01 December 2006 [10:14]

Press Council chairman meets with U.S. ambassador

Azerbaijan Press Council chairman Aflatun Amashov met with the U.S. ambassador Anne Derse.
01 December 2006 [10:13]

Ex-ministers need treatment

Chief of the Committee Fighting against Torture, Elchin Behbudov met with ex-ministers Farhad Aliyev and Ali Insanov in the National Security Ministry ward.
01 December 2006 [00:52]

Joint statement by OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs

The Russian and the French Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group for the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement, Ambassadors Yuri Merzlyakov and B Bernard Fassier, acting also on behalf of the U.S. Co-Chair Matthew Bryza, visited Yerevan and Baku on 20 and 21 November.
01 December 2006 [00:37]

President Aliyev receives Georgian PM

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received November 30 Prime Minister of Georgia Zurab Nogaideli.
01 December 2006 [00:31]

Armen Rustamyan contemplates over the Karabakh issue

"We have already seen Robert Kocharyan after his return from Minsk. He wasn't a bit upset. That is all rumour, unverified information. He was very active and full of enthusiasm," said Armen Rustamyan, member of Dashnaktsutyun Party and chairman of the RA NA Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs.
01 December 2006 [00:26]

Azerbaijani-Russian relations enter turbulent phase

Azerbaijani-Russian relations, increasingly warm in the past five years, are about to enter a difficult phase that could turn both countries into regional rivals.
01 December 2006 [00:19]

Foreign broadcasters to be cut off

"Without legal basis and intergovernmental contracts, foreign broadcasters will be cut off in Azerbaijan," said National Television and Radio Council chairman channels Nushiravan Maharramli.
01 December 2006 [00:14]

President Aliyev meets German Ambassador

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received November 30 Peer Stanchina, Ambassador of Germany to Azerbaijan.
01 December 2006 [00:10]

Ali Hasanov: "Dialogue between NTRC and ANS has already started"

"We normally accept the position of both the US embassy in Azerbaijan and State Department Spokesman and regard it as the attention of the US to the processes going on in Azerbaijan.
01 December 2006 [00:07]

NATO backs territorial integrity of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldova

"In the communique adopted in the NATO summit the nations support the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the Republic of Moldova.
01 December 2006 [00:03]

NTRC makes decision on ANS's participation in tender

National Television and Radio Council held a meeting about the terms of tender announced for the frequency of ANS TV and ANS ChM, and decision was made on ANS's participation in the tender.
30 November 2006 [16:06]

British parliamentarian visits Azerbaijan

Vice-speaker Valeh Aleskerov has today met with the member of House of Lords in the British Parliament, Baroness Detta O'Cathain.
30 November 2006 [14:55]

Armenian party positively assesses Kocharian-Aliyev talks in Minsk

Armenian and Azeri Presidents Robert Kocharian and Ilham Aliyev positively evaluate the talks in Minsk, Armenian FM Vartan Oskanian told journalists Wednesday.
30 November 2006 [14:52]

Turkey furious as EU suspends portion of talks on membership

Turkey reacted furiously yesterday to the proposed suspension of a large section of its talks on joining the EU as a punishment for its refusal to open trade with Cyprus.
30 November 2006 [14:45]

ANS founders sent a new address to National TV-Radio Council chief

Vahid Mustafayev, Seyfulla Mustafayev and Mirshahin Aghayev, founders of ANS TV and ANS ChM Radion Station sent another address to Nushiravan Maharramli, chief of National TV and Radio Council.
30 November 2006 [13:44]

Armenians violates ceasefire again

Armenian Armed Forces violated ceasefire in Aghdam frontline.
30 November 2006 [12:54]

OSCE Baku Office chief leaves Azerbaijan

OSCE Baku Office chief, Ambassador Maurizio Pavesi's tenure ends.
30 November 2006 [12:47]

Nizami Bahmanov: "If Azeri and Armenian presidents meet it means improvements in talks"

"If Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents meet, there are improvements in the talks," said Nizami Bahmanov, the head of the Azerbaijani community in Nagorno Karabakh.
30 November 2006 [11:48]

U.S. complains about Azerbaijani moves against independent news media

The United States urged the Azerbaijani government on Wednesday to "honor its commitment to democracy and freedom of the press" by reversing the recent moves against independent media outlets.
30 November 2006 [10:17]

Russia Prosecutor General's visit to Azerbaijan postponed

Russia Prosecutor General Yuri Chayka's visit to Azerbaijan was postponed.
30 November 2006 [10:06]

Meeting of PACE subcommittee on Nagorno Karabakh to be held within winter session

The meeting of PACE subcommittee on Nagorno Karabakh will be held in within winter session in Strasbourg, chairman of PACE subcommittee Lord Russell-Johnston visiting Azerbaijan said.
30 November 2006 [00:17]

Iran President writes to American people

In an open letter, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged the American people Wednesday to demand the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and reject what he called the U.S. government's "blind support" for Israel and its "illegal and immoral" actions in fighting terrorism.
30 November 2006 [00:11]

After Islam, Pope takes reconciliation to Orthodox

Pope Benedict on Wednesday embarked on a second mission in Turkey, to improve ties between Catholic and Orthodox Christians, after winning praise for his conciliatory views on Islam and the country's future in Europe.
30 November 2006 [00:02]

Speaker meets Chairman of PACE Subcommittee

Speaker of Azerbaijan Parliament Ogtay Asadov on 29 November met Chairman of the PACE Interim Subcommittee on Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh problem Russell Johnston.
29 November 2006 [23:17]

Communique of 46 paragraphs adopted in NATO summit

Communique consisting of 46 paragraphs was adopted in the summit of the heads of NATO member states in Riga.
29 November 2006 [22:48]

Baku hosts Azerbaijan-Austria cooperation meeting

Baku hosted the fourth meeting of Azerbaijan-Austrian Intergovernmental commission for economic, industrial, technical and technological cooperation.
29 November 2006 [22:40]

US Ambassador urges Government to reconsider decision on ANS

"Closure of ANS is connected with the violation of some provisions of the legislation. The ANS and relevant agencies should continue negotiations, and we urge that this decision be reconsidered", US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Anne Derse told reporters today.
29 November 2006 [18:15]

President Aliyev: "ANS can be reopened after fulfilling the demands"

"We realize both economic and political reforms. The political reforms should supplement the economic reforms. If strong public control and free society not formulated, there will be no future of economic successes," said President Ilham Aliyev said, while showing his attitude to the situations on media.
29 November 2006 [18:12]

Item added to NATO communique

NATO membership countries declared that they worry about unsettled conflicts in South Caucasus.
29 November 2006 [17:30]

Valeri Chechelashvili: "Tbilisi's position on Karabakh's referendum not to differ from South Ossetia's"

Georgia is determining its position on the referendum to be held on December 10 in the so-called "Nagorno Karabakh Republic," said Georgian Foreign minister Valeri Chechelashvili.
29 November 2006 [16:57]

Baku and Tbilisi against pact of stability in Caucasus

Azerbaijan and Georgia stand against the "Pact of Stability in Caucasus," Milli Mejlis member Ganira Pashayeva said adding that Baku and Tbilisi have numerous remarks and amendments to the document being organized by Romanian parliamentarian Severenen.
29 November 2006 [16:55]

Armenian-Turkish relations not dependent on Turkey's EU membership

Normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey and establishment of diplomatic relations do not depend on the terms of Turkey’s accession to the EU.
29 November 2006 [16:53]

ANS shut down to be discussed in PACE

29 November 2006 [16:52]

ANS president Vahid Mustafayev interrogated

President of ANS Group of Companies Vahid Mustafayev was interrogated in Yasamal Prosecutor's office.
29 November 2006 [16:47]

Ali Hasanov: "President not to interfere in NTRC activity"

The decision of National Television and Radio Council may be discussed and commented on, but it must be obeyed. One can only appeal against the decision, Ali Hasanov the Head of the Social-Political Department of the Presidential Administration said.
29 November 2006 [16:42]

President Aliyev says Karabakh dispute nearing resolution

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that the country was close to breaking the impasse with Armenia over the disputed enclave of Nagorno Karabakh.
29 November 2006 [14:41]

Johns Hopkins University official appeals for Ali Insanov's release

Chairman of Department of Ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins University Walter Stark appealed to the President for Ali Insanov's release from custody.
29 November 2006 [14:36]

YAP blames Sardar Jalaloglu for disinformation

"YAP did not receive any appeal on representation in For Azerbaijan Initiative Group and no talks have been held concerning it," said party's press service chief Huseyn Pashayev.
29 November 2006 [12:48]

Chashoglu Publishing House refuses printing ANS Press magazines

Problems appeared concerning the publication of 8 magazines belonging to ANS Press Publishing House.
29 November 2006 [12:44]

NATO supports OSCE policy in settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict

NATO supports OSCE policy in the settlement of conflicts in South Caucasus, as well as Nagorno Karabakh conflict. We hope for the peaceful solution to Nagorno Karabakh conflict, said NATO Spokesman James Appathurai.
29 November 2006 [12:08]

Iran war games aimed to warn U.S. allies against backing attack

Iran's 10-day war games this month were aimed at intimidating U.S. allies in the region and dissuading them from cooperating in a potential strike against the Tehran government, American military officials and analysts have concluded.
29 November 2006 [12:03]

Pope defuses tensions on visit to Turkey

Turkey's top Muslim leader on Tuesday told Pope Benedict there was too much "Islamophobia" in the world, as the Pontiff appeared to do an about-face from his previous opposition to Ankara's bid to enter the European Union.
29 November 2006 [11:42]

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar : "I recommend that NATO focus especially on its relationships with Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan"

The NATO summit began on Tuesday in Riga. For the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO leaders openly discussed potential threats posed by Moscow.
29 November 2006 [11:35]

EU to seek partial freeze in Turkey talks

The European Commission will recommend on Wednesday a partial suspension of Turkey's negotiations to join the European Union after it failed to open its ports to EU member Cyprus, an EU source said on Wednesday.
29 November 2006 [11:33]

Baku, Moscow to ink deals during Russian PM's visit

Azerbaijan and Russia will sign several documents during Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov’s upcoming visit to Baku.
29 November 2006 [10:38]

Abbaseli Hasanov asks Iran government to stop protest actions

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Iran Abbaseli Hasanov while being in Iran Foreign Ministry asked to stop protest actions held outside of Azerbaijan Embassy in Tehran and Azerbaijani Consul General in Tebriz.
29 November 2006 [10:11]

CIS Foreign Ministers to meet in Astana

The next meeting of Council of CIS Foreign Ministers will be held in the capital of Kazakhstan Astana, next year in spring.
28 November 2006 [23:49]

Aliyev, Kocharian in fresh Karabakh talks

The presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia were meeting in the Belarusian capital Minsk late Tuesday for crucial peace talks which international mediators hoped will produce a breakthrough in their long-running efforts to resolve the Nagorno Karabakh conflict.
28 November 2006 [23:42]

Presidents of Belarus, Ukraine and Azerbaijan discuss energy security

The presidents of Belarus, Ukraine and Azerbaijan are discussing energy security in Minsk.
28 November 2006 [23:32]

Iran lauds Armenia for UN support

A visiting high-ranking Iranian official thanked Armenia on Tuesday for supporting his country in the international arena just days after Yerevan refused to join Western powers in condemning Tehran’s poor human rights record.
28 November 2006 [23:19]

CIS leaders sign accords, fail to agree on border delimitation

Leaders of the CIS signed various cooperation agreements but failed to agree on delimiting borders between member countries at a summit in Belarus Tuesday, the post-Soviet alliance's executive secretary said.
28 November 2006 [23:18]

Eynulla Fatullayev: "I know other three men accused of Elmar Huseynov's assassination"

Four journalists - Eynulla Fatullayev, Chingiz Sultansoy, Kanan Guluzade and Ibrahim Bayandurlu- claiming to meet with Teymuraz Aliyev in Tbilisi who was accused of Elmar Huseynov's assassination, were not called to the investigation.
28 November 2006 [23:14]

Azeris deported during Zviad Gamsakhurdia's presidency appeal to Saakashvili

Azerbaijanis deported from Georgia during Zviad Gamsakhurdia's presidency appealed to Mikhail Saakashvili to return there.
28 November 2006 [23:12]

Zeynab Khanlarova appeals to President for opening of ANS

Famous Azerbaijani singer, parliamentarian Zeynab Khanlarova appealed to the Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev for opening of ANS TV and ANS CM.
28 November 2006 [23:10]

Nagorno Karabakh – one of the priority areas in EU/Azerbaijan Action Plan

The Action Plan between Azerbaijan and the EU, signed on Nov. 14 in Brussels, reflects 10 priority areas.
28 November 2006 [23:07]

14th anniversary of State Border Service Shore Defense celebrated

On Tuesday, the ceremony of 14th anniversary of establishment of military unit in State Border Service Shore Defense and the presentation of military flag to a new guard-ship was held.
28 November 2006 [22:52]

Armenian Defense Minister advocates compromised solution to Karabakh conflict

Armenian defense minister Serzh Sarkisian assured mothers of servicemen in the remote Noyemberian region which borders Azerbaijan that hostilities were unlikely to resume in the foreseeable future, though he added that the danger of military actions resumption was not eliminated 100 percent.
28 November 2006 [22:50]

Azerbaijan parliamentary team arrives in Islamabad

A 6-member delegation of Milli Mejlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan headed by Mr.Eldar Ibrahimov, Chairman of the Azerbaijan-Pakistan Parliamentary Working Group and Head of the Standing Commission on Agrarian Policy is arriving here today on a five-day official visit to Pakistan.
28 November 2006 [18:03]

Azerbaijan: Authorities silence outspoken media

The Azerbaijani government expanded a clampdown on independent media outlets on 24 November by taking the country's first and biggest independent broadcaster off the air.
28 November 2006 [15:56]

Rasim Musabekov: "Only Putin can convey impulse to Aliyev-Kocharian talks"

There is minimal probability for the meeting of the Azeri and Armenian Presidents to end in signing of a document, Azeri political scientist Rasim Musabekov believes.
28 November 2006 [15:52]

State Border Service chief: "We have all opportunities to control Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea"

A new sea border division for organizing the security of the Caspian Sea South shores will begin to work in December, the chief of State Border Service Elchin Guliyev told the journalists.
28 November 2006 [15:45]

Appeals adopted to int'l organizations concerning Armenians' vandalism acts against Azerbaijan

Round table on the theme "Armenian vandalism against religious monuments and sacred places of the occupied Azerbaijani territories" was held on Tuesday.
28 November 2006 [15:44]

Faruk Logoglu: "Inaction in Nagorno Karabakh conflict favours neither Armenia, nor Azerbaijan"

"Inaction is observed in settlement of Nagorno Karabagh conflict. It causes anxiety, constraint and Nagorno Karabakh conflict waits for its settlement for many years," said former Turkey ambassador to Baku and Washington, Faruk Logoglu.
28 November 2006 [15:41]

Nushuravan Meherremli: "Int'l organizations politicize ANS shut down"

"If the person having information about the law reads the law about Radio and Television Broadcasting, he will understand the reasons of the closure of ANS TV and ANS CM radio.
28 November 2006 [15:36]

Sabina Frazer: "International community will not recognize Nagorno Karabakh referendum"

International Crisis Group does not intend to publish new reports, because no improvement has been made concerning the situation.
28 November 2006 [15:29]

ANS president called to Prosecutor's office

The president of ANS group of companies Vahid Mustafayev was called to the Yasamal Prosecutor's Office.
28 November 2006 [13:23]

Turkey's majority in poll welcomes relations with Armenia, yet conditionally

Only 2 percent named withdrawal of Armenia from Nagorno Karabakh as a condition for relations.
28 November 2006 [13:13]

Armenian opposition: Kars-Akhalkalaki-Baku railway will 'force Armenia into NATO'

At a press conference in Yerevan, opposition Armenian MP Amaiak Ovanesian said that Armenia will have to leave the Russia-dominated Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) established under the aegis of Russia, and enter NATO.
28 November 2006 [11:29]

Azadliq to operate in Yeni Musavat's premises

For the time being, Azadliq will operate in Yeni Musavat's premises.
28 November 2006 [11:28]

Azadliq fromer building to Azerbaijan Teachers Qualification Institute

Building in Khaqani 33 was officially given to Azerbaijan Teachers Qualification Institute.
28 November 2006 [11:25]

124 Armenian families moved to Nagorno Karabakh

1,578 children were born in occupied territories of Azerbaijan in January and February, 2006.
28 November 2006 [11:22]

Jonathan Henick: "US want peaceful solution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict"

"The US wants the peaceful solution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict.
28 November 2006 [11:20]

South Caucasus stability pact not to be discussed in PACE

The issue of South Caucasus stability pact will not be discussed in the winter session of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe.