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03 February 2010 [18:26]

Armenian gov't proposes new tax bill

The Armenian government has proposed a new set of taxes, of which the land and property tax will be considered obligatory.
03 February 2010 [18:13]

US: No talks with Iran on prisoner swap

The US White House has reacted to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's remarks, saying it had held no discussion with Iran about a possible prisoner swap.
03 February 2010 [18:07]

Russian Patriarch wants Georgia-Russia churches to improve relations between two states

Russian Patriarch Kiril says the Orthodox Churches of Georgia and Russia should do their best to leave the hard times of the conflict between the two people in the past and improve relations.
03 February 2010 [17:33]

Turkish Airlines to grow despite recession

Turkey's flagship carrier Turkish Airlines, or THY, was one of three European airlines to post increases in passenger boardings in 2009.
03 February 2010 [17:28]

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State to visit Armenia

On Feb. 4-5, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg will pay a visit to Armenia and Georgia, according to the U.S. Department of State.
03 February 2010 [16:54]

Tbilisi airport paralyzed due to dense fog

All flights have been delayed due to the dense fog in Tbilisi.
03 February 2010 [16:36]

PACE elections cause new tension between Turkey's gov't, opposition

The election of Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, a ruling party member, to head the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, or PACE, has triggered a new row between the government and the opposition parties.
03 February 2010 [15:56]

Drug control on Iran border to be costly

Iranian official has announced that a budget of USD three billion is needed for controlling drug trafficking on the country's borders.
03 February 2010 [15:45]

NATO spokesman reiterates support to Georgia's unity

NATO spokesman James Appathurai has reiterated support of the alliance to Georgia`s territorial integrity during the video conference held on Feb. 2.
03 February 2010 [15:32]

Consumer, producer prices in Turkey up in Jan

Consumer and producer prices in Turkey were up in January 2010, country's statistics authority said Wednesday.
03 February 2010 [15:16]

EU advisory group to Armenia accepting recent graduates for internships

Beginning this year, new graduates from Armenian universities will have an opportunity to gain direct experience in EU policies and practices.
03 February 2010 [15:00]

Iran says missile efforts 'defensive in nature'

Iran's missile program is defensive in nature, says Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast in response to the US military buildup in the Persian Gulf.
03 February 2010 [14:53]

Iran launches living organism into orbit

Iran launched a living organism into orbit for the first time via its third artificial satellite, Kavusgar-3, Iribnews reported.
03 February 2010 [14:33]

Georgia accuses Eutelsat of censorship

03 February 2010 [13:57]

US ups pressure on China to impose anctions on Iran

The United States is strongly urging China to respond to its call to impose new sanctions on Iran, but Beijing has not succumbed to the pressure to turn against Tehran.
03 February 2010 [13:45]

Turkey's Gul says supports efforts for Kosovo recognition

Turkish president has vowed to extend any support to Kosovo's efforts to win recognition from international community.
03 February 2010 [13:36]

Georgian PM says economic crisis was overcome in last quarter of 2009

Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri assessed the economic results of the final quarter of 2009 and focused on the major tendencies of the 2010 in the country's economy.
03 February 2010 [12:52]

Ahmadinejad: Iran ready to make uranium exchange deal

Iran is ready to complete a uranium exchange deal with world nuclear powers, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday.
03 February 2010 [12:48]

Turkish unions to go on one-day strike after talks fail

Unions are going on a one day nation wide strike on January 4 to extend support to Tekel workers in protest of the government.
03 February 2010 [12:04]

Armenian Parliament ratifies North-South highway agreement

On Feb. 2, the Armenian Parliament ratified the loan agreements on the North-South highway concluded with the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
03 February 2010 [11:44]

Mottaki, Erdogan discuss expansion of Iran-Turkey ties

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have held talks in Ankara that focused on the expansion of ties between Iran and Turkey.
03 February 2010 [11:13]

Armenian defense minister to visit Turkey

Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan will pay a visit to Turkey within the next few days, reliable sources said.
03 February 2010 [10:56]

Iranian military official: Iranian weapon ends Apache copters' air supremacy

A senior Iranian military official says Iran has developed a special weapon that can bring down Apache helicopters.
03 February 2010 [10:49]

Turkey denies reports of ambassador leaving Israel

Turkish official sources have denied Israeli press reports that Oğuz Çelikkol, Turkey’s ambassador to Israel, has asked his superiors in Ankara to transfer him to a new posting.
03 February 2010 [10:07]

Georgian President slams pro-Russian opposition leaders

Georgian president has slammed those opposition leaders, who have visited Russia for several times recently, asserting they were attempting to restore relations with the northern neighbour.
03 February 2010 [09:43]

Iranian president promises space program breakthroughs

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said he will announce good news about “great achievements” by Iranian scientists in the aerospace industry in the near future.
03 February 2010 [09:35]

European Court rules on religious designation, Kurdish names on Turkish ID

Europe's chief human rights court ruled Tuesday against the listing of religious affiliation on national identity cards in Turkey, saying that it "violated" a top European human rights charter.
02 February 2010 [21:06]

Iranian official: Nabucco is not economic without Iran involvement

The Nabucco gas pipeline will not be economic if Iran is not involved as it could not be filled to capacity without Iran's gas, an Iranian official says.
02 February 2010 [21:00]

U.S. endorses new package of economic aid for Georgia

The U.S. has endorsed a new package of economic aid for Georgia.
02 February 2010 [20:55]

Report: Turkey's envoy asks to leave Israel after insult

Turkish ambassador to Israel reportedly asked to leave Israel after Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon's insult to him, a report said.
02 February 2010 [20:43]

Qatar's crown prince arrives in Iran

Qatar's crown prince Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani is in Tehran to discuss matters of mutual interest with Iranian officials.
02 February 2010 [20:22]

Georgian President not to attend security conference in Munich

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili will not participate in security conference in Munich that will start on Feb. 5 for the first time since 2006.
02 February 2010 [19:53]

Iranian ex-president's family cases sent to Tehran prosecutor

The cases of the children of former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani have been sent to the Tehran prosecutor's office, first deputy of the Judiciary says.
02 February 2010 [19:36]

Poland continues to deport Georgian emigrants

Over 20 Georgian citizens will be deported from Poland on Feb. 10.
02 February 2010 [18:57]

Armenian exports reduced by 34% in 2009

According to the Armenian National Statistical service, Armenia's foreign trade turnover reduced by 27 percent as compared to last year making AMD 1 tn 467 bn. or USD 4 bn.
02 February 2010 [18:44]

Senior U.S. offcial urges int'l community to respect Georgia's territorial integrity

U.S. Assistant Secretary Philip Gordon emphasized the problem of Georgia-Russia relations while speaking about the security in Europe.
02 February 2010 [18:39]

US embassy in Turkey denies involvement in coup probe

A spokesperson with the United States Embassy in Ankara has said the US had no involvement with a probe in Turkey over an alleged criminal network that came to be known as Ergenekon.
02 February 2010 [18:23]

Pakistan's parliament speaker visits Iran

Pakistan’s National Assembly Speaker Fahmida Mirza will arrive in Iran on Wednesday for a six-day official visit.
02 February 2010 [18:03]

BBC: Georgian TV blocked by Russia

With the article "Georgian TV Blocked by Russia" BBC has responded to the suspension of the broadcasts of its new Russian-language television station.
02 February 2010 [17:42]

Turkey-Armenia trade volume reaches $300 mln

Kaan Soyak said on Tuesday that 300 million USD of trade volume between Turkey and Armenia was a success.
02 February 2010 [17:37]

Turkey to review national security policy document

The Council of Ministers on Monday convened under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
02 February 2010 [17:12]

Iran, Qatar to sign economic agreements

02 February 2010 [17:00]

Georgia's State Minister to present country's state strategy to CoE

Georgia's State Minister for Reintegration, Temur Iakobashvili has left for Strasburg, where he will present Georgia's state strategy for occupied territories in the Council of Europe.
02 February 2010 [16:41]

Iran to execute nine more protestors

Nine more Iranian protestors are to be executed soon, the Fars news agency on Tuesday quoted the deputy head of the country's judiciary as saying.
02 February 2010 [16:41]

US calls on Turkey, Armenia to ratify protocols

A senior U.S. official called on Turkey and Armenia to ratify protocols signed last year to normalize relations.
02 February 2010 [15:54]

Georgian parliament to open spring session

The Georgian parliament will start the spring session with bureau sitting today.
02 February 2010 [15:45]

Ahmadinejad talk to Iranians on live TV show

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is scheduled to talk to nation on state program Tuesday night.
02 February 2010 [15:36]

New Kurdish party elects leader

Mehmet Ocalan, brother of Abdullah Ocalan (jailed head of PKK), was elected member to party assembly.
02 February 2010 [15:07]

Armenia to participate in Assembly of European Regions' Black Sea Conference

On Feb. 15-16, Assembly of European Regions (AER) will organize Black Sea Regional Policy Conference in Paris, France.
02 February 2010 [15:00]

Delegation of Venice Commission to visit Tbilisi

Delegation of Venice Commission will visit Tbilisi on Feb. 3 at invitation of State Constitutional Commission.
02 February 2010 [14:49]

Iran to unveil 4 new satellites

Iran Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi announced on Monday that projects in the field of aerospace technologies will be inaugurated on Feb. 3.
02 February 2010 [14:08]

Tourism in Armenia up by 3%

02 February 2010 [14:00]

Lawmaker: Iran will face 40-percent inflation

A Member of Parliament industry committee announced lack of sufficient wages for working class creates economical obstacles in the society.
02 February 2010 [13:51]

Georgia refuses to sign non-aggression treaty with Abkhazia, S. Ossetia

Temur Iakobashvili, Minister for Reintegration of Georgia, sees Russia's demand to sign a legally binding non-aggression treaty with Abkhazia and South Ossetia as inappropriate.
02 February 2010 [13:32]

Greek Minister invites Turkish Interior Minister for visit

Greek Citizens' Protection Minister Mihalis Chrysohoidis has sent a letter to Turkish Interior Minister Besir Atalay, inviting to pay an official visit to Athens.
02 February 2010 [12:37]

Iran to build Persepolis village in Minsk

Iran is planning to build a tourism village in Belarus in an attempt to expand cultural ties between the two countries.
02 February 2010 [12:30]

Turkish food exporters complain of EU control regime

Inspectors could also issue an order for the destruction of the products in case they fail to pass residue tests.
02 February 2010 [12:09]

NATO Chief hopes for improvement of relations between Russia and Georgia

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General, campaigns for normalization of relations between Russia and Georgia.
02 February 2010 [11:55]

Israel threatens Iran with "heavy price"

Israeli National Security Advisor Uzi Arada has threatened Iran with 'heavy' measures after reports of US augmentation of forces off Iran's coast.
02 February 2010 [11:43]

Turkish govt sets 2010 export target as $111 bln

Turkish State Minister for foreign trade Zafer Caglayan said on Monday that Turkey's export target for 2010 was set as 111 billion USD.