22 December 2010 [15:30]

Azerbaijani wrestlers win 66 medals in 2010

2010 has been very successful for Azerbaijani wrestlers.
21 December 2010 [18:43]

Rhythmic gymnastics section opened at Goychay Olympic Sports Complex - PHOTOS

Section of rhythmic gymnastics has been opened at Olympic Sports Complex in Azerbaijan’s Goychay region.
21 December 2010 [15:15]

Fitness club of popular American brand "Curves" launched in Baku

A women's fitness club of popular American brand “Curves” opened in Baku.
21 December 2010 [14:25]

Azerbaijani football federation dissatisfied with judges' attitude to matches

The Azerbaijani Association of Football Federations (AFFA) is dissatisfied with the judges' attitude toward the matches.
20 December 2010 [17:45]

Azerbaijani boxers win 13 medals

15 December 2010 [15:35]

Azerbaijan to participate in international sport agency summit in Istanbul

Istanbul will host “International Sport agency summit-2010” event on December 20.
14 December 2010 [16:25]

Azerbaijani gymnasts win medals at the international tournament

The Azerbaijani gymnasts won three medals at an international tournament held in Kaliningrad.
07 December 2010 [17:07]

Azerbaijani MMA fighters grab 10 medals at the World Championship in Russia

Azerbaijani MMA fighters grabbed 10 medals in world championship in Medyn, Russia.
07 December 2010 [16:12]

Azerbaijan's U21s to face Qatar

06 December 2010 [17:55]

Baku to host Azerbaijan Judo Cup

06 December 2010 [12:25]

Azerbaijan's handball team overpowered Greece in a World Cup qualifier

Azerbaijan national women's handball team has successfully completed the qualifying round of the World Cup 2011.
03 December 2010 [11:55]

Azeri judo champ Elnur Mammadli: I'll have to be a lot more responsible now...

Interview with Azerbaijani judo champion, Elnur Mammadli.
01 December 2010 [14:45]

First-ever rock climbing wall opened in Baku

“Green Rock” rock climbing wall has opened in Baku.