World news

22 April 2010 [12:34]

First congress of CIS teachers due in Kazakhstan

The first congress of CIS teachers will take place in Kazakh capital Astana.
22 April 2010 [12:15]

Georgia Foreign Ministry offered its condolences over fatal bus crash in Azerbaijan

Georgia Foreign Ministry offered Azerbaijan its condolences over fatal bus crash in a statement issued on April 21.
21 April 2010 [13:07]

Iran, Turkey call for nuclear-free world

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says Ankara supports Iran's call for total nuclear disarmament.
20 April 2010 [12:56]

Scotland hosts international conference on Caucasus

Scotland's well-know St Andrews University held the conference on Caucasus, the Azerbaijani embassy in London reported.
20 April 2010 [12:19]

Miners start strike in Georgia

19 April 2010 [17:25]

Turkey's energy minister attacked during funeral

An assailant attacked Turkey's energy minister during a funeral in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri on Monday.
19 April 2010 [16:13]

Turkey's PM says referendum on presidential system may be in 2011

Erdogan said that a referendum might take place in 2011 in Turkey about the establishment of a presidential system.
18 April 2010 [10:30]

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "orders" on U.S. to withdraw its troops

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denounced the continued presence of U.S. troops in the Gulf region and Afghanistan.
16 April 2010 [10:08]

Ankara University to launch Armenian language courses

The University of Ankara announced it will launch an Armenian language course by the end of 2010.
15 April 2010 [11:07]

Georgian President addresses Nuclear security Summit in Washington

Georgian President addressed the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington on April 14.
13 April 2010 [10:55]

Georgia sent 10 tons of humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan

The government of Georgia has sent 10 tons of humanitarian aid, mainly medicines ad essential goods to Kyrgyzstan.
13 April 2010 [09:41]

Armenian and U.S. Presidents meet in Washington

The meeting between Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama in Washington lasted for 45 minutes.
12 April 2010 [09:27]

Turkish-Armenian academic criticizes "Turkey's policy of denial"

Thorny relations between Turkey and Armenia and the events of 1915 were the subject of a tense live TV debate last week between two controversial figures.
11 April 2010 [20:42]

Turkish PM said what he thinks about the US-Turkish relations

The Turkish prime minister said on Sunday that he had seen that Turkish-U.S. relations had eased.
11 April 2010 [19:50]

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Turkey rejects nuclear weapons in it's region

Turkish prime minister on Sunday said, his country was against nuclear proliferation and weapons-applicable nuclear technology in its region.
10 April 2010 [13:37]

Bomb explodes in Iranian city of Ilam

A bomb exploded in the Iranian city of Ilam in front of Central Prison.
07 April 2010 [18:36]

Azerbaijani digest broadcasted on Georgian TV

Georgia's four regional TV companies began to broadcast 15-minute news digest for national minorities.
07 April 2010 [17:48]

Georgia seeks recognition of Abkhazia and south Ossetia as "occupied territories"

Georgia will try to persuade the world community to recognize territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as "occupied" officially.
07 April 2010 [17:39]

Iran to issue $11bn in bonds for economic projects

Iran plans to issue 11 billion dollars in bonds in the current Iranian year (started March 21) to finance its economic projects.
07 April 2010 [17:12]

Georgian Interior Minister says Georgia must not listen to Europe's advice

Georgian Minister of Interior Affairs Vano Merabishvili considers that Georgia must not listen to the European advice.
07 April 2010 [16:51]

Iran says US pressure undermine credibility of UNSC

Iran's foreign minister warns the UN Security Council that penalizing a state “for a crime it has not committed” just to appease two powers will undermine the body's status.