18 February 2006 [08:47]

Ayaz Mutalibov: "I have never met the President of Khayal Holding Fikrat Rajabov"

"I have never met the President of Khayal Holding Fikrat Rajabov, and I have never engaged in trade".
18 February 2006 [08:39]

Monument "Civilization" in Kars

A 30-meter high monument called "Civilization" is constructed in Kars, Turkey by Turkish, Azerbaijani and Georgian architects.
18 February 2006 [08:23]

No one from Iran to attend World Azerbaijanis II Congress

Measures for the World Azerbaijanis II Congress scheduled for March 16 this year are to complete.
18 February 2006 [00:31]

Delegation from Israel will help to prevent Bird flu

The Israeli specialists in the Bird flu realm will arrive in Baku the next week, the Ambassador of Israel to Azerbaijan Artur Lenk told.
17 February 2006 [15:40]

AFFA clarifies UEFA attitude to Azeri-Armenian matches

AFFA spread statement in regard to holding of the selection matches of the UEFA EURO-2006 between Azerbaijan and Armenia.
17 February 2006 [15:28]

No danger of Bird flu at Azeri military units

"There is not any danger of Bird flu spreading at the military units of Azerbaijan," Safar Abiyev, the Azerbaijani Defense Minister, said to journalists on Friday.
17 February 2006 [14:42]

Azeri Students Organization established in Egypt

Azeri Students Organization established in Egypt, Education Ministry's press service informs.
17 February 2006 [13:10]

Preparations for nationwide immunization campaign underway

The work over nationwide immunization campaign are underway in Lankaran. The campaign will be carried out by the Azerbaijani Health Ministry from February 27 to March 12.
17 February 2006 [11:43]

Rafael Huseynov's book on Anatoli Banishevski to be published in Moscow

Publicist, MP Rafael Huseynov has written a book about the late football player Anatoly Banishevski that called "The other side of the Life", and this book has been presented for publishing after being translated into Russian.
17 February 2006 [11:40]

Ministry of Communications to hold board meeting

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies will hold a board meeting on February 18.
17 February 2006 [11:37]

Prosecutor's Office is requested for Eldar Salayev's treatment abroad

Family of Academician Eldar Salayev, who convicted of plotting a coup and bailed out for the problems with his health condition requested Republic Prosecutor's Office for his treatment abroad.
17 February 2006 [11:26]

6 more religious organizations registered

"The State Committee for Religious Organizations has registered 6 more religious organizations," said Elchin Asgharov, deputy chief of the Committee.
17 February 2006 [11:24]

Final investigation of Haji Mammadov's gang is underway

Law enforcement bodies says that final investigation on criminal case of ex-director of Crime Investigation Department of Interior Ministry, Haji Mammadov and his gang members is underway.
17 February 2006 [11:19]

Ilham Aliyev awarded associates of the Institute

President Ilham Aliyev has awarded Karim Karimov with "Shohret" order for his activities in social-political life of the country.
17 February 2006 [11:15]

Group of drug dealers detained in Zagatala

A group involved in illicit drug traffic has been detained in Zagatala.
17 February 2006 [11:10]

Russia bans fowl import from Azerbaijan

Russian Agriculture Ministry issued a press release on Thursday.
17 February 2006 [11:05]

Mehdi Humbatov appointed chief of Sumgayit Police Department

Zagatala Police Department Mehdi Humbatov was dismissed and appointed chief of Sumgayit Police Department.
17 February 2006 [11:00]

Rerun municipality elections to be held in Nakhchivan

Representative of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in Baku Rashad Gulamov said that rerun municipality elections will be held in Nakhchivan.
17 February 2006 [10:55]

Justice Ministry's two high-rankers are arested

Republic Prosecutor's Office press service informed that former deputy chief of Justice Ministry Main Office for Execution of Court Decisions, Gulmammad Mammadov and former chief of Finance Service of Guard Regiment, Rafeddin Rustamov were arrested.
17 February 2006 [10:35]

Legal action to be brought against Rafig Aliyev

Office of Caucasian Muslims (OCM) regional office for southern regions of Azerbaijan said OCM brings legal action against Rafig Aliyev, chief of the State Committee for Religious Organizations.
17 February 2006 [10:30]

Sales of newly-constructed apartments decreased by 40%

Currently there are 544 many-storeyed residential buildings being erected in Baku and total area of housing stock of those buildings form 6 million m2.
17 February 2006 [10:05]

Presidential decree on Bird Flu signed

On Thursday Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani President, signed a decree on establishment of the State Commission on prevention of bird flu and coordination of joint activities of all bodies in this sphere.
17 February 2006 [10:00]

Head of DSCS in Nakhchivan appointed

Rahimov Habib Haji oglu was appointed the Director of the Department for State Committee on Securitees (DSCS) under the President’s Administration in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.
17 February 2006 [09:40]

Ramil Safarov's trial to be continued on Feb 21

On 21 February the Pest central court will hold 2nd legal proceeding on the next case in regard to Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov.
17 February 2006 [09:35]

36 people suspected of Bird Flu infection

36 people have addressed to Viral Infection center on suspicion of bird flu so far.
17 February 2006 [09:30]

Azerbaijan releases Georgian citizen

"The Asghstafa regional court released Merabi Jibutia, the Georgian citizen, who was arrested in September 2005," said Osman Kazimov, the lawyer of the defendant.
17 February 2006 [09:20]

Terms of pilgrimage to be improved

"The Caucasus Muslims Board (CMB) is seeking ways for improvement of the terms for pilgrimage," said Sheik-ul-Islam Haji Allahshukur Pashazade, the chairman of the CMB.
17 February 2006 [09:00]

Caucasus Sheikh-Ul-Islam gets highest Vatican award

Chairman of the Caucasus Clerical Office, Sheikh Allahshukur Pashazada has been awarded the highest Vatican Order of Saint George.
17 February 2006 [08:43]

Health Ministry constructs new hospitals

The Ministry of Health has begun building new hospitals in the regions.
16 February 2006 [18:06]

The only Azeri school in Tbilisi facing closure threat - UPDATED

The only Azeri school in Tbilisi can be closed. The reason is the reforms on education system of Georgia.
16 February 2006 [17:52]

TV adverts of alcohol to be banned in Azerbaijan

The advertisement of alcoholic beverages on all television channels in Azerbaijan will be banned in 2008-2009, says head of the senior body regulating the work of the local media.
16 February 2006 [17:33]

Building down as subsoil water increased in river Kur

The rising subsoil waters level on the bank of the river Kur was the reason of coming down one of the buildings.
16 February 2006 [17:30]

State agency to strengthen control over food products

A part of food products in Azerbaijan does not meet required standards, says Ramiz Hasanov, general director of State Agency on Standardization, Metrology and Patent.
16 February 2006 [17:23]

US-bound customers to fill in their immigration details

British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh highlighted the importance of US-bound customers to fill in their immigration details on before coming to the airport to avoid the risk of being delayed, informs the British Mediterranean, the British Airways' franchising partner.
16 February 2006 [17:20]

Permanent parliamentary commission on economic policy debated 5 bills

"At the sitting of the parliamentary commission on economic policy today 5 draft laws have been put on discussion," said the head of the parliamentary commission Ziyad Samedzade.
16 February 2006 [17:18]

SIDA, Ombudsman's Institute set to 2nd stage of joint project

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the Azerbaijani Ombudsman's Institute set to the 2nd stage if the joint project covering 2005-2007.
16 February 2006 [14:01]

Omb holds inspection of isolation cell of Central Department for Organized Crime Enforcement

On Wednesday Elmira Suleymanova, the Azerbaijani Ombudsman held an inspection of the isolation cell of the Central Department for Organized Crime Enforcement of the Interior Ministry and met with the persons which are under investigation.
16 February 2006 [08:47]

Wild birds die out in Caspian shore

Decline of wild birds' death was fixed in the Caspian shore and sanctuaries yesterday.
16 February 2006 [08:42]

World Health Organization to publicize its report on Bird Flu

Delegation of World Health Organization (WHO), visited Azerbaijan to acquaint with the situation of the Bird Flu, has finished their visit.
16 February 2006 [08:27]

Passing of toxic coffee into Azerbaijan prevented

Customs officers of Balaken region confiscated 12.5 kg of Armenia-made grinded coffee in undeclared parcels weighing 100 gr. During customs survey of the package belonging to Georgian citizen Pirdaus Barkalayeva who entered Azerbaijan through "Mazimchay" customs checkpoint.
16 February 2006 [08:15]

Ramil Usubov talks of criminal gangs

"The Interior Ministry has launched large-scale operations to expose criminal gangs in the country," said the Minister.
16 February 2006 [04:09]

Azerbaijan to participate in international exhibition in Turkey

An international exhibition titled "East Mediterranean International travel and Tourism Exhibition" will be held in Istanbul city of Turkey on February 23.
16 February 2006 [04:03]

Soldier committed suicide in Karabakh

A suicide was committed yesterday in the military unit # "N" in Aghdam, Rafael Javadov, who was drafted to military service in 2005 by Ali Bayramli Military Registration Department, shot himself with his service revolver.
16 February 2006 [03:57]

International seminar on "Distance education and human resources utilization" to be held in Baku

An international seminar of "Distance education and human resources utilization" will be held in Baku in September this year.
16 February 2006 [03:54]

Delegation of Russian government and businessmen to visit Baku next week

Russian national Exhibition and II Azerbaijan-Russia Economic Forum titled "Russia and Azerbaijan: strategic cooperation" will be held in Baku on February 21-24.
16 February 2006 [01:07]

Molla Nasraddin-100 magazine to be issued

"The Public Union of Parliamentary Journalists (PUPJ) intends to prepare a special issue on the 100th anniversary of Molla Nasraddin magazine," Elshad Eyvazly, the head of PUPJ, told.
15 February 2006 [19:51]

Memorial complex dedicated to Azerbaijanis died in Afghanistan is opened in Lankaran

The memorial complex dedicated to the memory of the Azerbaijanis died in Afghanistan was opened in Lankaran on Wednesday, the Union of Afghan-Veterans of Azerbaijan told.
15 February 2006 [18:17]

Restrictions to be imposed on advertisment of tobacco, strong drinks and arms

The Milli Majlis Permanent Commission on Human rights injected supplements and changes into the bill on TV broadcasting at sitting held on Wednesday. The major issue was related to issue of license for advertisement of strong drinks.
15 February 2006 [17:02]

Akif Alizade: "Geology Institute develops 2 projects within technogenic activity in Azerbaijan"

"Taking into consideration technogenic activity in Azerbaijan, particularly, increase of earthquakes, landslides and raising of water level in the Caspian Sea, the Geology Institute developed 2 state programs," Akif Alizade, the head of the Geology Institute of the Academy of Sciences, said to a news conference on Wednesday.
15 February 2006 [12:15]

Ecology Ministry turns to intensive regime

The Azerbaijani Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry turned to intensive regime of work to prevent spreading of Bird flu in Azerbaijan. The employees of the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry regularly hold appropriate measures.
15 February 2006 [10:50]

Several offices of Tekhnikabank and Debutbank searched, some were detained

Several offices of Tekhnikabank and Debutbank have been searched by the investigators of Primary Investigation of Tax Crimes of Ministry of Taxes.
15 February 2006 [10:45]

Turkish Football Federation: "We may hold our home matches in Azerbaijan"

Turkish Football Federation (TFF) tries to change of FIFA's decision to ban Turkish national team from playing at the home stadiums
15 February 2006 [10:40]

Iranians moving to northern regions of Azerbaijan to escape possible US military operation

After the statements of US officials on start of military operations against Iran, Iranian citizens started to flow to Azerbaijan.
15 February 2006 [10:35]

New Deputies of Minister of Youth and Sport appointed

Minister of Youth and Sport Azad Rahimov appointed his new deputies.
15 February 2006 [10:15]

Ministry of Youth and Sport offers to decrease interest rates on mortgage credits

The newly-established Ministry of Youth and Sport will appeal to the government of the country with a proposal to decrease annual interest rates on mortgage credits provided for young families.
15 February 2006 [10:10]

Masalli resident who allegedly reported to have died of Bird Flu: "I haven't complained of this disease"

The information spread in the media that two people died of Bird flu in Masalli were not confirmed.
15 February 2006 [10:00]

Museum Archaeology and Ethnography faces danger

Museum Archaeology and Ethnography of the Institute of the Archaeology and Ethnography of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (NASA) have faced with the danger of flooding.
15 February 2006 [09:55]

42 gas pistols were prevented to pass from Russia

Large amount of gas pistols have been prevented to pass from Russia to Azerbaijan on Tuesday.
15 February 2006 [09:50]

Communication lines destructed in Ujar and Kurdemir regions BTC crosses through

A visit was organized to Ujar and Kurdemir regions BTC pipeline crosses through under the project "Support to civil society in territories of pipeline-crossing" implemented by the Citizens' Labour Rights Protection League (CLRPL).
15 February 2006 [09:45]

20 people appealed to child hospital #7 on Bird Flu suspicion

No virus was found.
15 February 2006 [09:40]

USAID announces Community Connections Program

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is sponsoring the Community Connections program in Baku and selected regions of Azerbaijan.
15 February 2006 [09:35]

Seminar on international postal dispatch to be held in Belarus

An international seminar on "Final expenses on international postal dispatch" will be held in Belarus on May 15-16.
15 February 2006 [09:20]

Food prices sharply rise in Zagatala

After diesel fuel rose twice in price, food products continue going up in price in Zagatala everyday.
15 February 2006 [09:15]

Rerun of municipality elections will be held this autumn

"Rerun of the municipality elections will be held this autumn," said spokesman of Central Election Commission Azer Sariyev.
14 February 2006 [22:15]

Bird Flu samples collected in Azerbaijan to be analysed additionally in Germany and the UK

Samples collected during monitoring in Azerbaijan in regard to the bird flue after researches in Azerbaijan will be additionally analysed in Germany and the United Kingdom, the head of the State Veterinary Service Ismail Hasanov said.
14 February 2006 [22:00]

State Veterinary Service recommends to require quality certificate at purchase of poultry

The State Veterinary Service under the Azerbaijani Agriculture Ministry advices to require quality certificate at purchase of poultry. The same time this products must be registered by the Veterinary Service.
14 February 2006 [18:36]

Azeri newspaper published caricatures of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary - UPDATED

The Community of "Juma" Mosque intends to bring an action against the "Yeni haber" newspaper, if they don't offer an official apology to the believers for this insulting caricatures.
14 February 2006 [16:49]

Fire in the Baku port

Fire broke out in Iran's ship which had stopped for repair in the Caspian Sea early Tuesday morning.
14 February 2006 [15:01]

Control on measures against Bird flu virus enhanced in Azerbaijan

The State Veterinary Service under the Azerbaijan Agriculture Ministry strengthened control on the fight against the Bird flu virus, the head of the Veterinary Service Ismail Hasanov told today.
14 February 2006 [12:35]

Hebrew language class opened at Baku State University

On Monday a Hebrew language class was opened at the Baku State University.
14 February 2006 [09:55]

President signs decree to confer "Glory" order on Alabas Gadirov

Yesterday President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree to confer "Glory" order on art director of Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theater Alabbas Gadirov for his activities in development of theater work.
14 February 2006 [09:45]

43,000 birds die out in Makhachgala

43,000 of 275,000 birds kept in broiler factory in North settlement of Makhachgala died out.
14 February 2006 [09:45]

International peace rally will be held on inauguration of BTC

Azerbaijani, Georgian and Turkish women will realize common international peaceful rally on occasion of inauguration of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan main export pipeline.
14 February 2006 [09:40]

33 children committed suicide last year

Yesterday League for Defense of Child Rights has held a conference named "Situation in prison is better than in boarding schools."