25 March 2005 [17:10]

OSCE monitoring to be held in the contact line of forces

According to mandate of personal representative of current chairman of OSCE, today monitoring is planned to be held in contact line of forces in the territory of Borsunlu village of Goranboy region.
25 March 2005 [17:05]

Meeting of the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan is expected in nearest future

The Meeting of the Armenian president Robert Kocharian with the Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev is expected in the nearest future.
25 March 2005 [16:50]

Turkish naval forces commander to visit Azerbaijan

The delegation, with the commander of naval forces of Turkey, or-admiral Ozdan Ornak at the head, is to pay visit 28 March, to Baku. The Turkish Embassy to Azerbaijan informed Trend agency about this.
25 March 2005 [16:47]

Chairman-in-Office of OSCE to pay visit to Azerbaijan 1-2 april

Within frames of visit to states of the Southern Caucasus the chairman-in- office of OSCE and the minister of foreign affairs of Slovenia Dimitri Rupel is to pay visit to Azerbaijan 1-2 April.
24 March 2005 [15:05]

Yuri Merzlyakov: "As the occupation continues, the regulation of settlement problem will not be possible"

"Nagorno Karakbakh authority let the fact investigating group of OSCE know that they support the settlement in Lachin".
24 March 2005 [14:56]

Armenians intends to hold a chess tournament in Karabakh

Administration of Azerbaijan Chess Federation (ACF) sent a letter to the President of International Chess Federation (ICF) Kirsan Ilyumjinov , inviting to prevent Armeninas' attempt of holding a chess tournament again in Upper Garabagh occupied by them.
24 March 2005 [14:32]

Cochairmen ascertaining the date and place of Mammadyarov-Oskanyan meeting

"The visit of the chairs of OSCE Minsk group to the region in the nearest time is not expected".
24 March 2005 [14:27]

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan made a statement on the report made out by fact-finding mission of OSCE

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan made statement on the report made out by Fact-finding Mission of Minsk Group of OSCE, about settling facts in the occupied territories.
24 March 2005 [14:26]

Asim Mollazade: "President decree about pardon removed issue about inclusion of Azerbaijan into agenda at pace spring session"

"Signing of the decree about pardon by the president Ilham Aliyev 20 March, prevented inclusion of issue connected with Azerbaijan into agenda of the spring session of parliament Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)".
24 March 2005 [14:22]

Armenia and Azerbaijan plan not to exchange prisoners hence, but to release them

The state commission of Azerbaijan and Armenia on issues of military prisoners and lost persons plans running regular direct contacts.
23 March 2005 [05:22]

Azeri-Armenian war can start any day

An Azeri-Armenian war may start any day, President Ilkham Aliev of Azerbaijan said to newsmen.
23 March 2005 [01:06]

U.S. Department welcomes pardoning 114 people

The United States welcomes the decision by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on pardoning 114 people, among that a prisoners sentenced after the accomponied by violence protests following a 2003 presidential vote.
22 March 2005 [03:46]

OSCE Baku welcomes decision of Azeri President

The OSCE Office in Baku welcomed the decision of the Azerbaijani authorities to pardon people imprisoned for criminal offences in connection with public disturbances in the aftermath of 2003 Presidential Election.
21 March 2005 [03:44]

Ilham Aliyev frees political prisoners

Azerbaijan freed dozens of people considered political prisoners by European human rights bodies.
19 March 2005 [16:07]

13 Azerbaijan-Chinese documents signed in Beijing - UPDATED

Agency Trend re?orts, within official visit of the ?resident of AR Ilham Aliyev to China 13 Azerbaijan-Chinese documents were signed in Beijing 17 March.
19 March 2005 [14:43]

Coalition of PPFA-Musavat-DPA is to be serious competitor of government at parliament elections

"The main fight at forthcoming ?arliament elections in November will ?roceed between three leading o??osition ?arties and government".
19 March 2005 [14:41]

Armenians killed one more Azeri soldier

One more military man of ours died as a result of sniper shoot made by Armed Forces of Armenia.
19 March 2005 [14:39]

Araz Azimov: "The figures shown in the report of Fact Finding Mission are much closer to the ones, presented by Azerbaijan"

Yesterday deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Araz Azimov, has held a press conference dedicated to the deliver of report drown out by Fact Finding Mission on illegal settling in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan to Permanent Commission of OSCE in Vienna yesterday.
19 March 2005 [14:36]

Azerbaijani Defense Minister: Azerbaijan to make peace with Armenia only after liberation of its occupied territories

"Until Azerbaijan lands are under Armenian occu?ation, Azerbaijan will not make any ?eace with this state".
19 March 2005 [14:34]

Ilham Aliyev: "If peaceful negotiations on Nagorno-Karabakh fail, Baku to undertake steps, proceeding from new situation"

If during meetings of ministers of foreign affairs of Azerbaijan and Armenia ?rogress is achieved, then in this case it is necessary to run next round of consultations of the state heads.
19 March 2005 [03:44]

Monitoring of OSCE ended up without any incident

Yesterday according to the mandate of personal representative of current chief of OSCE in the territory of Gapanli village of Terter, in the line of contact of troops monitoring was held.
19 March 2005 [03:26]

"Al-Gaeda" supporters attempting to commit terror acts in the territory of the Azerbaijan arrested

At the result of operational-searching measures conducted by Ministry of National Security (MNS), specially trained criminal group attempting to cause propaganda activity and commit several terror acts in the republic.
19 March 2005 [03:22]

Ombudsmen to submit to Parliament annual report "About regulation of provision and protection of rights and freedoms of citizen in Azerbaijan" 25 March

Ombudsmen of Azerbaijan Elmira Suleymanova will submit to Milli Mejlis the annual re?ort "About regulation of ?rovision and ?rotection of human rights in Azerbaijan" 25 March. Ombudsmen office told agency Trend.
19 March 2005 [03:00]

China unambiguously supports territorial integrity of Azerbaijan

The agency Trend re?orts, the chairman of Peo?le's Re?ublic of China (PRC) Khu Zsintao declared about this 17 March in Beijing during the meeting with the Azerbaijan ?resident Ilham Aliyev.
18 March 2005 [02:24]

President Ilham Aliyev to pay an official visit to Pakistan in April

President Ilham Aliyev will pay an official visit to Pakistan in April.
18 March 2005 [02:10]

OSCE representatives to run monitoring at contact line of troops

In accordance with mandate of ?ersonal re?resentative of acting chairman of OSCE the monitoring is to be held 17 March, at the section of the village Ga?anly of the Terter region of Azerbaijan, at contact line of troo?s.
18 March 2005 [02:06]

Iranian vice president to pay visit to Azerbaijan

The vice ?resident of Islamic Re?ublic of Iran (IRI), chief of de?artment of tourism and ?rotection of historical monuments Seyid Huseyn Marashi is to ?ay visit to Azerbaijan, 6 A?ril.
18 March 2005 [01:59]

Next ceasefire regime violation by Armenian army

Groups of armed forces of Armenia ?eriodically subjected to fire the ?ositions of armed forces of Azerbaijan from their ?positions, located at distance of 1 kilometer to the North and 2.5km to the South-East from occu?ied village Saridjaly of Agdam region 15 March night to 16 March, 20.30-01.45.
18 March 2005 [01:56]

Malcolm Bruce held a press conference dedicated to the results of his visit to Baku

In the information office of Parliamentary Assembly of European Council in Baku Malcolm Bruce-speaker of this organization within political prisoners in Azerbaijan held a press conference dedicated to the results of his visit to Baku.
18 March 2005 [01:49]

US ambassador thinks, continuous ceasefire violation at Armenian-Azerbaijan front increases attention to conflict settlement process

Washington is concerned with continuous ceasefire violation at the contact line of armed forces of Azerbaijan and Armenia. Such state causes great concern.
18 March 2005 [01:45]

Ramiz Malikov: "Breaking of ceasefire intensively makes the break out of the war possible"

"Breaking of the ceasefire intensively in the front and loss of life by Azerbaijan side at the result of it makes the break out of the war possible. All must be concerned about it."
18 March 2005 [01:37]

Indian embassy denied information about labor activity of Indian company at the territory of Kalbajar region

The Indian Embassy in Baku spoke with declaration, that none company registered in India, deals with any labor activity at the territory of occupied Kalbajar region of Azerbaijan.
18 March 2005 [01:36]

Council of Europe not to allow Azerbaijan delaying solution of issue of political prisoners

"The Council of Europe (CE) will not allow Azerbaijan delaying with solution of issue of political prisoners. Trends informs, rapporteur on political prisoners in Azerbaijan of the Committee of legal issues and human rights PACE Malcolm Bruce stated about this.
18 March 2005 [01:25]

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan emigration troops to fortify cooperation

The protocol about cooperation in the area of defense of borders between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan was signed 15 March, in Baku, informs agency "Trend".
16 March 2005 [22:56]

Armenian army again violated ceasefire

Armenian military units located 1 km north and 2,5 km southeast of the occupied Sanjaly village in Agdam region subjected from 8.30 p.m. to 1.45 a.m. (March 15-16) positions of the Azerbaijani armed forces on the opposite side to sub-machine-gun and machine-gun fire, according to the press service of the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan.
16 March 2005 [22:41]

Armenian terrorist could blow up New York subway

Eighteen men of various nationalities were charged by federal prosecutors for attempting to smuggle into the country arms that ranged from shoulder-fired missiles and rocket-propelled grenades, U.S. Attorney David Kelly said at a news conference in New York.
16 March 2005 [22:40]

Two Azeri soldiers were killed by Armenian snipers

Two soldiers of Azerbaijan wounded as a result of shooting by Armenians died in the hospital today.
16 March 2005 [22:26]

Armenians broke ceasefire in the direction of Gazakh region

Divisions of Armed Forces of Armenia fired the positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan located in the territory of Gizil Hajili village of Gazakh region from their positions located in1.5 km to the east of Berkaber village of Ichevan region and 2 km to the north-east of occupied Kheyrimli village of Gazakh region and Mazamli village with submachine and machine guns at 23.50-00.15 on March 14.
16 March 2005 [22:24]

Malcolm Bruce met with families of persons considered political prisons by Council of Europe

Malcolm Bruce speaker on case with political prisoners in Azerbaijan of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PA CE) met the families of persons who are considered political prisons by the organization in Information Department of Baku representation of CE yesterday.
16 March 2005 [22:19]

Nagorno-Karabakh issue to be discussed in Brussels

Discussions of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict are to be held 17-18 March in Brussels. The member of the parliament delegation of Azerbaijan to PACE Elmar Ibrahimov informed agency Trend.
16 March 2005 [14:17]

14 documents on bilateral cooperation prepared between Azerbaijan and Poland

14 new documents on bilateral cooperation were prepared between Azerbaijan and Poland. The Polish embassy to Azerbaijan informed agency Trend.
16 March 2005 [14:03]

Milii Mejlis confirmed the composition of Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Council

Law project "about mortgage" was discussed in the second reading and adopted in the second part of today's meeting of Milli Mejlis (parliament).
16 March 2005 [13:49]

Department of foreign affairs of Canada to introduce adjustments into erroneous information on internet-site, connected with Azerbaijan

The erroneous information, connected with Azerbaijan, located on internet- site of the Department of foreign affairs of Canada is to be updated. MFA of Azerbaijan informed agency Trend about this.
16 March 2005 [13:46]

Training in the area of the fight against illegal migration of human traffic runs in Baku

The mobile group, established by commandment of the training center of Armed Forces of the Turkey on cooperation, runs training in Azerbaijan.
16 March 2005 [01:12]

Extremely negative attitude to activity of some Canadian companies expressed in Azerbaijan

The parliament and the Azerbaijan society express their extremely negative attitude to activity of some Canadian companies, contradicting to norms of the international law.
15 March 2005 [23:28]

Transport ministers from TRACECA member-states to meet in Baku

Transport Ministers of 12 TRACECA member-states will be held in Baku on 21 April 2005, Asgar Alakbarov, the Executive Director of the Coordinating Bureau of European Union's Technical Assistance Program (TACIS) in Azerbaijan, told Trend.
15 March 2005 [23:13]

Austrian historian directed appellation in connection with Hojali tragedy to parliament of his state

The Austrian citizen, doctor of historical sciences Erik Faygil directed the appellation to the parliament of his state in connection with Hojali genocide.
15 March 2005 [22:11]

Opposition members arrested in October 15-16 happenings will be amnestied

Meetings of Amnesty Commission at president are on.
15 March 2005 [21:42]

Ilham Aliyev leaves for China today

President Ilham Aliyev will pay the first official visit to the People's Republic of China today.
15 March 2005 [19:29]

Representatives of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey to convene in New York

It is planned to held International conference "The days of friendship of Caucasus" approximately 18-20 March, in New York. As agency Trend informs, the organizer of the conference is one of the biggest non-governmental organizations of the world- Rotary Club.
15 March 2005 [18:56]

Armenians again broke the ceasefire

On March 13 at 20.00 divisions of Armenian Armed Forces from their positions situating 1 km in the north of occupied Garagashli village of Aghdam region fired at the divisions of Azerbaijan Armed Forces situating in Sarijali village of the same region.
13 March 2005 [02:14]

Azerbaijan founded 7 new embassies

Azerbaijan is to open additionally embassies in 7 countries.
13 March 2005 [01:58]

Azerbaijan President satisfied with results of his Saudi Arabia official visit

"Political relations between Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan are in very high level. This visit repeatedly proved it". As Agency Trend informs, Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev stated this on completion of his three-day visit to Saudi Arabia (SA).
13 March 2005 [01:55]

6-7 new bilateral documents to be signed between Azerbaijan and Poland

6-7 new bilateral documents are to be signed between Azerbaijan and Poland. One of diplomatic sources informed Agency Trend.
13 March 2005 [01:39]

Ilham Aliyev received delegation of UNESCAP and UNECE

Yesterday President Ilham Aliyev has received delegation of UNO Economical and Social Commission on Asia and Pacific Ocean (UNESCAP) and UNO Economical Commission on Europe (UNECE).
13 March 2005 [01:38]

Issue and spread of post stamps by alleged "NagornoGarabagh Republic" is prevented

Issue and spread of post stamps by Armenia by the name of the occupied Nagorno Garabagh territory of Azerbaijan has been prevented.
13 March 2005 [01:34]

Gulamhuseyn Alibeyli: "Till the next session of PA CE Rahim Gaziyev and the ones arrested because of October events will be set free"

"If the responsibilities taken are not fulfilled until April, proxies of Azerbaijan delegation may be stopped".
13 March 2005 [01:33]

President of FNNGO Azay Guliyev received delegation of National Democracy Institute

Yexterday president of Forum of National Non-governmental Organizations Azay Guliyev met country director of National Democracy Institute Christy Kverc, program employee Sasha Brus, and program director Sam Sager.
13 March 2005 [01:26]

Steven Mann: "Report of Fact -Finding mission has been drown up professionally"

Report drown up on settling in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan by Fact -Finding mission of OSCE aims to improve the talks process on solution of the conflict."
11 March 2005 [20:19]

Turkish Municipality officially acknowledges Khojaly genocide

Kechioren Municipality of Ankara acknowledged Khojaly genocide officially. Agency Trend informs this decision was adopted on the eve of the special session, with participation of deputies of Supreme National Meeting of Turkey (SNMT).
11 March 2005 [17:46]

Prime Minister of Georgia comes to Baku again

Delegation of government headed by Prime Minister of Georgia Zurab Nogaideli will come to Baku again in April, this year.
11 March 2005 [17:22]

Significant contradictions remain between Armenia and Azerbaijan

"Significant contradictions remain between Armenia and Azerbaijan on issue on Nagorno Karabkh, however the presidents Kocharian and Aliyev are loyal to peaceable settlement of conflict".
11 March 2005 [17:13]

Armenians violated ceasefire again

Divisions of Armed Forces of Armenia fired the positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan located in the territory of village of Gapanli of Terter region from their positions located 1km from the north-west of occupied village Seysulan of the same region with guns at 11.10a.m on March 9 and at 08.55a.m on March 10.
10 March 2005 [14:48]

PACE co-rapporteur on Azerbaijan to meet with 'political prisoners'

Malcolm Bruce, the co-rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on political prisoners in Azerbaijan will pay a visit to Baku, Aytan Shirinova, the spokeswomen for the Baku Office of the Council of Europe, told Trend.
10 March 2005 [14:47]

Samad Seyidov: "I do not even want to imagine the demands of Council of Europe not to be fulfilled"

"Azerbaijan must make fast and serious steps. Public TV must be established in the shortest period of time. Till April session of PACE, we must reach the information about the establishment of Public TV to the attention of Council of Europe.
10 March 2005 [14:45]

$412M of total WB credit allocated to Azerbaijan

Over the cooperation lasting from 1992 to 2004 the World Bank allocated to Azerbaijan $622m worth of credits, according to official website of the WB.
10 March 2005 [14:42]

Armenians violated ceasefire in three directions

On 8th of March divisions of Armenian Armed Forces fired the positions of Azerbaijan Armed Forces in area of Borsunlu village of Terter region with submachine and machine guns from their positions in occupied "N" mountain height located in 2.5 km to the south-eastern part of Tapgaragoyunlu village of Goranboy region at 20.10 to 20.45.
10 March 2005 [14:40]

Azay Quliyev: "Special attention will be paid to the matter of political prisoners in the next amnesty decree"

"Some meetings of Amnesty Commission have already been held. Commission members meet regularly and discuss the appeals".
10 March 2005 [14:38]

Visit of Ilham Aliyev to Saudi Arabia is on

The visit of Ilham Aliyev to Saudi Arabia by the invitation of the king of this country Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud continues.
10 March 2005 [14:32]

Congressmen demand USA president to accept "Armenian genocide"

Members of "Support group to Armenia" of USA congress Joe Nollenberg and Frenk Pallone applying president George Bush, invited him to recognize "Armenian genocide" during traditional annual speech on April 24.
10 March 2005 [12:46]

Opposition leaders of Azerbaijan meets with British amb

Isa Gambar, the head of Musavat Party, received Laurence Bristow, the British Ambassador to Azerbaijan, on Wednesday, the party told Trend.
09 March 2005 [10:19]

Azerbaijan is not interested in peacekeepers in Karabakh

"Placing of peacekeeping forces in the conflict zone would serve the problem's freezing, not its solving. Azerbaijan is interested in resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, not freezing,"
09 March 2005 [10:17]

President Ilham Aliyev and crown prince Emir Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud talk in an enlarged format

On March 8, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Crown Prince, First Deputy Prime Minister, Commander of The National Guard of Saudi Arabia, Emir Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud held talks in an enlarged format.
08 March 2005 [13:13]

French specialists to participate investigation of journalist's murder

French specialists have been attracted to the investigation of the murder of Elmar Husseynov, the editor-in-chief of the Monitor magazine, who was shot to death on 2 March near his apartment, Rolan Blattman, the French Ambassador to Azerbaijan, told journalists on Monday.
08 March 2005 [12:48]

Coordinator of International Working Group met Azerbaijani soldiers

Yesterday Albert Voskanyan-coordinator of International Working Group on search of lost, taken hostage and captivated persons on Garabagh conflict zone met Azerbaijani hostages Khayal Abdullayev, Hikmet Taghiyev and Ruslan Bakirov detained in Khankendi.