World news

16 March 2010 [20:25]

Turkey says to renew oil pipeline deal with Iraq

Turkey's energy and natural resources minister said that the crude oil pipeline agreement would be renewed with Iraq.
16 March 2010 [20:06]

Cameroon welcomes Turkish President

Cameroon's President Paul Biya formally welcomed Turkish President Abdullah Gul in capital Yaounde of Cameroon on Tuesday.
16 March 2010 [19:54]

Turkish official says visa issue major obstacle to Turkey-Africa ties

Turkey's Foreign Economic Relations Board organized meetings for Turkish and African businesspeople in Istanbul on Tuesday.
16 March 2010 [19:48]

Iran secures needed fuel in case of sanction

Iran's Oil Minister Masoud Mir-Kazemi says the country has so far faced any problem to buy its needed gasoline.
16 March 2010 [19:39]

Injured foreigner found in Istanbul train station

Security guards discovered a young foreigner with burn wounds on his body in Istanbul’s Sirkeci station at around 1 a.m. Tuesday after hearing screams emanating from the parked train cars.
16 March 2010 [19:33]

Iran: US-led pressure on China 'ineffective'

Chinese officials to get Beijing's consent for more Iran sanctions Iran on Tuesday criticized the West for increasing pressure on China to give its consent to more sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear work.
16 March 2010 [19:23]

Turkish Cyprus President to visit Turkey

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) President Mehmet Ali Talat will pay a working visit to Turkey on Wednesday as the TRNC is getting ready for the upcoming presidential election.
16 March 2010 [19:04]

Turkey says budget deficit down in February

Turkish Ministry of Finance on Tuesday said Turkey's budget deficit in February fell %69.3 year-on-year down to 2,271 million Turkish liras (nearly $1.5 billion).
16 March 2010 [18:57]

NATO congress to be held in Yerevan

On March 16-18, Armenia-NATO congress in the frames of “Partnership for peace” project will be held in Yerevan.
16 March 2010 [18:42]

Iran: No need for OPEC to change oil output

Iran's Oil Minister Masoud Mir-Kazemi does not expect OPEC to make any change in the output ceiling in the upcoming meeting.
16 March 2010 [18:33]

Turkey demands jail for admirals in coup case

Turkey demands jail sentences of up to 15 years for three admirals over an alleged plot to destabilise the government with attacks on non-Muslim minorities.
16 March 2010 [17:53]

Turkish army concerned over discussion of "Armenian genocide" in the world's parliaments

Discussion of adoption of the in the so-called "Armenian genocide" in the world's parliaments is a very serious matter, Chief of General Staff of Turkish Army Ilker Bashbug said.
16 March 2010 [17:48]

Iranian President receives Colombian ambassador

New Colombian ambassador to Iran on Tuesday submitted his credentials to the Iranian President.
16 March 2010 [17:39]

Georgian Parliament's delegation heads for Paris

This morning the delegation of the Georgian Parliament headed for Paris.
16 March 2010 [17:28]

Turkish PM in London for Turkey-UK Business Forum

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan who left for London on an official trip Monday said Turkey wanted to further enhance ties with United Kingdom.
16 March 2010 [16:55]

Turkish opposition leader calls on mayor to resign over corruption

Devlet Bahceli, leader of the opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), asked Aytac Durak, mayor of the southern province of Adana, to resign from MHP.
16 March 2010 [16:50]

Iranian President sees no limit to expansion of Iran-Albania relations

Presdident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday there is no limit and obstacle to expansion of relations between Iran and Albania.
16 March 2010 [16:37]

Iran grills Israel over synagogue reopening

Iran has deplored Israel's reopening of a synagogue near al-Aqsa mosque, demanding the international community to take action against the move.
16 March 2010 [16:25]

About 10 villages flooded in Georgia's Gardabani region

About 10 villages have been flooded in Gardabani district.
16 March 2010 [16:15]

Heavy snowfall strands cars at Turkish city

Heavy snowfall has paralyzed traffic at both Bolu Mountain Tunnel on TEM Motorway and Bolu Mountain section of the D-100 highway.
16 March 2010 [15:55]

Iranian spokesman: Tehran-London ties should be reexamined in some areas

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mihman-Parast stressed on Tuesday that Tehran-London bilateral ties should be reexamined in some areas.
16 March 2010 [15:05]

Senior EU official meets TOBB head in Turkey

TOBB head said the EU needed to show greater political will and leadership for promotion of Turkey and EU relations.
16 March 2010 [14:48]

Chinese FM: China has become more concerned about Iran

China has become more concerned about developments concerning Iran, China's foreign minister said Tuesday while reiterating his country's opposition to further sanctions to rein in Iran's nuclear program.
16 March 2010 [14:19]

Turkish president says Turkish traces in Africa not colonialist

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said on Monday that African countries showed great interest and confided in Turkey very much.
16 March 2010 [14:06]

India urges dialogue on Iran nuclear program

Iran says its nuclear program is aimed at the civilian applications of the technology.
16 March 2010 [13:50]

Iran's Majlis praises US-linked cyber ring arrest

After a 30-member US-backed cyber network was dismantled in Iran, members of the Parliament (Majlis) have praised efforts to bust one of the main gangs and cyber networks in the country.
16 March 2010 [13:33]

Heavy rain floods IDP settlement in Georgia

Heavy rain has flooded hundreds of houses of IDPs in the compact settlement of refugees in Tserovani village last night.
16 March 2010 [13:15]

Turkish government agrees EU Action Plan for 2010-2011

Turkish State Minister & government spokesman Cemil Cicek said on Monday that EU Action Plan for 2010-2011 was adopted at Council of Ministers.
16 March 2010 [13:05]

Iranian ambassador: Iran ready to mediate in Karabakh dispute

The Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan has said that Iran is ready to mediate to help resolve the territorial dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.
16 March 2010 [12:28]

In Iran, Majlis passes new budget bill

After long hours of debate, Iran's Majlis (parliament) has passed the budget bill for the new Persian calendar year starting March 21st.
16 March 2010 [12:00]

Turkish MP: Turkey may refuse to establish relations with Armenia if U.S. exerts pressure to ratify protocols

Day.Az interview with Member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) from the ruling Justice and Development Party, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Affairs Mehmet Ceylan.
16 March 2010 [11:50]

Iran protests to Italy over detention of two Iranians

Iran on Monday strongly protested to Italy over detention of two Iranians and called for their immediate freedom from prison.
16 March 2010 [10:58]

Turkish Premier Erdogan aims to further promote ties with UK

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan who left for London on an official trip Monday said Turkey wanted to further enhance ties with United Kingdom.
16 March 2010 [10:10]

Syrian airline firm starts Damascus-Istanbul flight

Syrian private airline company Cham Wings launched its first Damascus-Istanbul flight on Monday.
16 March 2010 [08:40]

Turkish President hopes Turkey to contribute in Congo development

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that Turkey could contribute to the development of Democratic Republic of Congo.
16 March 2010 [08:20]

Iranian Ambassador says Iran ready to mediate in Nagorno-Karabakh dispute

The Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan has said that Iran is ready to mediate to help resolve the territorial dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.
15 March 2010 [20:40]

Senior EU official sets condition for Turkey visa facility

EU Commissioner for enlargement Fuele set conditions to provide visa facility to Turkish citizens in a demand the government increased efforts.
15 March 2010 [20:07]

Iran's defence Minister: US Defence Minister's statements disclose US vicious goals in region

Minister of Defense Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said Monday that the recent statements of his US counterpart have disclosed Washington’s vicious goals in the region.
15 March 2010 [19:35]

Iran sees no need for hike in OPEC output

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries expects appetite for crude to remain weak throughout the first half of 2010.
15 March 2010 [19:25]

Turkish FM defines EU "strategical target" for Turkey

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Monday that European Union (EU) was a strategical essential target for Turkey.
15 March 2010 [19:15]

France wants unilateral Iran sanctions amid disagreements

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner has urged European states to close ranks and take unilateral action against Iran over its nuclear program.
15 March 2010 [18:53]

Iran's customs agency arrests smugglers

The Iranian customs officials detained the person who tried to smuggle contraband into Azerbaijan in large quantities.
15 March 2010 [18:43]

Georgian police chief trips to Italy

Minister of Interior of Georgia Vano Merabishvili wrapped up his official visit to Italy, where he held meeting with the Italian counterpart.
15 March 2010 [18:18]

Iran warns aggressors of destruction, collapse

Amid threats by Israel and certain powers of a military assault on Iran, a top Iranian commander has warned such countries of "destruction and collapse."
15 March 2010 [18:10]

EBRD President to visit Armenia

15 March 2010 [17:28]

Iran's Interior Minister to visit Azerbaijan

Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar will visit Azerbaijan in late April - early May, Iran's Deputy Interior Minister in the parliament Mehdi Mohammadifar said.
15 March 2010 [16:45]

Turkey's unemployment rate up by 13.5 percent

Turkey's unemployment rate increased 0.4 percent to 13.5 percent in December 2009, Turkish Board of Statistics, TurkStat, said on Monday.
15 March 2010 [16:30]

Abkhazian legal government has new member in Cabinet

Abkhazian legal government has a new minister of Health Care.
15 March 2010 [16:25]

Iran says Brazil's President plans official visit

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil is planning to pay an official visit to Tehran in May, an Iranian official said Sunday.