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02 February 2010 [20:38]

Has Madonna been dumped by Jesus?

Fresh mystery has engulfed Madonna's bed sheets amid claims she has been given the boot by her toy boy lover Jesus Luz.
02 February 2010 [19:47]

Victoria Beckham 'facing wheelchair over painful foot operation'

High heels fanatic Victoria Beckham could end up in a wheelchair if she decides to have surgery on the painful bunions on her feet.
02 February 2010 [18:50]

Beckham: 'I serve school lunches'

02 February 2010 [18:00]

Pink: 'I want to cook and get fat'

02 February 2010 [16:33]

Prince Harry 'Furious' after falling off the horse

Prince Harry raked in £30,000 for his charity despite losing a bet for the cash after a dramatic fall from his polo pony.
02 February 2010 [15:24]

Will the Oscars be 'The Battle of the Exes'?

Could this year's Oscars be about to turn into 'the battle of the exes'?
02 February 2010 [14:15]

Victoria Beckham "nervous" over Clooney

02 February 2010 [12:53]

James Earl Jones is the 'most trustworthy star'

James Earl Jones has come out on top of a new survey to find the most trustworthy celebrity in the US.
02 February 2010 [12:00]

Brad Pitt gives relationship with Angelina Jolie the thumbs up

Brad Pitt quashed rumours of a split with Angelina Jolie last night - by giving the world the thumbs up at a film awards ceremony.
02 February 2010 [11:06]

'Paris Hilton accused of numerous sexual assaults'

Former jailbird Paris Hilton has courted trouble again after a man filed for a restraining order against the heiress, accusing her of "numerous sexual assaults".
02 February 2010 [10:33]

Razzie nominations announced

01 February 2010 [19:28]

Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend reportedly break up after nine years together

Hollywood's male population is celebrating more than the Grammys today - gorgeous actress Charlize Theron has reportedly split from long-time beau Stuart Townsend.
01 February 2010 [13:32]

Will Sam Raimi direct "The Shadow" next?

01 February 2010 [11:11]

Beyonce takes 6 Grammys, makes history

30 January 2010 [15:37]

Robert Pattinson to be a Comic Book star - PHOTO

Robert Pattinson is taking on a new role – and it's not live-action.
30 January 2010 [15:13]

David Beckham set for comic book biography

Most people hope to immortalize their life with an autobiography or a golden plaque, but David Beckham is bucking the trend again, as he’s reportedly set to detail his life achievements in a series of comics.
30 January 2010 [14:43]

Rihanna: "I'm single"

Umbrella singer Rihanna insists she still going solo despite recent snaps of her smooching US sports star Matt Kemp by the poolside on holiday.
30 January 2010 [14:20]

Britney Spears united with lover for Miami getaway

Britney Spears has ended rumours that her romance to her boyfriend of three years Jason Trawick is over by jetting off on holiday with him.
29 January 2010 [19:00]

Eric Cantona kicks off his theatre career

Eric Cantona has made his theatre debut in a production directed by his wife.
29 January 2010 [17:24]

Susan Boyle family "Fear for her safety"

The family of Susan Boyle say they fear for her safety after a break-in at her home.
29 January 2010 [14:17]

Gisele Bundchen: 'I had a water birth'

29 January 2010 [13:26]

Rihanna: 'We messed up the Grammy Awards'

Rihanna claims she hasn't been asked to perform at this weekend's Grammy Awards - because her bust-up with ex Chris Brown last year "messed up" the ceremony.
29 January 2010 [11:24]

Mel Gibson up for Cold Warrior

29 January 2010 [10:23]

Disney shuts down Miramax studio

28 January 2010 [20:59]

Simpson 'to take break from career'

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has reportedly decided to take a break from her career to focus on being a mother.
28 January 2010 [19:56]

Family holds wake for Nancy Kerrigan's father

The family of Nancy Kerrigan's father, who died Sunday after allegedly being attacked by his son, Mark, held a wake Wednesday in Stoneham, Mass., where mourners assembled in a line a block long.
28 January 2010 [17:40]

Beckham 'still shy about his posters'

David Beckham has admitted that he still feels "quite shy" when he sees billboards featuring his image.
28 January 2010 [15:54]

Brittany Murphy's husband to sue Warner Bros?

Brittany Murphy's husband Simon Monjack reportedly plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Warner Bros.
28 January 2010 [13:35]

Orlando Bloom 'won't return to Pirates Of The Caribbean'

Orlando Bloom will not be reprising his role in the next Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, the actor has revealed.
28 January 2010 [12:33]

Angelina Jolie in public, without Pitt

28 January 2010 [11:07]

No Movement On Brad Bird's Quake Pic

28 January 2010 [10:06]

Clint Eastwood is the People's choice

27 January 2010 [16:55]

Tilda Swinton up for playing Conan O'Brien on film

Ask for Tilda Swinton and you shall receive.
27 January 2010 [12:07]

AC/DC provide iron man 2 soundtrack

27 January 2010 [11:10]

Sam Worthington set to play Dracula?

27 January 2010 [10:15]

Warners prepare for "Mortal Kombat"

26 January 2010 [19:57]

Arquette 'angry at Cox weight comment'

26 January 2010 [17:23]

Oprah reigns as TV favourite

26 January 2010 [16:13]

Beckham 'considering £25m hotel deal'

26 January 2010 [13:53]

Kelly Osbourne makes a break for Hollywood

One-time pop cherub Kelly Osbourne is now trying her luck on the big screen.
26 January 2010 [12:12]

Keith Richards 'gives up drinking'

26 January 2010 [11:15]

Roman Polanski 'to make new appeal'

26 January 2010 [09:06]

PETA slams "pathetic" Kanye West

25 January 2010 [14:31]

Sandra Bullock "baffled" by success

25 January 2010 [13:33]

Jessica Simpson to launch denim line

25 January 2010 [10:06]

New "Planet of the Apes" underway?

23 January 2010 [16:32]

Judge to Polanski: Get Back Here and Then We'll Talk

Roman Polanski's going to have to give up his Europen vacation if he wants his kid-sex case to go away.
23 January 2010 [16:09]

Lucy Liu to direct film about human trafficking

Lucy Liu is heading to India to make a film about human trafficking.
23 January 2010 [14:33]

Smiling Britney Spears attends court hearing

An upbeat Britney Spears went to court Friday with her father for a hearing in her ongoing conservatorship case.
22 January 2010 [20:35]

How Michael Douglas keeps up with Catherine Zeta-Jones in bed

The Romancing The Stone star reveals how he keeps the passion burning with a combination of Viagra and willpower.
22 January 2010 [20:20]

Johnny Depp: 'I'm a recluse'

Johnny Depp has revealed how he never leaves the house.