World news

07 May 2010 [10:43]

More than 30 injured in Turkey train crash

Two passenger trains collided in western Turkey Thursday, leaving at least 32 people injured.
06 May 2010 [14:24]

Armenian-Turkish dictionary published in Turkey

The Linguistic Society of Turkey has published Armenian-Turkish/Turkish-Armenia dictionary.
06 May 2010 [13:54]

Rihanna to come to Turkey

Grammy Award winner R&B singer Rihanna will give a concert in Istanbul in June.
04 May 2010 [12:46]

Israeli deputy FM meets with representatives of Azerbaijani and Turkish diasporas in U.S.

Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon met with the leaders of Azerbaijani and Turkish organizations in New York.
01 May 2010 [20:07]

Turkish Grand National Assembly: No one to harm Turkish-Azerbaijani relations

No one will harm Turkish-Azerbaijani relations, Turkish Grand National Assembly member from the Nationalist Movement Party Rashad Dogru said.
30 April 2010 [13:53]

US welcomes Turkey's offer to host next Muslim summit

U.S. president was pleased with Turkish premier's offer to host the next Entrepreneurship Summit.
30 April 2010 [12:37]

Armenia urges PACE to recognize the far-fetched "Armenian genocide"

The Armenian delegation to PACE has circulated a written draft of the statement.
30 April 2010 [09:10]

Iran sells agricultural vehicles to Nagorno-Karabakh separatists?

Iran-based Mehr news agency has indicated Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh region as an Armenian province.
28 April 2010 [14:31]

Military servicemen killed in Turkey

Last night, the Turkish army's sergeant and soldiers were killed in a shootout in the south-eastern Turkish province of Hakkari. The two more soldiers wounded in the incident.
28 April 2010 [13:42]

Hillary Clinton: "The U.S. will seek to apply new tougher sanctions on Iran"

On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the United States will seek to apply new tougher sanctions on Iran.
27 April 2010 [15:57]

Armenia welcomes Iran's offer to help resolve Karabakh conflict

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbadian welcomed Iran’s offer to help resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
27 April 2010 [10:04]

Turkish reactions to Obama speech not conflicting

Davutoglu said his reaction to U.S. President Barack Obama's April 24 speech on incidents of 1915, did not contradict Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks.
26 April 2010 [14:05]

Erdogan sends a letter to Obama with Turkish entrepreneurs

The Summit on Entrepreneurship will bring together more than 275 participants from over 50 countries around the world.
26 April 2010 [13:47]

Turkey and Iran negotiate to search for natural gas

Iran and Turkey had signed a memorandum of understanding on the marketing of Iranian natural gas to Europe via Turkey, in July 2007.