04 April 2006 [19:09]

Minister of Internal Affairs plans to visit Dushanbe

Ramil Usubov, the Azerbaijani Minister of Internal Affairs, plans to pay visit to Dushanbe from 21 to 22 April, Mehrab Tukanov, the Head of the International Relations Department of the Ministry, stated.
04 April 2006 [18:57]

OIC Foreign Ministers to meet in Baku on June 19-21

33rd Conference of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) foreign ministers will take place in Baku on June 19-21, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry informed.
04 April 2006 [18:27]

US to continue financial and technical assistance in mine clearing

USA intends to continue financial and technical assistance in mine clearing of the Azerbaijani territories, Rino Harnish, the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, said.
04 April 2006 [15:25]

Azerbaijan and Armenia will not preside at GS of TRACECA Intergovernmental Commission

The reason of it was that the sides were against each-other during election of the Secretary General.
04 April 2006 [15:19]

Reno Harnish: "US government believes 2006 will be a decisive year to solve Karabakh conflict"

"The US government believes that this year will be a decisive year for settling the Nagorno Karabakh conflict," said US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Reno Harnish.
04 April 2006 [15:07]

10 documents to be discussed at the next Milli Majlis meeting agenda

10 documents to be discussed at the next Milli Majlis meeting agenda on April 4.
04 April 2006 [15:01]

Azeri Ambassador to the UK: "Baku ready to talk with ethnic Armenians residing in Nagorno Karabakh"

Major principles in the resolution of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict are based on the Constitution of Azerbaijan, which implies the observation of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, inviolability of borders and sovereignty.
04 April 2006 [14:55]

Turkish President visits Azerbaijan

On Tuesday Turkish President Ahmet Nejdet Sezer arrived in Baku with a two-day official the visit program starts with a tribute at the Cemetery of Martyrs and late former President Heydar Aliyev's tomb.
04 April 2006 [13:35]

Azerbaijani Ambassador handles credentials to San Marino government

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Italy, Emil Kerimov, who is also accredited in San Marino Republic, has submitted the credentials to the officials terminating their service in government of this country - the Captain-Regent, Claudio Muccioli and Antonello Bajiocci, in accordance with the protocol rules.
04 April 2006 [11:50]

Armistice breach in Armenian-Azeri frontline

On 3 April the units of the Armenian armed forces dislocated in 1.7km of Mosesgah village of Barda District fired from 17:55pm to 18:00pm the positions of the Azerbaijan National Army in the height of Tovuz District.
04 April 2006 [11:46]

Azerbaijan, Argentine sign two documents on bilateral cooperation

Azeri FM's South American visit continues.
04 April 2006 [11:29]

Matthew Bryza: "Re-run parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan to be held in line with international standards"

"I hope the re-run parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will be held in line with international standards," said Matthew Bryza, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.
04 April 2006 [10:51]

Stanley Escudero: "Azerbaijan is my second home"

Former US ambassador to our country considers that "velvet revolution" did not take place in Azerbaijan because the nation did not want it.
04 April 2006 [09:35]

DA Platform Azerbaijan National Committee held meeting

"Dialogue Eurasia" (DA) Platform Azerbaijan National Committee held meeting in Ataturk Center.
04 April 2006 [09:23]

Turkish President visits Azerbaijan

President of Turkey Ahmad Nejdat Sezar pays official visit to Azerbaijan today.
04 April 2006 [09:19]

Farhad Aliyev considers himself political prisoner

Head of the Committee Against Tortures (CAT) Elchin Behbudov met with the ex-Minister of economic development Farhad Aliyev, ex-Minister of Finance Fikret Yusifov and President of Azpetrol Group of Companies Rafig Aliyev detained in the jail ward of the Ministry of National Security.
04 April 2006 [01:35]

Armenian Armed Forces violated cease-fire 75 times

Armenian Armed Forces violated cease-fire in the frontline 75 times during first quarter of this year.
03 April 2006 [20:13]

Speaker of Afghan Lower chamber to pay a visit to Azerbaijan

Yunis Ganuni, the speaker of the Lower chamber of the Afghan Parliament, will pay a visit to Azerbaijan.
03 April 2006 [20:01]

Azeri MPs to attend PA CIS meeting in St.Petersburg

Azerbaijani MPs Bakhtiyar Aliyev, Farrukh Zeynalov and Ulvi Guliyev will attend meetings of the CIS Parliamentary Commission from 3 to 7 April.
03 April 2006 [20:00]

YAP delegation to visit China April 3

The Yeni Azerbaijan (YAP) party delegation with Ali Ahmedov in charge will visit China by the invitation of the Communist Party of China.
03 April 2006 [19:54]

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State meets leaders of opposition

Matthew J.Bryza, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, met the opposition leaders in the American embassy in Baku on April 3.
03 April 2006 [19:51]

President Aliyev receives President of ICRC

Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani President, received Jacob Kellenberger, the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
03 April 2006 [19:48]

Visit of Lithuanian President to Azerbaijan planned in mid-April

The official visit of Valdas Adamkus, the Lithuanian President, to Azerbaijan is planned in mid-April.
03 April 2006 [19:46]

President Aliyev receives US senior officials

Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev received US Director for Policy Planning, Stephen Krasner and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Matthew Bryza.
03 April 2006 [19:44]

Araz Azimov: "Participation of Azerbaijan in negotiations depends on effectiveness of dialogue with Armenia"

Azerbaijan will continue its efforts in direction of the dialogue on the regulation of the Nagorno Karabakh problem, but Armenia must know the position of Azerbaijan in this issue depends on effectiveness of the negotiations.
03 April 2006 [19:42]

Andreas Gross not to be in PACE Election Observation Mission

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) Monitoring Committee co-rapporteur on Azerbaijan Andreas Gross will not be in the composition of the PACE Election Observation Mission which will monitor the preparation for rerun of parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan scheduled for 13 May, 2006.
03 April 2006 [16:00]

Black Sea states agree to set up common Euroregion

Moldova regards the initiative to establish the Black Sea Euroregion presented at the International Conference on Interregional Cooperation in the Black Sea Basin as instrument for consolidating the good neighborhood relations.
03 April 2006 [15:48]

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State arrives in Baku

Matthew J.Bryza, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, arrived in Baku.
03 April 2006 [15:16]

IV Assembly of the World Democratic Movement to be held in Istanbul

The IV Assembly of the World Democratic Movement has started its work in Istanbul from April 2.
03 April 2006 [15:03]

The Iranian military have tested "the world's fastest torpedo"

The Iranian military have tested "the world's fastest torpedo" in the course of the manoeuvres of the Iranian army and navy in the Gulf area, the Iranian State Television reports with reference to military sources.
03 April 2006 [14:51]

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs to visit Nagorno Karabakh

"The OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs are probable to visit Nagorno Karabakh region in May," Yuriy Merzlyakov, the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair from Russia, told.
03 April 2006 [14:35]

Rafik Aliyev: "Deep tolerance to Jews in Azerbaijan both from government and population"

There is deep tolerance to Jews in Azerbaijan both from government and population. The State Committee's on work with the religious structures head, Rafik Aliyev told at the meeting with the head of the Israeli PM office, Ariel Romot.
03 April 2006 [12:37]

Russia hails cooperation with Armenia, defends gas price rise

Russia's ambassador to Armenia said Monday that the two countries were promoting stability in the Caucasus region, and that Gazprom's decision to raise natural gas prices for the former Soviet republic was in line with current policy to move towards free-market pricing schemes.
03 April 2006 [11:42]

One more Azerbaijani soldier killed

One more Azerbaijani soldier has been killed as a result of the armistice violation of the Armenian armed forces.
03 April 2006 [11:34]

Azerbaijanis in Fatih condemn genocide

On 31 March a crowd of people gathered in the Sarachane Park to argue against allegations of the Armenian Genocide with the intention of remembering the mass killing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh.
03 April 2006 [11:07]

Nizami Bahmanov: "Armenian FM's claims that Azerbaijan's violating ceasefire are absurd"

Armenian Foreign Minister, Vardan Oskanyan's claims that Azerbaijan is violating armistice rules, are absurd, the Head of the Azerbaijani community of Nagorno Karabakh, Nizami Bahmanov told.
01 April 2006 [14:52]

Group of specialists expected to visit Baku as a result of Azeri-US dialogue on security

A dialogue on security, which was set up in 1996 between the United States and Azerbaijan should be strengthened.
01 April 2006 [10:24]

Mazahir Panahov meets OSCE representatives

Head of OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Department for Elections Gerald Mitchell and general councilor of the organization Jonathan Stonestreet are on a visit in Azerbaijan at the invitation of Azerbaijan's Election Commission (CEC).
01 April 2006 [10:15]

President of Korea to visit Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani FM Elmar Mammadyarov received Korean charge d'affaires to Azerbaijan Liu Guang Chul.
01 April 2006 [09:56]

Ambassador Polad Bulbuloglu meets with Russian Deputy FM

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigori Karasin received Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu on his request.
01 April 2006 [09:44]

Trial of Ruslan Bashirli, Ramin Tagiyev and Said Nuri started

Preparatory trial of Yeni Fikir Youth Movement Chief Ruslan Bashirli, Chief assistant Ramin Tagiyev and Coordinator Said Nuri was held in the Grave Crimes Court.
01 April 2006 [09:24]

Minister of Economic Development met with UN representatives

The Minister of Economic Development Heydar Babayev met with Marco Borsotti, the UN resident coordinator in Azerbaijan, Michael Hopkins, group manager of the "Using potential oil incomes in turning "back gold" into "human gold"" Project implemented in Azerbaijan, and Alan Webster, international advisor on macroeconomics and modeling.
01 April 2006 [09:16]

President Ilham Aliyev signs decree to make amendments and additions to the law "On mobilization preparation"

President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree to apply the law on making amendments and additions to some legislation acts on application of the law "On Mobilization preparation".
01 April 2006 [08:45]

Novruz Mammadov: "Viewing of Azerbaijani lands as Armenian territory in international organizations' websites might be subversion"

"Showing of Azerbaijan's Karabakh and Nakhchivan regions as Armenian territories in international organizations websites might be subversion and we are fighting against this fact," President's Office Foreign Affairs Officer Novruz Mammadov told journalists.
01 April 2006 [08:35]

Natig Aliyev met with UN representatives

The Minister of Industry and Energy Natig Aliyev received Joanne DiSano, the Director Division for Sustainable Development Department of Economic and Social Affairs United Nations and Javad Amin Mansur, Vice-Chair of the 14th session of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development.
01 April 2006 [01:20]

Safar Abiyev: "The Supreme Commander-in-Chief will decide how to react to regular cease-fire violations"

"The cease-fire violation in the frontline has become regular. It is broken more often in comparison with previous years," Azerbaijani Defense Minister, Colonel-General Safar Abiyev told journalists.
31 March 2006 [18:01]

President received Sheikh Saqr Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi

President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev received the delegation led by Sheikh Saqr Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Prince and Deputy Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.
31 March 2006 [17:26]

Lithuanian President expected in Azerbaijan

Valdas Adamkus, the Lithuanian President, plans to pay his first official visit to Azerbaijan in April, Vitautas Naujus, the Lithuanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, who handed over his credentials to the Azerbaijan President day before, stated.
31 March 2006 [17:09]

US State Secretary advisor and State Department's representative to visit Azerbaijan

US State Secretary advisor, Matthew Brise and the State Department's representative, Stephen Hisener will visit Azerbaijan in early April, PR-officer of the US Embassy, Jonathan Henick informs.
31 March 2006 [13:41]

The Azerbaijani Energy Minister met UN representatives

The Azerbaijani Minister of Industry and Energy, Natik Aliyev met the UN Economy and Social Issues' Department of the Continuous Development director, Joanna DeSano and the Chairman of the 14th session of the UN Continuous Development commission, Amin Mansur.
31 March 2006 [12:42]

Azeri embassies abroad carry out measures on Genocide Day

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has instructed the Azerbaijani embassies in foreign countries to prepare and organize several events in connection with Azerbaijani Genocide Day, the Azerbaijani FM, Elmar Mammadyarov, told journalists.
31 March 2006 [10:29]

Armenians prepare program on complex renovation of Shusha

The authorities of the separatist regime functioning in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan have prepared a program on complex renovation of the ancient Turk city of Shusha.
31 March 2006 [10:17]

Egyptian political analyst: "In case of American strike Iran to hit BTC"

The risks are great if Washington's neo-cons choose military options to prevent Iran from blocking US imperial designs for the Middle East, writes Mustafa El-Labbad.
31 March 2006 [10:13]

Azerbaijani FM to visit Brazil, Argentina and US

Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov will pay a visit to Brazil, Argentina and the United States on April 1.
31 March 2006 [09:44]

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs to meet in April

"OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs might hold their next meeting in April. I do not rule out the meeting of the Azerbaijani and Armenian Foreign Ministers, but the exact date of this meeting has not yet been fixed," American co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group Steven Mann told.
31 March 2006 [09:30]

Vladimir Kazimirov: "Date and venue of Presidents' meetings shouldn't be publicized to achieve any result"

"I am not in state of neither pessimism nor euphoria after Rambouillet talks yielding no result. Having these feelings impedes settlement process. It is not surprising that Rambouillet talks ended fruitlessly," OSCE Minsk Group ex-co-chair Vladimir Kazimirov stated.
31 March 2006 [08:46]

Azerbaijani Embassy appeals to Hungarian law enforcement bodies

Azerbaijani Embassy in Hungary has appealed to the law enforcement bodies of this country to ensure Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov's security.
31 March 2006 [00:02]

President receives Italian Justice Minister

On Thursday Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani President, received the delegation led by Senator Roberto Castelli, the Italian Justice Minister.
30 March 2006 [23:27]

President accepts credentials from new Lithuanian Ambassador

Ilham Aliyev accepted credentials from Vyatautas Naudazis, the new Lithuanian Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Azerbaijan.
30 March 2006 [23:20]

Samad Seyidov: "We can change report by Latvian MP Boris Silevich"

"If the report by Latvian MP Broris Silevich includes the items unsatisfying Azerbaijan, we will be able to change it," Samad Seyidov, the Head of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE, stated.
30 March 2006 [22:39]

First Israeli MP of Azerbaijani origin to visit Baku soon

First Israeli MP of Azerbaijani origin will arrive in Baku soon, Arthur Lenk, the Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan, informs.
30 March 2006 [21:45]

Siyavush Novruzov: YAP delegation to visit China

Delegation of the Yeni Azerbaijan party (YAP) will pay a visit to China on April 4-11 due to invitation of the Communist Party of China, Yeni Azerbaijan (YAP) Vice Executive Secretary, Siyavush Novruzov stated.
30 March 2006 [17:44]

Armenian cease-fire violation kills one more Azerbaijani soldier

As a result of Armenians violating the cease-fire, one more soldier of Azerbaijan's Army was killed.
30 March 2006 [17:13]

Samed Seyidov: Work group meets to clarify the political prisoners' problem

Meeting of the work group will be held in Milli Mejlis April 5, the head of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Samed Seyidov informs.
30 March 2006 [16:44]

Sabina Frazer: "Level of destruction of occupied Azarbaijani territories considerably above than at the Balkans"

Project director of the International Crisis Group on the Caucasian region Sabina Fraser and the analyst of the "Amnesty International" organization Lawrence Brewers had discussed the "Peace opportunities in Nagorno Karabakh" at the Washington office of the radio "Liberty".
30 March 2006 [14:49]

Asim Mollazade invited to conference on future status of Kosovo

Asim Mollazade, the Chair of the Democratic Reforms Party, has been invited to the conference "Future Status of Kosovo", organized by "Alliance of Liberals and Democrats-Reformers Group" of the Council of Europe, similar group of European Parliament, Party of Liberals and Democrats of Europe and "Liberal International".
30 March 2006 [14:13]

Plenary session of Supreme court held

On Thursday the next plenary session of the Azerbaijani Supreme Court was held, the press service of the Supreme Court announced.
30 March 2006 [13:55]

Azerbaijani and Italian Justice Ministers sign a protocol

An executive protocol on cooperation was signed between the Ministers of Justice of Azerbaijan and Italy at the meeting of the Ministers in the Ministry's Central Apparatus March 30.
30 March 2006 [12:51]

Daniel Fried: "No pressure on Azerbaijan, Armenia over Karabakh"

The United States is not pressuring either Azerbaijan or Armenia on the issue of settling the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, the Department of State Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Daniel Fried has said.
30 March 2006 [11:29]

Development of US-Azerbaijan co-op discussed in Washington

During the visit to Washington Araz Azimov, the Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign Minister, held talks on the development of the US-Azerbaijani dialogue on security, Tahir Karimov, the adviser on political issues of the Azerbaijani Embassy in the United States, informs.
30 March 2006 [11:01]

Andzhei Kaspshik confirmed that Armenians disrupted OSCE monitoring

OSCE monitoring disrupted by ceasefire breach.
30 March 2006 [10:04]

International organizations to submit their reports to the parliament

Milli Majlis socio-political standing commission discussed UNICEF's report on the right of the child at today's meeting.
29 March 2006 [19:21]

CIS Parliamentary Assembly's commission meeting is over

CIS Parliamentary Assembly's commission meeting on human rights and social policies has finished on March 29.
29 March 2006 [19:20]

Senior Chinese officials expected to pay visits to Azerbaijan

2006 will be a significant year in connection with the visits of senior state and government officials of the People's Republic of China.
29 March 2006 [19:18]

Draft project on the SRP to be presented to Parliament

A meeting of the parliamentary commission on human rights, legal policy and state building took place on March 29.