22 January 2007 [22:05]

Armenia says soldier killed by Azerbaijani sniper at border; Azeri official denies

The Armenian Defense Ministry said one of its soldiers was shot and killed Monday by an Azerbaijan sniper at the countries' border, but Azerbaijan denied it.
22 January 2007 [21:58]

MNS denied rumors that instigator of Dink's murder was trained in Azerbaijan

The International Herald Tribune in its report on murder of Armenian-language Agos newspaper editor Hrant Dink says that instigator of the murder Yasin Hayal was trained at camps for Chechen militants in Azerbaijan.
22 January 2007 [20:20]

Terry Davis: "My role is to support territorial integrity of CoE member states"

Terry Davis, Secretary General of the Council of Europe addressed a PACE winter session.
22 January 2007 [19:24]

President Aliyev to visit Georgia

President Ilham Aliyev will visit Georgia on February 7.
22 January 2007 [19:23]

Question on anniversary of Khojali genocide to PACE Committee of Ministers

The member of the Azerbaijani delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Ganira Pashayeva presented a written question to the Committee of Ministers of the organization.
22 January 2007 [16:19]

Rene van der Linden: "PACE on firm position of liberation of Azerbaijani lands"

On Monday PACE President Rene van der Linden has held press conference on the commencing of PACE winter session.
22 January 2007 [16:12]

PACE winter session begins today

Winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe begins today in Strasbourg, France.
22 January 2007 [15:40]

PACE: Free and fair elections never held in Armenia

Free and fair elections have not been held in Armenia since it became the member of the Council of Europe, 2001, it is reflected in the report made by Armenian Rapporteurs of the PACE Monitoring Committee Mikko Elo, Georges Colombier.
22 January 2007 [14:22]

PACE co-reporters: "Azerbaijani and Armenian societies not ready to compromise"

"Armenia should use all possible means for the peaceful settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Yerevan should use its influence on Nagorno Karabakh Armenians for the peaceful settlement of the conflict," the report worked out by Mikko Elo and George Colombier, PACE Monitoring Committee co-reporters to Armenia, reads.
22 January 2007 [13:10]

FM to consult with OSCE co-chairs in Moscow

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov will consult with OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs mediating in settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict, Foreign Ministry Press and Information Policy Department chief Tahir Tagizadeh informed.
22 January 2007 [10:58]

Kuwait's Amir receives Azeri FM

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah of Kuwait received on Sunday Azeri Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov and an accompanying delegation.
21 January 2007 [23:34]

Iran announces missile tests

Adamant not to budge under pressure, Iran on Sunday announced new short-range missile tests, and hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed criticism that new U.N. Security Council sanctions were hurting the economy.
21 January 2007 [23:19]

Azeri FM visits Kuwait, signs MoU

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah said on Sunday that he discussed with visiting Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov a host of issues including Islamic, Caspian sea and Gulf developments.
21 January 2007 [16:23]

Suspect confesses to journalist's killing

A teenager detained over the slaying of an ethnic Armenian journalist has confessed to the killing, the prosecutor said Sunday.
21 January 2007 [16:17]

Azerbaijan express appreciation on Jordan's supportive stands

The Republic of Azerbaijan expressed high appreciation on Jordan's supportive stands to the Azerbaijani causes, as well as its keeness on further developing bilateral relations in all fields.
21 January 2007 [03:08]

Former intelligence analyst says U.S. plans 'envision broad war in Iran'

U.S. contingency planning for military action against Iran's nuclear program goes beyond limited strikes and would effectively unleash a war against the country, a former U.S. intelligence analyst said on Friday.
21 January 2007 [02:59]

Turkish PM: "Killing of Armenian was attack on nation"

Turkish police on Saturday arrested the suspected killer of a prominent Turkish-Armenian writer who had angered nationalists with articles referring to a Turkish "genocide" of Armenians, government sources said.
21 January 2007 [02:12]

Denis Bribosia: "Only PACE can appoint a rapporteur for political prisoners"

"International organizations will continue to work intensively on the issue of political prisoner irrespective of whether to appoint a special rapporteur to deal with it in Azerbaijan," said Denis Bribosia, special representative of CE Secretary General for Azerbaijan.
20 January 2007 [19:21]

Iran, Azerbaijan discuss regional, international issues

Iran and Azerbaijan on Friday discussed the latest regional and international developments as well as Iran's peaceful nuclear program.
20 January 2007 [14:34]

Istanbul governor says 3 arrested in connection with murder of journalist

Istanbul governor Muammer Guler said three people were arrested in connection with the murder of journalist Hrant Dink earlier on Friday, CNN-Turk television reported.
20 January 2007 [14:30]

Turkey shamed, shocked by slaying of journalist

Turkey's press conveyed the nation's sense of shock, shame and self-reflection on Saturday at the assassination of journalist and Armenian community leader Hrant Dink at the entrance to his bilingual Turkish-Armenian newspaper.
20 January 2007 [14:12]

Azerbaijan appeals Interpol to find Khojaly Genocide culprits

Azerbaijan's Military Prosecutor's Office has appealed Interpol to issue a notice on Khojaly Genocide perpetrators.
20 January 2007 [14:08]

Turkish ambassador: "Assassination of Hrant Dink is anti-Turkish move"

"Assassination of Aqos Editor-in-chief Grant Dink is a propaganda against Turkey.
20 January 2007 [13:54]

Visit program of Greek MPs announced

Members of Azerbaijani-Greek Friendship Group Maximos Harakopoulos, Konstantinos Tsiaras, Antonis Karpouzas and Elpida Tsouri will visit Baku from January 23 to 26.
20 January 2007 [13:53]

Garib Mammadov: "Nothing to worry about maps posted on Internet"

"The map posted by Google in Internet is of no serious importance. The map does not reflects exact coordinates," chairman of the State Land and Cartography Committee Garib Mammadov told journalists.
20 January 2007 [13:51]

New documents on destruction of Azerbaijani cultural heritage to be presented to PACE Rapporteur

The meeting of the PACE Subcommittee on Science, Education and Culture will be held within the winter session.
20 January 2007 [13:40]

Former Speaker satisfied with work of Parliament

Former Speaker of Milli Majlis Murtuz Alesgerov is satisfied with the activity of Milli Majlis.
20 January 2007 [13:39]

Baku to host a number of GUAM events

This year Baku will host a number of events of GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development.
20 January 2007 [13:35]

Eldar Namazov: Problem concerning to prolongation of the establishment of new political block is not inside 'YeS'

The activity of "Yeni Siyaset" (New Policy) Electoral Block was put an end after 2005 parliamentary elections.
20 January 2007 [13:32]

APFP waits for government's proposals

"We are not looking for headquarters for our party yet. We are waiting for Azerbaijani government to offer headquarters to us," said Azerbaijan People's Front Party (APFP) leader Ali Karimli.
20 January 2007 [13:31]

Parliament to discuss draft law on rehabilitation of prisoners

Draft law on Rehabilitation of prisoners will be put on agenda of Milli Majlis spring session.
20 January 2007 [13:28]

Azerbaijan mourns Black January Martyrs

On January 20, people of Azerbaijan commemorate a tragedy, which became a turning point in the nation's struggle for independence from the former Soviet Union and one of the most tragic events in its recent history.
20 January 2007 [13:16]

President Aliyev's visit schedule being prepared

"The preliminary variant of President Ilham Aliyev's official visit schedule to Germany is being prepared," said Second Secretary of the Azerbaijani embassy to Germany Nasimi Agayev.
20 January 2007 [13:11]

PACE committee requires 30% women in South Caucasus countries' parliaments

The demand raised in the meeting of the PACE Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men about increasing the number of women in the parliaments of South Caucasian countries by 15% in 2010 and by 30% in 2020 caused dissatisfaction.
20 January 2007 [13:09]

Slovenian ambassador appointed to Azerbaijan

Mitya Shtrukeld has been appointed new Slovenian Ambassador to Azerbaijan.
20 January 2007 [13:06]

Armenian-Israeli interparliamentary friendship group chairman dies

Armenian-Israeli interparliamentary friendship group chairman Yuri Stern died at age 57.
20 January 2007 [13:03]

Russian FM awards Polad Bulbuloglu 'Friendship Order'

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov awarded Azerbaijani ambassador to Iran Polad Bulbuloglu 'Friendship Order.'
19 January 2007 [23:45]

OSCE Representative appalled by murder of Turkish journalist Hrant Dink

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Miklos Haraszti, expressed profound shock today over the murder of the well-known Turkish journalist Hrant Dink.
19 January 2007 [23:01]

Mammadyarov to visit Kuwait

Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov on Saturday will leave for Kuwait on an official visit.
19 January 2007 [22:55]

Poland's Deputy FM to visit Azerbaijan

Pavel Koval, first deputy foreign minister of the Republic of Poland will come to Baku, January 22.
19 January 2007 [22:51]

Deputy FM meets Saudi Arabia's Education Minister

Deputy foreign minister of Azerbaijan Khalaf Khalafov has met with the delegation led by Dr. Khaled Al-Angari, minister for higher education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
19 January 2007 [22:33]

Turkish-Armenian journalist is killed in Istanbul

Hrant Dink, one of the most prominent voices of Turkey's shrinking Armenian community, was killed by a gunman Friday at the entrance to his newspaper's offices, police said.
19 January 2007 [22:24]

Ramiz Melikov: "Defense ministers of countries transited to NATO standards are civilians"

"Defense ministers of the countries transited to NATO standards are civilians. We do not know how it is going to be here.
19 January 2007 [22:22]

One more Azeri officer sentenced for high treason

One more Azeri officer sentenced by the Grievous Crimes Court in accusation of high treason.
19 January 2007 [22:21]

ICRC reps met with Samir Mammadov

Azerbaijani representatives of International Committee of Red Cross met with Azerbaijani soldier Samir Mammadov captivated on December 16.
19 January 2007 [22:18]

Parliament to discuss Gebele radar station issue

The issue of reconsideration of Azerbaijan-Russia leasing agreement of "Daryal" Radar in Gebele region will be raised in spring session of Parliament.
19 January 2007 [22:16]

Written questions on Plans on "Shusha Liberation" monument in Armenia presented to PACE

Member of Azerbaijan's delegation to the PACE, MP Ganira Pashayeva, has presented written questions on Plans on "Shusha Liberation" monument in Armenia to the Committee of Ministers of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
19 January 2007 [17:34]

Lennmarker's visit schedule to Azerbaijan being prepared

"OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President Goran Lenmarker said in his in his letter to the leadership of Milli Majlis that he intends to visit the region, because of the missions to be implemented in the region by OSCE and when the importance of Caucasian priorities is increasing in the world," said head of the Azerbaijani delegation to OSCE PA, vice-speaker of the parliament Bahar Muradova.
19 January 2007 [16:34]

Armenian Deputy Defense Minister offered resignation

"Armenia's Deputy Defense Minister Artur Aghabekyan tendered his resignation," country's MOD head Serge Sargsyan told a news conference in Yerevan.
19 January 2007 [16:32]

OSCE MG co-chairs to begin their visit from Baku

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs Bernard Fassier (France), Yuri Merzlyakov (Russia), Matthew Bryza (US) and special representative of OSCE Chairman-in-Office Andrzej Kasprzyk will begin their visit to the region from Baku.
19 January 2007 [15:03]

Azeri soldier killed in Nagorno Karabakh

A soldier was killed when Armenian separatists opened fire on Azeri positions in the breakaway region of Nagorno Karabakh, an Azeri Defense Ministry spokesman said Friday.
19 January 2007 [14:58]

Eduard Lintner: "Problem of political prisoners not serious in Azerbaijan"

The problem of political prisoners is not so serious in Azerbaijan, said Chairman of PACE Monitoring Committee Eduard Lintner.
19 January 2007 [14:56]

Elmar Mammadyarov: "Protect us against bullies"

Energy is again on the front pages of Europe's newspapers. The Gazprom story from last year, when the Russian energy giant forced Ukraine to accept higher gas prices, was repeated this year in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Belarus.
19 January 2007 [14:55]

Azerbaijani delegation to raise issue on Armenia's exclusion from PACE

Azerbaijani delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will leave for Strasbourg to participate in the winter session, the head of the delegation Samad Seyidov said.
19 January 2007 [13:42]

Meetings on delimitation of borders to be held in Azerbaijan

The next meeting on delimitation and demarcation of borders between Azerbaijan and Georgian will be held on March 5-6 in Baku, the chief of State Land and Cartography Committee Gerib Mammadov told.
19 January 2007 [12:40]

Time: Oil's Vital New Power

In the control room of Azerbaijan's sprawling oil terminal near the capital, Baku, Bala Mirza sits peering at a fuzzy map on a computer monitor.
19 January 2007 [01:00]

Ahmadinejad under pressure at home over UN sanctions

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is coming under pressure on several fronts at home, just a month after the United Nations Security Council imposed its first sanctions on Iran to curb its nuclear program.
19 January 2007 [00:43]

Military-industrial complex and army formation of Azerbaijan to meet NATO standards

Military-industrial complex and army formation of Azerbaijan will meet NATO standards by the end of the year, stated Siyavush Novruzov, member of Azerbaijani delegation to NATO Parliamenary Assembly.
19 January 2007 [00:41]

Washington ProFile agency included Armenians' terror acts in Baku in terror acts list

Washington ProFile analytic-information agency included the terror acts committed by Dashnaksutyun Party in Baku in the list of terror acts of the world.
19 January 2007 [00:24]

Issue of Armenia's illegal arming to be raised in NATO PA

NATO Parliamentary Assembly in spring session will raise issue concerning Armenia's illegal arming, the member of Azerbaijani delegation in NATO PA Siyavush Novruzov said.
19 January 2007 [00:20]

Siyavush Novruzov: "Law on Basis of military draft can be amended"

"The issue on concession in utilities payment of military servants will be reconsidered in MM spring session in case if any problem occurs," stated the Parliament security commission member Siyavush Novruzov.
19 January 2007 [00:06]

94 Azerbaijani servicemen returns from Iraq

Thursday night 94 servicemen of Azerbaijani Armed Forces serving in Iraq returned to Baku.
18 January 2007 [23:51]

Conference on 20 January tragedy to be held in Belgium

Congress of Benelux Azerbaijanis will hold a conference on 20 January tragedy in Antwerp, Belgium.
18 January 2007 [23:49]

Parties of Consulting Assembly to support YAP candidate in 2008 presidential elections

The parties of the Consulting Assembly decided to support the candidate of the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) in 2008 presidential elections.
18 January 2007 [22:19]

Nezavisimaya Gazeta: "It is not worth to pin special hopes on Oskanian-Mammadyarov meeting"

Armenian and Azeri Foreign Ministers Vartan Oskanian and Elmar Mammadyarov will have a meeting in Moscow January 23. "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" reports that the European Union hopes on effectiveness of the meeting.
18 January 2007 [21:56]

Putin, Kocharian to hold more talks

Armenian President Robert Kocharian will again travel to Russia next week for talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin said on Thursday.
18 January 2007 [21:46]

Azeri ensign killed

Armenian Armed Forces fired on the positions of Azerbaijani Armed Forces in Ashagi Abdurrahmanli village of Fuzuli region at 23.00 from January 17.
18 January 2007 [21:44]

Co-chairs to visit region Jan. 24

OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs will visit the region after the meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian ministers on January 23 in Moscow.
18 January 2007 [21:36]

We are working to prevent Ukrainian Azerbaijanis from migration problems - Azeri envoy

Azerbaijani ambassador to Ukraine Telet Aliyev met with Aleksandr Lavrinovich, Ukrainian Minister of Justice, to prevent the violence of the rights of Azerbaijanis temporary living in Ukraine.
18 January 2007 [21:30]

FM Consulate Department Chief Nadir Huseynov: "Simplified visa regime can not be applied because of Iran's non-execution of state procedures"

"Azerbaijan has 39 embassies in foreign countries, 4 permanent offices under international organizations and 5 consulates general. Several more diplomatic offices and consulates are expected to be opened in 2007," said Nadir Huseynov, Foreign Ministry's Consulate Department chief.
18 January 2007 [17:28]

German FM: "OSCE should not agree with frozen conflicts in Post Soviet countries"

"OSCE should not agree with unsettled and frozen conflicts in Post Soviet countries," Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister said in the meeting of OSCE Permanent Council, OSCE Vienna office told.
18 January 2007 [17:19]

Lennmarker's visit date to South Caucasus fixed

President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Goran Lennmarker will pay a three-day visit to South Caucasus on February 8.
18 January 2007 [16:09]

Jonathan Henick: "U.S. not recognize 1915 events as genocide"

The discussions of alleged "Armenian genocide" in the U.S. Congress will not cause any serious changes concerning the issue.
18 January 2007 [15:59]

Transport ministry can increase trains' number from Russia

"If needed, the number of trains can be increased to bring Azerbaijanis from Russia. We can also couple additional wagons to the trains, air transport is also ready to serve, even water transport can join the process," Transport minister Ziya Mammadov said when expressing his attitude to the problems that Azerbaijani migrants can face while returning to Azerbaijan.
18 January 2007 [15:57]

Azerbaijani and EU experts on Energy security to meet in 2007

The meeting of the experts of Azerbaijan and EU on energy security is expected to happen in the first term of 2007.