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20 May 2010 [12:03]

Azerbaijani artist attends meeting of sculptors in Turkey

Member of the Union of Azerbaijani Artists Mahmud Rustamov is attending a meeting of sculptors of Turkic speaking countries in Ankara.
20 May 2010 [10:33]

Baku hosts concert of Egyptian folklore group

An Egyptian folklore group has given a concert at the State Song Theatre in Baku.
19 May 2010 [11:46]

Baku to commemorate Turkmen poet Makhtumkuli

Azerbaijan's capital will host a commemorative event for outstanding Turkmen poet Makhtumkuli on Wednesday.
18 May 2010 [17:48]

Drawing exhibition "I am an Azerbaijani" opened in Baku

A drawing exhibition on the theme "I am an Azerbaijani" has been launched today at the Museum of Modern Art.
18 May 2010 [13:23]

Culture-2010 catalogue comes out in Baku

The presentation of Culture 2010 catalogue will take place on May 20 at R. Mustafayev State Arts Museum in Baku.
17 May 2010 [18:17]

Baku to host live music marathon

A live music marathon will be held in the Azerbaijan Music Culture State Museum in Baku on May 18 from 16:00 to 23:00.
17 May 2010 [17:56]

Azerbaijani photographers to attend Tbilisi "Open Air" festival

Azerbaijani photographers will participate in the Tbilisi Open Air international festival to be held as part of the ARLES international photo festival.
17 May 2010 [14:23]

Safura visits Moscow, meets Filipp Kirkorov and Ani Lorak, gives interviews - PHOTOS

Major Russian star and one of the biggest Eurovision stars from Ukraine Ani Lorak met with Safura in Moscow during her visit and wished all the best to the young Azerbaijani star.
15 May 2010 [12:12]

Children's encyclopedia of art published in Baku

Children's Encyclopedia of Azerbaijani art was presented at the Museum of Arts in Baku on May 14.
15 May 2010 [10:51]

Safura Alizadeh on Bulgarian TV

15 May 2010 [10:30]

Famous Azerbaijani singer's 150th anniversary to be marked in 2011

President Ilham Aliyev signed an Executive Order to mark the 150th jubilee of the famous Azeri mugham singer Jabbar Garyagdi oglu.
14 May 2010 [17:20]

Amazing stone figures of an Azerbaijani sculptor – PHOTOS

Fazil Najafov probably is the sole person to breathe life into stones in Azerbaijan.
14 May 2010 [15:14]

Baku Chopin festival wraps up

13 May 2010 [12:34]

Safura rocks in Romania

13 May 2010 [12:30]

First ever film about Baku history to air on Finnish TV channel - PHOTOS

Finnish film company “Helmi Films” produced historical documentary film “Memories of Baku” for broadcasting on TV. The film producer is Tahir Aliyev, who is living in Helsinki.
13 May 2010 [10:53]

'Azerbaijani family 2010' film festival wraps up

“The Azerbaijani family 2010” Short Film Festival wrapped up in Baku.
13 May 2010 [10:44]

Azerbaijani artist to participate in an international exhibition - PHOTO

Azerbaijani artist Mehriban Efendi will represent our art in theinternational exhibition in Portugal.
12 May 2010 [18:03]

Azerbaijani mugam performed in Italy

Azerbaijani popular artist Alim Gasimov performed Azerbaijani Mugam in Rome's largest concert hall Auditorium Parco della Musica.
11 May 2010 [19:18]

CNN Turk: Azerbaijan will win Eurovision 2010 song contest

Safura Alizade is the most favorite singer of the Eurovision 2010 song contest.
11 May 2010 [15:57]

Traditional Azerbaijani music concert to be held in Lithuania

On 14 May 2010, a concert of traditional Azerbaijani music will be held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
11 May 2010 [15:43]

German artist Peter Foller presents exhibition dedicated to Azerbaijan

Berlin hosted exhibition of outstanding German artist Peter Foller.
10 May 2010 [10:35]

Famous American music band to perform in Baku

American “Earth, Wind & Fire Experience” music band will give a concert in Baku on June 29 together with Al McKAY.
08 May 2010 [12:44]

Tara McDonald to perform a concert in Baku - PHOTOS

Tara McDonald, a famous singer of songs composed by David Guetta, Arman Van Heiden, David Vandetta will come to Baku for the first time.
07 May 2010 [09:44]

Safura's trip to Greece is called off due to turmoil

Safura had to flight to Athens on 7th May but turmoil in the Greek capital forced the Azerbaijani participant to call off her trip.
06 May 2010 [09:00]

Safura Alizadeh: Walking the right path, conquering Europe

Azerbaijani star said that Germany is amazingly beautiful. Safura started her European promo tour with a huge blast.
05 May 2010 [16:12]

Azerbaijani film director becomes member of International Film Festival jury

Azerbaijani film director becomes member of International Film Festival jury.
03 May 2010 [11:24]

Music of Azerbaijani composer to be played in Turkey

Honored Artist, famous Azerbaijani conductor Fakhraddin Karimov will give a concert in the Turkish city of Bursa.