09 February 2005 [09:15]

Azeri President satisfy cooperation with NATO

The Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev is satisfied the successful integration to the euro Atlantic structures and cooperation with NATO, he announced while receiving Robert Simons, NATO special representative on the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia, Trend reports.
09 February 2005 [09:10]

OSCE mission finished work in Azerbaijani occupied regions

OSCE fact-finding mission has finished work in 7 Azerbaijani occupied regions, Trend reports.
09 February 2005 [09:09]

Iranian Ambassador in Azerbaijan - USA war against Iran will be big mistake

Iran considers that, USA will make a big mistake in the war against Iran, Afshar Suleymani, Iranian ambassador in Azerbaijan said in the press conference on February 8, dedicated to 26th anniversary of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, Trend reports.
09 February 2005 [09:06]

Six Azeris were sentenced in terrorist plots

Six people were sentenced to prison following their conviction on charges of illegal arms possession and plotting terrorist acts, a court official said Tuesday.
08 February 2005 [09:02]

The number of members of New Azerbaijan Party reached to 359.709

The next meeting of Administrative Staff of New Azerbaijan Party was held on February, 5. According to then information given from press service of the party, report of Administrative Staff on activity of NAP in 2004 was listened; finance report of the party was confirmed.
08 February 2005 [09:01]

Genocide of Khojali will be discussed in Head Assembly of Turkey

Today chairman of Head Assembly of Turkey Bulent Arinj and delegation accompanying him met with chairman of Milly Mejlis (MM) Murtuz Aleskerov.
08 February 2005 [09:00]

OSCE annual meeting to discuss Azerbaijani problems

The problem, connected with Azerbaijan will be on focus in the OSCE Parliament assembly final meeting, which will be held in Washington on July 5-9, Sattar Safarov, chairman of MM [Azerbaijani parliament] Economic Policy permanent commission, told Trend.
08 February 2005 [09:00]

7-8 documents will be signed during Azeri President's Chinese visit

Signing 7-8 documents is expected during Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's visit to China in the first half of the current year, diplomatic source told Trend.
08 February 2005 [08:58]

Cross and Herkel come to Baku on February, 10

Andreas Cross and Andreas Herkel-co- speakers of Monitoring Committee of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) on Azerbaijan will be on a visit to Baku from February, 10 till 13.
08 February 2005 [08:56]

Azeri President received French Senate member

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev received Emery de Montesque, member of the French Senate on February 7, Trend reports.
07 February 2005 [08:48]

China supports sovereignty, territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in Nagorno- Karabakh problem

China will continue supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in the issue linked with the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagormo-Karabakh, Chinese Foreign Minister Lee Chaosin said in a meeting with his visiting Azerbaijani counterpart Elmar Mammadyarov on Friday.
05 February 2005 [09:35]

Associate of USA Embassy in Armenia was imprisoned

Zdzislav Parley- former associate of USA Embassy in Armenia was imprisoned in Washington. Former diplomat was claimed in violating 13 laws of the country.
05 February 2005 [09:32]

Azerbaijan attends hearings at Rotterdam court

The second legal hearing on lawsuit on Pochtbank stock-commercial bank, which was filed by FIM Bank of Malta, was held in Rotterdam on 2 February.
05 February 2005 [09:31]

Turkish parliament speaker to visit Azerbaijan

Bulent Arinj, the chairman of the Turkish Great National Meeting will visit Azerbaijan on February 6-8, The Milli Mejlis [Azerbaijani parliament] told Trend.
05 February 2005 [09:30]

Azeri parliamentarians to criticize Armenian policy in OSCE winter session

The Azerbaijani parliamentarians will criticize the Armenian occupation policy in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA) winter session on February 23-24, Sattar Safarov, head of Azerbaijani delegation in OSCE PA, member of MM [Azerbaijani parliament], told Trend.
05 February 2005 [09:22]

Idle standing carriages grew in Azeri-Georgian border

The number of carriages standing idle in the border with Georgia due to the final destination has grown.
04 February 2005 [09:38]

New Azeri Ambassador in Bulgaria appointed

By the order of president Ilham Aliyev new Ambassador for Bulgaria is appointed.
04 February 2005 [09:34]

Visit of Elmar Mammadyarov to China began

Today Azerbaijan delegation headed by Elmar Mammadyarov- Minister of Foreign Affairs paid an official visit to China National Republic (CNR).
04 February 2005 [09:32]

Azeri opposition leaders met with OSCE ODIHR

Christian Shtrokhal, head of the OSCE Office of the Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) met with the leaders of the opposition parties IN Baku office during his visit on February 3, Musavat Press-service told Trend.
04 February 2005 [09:30]

Fact-finding mission of OSCE is in Zengilan

Fact-finding mission of OSCE holding monitoring concerning the level of settlement in occupied territories of Azerbaijan came to Zengilan.
04 February 2005 [09:27]

Coordinator of NATO on South Caucasus and Central Asia to come to Baku

Robert Simens-coordinator of NATO on South Caucasus and Central Asia is to come to Baku next week. (APA).
04 February 2005 [09:25]

Patrick Hardoun: "Settling of Upper Karabagh conflict is too much important for NATO"

Patric Hardoun deputy of NATO State Secretary on political and Security matters, held press conference in "Europe" hotel, which is in two days visit in Baku.
04 February 2005 [09:23]

Azerbaijan to ink agreement with UNIDO

Azerbaijan and UN International Development Organization (UNIDO) will sign a frame agreement on Friday, Rovshan Mammadzada, the Deputy Director of the Foreign Investments Department of the Minister of economic Development.
04 February 2005 [09:19]

Ambassador of Great Britain to our country announced the advice concerning visit to Azerbaijan to be clarified in the site of MFA

Deputy Prime Minister Vagif Sadikov received Lori Bristo-ambassador of Great Britain to Baku and his deputy Colin Wells.
04 February 2005 [09:16]

NA­TO to provi­de BTC secur­ity

NA­TO is rea­dy to provi­de the secur­ity of Baku-Tbilisi- Jeyk­han (BTC) oil pipeli­ne, Patrick Gor­dowin, Depu­ty Sec­re­ta­ry Ge­ne­ral of the All­ian­ce on reg­ion, eco­no­my and secur­ity told the jour­nalists on Febr­ua­ry 3, Trend re­ports.
04 February 2005 [09:09]

Ilham Aliyev gave condolence to Mikhail Saakashvili

Today president Ilham Aliyev gave condolence to president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili related death of Prime Minister Zurab Jvania, over the phone.
04 February 2005 [02:43]

Baghdad offers Baku to enlarge contingent in Iraq

The Iraqi government offered Baku to enlarge the staff of Azerbaijani peacemakers in this country. Arshad Omar Ismail, Iraq Ambassador in Azerbaijan told in the meeting with Safar Abiyev, Azerbaijani Defense Minister, Trend reports.
03 February 2005 [10:49]

Website of Baku office of International Republicans Institute to be opened

On February, 7 presentation of website of Baku office of International Republicans Institute (IRI) will be held in "Hyatt Regency" hotel.
03 February 2005 [10:33]

Seminar within the framework of Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council launched

Yesterday a seminar in the frame of Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council on the subject "Structure reforms included economy, security, and protection: security aspects of macroeconomic stability and operation of resources for protection" has launched in "Europe" hotel.
03 February 2005 [09:16]

Ilham Aliyev received minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Yesterday president Ilham Aliyev received representative staff headed by Sergey Lavrov- Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia in President's Palace.
02 February 2005 [09:17]

NATO Assistant Secretary General due to Azerbaijan

Visiting South Caucaus NATO Assistant Secretary General for Regional, Economic and Security Affairs, Dr. Patrick Hardouin will arrive in Baku on February 2.
02 February 2005 [09:14]

Publishing of materials against Azerbaijan has been intensive case in Dagestan press

Publishing of materials against Azerbaijan has been intensive case in Dagestan press. According to the information given by northern bureau of APA, this kind of materials can be observed more often in "Daghestanien" and other newspapers.
02 February 2005 [09:08]

USA made next statement regarding recognition of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan

USA State Department reported the list of facts called "USA and Upper Garabagh" yesterday. It is noted in the document that, "USA doesn't recognise Upper Garabagh as independent state and this organization is not accepted by international unity.
01 February 2005 [06:59]

Congressman Weldon to arrive in Baku

Head of the USA-Azerbaijan friendship group, Senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, congressman Curt Weldon will be visiting Baku in February 2005.
01 February 2005 [06:57]

Defense minister of Azerbaijan meets with Ambassador of Iraq

Defense minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, colonel-general Safar Abiyev has met the ambassador of Iraq to Azerbaijan Ershad Omar Ismail.
01 February 2005 [06:07]

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia visits Baku

Sergey Lavrov- Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia will pay an official visit to Baku tomorrow evening.
01 February 2005 [05:26]

Asim Mollazade:"We did not expect Atkinson's report to be so unbiased"

Today.Az exclusively interviewed Asim Mollazade – Azeri delegate in PACE.
29 January 2005 [15:33]

Deputy of General Secretary of NATO will come to Baku next week

Patrik Hardoun-deputy of General Secretary of NATO for security issues will come to Baku on February, 2.
29 January 2005 [00:40]

New ambassador of Greece came to Baku

New appointed ambassador of Greece to Azerbaijan Temistokles Dimidis came to Baku.
29 January 2005 [00:04]

Armenians violated cease-fire again

Armenians violated ceasefire one more time.
28 January 2005 [02:34]

Fact Investigation Mission of OSCE come to Baku today

Fact Investigation Mission formed by OSCE comes to Baku to investigate artificial settling policy, pursued by Armenia in occupied territories of Azerbaijan tomorrow.
26 January 2005 [23:57]

9 documents have been signed between Azerbaijan and Iran

Today I.Aliyev who is on official visit in Iran Islam Republic (IIR), after meeting with Mahammad Hatemi, participated in ceremony to sign documents.