Weird / Interesting

26 May 2010 [10:18]

Occasional drink may protect against Alzheimer's Disease?

Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol may offer protection against Alzheimer's Disease, a study has revealed.
26 May 2010 [09:22]

Druids use rock and magnets to stop road accidents?

Austrian authorities say druids have been so successful in dealing with motorway accident blackspots in one area that they plan to extend the project nationwide.
25 May 2010 [18:33]

Rare 'alligator snapping turtle' caught in Chinese lake - PHOTO

A fisherman in China was surprised after catching this striking creature, which looks like a cross between a turtle and a dinosaur.
25 May 2010 [17:46]

Original Amityville Horror house on sale for $1.15 million - PHOTO

The house made famous in the 1979 film The Amityville Horror is up for sale in New York – ghosts not included.
25 May 2010 [17:07]

Massachusetts Man sucked into sausage seasoning machine

A cleaning man was sucked into a sausage seasoning machine in Danvers, Massachusetts, after it activated as he worked on it, it has emerged.
25 May 2010 [15:52]

17 million bees loose on highway as a result of a four-vehicle crash

Rescue crews were using fire hoses to douse an angry swarm of bees after a fatal crash that involved a trailer carrying about 17 million of the insects.
25 May 2010 [13:06]

22 year old student invents Woodpecker alarm clock - PHOTO

A "woodpecker clock" invented by a 22-year-old student has replaced the annoying clangs and buzzes of traditional alarms with a gentle tapping wake-up.
25 May 2010 [10:50]

Unbelievable: 3 people survive the shipwreck in an ice box - PHOTOS

Three people have been found clinging to an ice chest three days after their boat capsized off the US coast.
25 May 2010 [09:54]

British lawnmower rider sets another speed record

A British lawnmower rider raced into the record books for the second time in two days by cutting through the world land speed record again.
24 May 2010 [15:16]

Diego Maradona 'to get luxury toilets' at World Cup

Argentina coach Diego Maradona is to get luxury toilets at next month's World Cup following a special request from the Argentine Football Association, according to reports.
24 May 2010 [14:54]

Most bizarre people on Earth - PHOTOS

Nothing much to add here, just like the title says - meet the most bizarre people on Earth...
24 May 2010 [13:45]

Heart attack sufferers 'should be encouraged to have more sex'

Heart attack sufferers should be encouraged to return to a normal sex life because the risk of having another seizure was “really small”, a conference has heard.
24 May 2010 [12:21]

"Human polar bear" - first ever to swim across Mount Everest glacial lake

Green campaigner dubbed the ''human polar bear'' became the first man ever to swim across a glacial lake - on Mount Everest.
24 May 2010 [11:33]

Indonesian worker bitten by Komodo dragon!

An Indonesian worker freed himself from an attacking Komodo dragon by punching the reptile's snout until it released him and ran away, a national park official said.
22 May 2010 [14:44]

Man set a new world record by keeping a ferret down his trousers

A retired headteacher has set a new world record by keeping a ferret down his trousers for 5 hours and 30 minutes.
22 May 2010 [14:29]

Scientist Craig Venter creates life for first time in laboratory sparking debate about 'playing god'

Artificial life has been created in a laboratory for the first time by a maverick scientist.
22 May 2010 [14:05]

A new pollen-free lily could mean the end of frustrating stains from the flowers

A new pollen-free lily could mean the end of frustrating stains from the flowers and help eliminate the misery of thousands of hay fever sufferers.
22 May 2010 [13:43]

Swedish princess emulating 'sexist British tradition' of giving bride away

The Crown Princess of Sweden has upset the country's church leaders by announcing she wants to be given away by her father when she marries next month, a practice which the Swedes consider sexist.
22 May 2010 [12:33]

Research: Handful of pistachios could destroy cholesterol

A handful of pistachio nuts a day can help destroy bad cholesterol, ward off heart disease and prevent cancer, say scientists.
22 May 2010 [11:42]

Dead woman turns out to be alive

A woman who was thought to be dead, after her family identified a body as hers, has been found alive and well in Croatia.
22 May 2010 [10:50]

Beer taster wanted for 'best job in the world'

The centuries-old position of ale taster has been reintroduced by a London market, which is describing the role as the "best job in the world".
21 May 2010 [19:55]

Survey: Making cold calls? People would rather give up sex

The prospect of making cold calls for a week as a salesperson is more unappealing than giving up sex for a month, a survey showed.
21 May 2010 [19:34]

'Water running' video becomes a YouTube hit - but is it real? - PHOTO

Footage of men performing the miracle of walking on water has become a huge internet hit – but is not the biblical-style event it seems.
21 May 2010 [19:12]

Pedal-powered police car tackles crime...slowly - PHOTO

As cop cars go, this pedal-powered panda is more suited to ‘gran theft auto’ than high-speed pursuit.
21 May 2010 [18:35]

Naked woman in 'yoga protest' at Parliament - PHOTOS

A naked woman stopped traffic near the Houses of Parliament yesterday, by clambering on to a black cab for a five-minute ‘yoga protest’.
21 May 2010 [18:05]

Miniature food by French artist Stephanie Kilgast - PHOTOS

French artist Stephanie Kilgast, 24, creates miniature food models that are 1:12th of their original scale.
21 May 2010 [17:30]

British policeman wins UFO investigation award

A British policeman has won an international award for his database of UFO sightings by UK police officers.
21 May 2010 [15:07]

How does beetroot affect human stamina and muscles?

"Beetroot juice boosts stamina by making muscles more fuel-efficient," reported the Daily Mail.
21 May 2010 [14:45]

Ghost picture mystery resolved - PHOTOS

A famous ghost picture mystery has been resolved after 15 years – thanks to an eagle-eyed pensioner.
21 May 2010 [14:21]

Weird creature with 'rat's tail' pulled out of Canadian lake - PHOTO

A bizarre creature is said to have been dragged from a lake in Canada.
21 May 2010 [13:41]

3 year old rock star took the internet by storm

Howard Wong is no ordinary child – he’s the young rocker taking the internet by storm with his astonishing performances on the drums.
20 May 2010 [14:54]

Crows on cigarette break stun tourists - PHOTO

A British couple on holiday could not believe their eyes when they spotted a crow flying past carrying a packet of cigarettes.
20 May 2010 [13:35]

Woman undergone operation to remove a toilet brush stuck in her bottom for 5 years

Young mother Cindy Corton died during a risky operation to remove a toilet brush handle that had been stuck up her bum for five years.
20 May 2010 [11:26]

Dutch sex shop to give away "Pope condoms"

A Dutch sex shop will be giving away 2,000 "Pope condoms" this weekend in a dig at the Roman Catholic Church.
20 May 2010 [08:40]

Doctors astonished as girl grows new kidneys

A girl has stunned doctors by growing two new kidneys to replace ones that had failed and left her seriously ill.
19 May 2010 [17:32]

Royal Navy: we don't keep track of sea monsters

The Royal Navy has dealt a blow to monster enthusiasts - saying that while it may have some records of reported sea monster sightings, it doesn't collect them centrally or track monster activity.
19 May 2010 [14:15]

Research: can animals be gay?

It is the question baffling wildlife experts across the globe – can animals be homosexual?
19 May 2010 [12:45]

Bonita Norris becomes youngest British woman to conquer Mount Everest

Bonita Norris, 22, has realised her "crazy" dream after becoming the youngest British female to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
19 May 2010 [10:22]

A fruit to remember: double banana

Bananas may be one of the most recognisable fruits but this particular one might make a person think they were seeing double.
18 May 2010 [17:34]

Peacock moves into family home - PHOTO

A peacock has become tame enough to enter a family home after becoming accustomed to living in the garden and eating bird seed.
18 May 2010 [16:10]

Pizza in Naples 'cooked with wood from coffins'

Italian prosecutors believe pizza in the southern city of Naples may be baked in ovens lit with wood from coffins dug up in the local cemetery, according to Italian daily Il Giornale.
18 May 2010 [13:09]

Primary school students driven to school "fail to know where they live"

Thousands of primary school students who do not walk to school fail to realise where they live, a survey has found.
18 May 2010 [12:26]

Real life Spiderman from India - PHOTOS

A real-life Spiderman, who lives in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, Jyothi Raj, 22, is often compared to the superhero by tourists at India’s Chitradurga Fort, where he performs.
18 May 2010 [11:59]

Robot conducts Japanese wedding - PHOTO

A Japanese wedding took place with a robot leading the ceremony for the first time.
17 May 2010 [18:50]

Using laptops or iPads just before bed 'increases risk of insomnia'

Computer users should turn their laptop or Apple iPad off at least two hours before going to bed if they want a good night’s sleep, scientists say.
17 May 2010 [17:33]

Giant 380ft beacon planned to commemorate Battle of Britain - PHOTO

A twisted beacon taller than the Houses of Parliament could be created to remember the sacrifices made during the Battle of Britain.
17 May 2010 [16:53]

Possible largest ever crab found in British waters - PHOTO

A giant deep-sea crab snared by a Cornish fisherman could be the largest ever found in British waters, experts have said.
17 May 2010 [14:19]

Ivy destroys buildings or prevents them from falling apart?

The received wisdom that ivy destroys buildings has been overturned by a new study by Oxford University.
17 May 2010 [12:40]

Research: Water was present during birth of Earth

Tiny variations in the isotopic composition of silver in meteorites and Earth rocks are helping scientists put together a timetable of how our planet was assembled beginning 4.568 billion years ago.
17 May 2010 [11:40]

First large-scale Formal quantitative test confirms Darwin's theory

More than 150 years ago, Darwin proposed the theory of universal common ancestry (UCA), linking all forms of life by a shared genetic heritage from single-celled microorganisms to humans.
17 May 2010 [08:55]

Expert claims aliens 'hijack' Nasa's Voyager 2 spacecraft

Aliens have hijacked a Nasa spacecraft and are using it to try to contact earth, a UFO expert has claimed.
16 May 2010 [16:32]

British ticket holder wins £84.4m EuroMillions jackpot

A British ticket holder has won £84.4 million in the EuroMillions jackpot.
15 May 2010 [13:20]

Loved up kangaroo sets sights on female joggers

A kangaroo in the mood for love has made advances towards several female joggers in an Australian outback town, prompting a flood of complaints to police.
15 May 2010 [12:04]

Family win back rights to century-old toffee recipe

A family have won back the rights to produce a century-old toffee recipe from the US food giant Kraft.
15 May 2010 [11:37]

Government-run Jobcentres offer X-Rated Porn work to unemployed women

Government-run Jobcentres are offering unemployed women jobs on X-rated websites.
14 May 2010 [15:28]

Woman 'impaled breast on door handle' cut free by firefighters

A young woman who impaled her breast on a door handle had to be cut free by firefighters.
14 May 2010 [14:03]

Well-known British company apologises for selling 'bra tops' to 6 year old girls

"Marks & Spencer" has apologised for labelling underwear aimed at six-year-old girls as a "bra top".
14 May 2010 [11:43]

Mother Giraffe kills woman with a kick in the neck

A woman has died after being kicked by a giraffe while walking her dogs in a South African game reserve.
14 May 2010 [10:56]

China researchers find new good use for smoked cigarettes

Chemical extracts from cigarette butts - which are so toxic they can kill fish - can be used to protect steel pipes from rusting, a study in China has found.