04 February 2005 [09:35]

Soviet passports will be invalid in Azerbaijan from June 30

Date of validity of former USSR passports used as ID cards in the region of the country is June 30, 2005.
04 February 2005 [09:30]

US Azerbaijanis call Ryes to be active in Armenia- Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno Karabakh

US Azerbaijanis hope that Candolisa Ryes, new appointed US State Secretary, will contribute in the development of the future cooperation among the countries.
03 February 2005 [10:47]

Average monthly temperature decrease in February

Average monthly temperature will be 1-2 degree lower in February as National Hydrometeorology department of Ecology and Natural Resources ministry informed.
03 February 2005 [09:42]

Rise in the level of Caspian caused dangerous situation in Astara

The rise in the level of Caspian Sea is felt in Astara more clearly.
02 February 2005 [09:12]

Forum of CIS Azerbaijanis to be held in Ukraine

On the initiative of the Youth organization of the Ukrainian Azerbaijanis Congress's Dnepropetrovsk branch, a forum of Azerbaijanis residing in CIS countries will take place in this city.
01 February 2005 [05:51]

Mehriban Aliyeva was in schools for mentally disabled children

President of Haydar Aliyev Fund, ambassador of goodwill of UNESCO was in assisting school #11 for mentally disabled children in Nasimi district.
30 January 2005 [05:47]

AIOC realizes project within the schools situating around Sangachal terminal

The project beginning since January,11 of this year will last till the middle of February.
27 January 2005 [06:01]

Citizen of Iran engaged with narcotic drug trade in Baku was arrested

Associates of Sabail district Police station (DPS) arrested citizen of Iran engaged in illegal trade of narcotic drug.