in progress

In the INAM Production Sharing Agreement (BP 25% and operator, SOCAR 50% and Shell 25%) planning of the INX-2 well has now moved into the final stage.
03 May 2006 [12:16]

Minister of Communications to visit UAE

Ali Abbasov, Azerbaijani Minister of Communication and Information Technologies will leave for UAE on May 6-7.
03 May 2006 [11:19]

Foreign currency trading hikes

The Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (BICEX) has defined the list of banks - leading operators of foreign currency exchange market in April 2006.
02 May 2006 [17:27]

Stock exchange rate reached 6, 29%

Market rate of national currency reached 0,59% this April, Baku bank stock exchange informs.
02 May 2006 [15:31]

Azerbaijan ready to commence construction of fibre-optic line to Kazakhstan

The governments of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are intensifying construction of a joint fibre-optic line on the bottom of the Caspian Sea between Siazan (a town 120 km North of Baku) and Aktau.
02 May 2006 [15:26]

Protocol on amendments to Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan treaty ratified

Deputies of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan have passed the Law On ratification of a Protocol on amendments to the Treaty between the Governments of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan on free trade as of June 10, 1997.
02 May 2006 [15:14]

President accepted Statoil Head

The Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliyev accepted delegation from the Norwegian oil company, Statoil and its president, Helge Lund in charge.
02 May 2006 [13:05]

Azeri delegation attends Asian Development Bank annual meeting

The 39th annual meeting of Asian Development Bank (ADB), which to gather delegations of ADB member states, heads of international financial structures, donor organizations, businessmen and mass media representatives will take place May 3-6 in Hyderabad (India), press-service of Ministry of Economic Development said.
02 May 2006 [09:53]

25 million tonnes of Kazakh oil per annum to be pumped via BTC

The agreement on the transportation of Kazakh oil via the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan provides transportation of 25 million tonnes of Kazakh oil per annum, Abbas Abbasov, Vice Premier of Azerbaijan, told journalists.
02 May 2006 [08:55]

Economic Ministry Committee established for working with "Barmek"

Though "Barmek" Azerbaijan Open Joint Stock Company has paid part of its debts for March, it will not be able to pay for the energy obtained with regard to freezing the bank accounts, "Barmek Azerbaijan Electricity Liability Network" Limited Liability Company President, Huseyn Arabul stated.
02 May 2006 [08:35]

Two additional oil-wells are expected to be drilled in "Guneshli"

Representatives of State Oil Company (SOC) have visited oil-production platform No.19 in "Guneshli".
02 May 2006 [08:32]

"International Insurance Company" obtained ISO-9001 certificate

"International Insurance Company" (IIC) has held audit of management system aimed at getting ISO-9001 certificate.
02 May 2006 [08:05]

Examination takes place among large tax-payers

Ministry of Labor and Social Protection in cooperation with Ministry of Taxes examines the situation in the legalization of job contracts between employers and employees among large tax-payers.
01 May 2006 [21:44]

Conference for prevention of terrorist attacks on oil&gas pipelines held in Baku

A 3 day conference dedicated to the prevention of terrorist attacks on oil and gas pipelines is taking place in Baku.