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08 July 2010 [16:10]

Pentagon to develop a "submarine-aeroplane" hybrid

Pentagon researchers are attempting to develop a military vehicle which can travel underwater like a submarine before bursting out of the waves and flying like an aeroplane.
08 July 2010 [15:25]

Newborn stars discovered in dark cosmic cloud

A wave of massive star formation appears poised to begin within a mysterious, dark cloud in the Milky Way.
08 July 2010 [13:55]

Safe night driving: Researchers developed "night vision" for drivers

Infrared "night vision" cameras developed by German researchers could make night driving safer.
08 July 2010 [13:27]

Scientists claim fish can "talk", reveal research results

Fish communicate with each other in a secret language of grunts, growls, chirps and pops, researchers in New Zealand have discovered.
08 July 2010 [11:55]

Woman wins the lottery for the 4th time, becomes "the luckiest winner in the world"

An American woman has been named the luckiest lottery winner in the world after scooping her fourth multi million pound jackpot.
08 July 2010 [09:35]

A real pot of gold on the end of the arctic circle rainbow?

Arctic Circle rainbow really does have a 'pot of gold' at the end of it A 'pot of gold' has been discovered at the end of an Arctic Circle rainbow - as this amazing picture shows.
07 July 2010 [15:09]

Students to be offered free sex?

Japanese adult film star Anri Suzuki, 24, is offering free sex to Chinese students in Japan as a form of reparation for Japan’s World War II sins.
07 July 2010 [12:35]

American widow lived with husband's corpse for 10 years...

An elderly American widow has been living with the corpse of her late husband for more than a decade because she found his death "hard to take".
07 July 2010 [12:16]

Woman has been eating nothing but crisps for the last 10 years

A woman from Essex has eaten nothing but crisps for the last 10 years.
28 June 2010 [13:54]

Iceland PM weds as gay marriage legalised

Johanna Sigurdardottir, Iceland prime minister, married her long-time partner on Sunday as a new law legalising homosexual marriages came into force.
28 June 2010 [13:34]

Miracles happen: Cat without legs is able to walk again

A cat that had both its back legs severed by a combine harvester can walk again after being fitted with prosthetic limbs in a world-first operation.
28 June 2010 [12:22]

Village with 40 people on sale

21 June 2010 [13:44]

9 year old girl wrestles giant alligators - PHOTOS

At the age of 9, most girls are happy playing with dolls or watching their High School Musical DVDs. But, for alligator wrestler Samantha Young, nothing passes the time like grappling with a 2.4m (8ft) reptilian killing machine.
21 June 2010 [11:53]

Muammar Gaddafi saves a struggling Italian village

A struggling Italian village with high unemployment and dismal prospects has had its prayers for help answered from an unexpected quarter – Libya's eccentric leader, Muammar Gaddafi.
21 June 2010 [11:23]

Bollywood set to make a movie about Hitler's love life

First-time Bollywood director Rakesh Ranjam Kumar is intent on producing a film depicting Adolf Hitler’s last ten days with his lover, Eva Braun, prior to their suicide.
15 June 2010 [11:11]

Turkish woman becomes soldier in U.S. Army

A Turkish woman who joined the United States Army after moving to America said despite its hardships, at the end of her workday she is as free as any other woman, daily Milliyet reported Monday.
14 June 2010 [14:45]

Annual naked bike riding stopped the traffic

Motorists are often accused of failing to notice cyclists - but dozens of riders stopped the traffic when they took to their bikes in the buff.
14 June 2010 [12:10]

Scientists explain, why relaxed people "heal twice as quickly"

Being relaxed could be the key to healing quickly, scientists have discovered.
14 June 2010 [10:45]

Research: How quick do men feel the attraction towards women?

Men take a fraction of a second to decide if they are attracted to a woman or not – but they should not be called shallow because they are genetically programmed to do so, scientists say.
14 June 2010 [10:15]

Teacher from India constructs the biggest pen ever - PHOTO

Social studies teacher M. Srinivasa Acharya, 50, constructed a 16-foot-tall, 1-foot-wide brass-plated pen as a tribute to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, whose recent efforts helped pave the way for the 2010 enactment of India’s Right to Education bill.
12 June 2010 [11:07]

Campaign launched in Europe to improve public understanding of Islam - VIDEO

A Campaign entitled "Inspired by Muhammad" has been launched in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, to improve the public understanding of Islam and Muslims.
09 June 2010 [11:53]

Man plays poker for almost 80 hours, non-stop. A new world record?

A poker player has reportedly beaten the world record for the longest ever stint at the table.
09 June 2010 [10:50]

Woman, 157, claims to be the oldest person in history

Census officials in Indonesia have reportedly accepted a woman's claim to be the oldest person in history.
09 June 2010 [09:41]

Biggest burger ever? - PHOTO

Burger the size of a cow a world record?
08 June 2010 [12:56]

Danish cartoonist who caricatured the Prophet Muhammad retires

Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who caricatured the Prophet Muhammad and caused outrage in the Muslim world, said Monday he is quitting because he is getting old.
04 June 2010 [14:46]

Five of the World's weirdest ice-creams

Now, we seriously doubt that you've tasted any of the ice-cream flavors listed below, yet still its nice to know such even exist, and who knows, one days you just might want to taste one.
04 June 2010 [14:15]

Alligator "turns blue" after the sun effect...

The large gator looks a stunning shade of blue as the bright morning sky reflects off her wet back. She appeared to change from her usual dark brown to black, grey and blue over the space of just a few minutes as the sun rose over the lake at 7am.
03 June 2010 [13:57]

One suicide every two hours in Taiwan

More than 4,000 people committed suicide in Taiwan in 2009, averaging almost one death every two hours, the Department of Health said Thursday, DPA reported.
02 June 2010 [16:45]

Serbian artist spends 700 hours sitting in performance art record

A Serbian artist who has spent 700 hours staring at members of the public on Monday brought to an end the longest piece of performance art ever undertaken.
02 June 2010 [15:53]

Man with no arms and legs to swim across the English channel, and break into the record books

Philippe Croizon, who lost his limbs in a freak accident, hopes to complete the 22 mile crossing in 24 hours.
02 June 2010 [14:56]

Web's funniest addresses revealed - LIST

Over 150 of the web's most inadvertently amusing URLs, or 'slurls', such as therapy directory, have been listed in a hilarious new book.
02 June 2010 [14:35]

Man saves his dog with a mouth-to-nose resuscitation

A former Army first-aider saved his dog’s life with mouth-to-nose resuscitation.
31 May 2010 [18:35]

Lion drags 4yr old girl, into cage in Russian zoo attack

A lion in a Russian zoo dragged a four-year-old girl through the bars of its cage and mauled her neck and arm.
31 May 2010 [17:05]

Man sets record by skating off the Eiffel Tower

Tourists at the Eiffel Tower witnessed a rollerblader break a world record on Saturday by jumping from the French landmark onto a huge ramp.
31 May 2010 [13:40]

Chinese Pandas to go to Survival School

China has started to build a school to teach captive pandas to survive in the wild.
31 May 2010 [10:55]

Archaeologists unearth 3,300-year-old tomb south of Cairo

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a 3,300- year-old tomb at Saqqara, south of Cairo.
30 May 2010 [11:30]

Angry nun defeated a thief

A would-be thief got away with nothing after being confronted by an angry nun with a commanding voice.
30 May 2010 [10:10]

Cambodian 'jungle woman' flees back to wild - PHOTO

Cambodia's "jungle woman", who spent 18 years living in a dense forest, has fled back to the wild after struggling to adapt to society.
29 May 2010 [13:17]

The world's most tattooed woman revealed - PHOTOS

An American with 95% of her body covered with body art has been named the most tattooed woman in the world by the Guinness Book of Records.
29 May 2010 [13:08]

Woman sues airline for leaving her asleep in seat

A woman left locked alone in a plane asleep for about four hours after landing at Philadelphia International Airport is suing United Airlines.
29 May 2010 [12:35]

Bra-Removing Contest in China pits nerds against bras - PHOTOS

"They are more than an underwear to me, Mr. Farkus,” said George Constanza. “Two cups in the front, two loops in the back. How do they do it?"
29 May 2010 [11:56]

Colombia Beauty Queen arrested for drugs plot

A Colombian model accused of employing pretty young women to smuggle drugs to Mexico and Europe has been arrested in Buenos Aires.
29 May 2010 [09:13]

Chinese woman, 60, gives birth to twins

A 60-year-old retiree has become the oldest woman in China to give birth, bearing twins after becoming pregnant via in-vitro fertilisation.
28 May 2010 [14:18]

Dolphins and sea lions to protect submarine base?

The US Navy says dolphins and sea lions will stand guard this year at a submarine base to detect any underwater swimmers who might approach the base on Hood Canal.
28 May 2010 [13:35]

Men's Health magazine reveal the worst drink

A milkshake containing 2,010 calories -- equivalent to eating 68 strips of bacon or 30 chocolate chip cookies -- has topped a list of the 20 worst drinks in America compiled by Men's Health magazine.
28 May 2010 [12:52]

Knitted breasts now available on NHS - PHOTO

When a baby is on its way, mothers-to-be can often expect a plethora of knitted presents such as clothes and blankets.
28 May 2010 [12:23]

Bank robbers blow up entire bank, still don't get any money

Wannabe bank-robbers in Germany were forced to leave empty-handed after a slight misjudgement over the amount of explosives needed meant they destroyed the whole bank - except for the thing with the money inside.
28 May 2010 [09:15]

Dinosaur park to give away model brontosaurus

A dinosaur park with a monster problem is giving away a huge model brontosaurus to anyone willing to carry it off.
27 May 2010 [19:06]

Beta-blockers 'help patients with lung disease'

Beta-blockers, the blood pressure drugs, can protect patients with lung disease, according to a new study.
27 May 2010 [18:31]

15-month-old boy survives being hit by train

A 15-month-old boy has survived being hit by a train after his pram rolled off the platform at a Melbourne railway station.
27 May 2010 [17:12]

Army of frogs closes Greek highway

An army of frogs forced the closure of a key northern highway in Greece for two hours.
27 May 2010 [16:13]

Ugliest fish in the world reveals itself - PHOTOS

It has fins that look like hands, a pair of 'feet', and an expression that looks like it's just been told some very bad news - could the mysterious fish challenge the Blobfish for the title of ugliest fish ever?
27 May 2010 [15:50]

Scientist "infected" with computer virus

A British scientist has become the first human to be infected with a computer virus.
27 May 2010 [14:07]

Two-year-old boy smokes 40 cigarettes a day!

Ardi Rizal is aged just two - but the toddler has already developed a 40-cigarettes-a-day smoking habit after his father let him smoke when he was just 18 months.
27 May 2010 [13:39]

Environmentalists fight to keep synthetic life in lab

Environmental campaigners are fighting to ban the release of synthetic life forms into the wild.
27 May 2010 [12:06]

100 year old doctor still working after delivering 18,000 babies - PHOTO

A doctor who has delivered 18,000 babies over a career spanning more than 60 years is still practising at 100 years old.
27 May 2010 [09:37]

Research: Allergy sufferers 'less prone to cancer'

Allergy sufferers are less likely to contract cancer because adverse reactions stimulate the immune system, according to two studies.
26 May 2010 [19:30]

Ukrainian Igor Vovkovinskiy "takes the cake", being the tallest man in U.S. - PHOTO

A man originally from the Ukraine, Igor Vovkovinskiy, has been officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the tallest man in the United States.
26 May 2010 [18:48]

Murdered man reappears after a decade

In central China’s Henan province, Zhao Zhenshang, who was allegedly hacked to death some ten years ago has miraculously put all of the pieces of his body together and reappeared in his hometown, seeking welfare support!
26 May 2010 [17:49]

Research: How women change if given the male testosterone hormone?

Women are more trusting than men because historically they did not have to fight for survival, new research suggests.
26 May 2010 [17:19]

Transsexual loses bid for breast enhancement

A transsexual today lost her High Court battle over an NHS refusal to fund a breast enlargement operation.
26 May 2010 [16:20]

Women born prematurely more likely to have premature babies

Women who were born prematurely are more at risk of having a pre-term baby, a new study has shown.
26 May 2010 [14:21]

Elephant drinks Jacuzzi dry in luxury resort - PHOTO

A thirsty elephant has been trumped in the mystery of the leaking Jacuzz
26 May 2010 [13:36]

Research: Bottled water contains more bacteria than tap water

Bottled water contains more bacteria than tapwater, with some brands found to harbour levels 100 times above permitted limits, according to new research.
26 May 2010 [12:15]

Scientists 'to determine if dinosaurs were warm or cold-blooded'

Scientists have developed a system that could shed light on whether dinosaurs were cold or warm-blooded.
26 May 2010 [11:32]

American study: fizzy drinks can increase chance of stroke

Fizzy drinks can increase the chance of a stroke, scientists claim.