01 August 2005 [10:31]

Opposition-authority dialogue is problem again

Two parties are engaged in organizing the meeting between opposition and authority parties at the moment. Musavat Party is going to send the invitation next week and Party of Civil Solidarity is intending to arrange such meeting after two weeks.
01 August 2005 [10:16]

Celebrations held on the occasion of 3rd anniversary of forming of State Border Service

A celebration was held on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of forming of the State Border Service (SBS) on the subject “Heydar Aliyev – is the founder of the State Border Service” on Saturday.
01 August 2005 [10:03]

General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia: “Turning over Tahir Khubanov and Teymuraz Aliyev to Azerbaijani side can not be the matter of discussion”

“The General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia asked the Azerbaijani side for the criminal case raised against Tahir Khubanov and Teymuraz Aliyev. But the General Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan has not responded to us yet”.
01 August 2005 [09:57]

Georgian Prosecutor-General’s Office: “Tahir Khubanov and Teymuraz Aliyev will be judged in accordance with Criminal Code of Georgia”

“Georgian Prosecutor-General’s Office wanted the criminal case raised about Tahir Khubanov and Teymuraz Aliyev from Azerbaijani side. We have not received any reply from Prosecutor-General’s Office of Azerbaijan Republic”.
30 July 2005 [11:29]

Arif Hajili’s imprisonment abolished

Deputies leader of Musavat Rauf Arifoglu’s and Arif Hajili’s complaints have been looked into in the Appeal Court.
30 July 2005 [11:27]

OSCE Baku office to hold workshops in connection with authority-opposition dialogue

The OSCE Baku office will hold workshops, during which issues of setting up the dialogue between the pro-governmental and oppositional parties of Azerbaijan will be discussed, leader of the OSCE Baku office Mauricio Pavesi told Trend.
30 July 2005 [11:19]

Democratic Azerbaijan Bloc announced list of unique candidates

Democratic Azerbaijan Bloc announced the list of unique candidates to participate in the elections.
30 July 2005 [11:06]

“Yox”, “Megam”, and “Dalgha” youth movements decided to get united

Yesterday in the International Press Center (IPC) members of “Yox”, “Megam”, and “Dalgha” movement holding press conference informed that they will function after that under the name “Ari”.
30 July 2005 [09:37]

Mauricio Pavesi attended the meeting of authority-opposition parties

Meeting was held between the authority and opposition parties in the headquarters of Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) yesterday.
30 July 2005 [08:58]

President of Cyprus Greek community sent letter to president of Azerbaijan

President of the Cyprus Republic Tasos Papadopulos sent a letter to President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in regard to the launching of the direct air communication between Baku and the capital of the Turkish Republic of the Northern Cyprus, Lefkosha.
30 July 2005 [08:48]

OSCE concerned on insufficient participation of women in caucasus parliaments

OSCE voiced its concerns in connection with insufficient participation of women in the work of parliaments and national delegation of the OSCE member-countries, including the South Caucasus countries, according to a report ‘Gender Balance 2005’prepared by a special representative of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE on gender issue, Tone Tingsgård, publicized by PA OSCE.
30 July 2005 [08:31]

876 monuments in Nagorno Karabakh included in the list of preserved monuments of Azerbaijan

The Public Union of Preserve of Monuments of Azerbaijan Organization held a measure on realizing the international conference on the subject “Holding monitoring on the historical and cultural monuments in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan with participation of international organizations” in the International Press Center yesterday.
30 July 2005 [08:26]

Janmirze Mirzayev: “I will return to Azerbaijan recently”

“I was forced to appeal to the European Court on Human Rights as my process was not fairly reviewed by the courts of Azerbaijan”.
29 July 2005 [09:52]

587 citizens took signature forms from 121 constituencies

587 citizens willing to participate in the parliamentary elections have taken signature forms from 121 constituencies so far.
29 July 2005 [09:44]

Greece Cyprus will make complains to ICAO on Azerbaijan, while Baku calls not politicize problem

The Greek Cyprus government will appeal to Azerbaijan and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), an official of the Cyprus Republic, Kipros Khrisostomides, told the Turkish television NTV.
29 July 2005 [09:32]

Agreement signed between the bloc “Yeni Siyaset” and Democratic Azerbaijan Bloc

Yesterday agreement was signed between “Yeni Siyaset” (“YeS”) bloc and Democratic Azerbaijan bloc.
29 July 2005 [09:27]

“Azadlig” block to hold actions in regions on 30 and 31 July

The Azadlig block will hold on 30 and 31 July actions in a number of regions of Azerbaijan, chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA – reformists).
29 July 2005 [09:25]

Ilham Aliyev held briefing with participation of heads of executive powers in Gusar

Yesterday state head Ilham Aliyev in the building of Gusar region executive power of Gusar with participation of south region executive power leaders and members of cabinet held briefing.
29 July 2005 [09:22]

Mayor’s Office responded to the appeal of APFP(r) on placing pickets in front of “Lider” negatively

Executive Power of Baku responded to the appeal of APFP(r) on placing pickets in front of “Lider” TV channel negatively.
29 July 2005 [09:16]

“YeS” bloc announced the list of unique candidates

Sitting of Coordination Council of “Yeni Siyaset” bloc was held yesterday.
29 July 2005 [09:08]

Georgia refused to hand over the suspects in the murder of Elmar Huseynov Tahir Khubanov and Teymuraz Aliyev to Azerbaijan

Prosecutor-Generals’s Office of Georgia wanted the materials of criminal case on the murder of editor-in-chief of the magazine “Monitor” Elmar Huseynov from Azerbaijani side.
29 July 2005 [09:05]

Oppositionists neither agree nor refuse from government-opposition meeting

The next meeting between the pro-governmental and opposition parties will be held at the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) headquarters on Friday.
29 July 2005 [09:02]

Karabakh Freedom Organization appealed to embassies of France, Italy, Ukraine and Uzbekistan

The chairman of the Karabakh Freedom Organization (KFO) Akif Naghi appealed to the embassies of France, Italy, Ukraine and Uzbekistan in Azerbaijan with a letter.
29 July 2005 [08:37]

American senator Richard Lugar will arrive in Baku

The American senator Richard Lugar is expected to visit Azerbaijan in these days.
29 July 2005 [08:25]

Igbal Agazade: “We are interested in participation of the opposition in the election jointly, but the leaders of “Azadlig” did not want it”

As chairman of “Umid” party Igbal Agazade’s attempts to participate in the parliamentary elections together with “Azadlig” bloc did not succeed he had to take a step independently.
29 July 2005 [08:11]

Armenians violated ceasefire in several directions

Armenians violated the ceasefire in several directions last day.
28 July 2005 [09:58]

Paula Dobrianski held press conference in the results of her visit to Azerbaijan

Deputy USA State Secretary for global Affairs Paula Dobrianski today held press conference dedicated to the results of her visit to Azerbaijan.
28 July 2005 [09:50]

“Azadlig” bloc announced the list of candidates’ names to participate in the parliamentary elections

“Azadlig” bloc announced the list of candidates’ names to participate in the parliamentary elections today.
28 July 2005 [09:14]

David Woodward met with representatives of mass media in connection with results of 6 months of current year

The president of the “bp-Azerbaijan” company David Woodward conducted a meeting with the representatives of mass media in connection with the results of 6 months of the current year.
28 July 2005 [09:12]

Armenians are afraid of Baku-Tbilisi-Ankara strategic bloc

“The situation on internal and external security of Armenia is non-stable. There a lot of unresolved problems in this field”.
28 July 2005 [09:09]

Garadagh Cement partly repays debts to taxes ministry

Garadagh Cement Joint Stock Company of open type (JSCOT) has partly repaid debts to the Taxes Ministry. The enterprise covered the major debt in the amount of 13bn manats.
28 July 2005 [09:07]

Ramil Usubov: “It is possible to bring weapons to the country illegally”

“More than 35 thousand of illegal weapons were gathered from citizens during the last 10 years. But we can not say that no illegal weapon exists in Azerbaijan today”.
28 July 2005 [09:03]

Ilham Aliyev received deputy USA State Secretary Paula Dobrianski

President Ilham Aliyev yesterday received deputy of the USA State Secretary for Global Affairs Ms Paula Dobrianski.
28 July 2005 [08:49]

New ambassador of Poland to come to Baku on 15 August

Polish newly appointed ambassador to Azerbaijan Kshishtov Krayevski will come to Baku on 15 August.
28 July 2005 [08:47]

Democratic Reform Party welcomes cooperation with elections blocs

The Democratic Reforms Party (DRP) stated its support to the cooperation with the elections blocs.
28 July 2005 [08:41]

Elmar Mammedyarov to leave for the USA at the invitation of Condoleezza Rice

Minister for Foreign Affairs Elmar Mammedyarov will visit the USA at the invitation of the USA State Secretary Condoleezza Rice next week.
28 July 2005 [08:38]

Paula Dobrianski met with opposition leaders

Deputy USA State Secretary Paula Dobrianski who is on a visit to our country met with opposition leaders yesterday.
27 July 2005 [12:06]

First foreign airliner to land in Cyprus after 31 years belongs to Azerbaijan

«A historic event will take place on Wednesday at 21.30 when after 31 years Azerbaijani airliner will land in Lefkoshe, the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ahmet Erentok, the chairman of the Azerbaijani-Turkish Union of Entrepreneurs, said prior to his tour of the TRNC.
27 July 2005 [10:09]

?sim Mollazade is pleased with his visit to USA

On 26 July chairman of the Party of Democratic Reforms (PDR), member of the Azerbaijan’s Parliamentary delegation to PACE Asim Mollazade held a news conference on the results of his visit to the USA.
27 July 2005 [10:07]

Congressmen Chet Edwards: “Azerbaijan is the important partner of the USA in the region”

“Azerbaijan is located in the most important strategically region, it shouldn’t be forgotten how much Azerbaijan is an important country from the point of view of concerns of the USA in the region.”
27 July 2005 [09:55]

International Baku symposium on Caspian protection postponed

An international symposium on ecology on Caspian ecology, originally scheduled for early September 2005, has been postponed to later date in connection with busy schedule of delegates from the Caspian countries, in particular Turkmenistan.
27 July 2005 [09:49]

Oppositional “YeS” and “Azadlig” election blocs determined the list of their candidates along constituencies

The candidates’ list on the constituencies of the “Yeni Siyaset” election bloc will be announced during this week.
27 July 2005 [09:08]

Ilham Aliyev: “Stability is a security of economic growth in Azerbaijan”

The stability is a security of economic growth of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said in his address to the public of Khachmaz District on Tuesday.
27 July 2005 [08:37]

Armenians violated ceasefire

The ceasefire was violated in the front line again.
27 July 2005 [08:36]

Two-day conference of South Caucasus group of parliament initiative completed in Dublin

A two-day conference of the South Caucasus group of the Parliament initiative, staged by the LINKS non-governmental organization completed its work on 26 July in the Irish capital city of Dublin.
27 July 2005 [08:35]

Deputy of USA state secretary Paula Dobrianski arrives to Baku

The deputy on the global questions of the USA state secretary Paula Dobrianski is coming to Baku.
26 July 2005 [13:52]

Azerbaijan: Will the real closest liberals please stand up?

Conventional wisdom assumes that a covert struggle is under way between "conservatives" and "liberals" within the Azerbaijani leadership.
26 July 2005 [10:56]

New decree on pardoning to expect in second half of September

«A new decree on pardoning by the President of Azerbaijan is expected in the second half of September».
26 July 2005 [10:53]

Madat Guliyev: “We need permission of NSM for spreading the photos of the persons considered suspicious in committing the murder of Elmar Huseynov”

“We have the photos of the persons considered suspicious in the murder of Elmar Huseynov. However, we need permission of the National Security Ministry in order to spread those photos in the press. If the ministry permits, we shall present these photos to the society”.
26 July 2005 [10:40]

TUSIAB members to meet with first and present presidents of Northern Cyprus

Meeting of the delegation of 15 members of the Turkish Business People Union (TUSIAB), being on a business trip in the Turkish Republic of the Northern Cyprus (TRNC) with the first and the present Presidents –Rauf Denktash and Mehmet Ali Talat is scheduled for 25 July.
26 July 2005 [10:33]

Etibar Mammadov held press-conference dedicated to the results of his visit to USA

The NIPA leader Etibar Mammadov who participated in the meeting of the International Democrat Union in the United States of America held a press-conference in the headquarters of the “Yeni siyaset” bloc today in connection with the results of his visit.
26 July 2005 [10:20]

Vilayat Eyvazov: “Radical opposition of Azerbaijan seeks way for weapon acquisition”

The Azerbaijan’s radical opposition plans to hold unrests during the forthcoming parliamentary elections and some oppositionist groups seek ways for the arms acquisition, such a statement was made on 25 July in Baku by the deputy Interior Minister of Azerbaijan (IM) Vilayat Eyvazov.
26 July 2005 [10:19]

“Azadlig” bloc to hold mass actions in regions on weekend

The “Azadlig” bloc intends to hold mass actions in several regions in this week-end. But none of these actions were given permission yet.
26 July 2005 [10:14]

Three election blocs registered

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) registered some election blocks in its Sunday meeting presided by Mazahir Panahov, the chairman of the CEC, Trend reports.
26 July 2005 [09:05]

United States Supports Exit Poll in Azerbaijan

The U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), will support a nationwide exit poll during the November Parliamentary elections.
26 July 2005 [09:04]

Ilham Aliyev: “All terms for fair parliamentary elections exist in Azerbaijan”

All conditions for fair elections have been established in the country, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated on Monday in a meeting with the residents of Krasnaya Slobada settlement of Guba District.
26 July 2005 [09:03]

Turgay Bayramov sentenced for two years

The court process on the case of Turgay Bayramov who was accused related to the murder of the late editor-in-chief of the magazine “Monitor” Elmar Husseinov at the court of Nizami region presided by judge Hussein Husseinov ended yesterday.
26 July 2005 [09:01]

Vilayet Eyvazov: “There is no probability of velvet revolution in Azerbaijan”

“The police of Azerbaijan are not the police functioned in 1998, 2003.They are more professional and their material technical base are strong now”.
25 July 2005 [09:08]

Joint rally of seven parties was held in Baku

The National Democrat Party of Azerbaijan, Citizen Solidarity Party, Liberal Democrat Party of Azerbaijan, Progress Party, Independent Azerbaijan Party, Great Creation Party, Patriots Party and the “Builders of Civil Society” election bloc held a rally in the “Galaba” square last week.
25 July 2005 [08:50]

Protest action in connection with 12th anniversary of Aghdam’s occupation held in Ankara and Moscow

The Movement For Azerbaijan (MFA) held a protest action in connection with the 12th anniversary of Aghdam’s occupation in Ankara today in the frame of the “Garabagh – Worldwide Protest Actions”.
25 July 2005 [08:32]

OSCE workshops on money laundering fighting to be held in October-November in Azerbaijan

OSCE workshops “Prevention of money-laundering facts and fighting terrorism financing” are scheduled for October-November of 2005 in Azerbaijan, the OSCE Baku office press service told Trend.
25 July 2005 [08:17]

OSCE officials to tour northern regions

Representatives of the Baku Office of the OSCE will study the pre-election situation in the northern regions of Azerbaijan, the Baku Office of the OSCE announced.
25 July 2005 [08:14]

Next round of authority-opposition dialogue expected to take place next week

Next round of authority-opposition dialogue expected to take place next week.
25 July 2005 [07:57]

Extraordinary session of Democratic Party of Azerbaijan Supreme Council held

An extraordinary session of the Supreme Council (Majlis) of the Democrat Party of Azerbaijan (DPA) was held last week.
24 July 2005 [09:22]

Asim Mollazade holds meetings at U.S. Congress, IIR, NDI

Asim Mollazade, the chairman of the Democratic Reforms Party (DRP), held meetings with some congressmen, as well as leaders of the international institutes and projects during his visit to the United States which started on 15 July.
24 July 2005 [09:22]

Liberal Party of Azerbaijan to join elections with 114 candidates

An extraordinary congress of the Liberal Party of Azerbaijan was held.
24 July 2005 [09:20]

Robin Seaword: “Head of OSCE international observers mission in Azerbaijan to be gert arens”

The Ambassador Gert Arens will be appointed head of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) international observers’ mission in Azerbaijan, head of the OSCE office in Baku, the Ambassador Robin Seaword told the news conference on 22 July in Baku.
24 July 2005 [09:17]

Lala Shovkat Hajiyeva: “This illiterate and primitive game damages the name of Ayaz Mutallibov”

(An exclusive interview of the leader of the National Union Movement Lala Shovkat Hajiyeva to APA)
24 July 2005 [09:15]

Ilham Aliyev received Prosecutor General of Thailand

President Ilham Aliyev today received prosecutor general of the Kingdom of Thailand Campri Caocharern.
24 July 2005 [08:38]

Robin Seaword: “OSCE hopes for amendments to Election Code”

Organization for Security and co-operation in Europe hopes that its recommendations regarding the amendments to the Election Code will be taken into consideration until the forthcoming parliamentary elections.
24 July 2005 [08:36]

Azeri foreign ministry will study co-op between Greek, Nagorno-Karabakh telecommunications companies

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry will study the issue on cooperation between the Greek and Nagorno-Karabakh telecommunications companies, Tahir Tagizade, the head of the Information Department of the Foreign Ministry, told Trend.
24 July 2005 [08:34]

Greece ‘replies’ Azerbaijan for Northern Cyprus

In reply Azerbaijan’s proximity with Northern Cyprus, Greece set up relationships with the self-proclaimed republic of Nagorno-Karabakh.
24 July 2005 [08:32]

OSCE prepared report on situation of mass media in Azerbaijan

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Miklos Haraszti prepared a report about the existing situation of the freedom of the media in Azerbaijan on April 11-15 of this year.
24 July 2005 [08:30]

Ramiz Mehdiyev: “Existing elections code allows for democratic elections, state official”

The current Elections Code and format of election commissions allows holding free and democratic elections, said Ramiz Mehdiyev, the head-of-staff of the President’s Office.
24 July 2005 [08:16]

Any organisation can hold exit poll in Azerbaijan

Any organization, even without previous notification of the state bodies, can hold exit polls during the parliamentary elections scheduled for 5 November 2005.