08 April 2010 [11:48]

Azerbaijani karate fighters win six medals in U.S. Open

Azerbaijani karate fighters participated in the international karate competition USA OPEN in Las Vegas.
06 April 2010 [10:15]

European Volleyball Confederation Vice President to trip to Azerbaijan

European Volleyball Confederation Vice President Jan will soon visit Baku.
05 April 2010 [18:22]

Prize winners of World Championship Team of Azerbaijan dismissed for drunkenness

Two members of Azerbaijani national boxing team were excluded from the national team.
05 April 2010 [13:22]

Azerbaijani boxers to attend two international tournaments

Azerbaijani boxers will take part in two international tournaments Apr.6-12, the Ministry of Youth and Sports said.
03 April 2010 [13:15]

Artistic gymnastics championship underway in Baku

The 17th nationwide artistic gymnastics championship is underway at the Gymnastics School in Baku.
03 April 2010 [12:00]

Azerbaijani Olympic champion: They say the rules were changed because of me

Champion of the Beijing Olympics, Azerbaijani Elnur Mammadli spoke about his weight change, new rules for judo fighters, and lost self-confidence.
02 April 2010 [12:44]

Azerbaijani weightlifters to battle for European medals

Azerbaijani weightlifters will compete in the European championship starting in Minsk, Belarus.
29 March 2010 [11:33]

Azerbaijani gymnasts won two medals at World Cup in Greece

Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup has recently ended in the Greek city of Kalamata.
27 March 2010 [13:04]

Azerbaijan national wrestling team begins performance at World Cup in China

Women's Wrestling World Cup has got underway in the Chinese city of Nanjing.
26 March 2010 [19:20]

Azerbaijani Greco-Roman Olympic Champion: This time, I'll take what is mine

Interview with Greco-Roman Olympic champion Farid Mansurov.
26 March 2010 [14:40]

Azerbaijani national soccer team to hold next training session

Azerbaijan's national football team will meet for the next training session, the Azerbaijan Football Federations Association (AFFA) said.
26 March 2010 [13:27]

Azerbaijan takes 6 medals at European Judo Cup

Azerbaijani judo fighters have brought home a clutch of six medals, including two golds, from the European Cup for Cadets in Antalya, Turkey.
26 March 2010 [13:08]

Azerbaijani shooter reaches finals of prestigious tournament in Germany

Competitions as part of the 26th international annual ISAS tournament are underway in Dortmund, Germany.
26 March 2010 [10:10]

First Azerbaijan national equestrian festival wraps up

The 1st Azerbaijan national equestrian festival, which featured several races, show jumping events and a polo tournament, has ended.
25 March 2010 [13:45]

Azerbaijani gymnasts to attend World Cup in Greece

Contests as part of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup will take place in the Greek city of Kalamata from March 26 to 28.
25 March 2010 [11:16]

Azerbaijan to attend international sambo tournament in Moscow

World Sambo Super Cup - Memorial A. Kharlampiev will start in Moscow on March 25.
24 March 2010 [12:34]

Azerbaijani basketball team wins Bishkek tournament

Azerbaijan’s basketball team has won the finals of the annual "Nowruz-2010" tournament in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan.
23 March 2010 [10:25]

Azerbaijani judo fighter defeats his Armenian counterpart for the European Championship Cup

The European judo championship for youths has been completed in Antalya (Turkey).
22 March 2010 [14:05]

Teams of Shahriyar Mammadyarov and Namik Guliyev won the Chess championship in Germany

The 13th round of the chess championship in Germany, which was attended by two Azerbaijani grandmasters finished.
21 March 2010 [20:33]

Azerbaijani gymnast wins the tournament in Romania

Rhytmic gymnastics International tournament has concluded in Bucharest (Romania).
21 March 2010 [19:45]

Group Team of Azerbaijani Rhythmic Gymnastics took the 1-st place in the tournament in France

The 23rd international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics has started in Pas-de-Calais (France).
20 March 2010 [19:22]

Azerbaijani National Basketball team beats their counterparts from Kyrgyzstan

Azerbaijan's national basketball team played out its second match of the tournament "Nowruz-2010" in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek.
19 March 2010 [14:55]

Azerbaijani judo fighters to join European Cup

Azerbaijan's judo team will compete in the Cadet European Cup tournament kicking off Saturday in Antalya, Turkey.
19 March 2010 [12:28]

Azerbaijani grandmaster wins ticket to the World Cup

Play-off matches for the World Chess Cup are underway in the Croatian city of Rijeka.
19 March 2010 [10:00]

Azerbaijan surprised UEFA official

17 March 2010 [08:30]

Azerbaijani wushu fighters became world champions

Azerbaijani athletes showed their best at the World Wushu Championship in Hong Kong.
15 March 2010 [17:33]

Azerbaijani fighters to compete for medals in K-1 World Max Tournament

Azerbaijani fighters will compete in the K-1 World Max 2010 East Europe Tournament starting in Minsk, Belarus, on Friday.
15 March 2010 [13:22]

Azerbaijani chess player ranks 10th in European Championship

8th round of the European Individual Chess Championship took place in the Croatian city of Rijeka.