10 August 2006 [09:04]

Secondary schools need 5,562 teachers

Azerbaijani secondary schools need 5562 teachers in different subjects.
10 August 2006 [08:23]

Azerbaijani building company won Moscow international competition

The winners of Moscow Competition I on the best building and designing company will be awarded.
10 August 2006 [08:12]

SOCAR Production Unit extracted 3 909 327 tonnes of oil in the first half of the year

SOCAR Oil Production Unit gave a deliberation on the results of the first part of 2006.
09 August 2006 [18:25]

Iran-Azerbaijan cooperate on water power plants

Iran and Azerbaijan have reached agreement on constructing two water power plants on the border river, Araks.
09 August 2006 [16:34]

State Post Company renders new services

Azerpocht (AzerPost) State Company of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan, AZAL and Spanish 'Amadeus' signed agreement on preparation of the employees engaged in booking, the Ministry said.
09 August 2006 [14:55]

UNICEF and Ministry of Economic Development hold meeting to discuss problems in white salt industry

UNICEF jointly with the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan held on August 8 a meeting to discuss ways of elimination of the problems occurred in production and sale of white salt in Azerbaijan.
09 August 2006 [14:08]

Huseyn Arabul: "I compiled the list of senior officials owing to Barmek"

"The task force set up by the Economic Development Ministry has already completed examination in Barmek. But we are unaware of the results," Barmek President Huseyn Arabul told.
09 August 2006 [13:37]

Human Rights Organizations Monitoring Group prepares new political prisoner list

The working group composed of representatives of authorities and human rights defenders will meet in September this year.
09 August 2006 [10:46]

AtaHolding to open office in Moscow

Azeri AtaHolding intends to open its office in Moscow by this year's end.
09 August 2006 [10:45]

Gas delivery forecast implemented by 94.2% in Jan-Jul

SOCAR delivered 410.53mn cubic meters of gas in July having implemented the gas delivery anticipation by 75.6%.
09 August 2006 [09:37]

Record deals at BICEX for the last 13 years

Record number of deals were concluded at trading sessions held at the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange yesterday.
09 August 2006 [09:22]

Mehmet Ali Shahin: "I was unaware of Barmek company's problem"

"During my official meetings in Baku, I did not have any discussions regarding the problems that Barmek-Azerbaijan Electricity Distribution LLC faces," Turkish State Minister Mehmet Ali Shahin told.
09 August 2006 [08:53]

Taxes Ministry pays 89% more to the State Budget

Taxes Ministry of Azerbaijan announced that the taxes collection forecast was implemented by 103.7% and the Ministry paid AZN 1 453.1 mn to the State Budget against the planned AZN 1 401.1 mn in January-July.
09 August 2006 [08:50]

Auction on placement of National Bank notes to be held August 9

Auction on placement of short-term notes of National Bank with the state registration number 50103212S will be held at Baku Stock Exchange on August 9.
08 August 2006 [21:58]

Oil exports from Azerbaijan up 65% in Jan-July

Oil exports from Azerbaijan in January-July 2006 amounted to 11.085 million tonnes, up 65.3% year-on-year.
08 August 2006 [21:42]

The case of Barmek senior officials to be investigated

The Anticorruption Department will complete the investigation of the case of Barmek senior officials in two months.
08 August 2006 [14:58]

SOCAR announced staff reshuffle

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) made some changes in the staff.
08 August 2006 [09:59]

US supports financial sector development projects in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan SME Support through Financial Sector Development Project, supported by the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by ACDI/VOCA will start the implementation of its Rural Finance Training Program for Banks and Leasing Companies August 8-11.
08 August 2006 [09:35]

Azerbaijan ceased exporting mazut

SOCAR has stopped exporting mazut (black oil) from the country lately.
08 August 2006 [09:10]

T-bills of Ministry of Finance placed at BSE

Auction on placement of T-bills of Ministry of Finance with the state registration number 10202113S was held at Baku Stock Exchange.
08 August 2006 [08:53]

Program on development of railway system of Azerbaijan to be worked out at the WB initiative

The World Bank intends to finance a number of projects on development of railroad system.
08 August 2006 [08:48]

Azerbaijan negotiating with Russian Gasexport

Azerbaijani Government and Russian Gasexport are negotiating on the price and volume of natural gas to be exported to Azerbaijan next year.
08 August 2006 [08:41]

Lodges and hotels paid tax of AZN 3.994 mln

Hotels and lodges paid taxes of AZN 3.9936 mln to the State Budget during the first half of this year.
08 August 2006 [08:34]

Azerbaijan intends to pay off debts to IMF in 2007

Azerbaijan wants to fulfill liabilities to the International Monetary by next year end.
08 August 2006 [08:20]

IBA aggregate incomes rose by 45.8%

IBA (International Bank of Azerbaijan) aggregate incomes amounted to AZN 81 266 318 during the first half of the year, this figure is 45.79 rise on the same period last year.
07 August 2006 [15:17]

22 Azerbaijani regions will be left without natural gas

22 regions of Azerbaijan have been left without natural gas because the percentage of gas fee collection constituted under 55%.
07 August 2006 [13:55]

Monitoring beer and soft drinks uncovered poor-quality goods

Azerbaijani Economic Development Ministry Antimonopoly Department has monitored beer and soft drinks market.
07 August 2006 [11:20]

Caspian Sea cruising project to be tabled in Aktau

The Caspian Sea cruising project Kazakhstan-Russia-Turkmenistan-Iran-Azerbaijan will be considered at the international festival Caspian Sea is the sea of friendship on August 24-26 in Aktau.
07 August 2006 [08:35]

Hajigabul Ranjbar villagers intends to sue BP, SOCAR and State Land and Cartography Committee

Labor Rights Defense League intends to sue BP, SOCAR, State Land and Cartography Committee.
06 August 2006 [23:28]

Russian Transportation Ministry halves railway tariffs for Caspian oil

Russian Transportation Ministry said Friday that it had halved tariffs on railway transit of Kazakh and Turkmen crude and refined oil products to the Black Sea in a bid to attract customers from alternative routes bypassing Russia.
06 August 2006 [23:22]

Georgia not buying Russian power

Georgia stopped buying Russian electricity last week and will halt imports of Russian gas starting at the end of the year as the country seeks to reduce its dependence on Russia amid worsening relations.
06 August 2006 [18:46]

Hydroelectric power stations to be built on Araks river

Azeri and Iranian experts discuss a joint project.
05 August 2006 [16:20]

Gas supply for Ganja cut off

Natural gas supply for Ganja was cut off in the morning because the population failed to pay for it.
05 August 2006 [10:02]

Deal of 9.636 closed at BICEX

The weighted average exchange price made up 0.8875 AZN/USD at trading sessions held at the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange on yesterday.
05 August 2006 [09:59]

Baku Railroad Station to be reconstructed

Baku Railroad Station will be reconstructed, Transportation Minister, Musa Panahov told journalists.
05 August 2006 [09:53]

Auction on placement of T-bills to be held at BSE August 7

Auction on placement of T-bills with the state registration number 10202113S will be held at Baku Stock Exchange on August 7.
05 August 2006 [09:49]

AIOC transported 626 528 tonnes of oil through Baku-Supsa in July

Azerbaijani International Operating Company (AIOC) transported 626 528 tonnes of oil through Baku-Supsa pipeline in July.
05 August 2006 [09:47]

Mortgaging mechanism of AMF simplified

Management Board of the National Bank of Azerbaijan reviewed the amendments to "The standard requirements on AMF-funded mortgaging by the authorized banks".
05 August 2006 [09:22]

787 011 tonnes of Azerbaijani oil transported through BTC in July

787 011 tonnes of Azerbaijani oil were transported through BTC in July.
05 August 2006 [09:16]

Azerbaijan may receive credit rating from Moody's Investors Service

Azerbaijan may receive credit rating from Moody’s Investors Service.
04 August 2006 [22:46]

German-Azerbaijani Joint Venture - Eupec/Azpetrol resumed its activity

German-Azerbaijani Joint Venture Eupec/Azpetrol will implement concreting and isolating of the pipes on Phase III of Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli.
04 August 2006 [22:43]

Huseyn Arabul: "I will get Azerbaijan to understand everything"

Ernst&Young Audit Company will estimate the investment made in Azerbaijan by the Barmek LLC for past 5 years.
04 August 2006 [14:44]

Mortgaging mechanism of AMF simplified

Management Board of the National Bank of Azerbaijan reviewed the amendments to "The standard requirements on AMF-funded mortgaging by the authorized banks".
04 August 2006 [14:27]

Turkish firm applies for $4.9 bln refinery license

Turkey's Calik Energy said on Thursday it has applied with Indian Oil Corp for a license to build a $4.9 billion refinery near the Turkish Mediterranean port of Ceyhan.
04 August 2006 [13:44]

Russian air traffic controllers to stop offering services to Armavia

The Russian Federal Air Navigation Service told Interfax on Friday that it is halting navigation services in Russian air space to Armenian airlines as of August 14, due to growing debts.
04 August 2006 [12:32]

Iran warns oil could reach $200 on sanctions

Global oil prices could hit $200 per barrel if the United States pursues international sanctions against Iran, an Iranian official said on Thursday, although analysts passed the comment off as saber rattling.
04 August 2006 [10:08]

Azerbaijan posts highest H1 industrial output growth in CIS

Azerbaijan posted the highest year-on-year industrial output growth in the CIS in the first half of 2006 at 41.1%, the CIS Interstate Statistics Committee said Thursday.
04 August 2006 [10:06]

Iran to join to 3 neighbors' fiberoptic networks

Iran's negotiations with the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, and Kuwait on connecting to their fiberoptic networks are to be finalized by early October, the managing director of the Telecommunications Company of Iran (TCI) said.
04 August 2006 [09:58]

Delegation of State Customs Committee will visit Estonia

Delegation from the State Customs Committee together with representatives from Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers, Parliament, Ministry of Justice and UNDP will be leaving or a study visit to Estonia Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) August 8-14.
04 August 2006 [09:29]

Deal of 5.27mn closed at BICEX

The weighted average exchange prices made up 0.8869 AZN/USD1 at trading sessions held at the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange yesterday.
04 August 2006 [09:15]

Bank Respublika applies VISA cards

Azerbaijani Bank Respublika JSC has already offered VISA cards to the customers.
04 August 2006 [09:07]

Energy generation rose 6.9% in July

1.7bn kilowatts/h of electrical energy was generated in Azerbaijan in July. This figure represents 6.9 rise on the same period in last year.
04 August 2006 [08:21]

SOCAR implemented drilled 12 442 meters in July

SOCAR implemented drilling works of 12 442 meters except Joint Ventures and Operating Companies.
03 August 2006 [23:25]

RusAl has made no decision to build aluminium smelter in Azerbaijan as of now

In light of statements in various media about the alleged beginning by RusAl of the construction of an aluminium smelter in Azerbaijan, the Company deems it necessary to clarify the current status of the project.
03 August 2006 [11:07]

Taxes Ministry found irregularities in 5 911 miscellaneous facilities

Taxes Ministry Operational Control Department have to date examined 1 7 100 various kinds of facilities and found serious irregularities in 5 911 of them.
03 August 2006 [10:56]

GDP rose by 20.8% in Nakhchivan during January-June

Gross Domestic Product equaled AZN 163 604 400 in Nakhchivan AR during January-June which represents a 20.8% rise on the same period of last year.
03 August 2006 [09:51]

Azerbaijan imported 311.7mn cubic meters of gas from Russia in July

SOCAR purchased 311.7mn cubic meters of natural gas from Russian Gasexport Company in July to supply for power stations.
03 August 2006 [09:47]

USAID implements electrical projects in Azerbaijani regions

The opening ceremonies of two electrical system rehabilitation projects will take place this week in Tasmaly village, Gakh (August 3 at 4.45 p.m.) and Dashuz village, Sheki (August 4 at 11 a.m.).
03 August 2006 [09:38]

Azerbaijani intends to pay debt to Turkey by electrical energy

Azerbaijani national electrical energy network is connected to four neighbouring countries' energy system. Russia and Iran play a vital part in electric power exchange. These countries provides Azerbaijan with electrical energy in winter when Azerbaijani national energy network overloaded.
03 August 2006 [09:17]

Glencore Energy UK Ltd and Select Energy GmbH buy 209 000 tonnes of SOCAR oil

SOCAR Marketing and Economic Operations Department has released the result of the tender on export of 209 000 tonnes of Urals crude oil from Novorossiysk Port.
03 August 2006 [08:52]

Volume of BICEX trades decreased by 8% in July

95 dealings were registered at 42 trading sessions held at currency department of Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (BICEX) during July.
03 August 2006 [08:40]

Gas production of Binagadi Oil falls 40%

Onshore Binagadi Oil produced 3.128 mn cubic meters of natural gas during January-June.
02 August 2006 [21:27]

The World Bank can allow $50mn to cleansing of the polluted territories

The World Bank proposed the Government of Azerbaijan to establish special agency cleansing the polluted territories.
02 August 2006 [21:13]

Barmek will resort to international court

Barmek LLC will start yielding the control of the company to the Government of Azerbaijan and square with it from next week.
02 August 2006 [09:58]

Azerigas intends to collect gas fees 100% by this year's end

Azerigas CJSC plans to develop an action program for addressing problems in the supply of the country with gas, the issue was discussed at Azerigas Board meeting today.
02 August 2006 [09:29]

Deal of 5.03mn closed at BICEX

According to the results of the trading sessions in the currency section of the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (BICEX) yesterday, USD/AZN weighted average rate was AZN 0.8869/USD.
02 August 2006 [08:53]

Draft Tax Terminal submitted to the Government

The Taxes Ministry has already developed the draft of Tax Terminals to be established in region centers and submitted the draft to the Government.
02 August 2006 [01:00]

Emergencies Minister receives World Bank sector director Peter Thomson

Emergencies Minister, Colonel-General Kamaladdin Heydarov today received Peter Thomson, manager of the World Bank Infrastructure and Energy Sector for Europe and Central Asia.
02 August 2006 [00:47]

Statoil: "First East Azeri oil seen early, by end year"

The first oil production from East Azeri, part of the huge Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli (ACG) group of fields in the Caspian Sea, is expected towards the end of 2006, months ahead of plan, ACG Norwegian partner Statoil said.
02 August 2006 [00:27]

The assets of SOFAZ rose 10.4% to some $1.579bn

Budget revenues of the State Oil Fund in H1 2006 reached AZN 449.4 mn, while budget expenditures constituted AZN 314.4mn, the Fund executive director Shamar Movsumov told at the media briefing on Tuesday
02 August 2006 [00:17]

RusAl studies Azerbaijan

Russian Aluminum, the world's third-largest aluminum producer, will complete a feasibility study into the possible construction of a smelter in Azerbaijan by the end of the year, a company spokeswoman said Tuesday.
01 August 2006 [15:33]

Azerbaijani-Tatar intergovernmental commission meets in Baku

The intergovernmental commission on commercial, economic, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation between Azerbaijan and Tatarstan has met for the first time in Baku today.
01 August 2006 [13:34]

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan claims 50 mln manat against Shirvan-oil

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR) of Azerbaijan has raised claim in the amount of 50 mln manat for damage to environment against Shirvan-oil Operating Company, which is busy with exploration of Kurovdag deposit.
01 August 2006 [10:12]

SOCAR oil can be transported through BTC

SOCAR has proposed AIOC to transport SOCAR crude oil via Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline.
01 August 2006 [09:29]

Mortgage Fund plans to increase the authorized banks in number

Azerbaijani Mortgage Fund intends to increase the number of the authorized banks.