02 February 2011 [10:52]

Azerbaijani grandmasters to attend chess tournament in Moscow

The international Aeroflot Open chess tournament will be held in Moscow from February 8 to 17.
01 February 2011 [17:40]

Azerbaijan's FC Neftchi signs Algerian player

Azerbaijani Neftchi football club has carried out its first winter transfer.
31 January 2011 [18:10]

AIBA and Azerbaijan Boxing Federation sign agreement

On Monday, International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) and Azerbaijan Boxing federation (ABF) signed an agreement.
26 January 2011 [12:15]

Azerbaijan's judo fighters to vie for world medals

Azerbaijan national judo team will compete in the World Cup starting in Tbilisi, Georgia on Saturday.
20 January 2011 [12:18]

Azerbaijan's women chess champion determined

Azerbaijan Women's Chess Championship has wrapped up in the Republican Chess Center in Baku.
18 January 2011 [14:30]

Official bookmaker points start to function in Azerbaijan

Official bookmakers have began to operate in Azerbaijan today.
18 January 2011 [10:43]

Azerbaijani mountain-climbers to join international contests

The Azerbaijani mountain-climbers will participate in the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup 2011 in Switzerland and Romania.
17 January 2011 [15:25]

FC Baku signs Latvian manager Aleksandr Starkov

Latvian football coach Aleksandr Starkov has signed a 2.5 year contract with Azerbaijan`s FC Baku.
17 January 2011 [11:35]

Azerbaijani judoists win 4 medals in World Masters tournament

The World Masters judo tournament ended in Baku on Sunday.
13 January 2011 [18:45]

Azerbaijan will host a karate tournament dedicated to 20 January tragedy

Azerbaijan will host a karate tournament to commemorate the 20 January tragedy, the Ministry of Youth and Sports said today.
13 January 2011 [15:35]

Azerbaijan's AZAL football club plans to strengthen the team

The Azerbaijani AZAL Football Club may recruit an Uzbek footballer.
13 January 2011 [12:25]

Azerbaijan's great rowing athlete passes away

One of the greatest athletes in the history of Azerbaijani rowing Agazaki Atayev has passed away at the age of 76.
12 January 2011 [14:55]

Azerbaijani national football team improves position in FIFA rating

The Azerbaijani national football team moved forward in FIFA rating schedule.
10 January 2011 [16:30]

Azerbaijan's FC Neftchi hires Turkish coach

The Baku football club Neftchi has hired a Turkish coach for the club.
08 January 2011 [13:04]

Azerbaijan Women's Chess Championship to start soon

The draw of the Azerbaijan Women's Chess Championship has been held in the Republican Chess Center in Baku.