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16 February 2010 [17:13]

Turkish officials to convey concerns to US envoy over Armenia bill

U.S. Ambassador in Ankara James Jeffrey said on Tuesday that United States extended full support to the process between Turkey and Armenia.
16 February 2010 [17:05]

Iranian FM spokesman urges Russia, China to be realistic

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mihman-Parast here on Tuesday called on both Russia and China to be realistic.
16 February 2010 [16:53]

Speaker: Armenia to keep on pursuing initiative policy in Armenia-Turkey normalization process

Armenia should keep on pursuing its initiative policy on Armenia-Turkey normalization process, Armenian Parliament's Vice-Speaker and Republican Party member Samvel Nikoyan told media on Feb. 16.
16 February 2010 [16:23]

Efforts underway for free Turkey-Canada trade deal

Deputy Speaker of the Turkish Parliament Nevzat Pakdil said on Monday that Turkish society was saddened over the decision of the Canadian House of Commons regarding 1915 incidents.
16 February 2010 [16:12]

Iran MP: UK Embassy spying for US, Israel

The British Embassy in Tehran has been gathering intelligence on Iran for United States and Israel, a senior Iranian lawmaker says.
16 February 2010 [16:04]

Funeral service for dead Georgian luger held in Vancouver

A funeral service for the Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili was held in Vancouver.
16 February 2010 [15:21]

Turkish Minister in Greece for Aegean islands economic summit

Turkish State Minister Zafer Caglayan arrived in Athens, Greece on Tuesday.
16 February 2010 [15:14]

Iran: US acting as military dictatorship in Middle East

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki says the US is acting as a military dictatorship in the Middle East by killing countless number of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.
16 February 2010 [15:08]

Iran not to recognize independence of break-away South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Iran is not going to recognize independence of break-away South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Ambassador of Iran to Russia Seyed Mohammad Reza said in his interview with the Echo of Moscow.
16 February 2010 [14:36]

Turkish, Syrian industry chambers sign cooperation deal

The Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) signed a cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Industry of Damascus on Tuesday.
16 February 2010 [14:15]

Georgia's opposition leader Alasania emphasizes need for opposition's unity

Irakli Alasania, leader of opposition Alliance for Georgia, said opposition’s victory in the upcoming local elections “will be inevitable” in case of unity.
16 February 2010 [13:46]

Turkey officially submits dossier to host Euro 2016

Turkey competes with France and Italy to host the tournament after Swedish-Norwegian joint bid failed.
16 February 2010 [13:37]

Iranian FM says Clinton's remarks are new form of deceit

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the remarks of the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about Iran was a new form of deception.
16 February 2010 [13:28]

Danish delegation meets with Georgian opposition representatives

On Feb. 15, Parliamentary delegation of Denmark to PACE arrived in Georgia with a working visit, and held meeting with representatives of parliamentary and non-parliamentary opposition of Georgia.
16 February 2010 [13:04]

Floods hit border crossing, vehicles halted in N.Turkey - PHOTOS

Floods closed a border crossing in northwestern Turkey on Monday.
16 February 2010 [13:00]

Turkish FM in Tehran for bilateral talks

16 February 2010 [11:57]

Turkish Airlines posts around $203 mln net profit for 2009

The Turkish Airlines (THY) said in a regulatory filing on Monday that its gross sales amounted to some 6.9 billion TL in 2009.
16 February 2010 [11:34]

Diplomatic school opened in Armenia

16 February 2010 [11:26]

August war affected refugee teachers to be employed within wonth in Georgia

August war effected refugee teachers will be employed within a month, Georgia's Education Minister Dimitry Shashkin said.
16 February 2010 [11:15]

Saudi FM al-Faisal doubts Iran sanctions plans

Imposing more sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme would not be a quick enough solution, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister has said.
16 February 2010 [10:25]

Internet tariffs down in Armenia

Another Armenian Internet provider, Armenian Datacom Company (ADC), has reduced internet prices.
16 February 2010 [09:54]

Georgian PM Gilauri visits UAE, Kuwait

Georgian PM Nika Gilauri is visiting Dubai and then Kuwait to urge for exploring investment opportunities in Georgia, according to his press office.
16 February 2010 [09:47]

UN human rights chief invited to Iran

Iran has invited the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit the country and verify the Islamic Republic's commitment to the protection of human rights.
16 February 2010 [09:19]

U.S. professor: military attack on Iran is not on U.S. agenda

An interview with Raymond Tanter, President of the Committee on the Iranian politics in Washington, a former member of U.S. National Security Council at the White House and former Personal Representative of the Secretary of Defense.
16 February 2010 [08:50]

Bulgarian parliamentary delegation to hold talks in Turkey

Deputy Chairperson of Bulgarian Parliament's Foreign Relations and Defense Committee Vladimir Toshev and an accompanying delegation will hold talks at the Turkish Parliament on Tuesday.
16 February 2010 [08:26]

Kumaritashvili body repatriated to Georgia

The body of Nodar Kumaritashvili, the luger who was killed in an horrific training accident at the Winter Olympics, will be flown back to Georgia on Monday, Games organizers said.
16 February 2010 [08:15]

Saudi FM al-Faisal doubts Iran sanctions plans

Imposing more sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme would not be a quick enough solution, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister has said.
15 February 2010 [21:35]

Turkey lobbies for "Muslim veto" at United Nations

Turkey has prepared an initiative for a Muslim country to have the veto right at the United Nations.
15 February 2010 [21:27]

Israel's Former PM says Turkey's PM fair mediator in Syria talks

Former PM Olmert criticized Netanyahu over his refusal to Turkey in Syrian talks, saying "Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan si a fair mediator."
15 February 2010 [21:13]

Ten countries to join Turkish World Cinema Festival

Participants will have the opportunity to watch the activities free of charge.
15 February 2010 [20:25]

Turkey's ITO, Italy sign deal for five-year Schengen visa

The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Consulate General in Istanbul have signed an agreement to provide Turkish businessmen with visa facilities.
15 February 2010 [19:21]

No new offer on Iran nuclear program, France says

There has been no new offer to Iran by the international community regarding its nuclear program, the spokesman for the French foreign ministry said Monday.
15 February 2010 [18:22]

Turkish Foreign Minister goes to Iran for nuclear talks

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is to hold talks with Iranian officials Tuesday in an effort to help resolve the stand-off over the Islamic republic's nuclear drive, officials said Monday.
15 February 2010 [17:55]

Netanyahu to push Moscow to anti-Iran ensemble

In step with US calls for greater international pressure on Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has arrived in Moscow to rally support for a new round of sanctions.
15 February 2010 [17:36]

Turkish Deputy Premier says IMF not credibility factor for Turkey anymore

Turkish Deputy Premier Ali Babacan estimated a national income of USD 650 billion and a total debt of approximately USD 350 billion adding that exact figures would be made public on March 31st.
15 February 2010 [17:14]

Georgia's Christian Democratic Movement proposes amended form of President's speech in parliament

Christian Democratic Movement demands to amend the format of the president's speech in parliament and propose relevant draft law to the lawmakers.
15 February 2010 [16:58]

Hezbollah warns against attack on Iran, Syria

Hezbollah's deputy secretary general for political affairs says the Lebanese movement would consider any attack on Iran or Syria as aggression against themselves.
15 February 2010 [16:49]

Turkey's PM meets Clinton in Qatar

During the meeting, Clinton said that she "shared" Erdogan's sensitivity towards the situation in Gaza.
15 February 2010 [16:38]

Georgian President met with Georgian Diaspora in Vancouver

President of Georgia visiting Vancouver met representatives of Georgian Diaspora.
15 February 2010 [16:23]

Turkish undersecretary, new envoy in US to hold talks

Energy issue and the latest developments in the Balkans and Caucasus would also be on the agenda of Turkish diplomat's meetings, officials said.
15 February 2010 [16:17]

Clinton fears Iran becoming "military dictatorship"

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday said she feared Iran is becoming a "military dictatorship" as the country's Revolutionary Guard takes on more power.
15 February 2010 [16:10]

Armenian parliament's ex-speaker: Sargsyan's London speech wasn't tailored to audience

“Those who write the [Armenian] president’s speeches, unfortunately, picture neither their audience nor the issues,” former National Assembly (parliament) Speaker Tigran Torosyan at a press conference today, referring to Serzh Sargsyan’s speech in London.
15 February 2010 [15:47]

Georgian athlete's corpse to be taken home on Feb. 17

The corpse of late Georgian luger, Nodar Kumritashvili who died in Vancouver will be taken to Georgia on Feb. 17 at dawn, head of the Georgian Olympic team Irakli Japaridze has announced.
15 February 2010 [15:41]

Qatar Deputy PM praises Turkey's PM as "voice of Muslims"

Qatar's deputy prime minister said on Sunday that Turkey's prime minister was "one of the favorite leaders of the Arab world."
15 February 2010 [15:13]

OSCE Chairman-in-Office to visit Armenia

On Feb. 15-16, OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Kazakh Secretary of State and Foreign Minister Kanat Saudabayev will arrive on a visit to Armenia.
15 February 2010 [14:47]

Iran 'negotiates without limiting enrichment'

Iran says it has no plan to limit its nuclear activities but is ready to negotiate with the West over a nuclear fuel swap if it receives a formal proposal.
15 February 2010 [14:35]

Danish delegation to pay working visit to Georgia

The permanent delegation of the Danish Parliament to the Council of Europe is due to pay a working visit to Georgia today.
15 February 2010 [14:15]

Armenia to participate in Black Sea Regional conference

On Feb. 15-16, Armenia will attend the Black Sea Regional Policy conference organized by the Assembly of European Regions (AER) in Paris.
15 February 2010 [13:46]

Turkey, Qatar want to establish "strategic assembly", Turkish PM says

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Qatari counterpart Hamad bin Jasim bin Jabir al-Thani held a joint press conference Sunday after a meeting between delegations of then two countries.
15 February 2010 [13:38]

US still wooing China over Iran sanctions resolution

The United States is still attempting to gain China's support for its efforts to convince the United Nations to impose new sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.
15 February 2010 [13:17]

Joseph Biden hails bravery of Georgian athletes

Vice President of the United States has hailed the bravery of Georgian athletes in his live interview broadcast on one of the local TV Channels in Vancouver.
15 February 2010 [12:52]

Turkey urges Egypt to change Gaza siege policy

Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan Sunday called on UN to warn Israel over the siege imposed for years on Gaza that nearly 1500 Palestinians were killed in the 22-day offensive.
15 February 2010 [12:46]

Armenian PM cancels visit to Israel

Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan has canceled a trip to Israel scheduled for Feb.15.
15 February 2010 [12:33]

Attack on Iran could have 'unintended consequences'

The chairman of the US military's Joint Chiefs of Staff has stated that any attack on Iran's nuclear facilities could have 'unintended consequences' throughout the Middle East region.
15 February 2010 [12:22]

Georgian President comments on Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili has called the great celebration of humanity to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.
15 February 2010 [11:44]

Turkey says in effort not to turn Iran's nuclear talks into major issue

Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sunday that Turkey had been exerting efforts to facilitate talks on Iran's nuclear programme, in order to prevent it from turning into a greater issue.
15 February 2010 [11:13]

'Iran can defend itself without nuclear weapons'

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Islamic Republic of Iran does not need nuclear weapons to defend itself.
15 February 2010 [10:45]

Four sportsmen to represent Armenia in Winter Olympic Games

Four sportsmen will represent Armenia in 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.
15 February 2010 [10:37]

Turkey's PM calls on world to rescue Palestinians from Israeli siege

Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the developed world to rescue 1.5 mln-Gazans from Israeli aggressions and siege, ending human tragedy in the land.
15 February 2010 [10:27]

Russia commits to deliver S-300 system to Iran

The Kremlin's powerful Security Council says Moscow sees no reason to delay the sale of its S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Tehran.