14 April 2005 [13:42]

8 million 367 thousand people live in Azerbaijan

According to the information for 1 April, the number of population of the country reached to 8 million 367 thousand people. In the first three months of this year, the population increased 19.7 thousand people or 0.24%.
13 April 2005 [15:24]

Marriages with underage girls spread throughout Azerbaijan's regions

Even in the 21st century, cases of underage, forced marriages are still widespread in the regions of Azerbaijan. In these cases, parents force their underage daughters against their will into wedlock. This is despite the fact that Azerbaijani law forbids women under 17 and men under 18 to marry.
12 April 2005 [14:30]

Azerbaijan is among the four European countries with the highest increase tempo in population

The highest increase tempo in population in Europe has been registered in Turkey, Albania, Ireland and Azerbaijan.
12 April 2005 [14:28]

International Jazz festival underway in Baku

Seventh day of Baku-Jazz 2005 International Festival on 11 April hosted great pianist and composer Joe Zawinul and 'Syndicate' Group (Austria).
12 April 2005 [13:49]

French Culture Center opened in Baku

Opening ceremony of French Culture Center has been held in Baku yesterday.
08 April 2005 [16:08]

German designers' exhibition to be opened in Baku

Exhibition called "Thought simplicity. Appearing of alternative production culture" consisting of selected exhibits of new German design of Institute of Foreign Relations will be put on in the gallery of Artists Union of Azerbaijan.
07 April 2005 [15:59]

Mugham center will be created in Baku

Mugham is a bright monument of the cultural-spiritual heritage of the Azerbaijani people.
07 April 2005 [15:53]

1 mln 350 thousand tourists visited Azerbaijan last year

According to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism, 90 percent of State Program for Tourism Development's targets have been hit.
07 April 2005 [15:48]

Ambassador of Great Britain considers insult of Azerbaijan attribute as inadmissible act

Insult of State attribute - Azerbaijan flag is an inadmissible act.
07 April 2005 [15:45]

Englishman insulting Azeri flag has been deported from Azerbaijan

"If trade unions are formed in foreign companies activating in Azerbaijan, neither our flag would be insulted, nor our compatriots working there". This was stated by the chief of Azerbaijan Trade Union Confederation (ATUC) Sattar Mehbaliyev.
07 April 2005 [15:42]

Police officer received bribe of USD 500.000

Ex-chief of Head Crime Investigation Office of The Ministry of Internal Affairs colonel Kamil Sadraddinov confessed voluntarily his participation in intentional human murder, kidnap and other especially hard crimes.
05 April 2005 [09:23]

Executive Committee kept coach Torres in his duty

Yesterday in headquarters of AFFA meeting of Executive Committee members was held. In closed meeting by the participation of head coaches of national teams as well, guest games with Poland and England were discussed.
05 April 2005 [09:20]

Culture days of Azerbaijan to be held in Cairo and Alexandria

The days of Azerbaijan culture are scheduled in Cairo according to the agreement by November this year, in Egypt.
03 April 2005 [18:38]

Every month 500 Azeri women are taken to Turkey and 4000 to Dubai for prostitution

Every month about 500 Azerbaijani women are taken to Turkey and about 4000 to Dubai.
02 April 2005 [16:45]

42 thousand persons migrated to Azerbaijan during 1995-2004

42 thousand persons migrated to Azerbaijan during 1995-2004.
02 April 2005 [16:14]

State Committee on Women's Problems presented the report "Gender evaluation over the country"

State Committee on Women's Problems (SCWP) and Development Bank of Asia held a seminar on the topic "Including gender components to the strategy of decreasing of poverty".
31 March 2005 [01:19]

England - Azerbaijan 2:0

World Cup European zone, Group Six qualifier.
30 March 2005 [14:23]

French pianist to give a concert in Baku on April 6

French pianist Francois Shafle will give a concert in Baku Musical Academy on 6 April. Works by Shopen, Skryabin and Dibyusin will be performed in the concert.
30 March 2005 [13:51]

Center of French culture to open in Baku

The Center of French culture is to start functioning in the first half of April, in Baku.
29 March 2005 [15:31]

Brazilian coach will stay in Azerbaijan

Brazilian Carlos Alberto is determined to stay on as Azerbaijan coach despite his team's humiliating 8-0 defeat in a World Cup qualifier at the weekend.
28 March 2005 [20:03]

Baku-Tabriz-Baku air-line opened

Today, plane trip from Baku to Tabriz and from Tabriz to Baku was realized for the first time.
26 March 2005 [16:38]

International jazz festival to be held in Baku

International jazz festival "Baku Jazz-2005" organized by the Azerbaijani Culture Friends Foundation, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, "Azeurotel" joint venture will be held in Baku from 5 to 12 April.
26 March 2005 [16:37]

US embassy announces spring stage on Democracy commission of program of small grants

US embassy to Azerbaijan announced the opening of new round of Democracy commission of program of small grants. According to agency Trend, press service of embassy informed, proposals on projects are to be adopted 25 March-19 April.
26 March 2005 [16:21]

Drug selling criminals were arrested in Azerbaijan

As a result of operation-investigation measures held by the associates of The Ministries of National Security and International Affairs, people activating in groups who are engaged in illegal circulation of narcotic drugs on Iran-Azerbaijan itinerary were exposed.
25 March 2005 [17:14]

About 6000 patients of tuberculosis in Azerbaijan

Scientific conference was held at medical school #2 dedicated to 24 March - global fight against tuberculosis.
24 March 2005 [14:35]

Military parade within May 9 will not be held in Azerbaijan

Military review on March 9 in Azerbaijan within the 60th anniversary of the victory on fascism will not be held.
19 March 2005 [14:38]

American-Azerbaijan society to celebrate Novruz holiday

America-Azerbaijan society, acting in New-Jersey USA, will celebrate Novruz holiday.
18 March 2005 [19:15]

American-Azerbaijan seminar on rights for intellectual property was held

Two-day seminar on rights for intellectual ?ro?erty was held 16-17 March in Baku, in Euro?e hotel. Agency Trend re?orts, the seminar was organized by Office of ?atent and trademarks of USA, US embassy to Baku and Re?ublic agency on author rights.
18 March 2005 [01:28]

Two persons involved in human trafficking imprisoned

At the result of operation held by the associates of Head Office on Struggle against Organized Criminality of Ministry for Internal Affairs (MIA) two persons involved in human trafficking were detained.
16 March 2005 [14:12]

75 vehicles fell per 1000 men in Azerbaijan

75 vehicles fell per 1000 men in Azerbaijan, Natik Zarbaliyev, the chairman of the Association of Automobile Dealers, told journalists.
16 March 2005 [00:16]

12 people died, 48 were injured in 41 road accidents happened last week in Azerbaijan

Last week in the territory of republic 41 road accidents were registered.
11 March 2005 [20:00]

Ceremony dedicated to Israel culture days held in Ganja

Israel culture days were held in State Drama Theatre of Ganja named after Jafar Jabbarli.
11 March 2005 [18:12]

Wife of International Bank of Azerbaijan Chairman is freed

Deputy in chief of former BUSBank and present "Capitalbank" Elchin Aliyev was arrested.
11 March 2005 [18:08]

Contract with Brazilian coach Torres is prolonged till October of this year

Official contract has been signed between AFFA leadership and Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Torres.
08 March 2005 [12:58]

Internet accelerated in Azerbaijan

"Internet of full acceleration has already been brought to Azerbaijan. The speed of Internet brought to Azerbaijan by "Azersat" Joint Enterprise and Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies is 155 megabytes.
08 March 2005 [11:06]

Ilham Aliyev congratulated Azerbaijani women on the occasion of March the 8th

President Ilham Aliyev has congratulated Azerbaijani women on the occasion of March the 8th-International Women's Day.
08 March 2005 [10:36]

Five Uzbek nationals detained on colourable transaction to get US visas

Five Uzbek nationals were arrested outside the United States Embassy in Baku by law-enforcement officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, reported AT on referring to the Embassy public affairs section.
05 March 2005 [16:20]

Kemaleddin Heydarov:"Azerbaijan should develop its sport prestige gained in international arena"

Chairman of State Customs, president of Taekvondo Federation of Azerbaijan (ATF) Kemaleddin Heydarov stated European championship among youth in Baku were a successful.
05 March 2005 [15:32]

American education fair held in Azerbaijan capital

The American Educational Fair organized by the Baku Educational Information Center and American Educational Group has wrapped up.
03 March 2005 [09:14]

French musician will give a concert in Philharmonic

Performer of unordinary music tools Jan Paul Minali Bella will visit Baku spectators loving classic music.
02 March 2005 [09:07]

Israel film festival to be held in Azerbaijan next week

On March, 7 in the building of Khazar University opening ceremony of Israel film festival will be held.
02 March 2005 [07:41]

Falcons are going to decrease in Azerbaijan

The number of Falcons has decreased sharply recent years Shirvan bureau of APA was informed of it by the local residents.
01 March 2005 [15:14]

Azeri first lady regards Heydar Aliyev fund's care of disabled children, orphans as priority of activities

"Care of children, living in orphanages and Boarding Schools, will be the priority of the Heydar Aliyev's Fund," Mehriban Aliyeva, President of the Fund, the First Lady of Azerbaijan, Good-will Ambassador of UNESCO, told a roundtable and presentation of the program on 'Development of orphanages and Boarding Schools' on Monday.
01 March 2005 [15:08]

USA Government constructed a school for internally displaced people of Zengilan

A secondary school has been built in Sumgayit in the territory where internally displaced people from Zengilan settled by the account of USA Government.
01 March 2005 [15:06]

Term of issue of nat'l passports in Azerbaijan for out trips not to be prolonged

"The term of issue of passports of the Azerbaijani citizens for traveling out of the country will be not prolonged, Ehsan Zahidov, the spokesman for the Interior Ministry, told Trend.
01 March 2005 [14:57]

Campaign on fighting tuberculosis to start in Azerbaijan

A campaign on fighting with tuberculosis will be held in Azerbaijan from 10 March to 10 April.
01 March 2005 [14:23]

First lady of Georgia will come to Baku in Novruz holiday

First lady of Georgia Sandra Rulafs will come to Baku on March 21 by the invitation of first lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva.
26 February 2005 [09:40]

One more imprisoned relating with armed attack to UNITECH shop

One more person was imprisoned having relation with armed attack to UNITECH shop located in 28 May str. 7, on February, 24.
25 February 2005 [17:27]

Chechen gangsters attacked "UNITECH" shop in Baku

Yesterday armed attack has been committed to "UNITECH" shop which sells home equipments located in May 28 street, 7, in the capital at about 6 p.m.
25 February 2005 [16:15]

6.5 million dollars to be allocated to Azerbaijan for the struggle against AIDS

International Global Medicine Fund will allocate 6.5 million dollars to Azerbaijan for the struggle with AIDS.
24 February 2005 [09:14]

Social 448 women in Azerbaijan underwent tortures last year

448 cases of violence against women in Azerbaijan were registered in 2004, Mehriban Zeynalova, Chairman of the Social Society for Human Rights told the Trend Agency.
24 February 2005 [09:10]

French loving day will be celebrated in Azerbaijan

In March 20, French loving people celebrate International French loving day.
23 February 2005 [17:46]

One part of the film about French composer to be shot in Baku

Pierre Tilua - well-known composer of France come to Baku.
22 February 2005 [09:12]

Statue for Heydar Aliyev is set up in the center of Baku

In the park situating in front of the palace, after Heydar Aliyev statue for late president Heydar Aliyev is set up.
21 February 2005 [12:11]

First lady of Azerbaijan announced 'Women of year'

Mehriban Aliyeva, the Good-will Ambassador of UNESCO, the first lady of Azerbaijan, was announced a Woman of the Year.
21 February 2005 [12:05]

Baku to host international jazz festival

Baku will host the First International Jazz Festival on April 5-12.
19 February 2005 [11:05]

Post marks with an image of Haydar Aliyev put into circulation in the Netherlands

Post stamps with an image of Haydar Aliyev were included to circulation in the Kingdom of Netherlands.
19 February 2005 [11:00]

Psychiatry Clinic to be built in Baku

Psychiatry Clinic will be built in Baku for mentally sick people.
17 February 2005 [09:15]

1009 crimes commits in Azerbaijan in January 2005

1009 crimes were committed in Azerbaijan in January 2005. In comparison with January 2004 the rate of crimes increased for 16,2% as State Statistics Committee informed Trend. In January 2004 crimes were 2,4% in comparison with January 2003.
16 February 2005 [09:19]

"Azerbaijan Year in Russia" starts today

Official opening ceremony of start of "Azerbaijan Year in Russia" in Kremlin Palace of Russia will take place today.
15 February 2005 [09:11]

French culture days to be held in Baku

Azerbaijan Culture Days will be held in Paris in summer.
11 February 2005 [15:08]

Level of poverty to be 42.5% in this country

Level of poverty will be 42.5% in this country this year. According to the information given to APA from Ministry of Economic Development, this was 49% after the adoption of "State Program on Decreasing Poverty and Economic Development" (SPDPED) and 44% last year.
11 February 2005 [13:31]

Special plan on prevention of road-transport accidents

Baku Road Police Department prepared special plan together with the Executive Authority, connected with the icy roads and frosty weather.
09 February 2005 [09:18]

French Embassy holds a competition

Every year on March, 20 a competition is dedicated to International Frankophony (loving French language) Day.
09 February 2005 [09:11]

279 mln population live in CIS

There are 279 million populations in the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS) in 2005, told in the CIS Intergovernmental Statistic Committee, Trend reports.
08 February 2005 [09:06]

Cold weather forecast for coming days

Cold and strict weather condition dominating in republic will last throughout the week.
08 February 2005 [08:59]

Snow of 1m 20 cm in Lerik

It has been snowing heavily in Lerik for two days.
05 February 2005 [09:40]

Last year 62 Azeri kids were adopted by USA citizens

Every year Americans adopt 20.000 kids from various countries. In 2003, the same numbers of kids were adopted by USA residents (APA).
05 February 2005 [09:38]

Bina and Sadarak trade centers were in fire

Yesterday at 03.00 a.m. fire began in Bina Trade Centre, and then it passed to Sadarak Trade Centre. Approximately, fire covering 15 thousand sq m, 600 shop-containers in Bina Trade Centre, but in Sadarak
05 February 2005 [09:33]

61% of Azerbaijanis not to believe in court system

61% of Azeri citizens don't believe that, the legal system of the country protects them from the illegal action by the government and private persons, the survey of the International Foundation for the Election Systems says, Trend reports.
05 February 2005 [09:29]

Azerbaijani culture minister was awarded independence medal

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev awarded Polad Bulbuloglu, the Culture Minister 'Independence' medal of the country, Trend reports.
05 February 2005 [09:26]

"Russian films days in Azerbaijan" will begin on February, 14

Yesterday, according to cooperation minute between Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan and Ministries of Mass Communication and Culture of Russian Federation, "Russian cinema days" will be held in Azerbaijan on February 14-20.
04 February 2005 [09:35]

Soviet passports will be invalid in Azerbaijan from June 30

Date of validity of former USSR passports used as ID cards in the region of the country is June 30, 2005.
04 February 2005 [09:30]

US Azerbaijanis call Ryes to be active in Armenia- Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno Karabakh

US Azerbaijanis hope that Candolisa Ryes, new appointed US State Secretary, will contribute in the development of the future cooperation among the countries.
03 February 2005 [10:47]

Average monthly temperature decrease in February

Average monthly temperature will be 1-2 degree lower in February as National Hydrometeorology department of Ecology and Natural Resources ministry informed.