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27 September 2010 [10:15]

'Children's law' used to censor online media in Turkey

Bans on websites containing a small amount of content in violation of Turkish law may be depriving people of their constitutional right to free access to information, according to a legal scholar in Istanbul.
25 September 2010 [10:57]

President Gul: Turkey and Israel's friendship rooted in history

Turkey's president expressed on Friday Turkey's expectation from Israel to take necessary steps regarding Israeli naval forces attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, Anadolu Agency reported.
24 September 2010 [14:20]

Iran calls for restructuring of UNSC

24 September 2010 [13:55]

Ankara to host Turkic world universiade

The first Turkic World Student Games will be organized here by the Qazi University and Municipality of Ankara on October 25-31.
23 September 2010 [16:40]

Turkey wants all Balkans states to join NATO

The Turkish president expressed on Wednesday Turkey's wish to see all Balkan states in NATO.
23 September 2010 [13:25]

"Armenia is not interested in opening the border with Turkey although they say the opposite"

Interview with Director of the Turkey-based Center for International Relations and Strategic Analysis (TURKSAM) Sinan Ogan.
23 September 2010 [11:36]

Turkish minister inaugurates Azerbaijan Health Fair

Turkish State Minister Faruk Nafiz Ozak attended a meeting of sport ministers of Council of Europe member states in Baku, Azerbaijan on Wednesday.
22 September 2010 [14:07]

Turkish MP: Unification of Turkic peoples is great geopolitical significance

Interview with member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) from ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Haluk Ipek.
22 September 2010 [12:45]

Iranian President Ahmadinejad slams world unilateralism

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has criticized world unilateralism, calling for the joint management of world affairs and the involvement of all nations.
20 September 2010 [16:25]

PKK extends cease-fire in Turkey, media reports

The outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, has extended its cease-fire by a week, pro-Kurdish Fırat news agency reported Monday.
20 September 2010 [09:45]

Religious ceremony held in Armenian church in Turkey's east after 95 years

A religious ceremony was held Sunday at a historical Armenian church located in an eastern Turkish province for the first time after 95 years, Anadolu Agency reported.
16 September 2010 [17:23]

Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking countries established in Istanbul

An agreement was signed Thursday to establish the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking countries at a summit of Turkic states in Istanbul, TRT Haber reported.
16 September 2010 [13:56]

Summit of Turkic-speaking states' leaders opens in Istanbul

The summit of the Turkic-speaking states' leaders was launched in Istanbul today under the chairmanship of Turkey, the TRT 1 television channel reported.
16 September 2010 [12:22]

Turkish FM: Coop in Central Asia, Caucasia a delayed initiative

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Wednesday that Turkey considered Central Asia and Caucasia as areas of cooperation, not competition.
16 September 2010 [10:17]

Turkic-speaking countries' top diplomats gather in Istanbul

As part of the 10th summit of the Turkish-speaking countries' Heads of State, a meeting of foreign ministers of the Turkish-speaking countries was held at the Ciragan palace in Istanbul on September 15.
16 September 2010 [10:03]

29 killed in Iran bus accident

15 September 2010 [14:27]

Gazprom stops gas supplies to Armenia

15 September 2010 [11:33]

European court fines Turkey 105,000 euros for slain Armenian journalist's case

The European Court of Human Rights has found the Turkish state guilty of failing to protect the right to life and freedom of expression of slain journalist Hrant Dink, the court said in a statement Tuesday.
14 September 2010 [17:16]

Iran releases Sarah Shourd on a bail

14 September 2010 [13:42]

Europe's top human rights watchdog hails Turkey's referendum

Secretary-general of Europe's top human rights watchdog on Monday said it welcomed the referendum approval of a package of reforms in Turkey amending the country's military-inspired constitution.
11 September 2010 [11:48]

Mutiny in Armenian army

11 September 2010 [10:55]

Iran denies reports on release of female American hiker

The Iranian judiciary on Friday denied reports of the imminent release of American hiker Sarah Shourd, the news agency ILNA reported.
10 September 2010 [11:33]

International Crisis Group: Turkey no longer dependent on U.S. or EU

The International Crisis Group said that Turkey has changed greatly over the past two decades, becoming richer and more self-confident.
08 September 2010 [11:45]

Hillary Clinton expresses her opinion on burning of Quran book copies to mark the 9/11 attacks

A Florida church's threat to burn copies of the Quran to mark the September 11 attacks has been condemned by Hillary Clinton as "disrespectful" and "disgraceful".
07 September 2010 [17:40]

Turkey's Istanbul to host International Finance Summit

Istanbul Finance Summit (IFS) will take place in the city between September 28 and 30.
07 September 2010 [11:30]

Russian Gazprom transfers additional natural gas to Turkey

Russian Gazprom transferred additional natural gas to Turkey via Blue Stream.
06 September 2010 [16:43]

New poll predicts narrow "Yes" in Turkish referendum

The undecided voters could sway the outcome in the other direction, a new poll showed on Monday.
06 September 2010 [11:20]

U.S. seeks support from Turkey over Iran

06 September 2010 [09:30]

Georgian officer killed in Afghanistan

A Georgian officer has been killed in Afghanistan during the incident, officials of the Ministry of Defence said.
03 September 2010 [10:33]

Turkey distributing Ramadan Iftar meals in Pakistan

Turkish Red Crescent is distributing fast-breaking meals, food, health and water packages in flood-hit Pakistan.
02 September 2010 [13:53]

Turkish gasoline sales to Iran plunge

01 September 2010 [18:22]

Turkey closely watches clashes on Azerbaijani-Armenian contact line

Turkish foreign minister says Turkey is closely watching the clashes on the Azerbaijani-Armenian contact line, Cihan news agency reported.
01 September 2010 [16:38]

Turkey welcomes Denmark's case against Roj TV

Denmark's decision to press charges against Kurdish-language television station Roj TV is a welcome development, Turkey's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.
01 September 2010 [12:12]

Turkish MP on whether Turkey will open border with Armenia for NATO exercises

Interview with member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament), Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Relations and member of the ruling Justice and Development Party Murat Mercan.