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22 May 2010 [09:44]

Erdogan sent a letter to Barack Obama

Turkish prime minister sent a letter to the U.S. president on Friday, briefing him on an agreement signed in Tehran, Iran on Monday regarding Iran's nuclear program.
14 May 2010 [18:40]

Erdogan refuses to visit Iran

13 May 2010 [17:14]

European Commission says EU's job not to judge history over Armenia claims

European Commission said Wednesday EU's job was not to judge history over Armenian allegations regarding the incidents of 1915.
13 May 2010 [11:35]

Turkish President approves constitution reforms

Turkish President Abdullah Gul approved on Wednesday government-backed changes to country's constitution.
12 May 2010 [19:23]

Erdogan says Turkey will never accept nuclear weapons in region

The Turkish prime minister said on Wednesday that Turkey did not want nuclear weapons in its region.
12 May 2010 [17:24]

Russia says backs Turkey-Armenia normalization

The Russian president extended on Wednesday support to normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations.
12 May 2010 [15:46]

Turkey, Russia lift visa requirements, many deals signed

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Wednesday the liberalization of visas was pleasing for both the Turkish and Russian peoples.
12 May 2010 [13:20]

Turkey, Russia agree to sign agricultural framework deal, protocols

Russian Minister of Agriculture Yelena Borisovna Skrynnik said Tuesday Russia will import 150,000 tonnes of chicken from Turkey in 2011.
11 May 2010 [17:05]

Thomas de Waal explains why Turkey and Armenia can't open the border

"Turkey and Armenia can’t open the border between them, because we’re still stuck in negative regional dynamics such as the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict."
11 May 2010 [15:20]

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to join Somalia conference in Turkey

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will arrive in Turkey next week to attend an international conference on Somalia in Istanbul.
11 May 2010 [14:43]

Robert Kocharian's son involved in gunfight?

Another party of "golden youth" in Armenia once again turned into a brawl with a firearm.
11 May 2010 [08:50]

Turkish opposition party leader retires after a sex-video scandal - UPDATE

Turkey's main secularist opposition leader Monday resigned as the party chairman after a scandal.
08 May 2010 [12:03]

FBI director visits Georgia

07 May 2010 [10:43]

More than 30 injured in Turkey train crash

Two passenger trains collided in western Turkey Thursday, leaving at least 32 people injured.
06 May 2010 [14:24]

Armenian-Turkish dictionary published in Turkey

The Linguistic Society of Turkey has published Armenian-Turkish/Turkish-Armenia dictionary.
06 May 2010 [13:54]

Rihanna to come to Turkey

Grammy Award winner R&B singer Rihanna will give a concert in Istanbul in June.
04 May 2010 [12:46]

Israeli deputy FM meets with representatives of Azerbaijani and Turkish diasporas in U.S.

Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon met with the leaders of Azerbaijani and Turkish organizations in New York.
01 May 2010 [20:07]

Turkish Grand National Assembly: No one to harm Turkish-Azerbaijani relations

No one will harm Turkish-Azerbaijani relations, Turkish Grand National Assembly member from the Nationalist Movement Party Rashad Dogru said.