05 July 2005 [08:44]

Ashraf Mehdiyev: “In any case opposition will not achieve real result”

“We are preparing not to take part in this election but to boycott it. Because, in this situation participation in the election means cheating of the people. It is necessary to change the authority first then to hold election. Because I have once taken part in the election and I have tried it”.
05 July 2005 [08:43]

Azerbaijan to carry out appraisal of 10 big oil and gas fields by 2007

“The appraisal of 10 biggest oil and gas fields in Azerbaijan by 2007 under the State Program on development of fuel and energy complex in Azerbaijan (2005-2015)”, the Ministry of Fuel and Energy told Trend.
02 July 2005 [09:55]

Working group on human rights to meet

A working group comprised of representatives from the law-defense organizations of Azerbaijan plan to hold the next-in-turn meeting on 8 July, Samad Seyidov, the head of the Azerbaijani parliamentary delegation at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, told a news conference held at the headquarters of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (NAP).
02 July 2005 [09:05]

Reno Harnish: “US winners of tender on holding exit-polls in Azerbaijan to be announced in August”

Winners of a tender announced by the U.S. government on holding Exit Polls during the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan, should be defined till August 2005, Reno Harhish, the U.S.
02 July 2005 [09:03]

Mayor’s Office did not permit picket of Musavat

An appeal of the Musavat Party made in connection with placing a picket in front of the Executive Power of Baku city was responded yesterday.
02 July 2005 [09:02]

Sabir Rustamkhanli: “Impossible to achieve change of power with help of different colors and symbols”

“Disagreeable events may take place in Azerbaijan under various colors and symbols. And these events do not promise anything good for our country.”
02 July 2005 [08:24]

AGO monitoring group made public statements on results of visit to Azerbaijan

The delegation of the AGO monitoring group of the Council of Europe (CE) Committee of Ministries spread a statement on July 1, in which it gave the assessment of its three-day visit to Azerbaijan.
02 July 2005 [08:21]

American ambassador calls on Azerbaijan government to punish the committers of fraud

The USA goes on preparation work for the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.
02 July 2005 [08:20]

Reno Harnish: “USA does not recognize “Republic of Nagorno Karabakh” announced itself independent”

“USA does not recognize the “Republic of Nagorno Karabakh” announced itself independent”.
01 July 2005 [09:57]

Khalaf Khalafov: “New president in Iran can bring changes to status of the Caspian Sea”

New president’s seizing the power in Iran can result in changes to the question of the status of the Caspian Sea.
01 July 2005 [09:51]

Ilham Aliyev: “Azerbaijan will do its best to avoid Cyprus Turks from isolation”

“Azerbaijan will do its best for avoiding Turkish Republic of North Cyprus from isolation”-told President Ilham Aliyev.”
01 July 2005 [09:47]

Deputy of USA state secretary Daniel Frid: “We are in good relations with Azerbaijan”

“As official Washington, we support both the government and opposition in the eve of the elections in Azerbaijan. Washington does not intend to lose its positions in this region of strategic importance”.
01 July 2005 [09:38]

Ronald Wegener: “Democratic elections possible in Azerbaijan”

?zerbaijan fulfilled many of its commitments before the Council of Europe (CE), which allows holding democratic parliamentary elections in the country.
01 July 2005 [09:22]

“Ago” group met a group of human rights defenders

Council of Europe Committee of Ministers “Ago” group met a group of human rights defenders in the building of Council of Europe representation in Baku yesterday.
01 July 2005 [08:46]

Rajab Tayyib Erdoghan: “European Union can’t demand Turkey to open the borders with Armenia”

“The recognition of the so-called “Armenian genocide” and opening the borders with Armenia are not in the Copenhagen principles defined by The European Union for Turkey. Even if it is like that, Turkey is not in the intention of accepting these conditions”.
01 July 2005 [08:23]

Prime-minister of Turkey Rajab Tayyip Erdogan came on official visit to our country

The prime-minister of Turkey Rajab Tayyip Erdogan came on an official visit to our country last night.
30 June 2005 [09:25]

Staff of elections commissions should be changed, OSCE rep in Baku

The Baku Office of the OSCE did not change its position of the staff of elections commissions. Maricio Pavesi, the head of Baku Office of OSCE told journalists that the Azerbaijani government was informed on position and recommendations of organizations in this respect, Trend reports.
30 June 2005 [09:23]

OSCE Office in Baku calls on women for active participation in the elections

A roundtable on gender was held in OSCE Office in Baku yesterday.
30 June 2005 [09:15]

Former U.S. Secretary of State will visit Azerbaijan

The opening ceremony of the Marketing Agency in Gazakh with participation of U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Rino Harnish, under th USAID-financed business support project in Azerbaijan, was held on Wednesday, Trend reports.
30 June 2005 [09:04]

Andres Herkel: “Changes made to the Election Code are not significant”

The co-rapporteur on Azerbaijan of the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Andres Herkel considers insignificant the additions and changes made to the Election Code by Milli Majlis.
30 June 2005 [08:41]

?zerbaijan will take part in the VIII Euro-Asia economic summit

At the VIII Euro-Asia economic summit to take place on 5-7 July, Azerbaijan will be represented by a delegation headed by the Minister of Economic Development, Farhad Aliyev, the Minister told Trend exclusively.
30 June 2005 [08:38]

Conference called “The role of the Caspian Sea in global energy security of the region” held in Geneva

A conference called “The role of the Caspian Sea in global energy security of the region” held in Geneva under the patronage of UNO ended with participants countries’ adopting a joint declaration.
30 June 2005 [08:34]

Elmar Mammedyarov elected as deputy chairman of OIC MFA conference

Head of foreign policy office of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammedyarov made a speech in the 32nd conference of Organization of Islamic Conference Foreign Ministers in Sana, capital of Yemen.
29 June 2005 [09:23]

Next meeting between human rights defenders and authority representatives to be held on 1 July

Next meeting between human rights defenders and authority representatives will be held on 1 July.
29 June 2005 [09:01]

Gianni Buquicchio: “I was not surprised that OSCE and Venice Commission recommendations were not taken into consideration, I simply regretted”

“Regrettably, OSCE and Venice Commission main recommendations have not been adopted after all”.
29 June 2005 [08:25]

Ilham Aliyev: “The possibility of a velvet revolution is ruled out in Azerbaijan”

Basing ourselves on parallels between what is happening is Azerbaijan and what [change of regime] has happened in post-Soviet republics, it is possible to rule out any possibility of a velvet revolution in Azerbaijan.
29 June 2005 [08:22]

Russia placing “Isgandar” racket complexes in border with Azerbaijan

Russia will provide the Northern Caucasus Military Circle with the most modern racket complexes of “Isgandar” type in the second half of this year.
29 June 2005 [08:12]

Yuri Merzlyakov: “Agreement might be achieved in Azerbaijan and Armenian presidents’ meeting”

“Elmar Mammadyarov’s opinion about the agreement of two elements in the talks processes is true. It is possible to say these elements have been agreed on the base of the compromise”.
29 June 2005 [08:10]

Reno Harnish met with opposition representatives in Gyanja

The US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Reno Harnish arrived in Gyanja on 28 June, a Trend regional correspondent reports.
29 June 2005 [08:08]

Additions and amendments to Election Code adopted

Draft law on additions and amendments to Election Code was discussed in the first part of sitting of Milli Majlis (parliament).
29 June 2005 [08:00]

NGO members want to meet with Azeri president

“The state officials will receive the representatives of the non-governmental organizations in these days. Participation of NGOs in the elections, and generally the situation of III sector will be discussed in the meeting”.
29 June 2005 [07:59]

Baku to host Caspian talks

The next round of Caspian talks start in Baku in July, with the participation of experts from all the five littoral states. The event was originally scheduled for late June, but was layer postponed due to counter schedules of the experts.
29 June 2005 [07:58]

Elmar Mammedyarov discussed the Nagorno Karabakh problem with Abdullah Gul

Foreign Minister Elmar Mammedyarov visted Anakara on 27 June following the invitation of deputy Turkish Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul.
28 June 2005 [09:24]

National Democracy Institute holds trainings for candidates to deputy

The National Democracy Institute of USA (NDI) held training in the “Caspian Plaza” hotel yesterday for the persons whose candidacies were put forward in the parliamentary elections by the democratic blocs.
28 June 2005 [09:01]

“Aqo” group to come to Baku on 29 June

Council of Europe Committee of Ministers “Aqo” monitoring group will come to Baku on 29 June.
28 June 2005 [08:56]

Vladimir Kazimirov: “Strengthening the ceasefire, guarantee of not starting the fight operations must be priority”

“I support Azerbaijan’s keeping more constructive initiatives. These initiatives generally are the correct direction. On the other hand, they should be estimated in real way. It is hardly be on that the offer will cause in a large-scaled agreement. Of course, the question of opening the communications is important, but it is not the most important task”.
28 June 2005 [08:55]

Asim Mollazade: “Result of PACE summer session positive for Azerbaijan”

The results of the Council of Europe (CE) PACE summer session are, undoubtedly, positive for Azerbaijan, the Milli Mejlis (MM) PACE delegation member, Asim Mollazade told Trend.
28 June 2005 [08:49]

Public television of Azerbaijan broadcasts due in August

The Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company will air its debut broadcast in August, according to the chairman of the PTRBC Broadcasting Board.
28 June 2005 [08:45]

Azerbaijani militants took part in NATO measures

Some measures were held in the frame of the “Cooperation for Peace” Program of NATO.
28 June 2005 [08:39]

Samad Seyidov: “PACE Resolution states the political prisoner problem in Azerbaijan to be closed”

“I am not aware of Malcolm Bruce’s statement. Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) Resolution states that political prisoner problem in Azerbaijan is closed”.
28 June 2005 [08:31]

President appointed Tofig Zulfugarov and Isfendiyar Vahabzade as ambassador

President Ilham Aliyev yesterday signed order on appointing ambassadors of Azerbaijan in Latvia and Moldova. According to the information given to APA from President’s Press Service, Tofig Zulfugarov was appointed to the position of ambassador of Azerbaijan to Latvia and Isfendiyar Vahabzade to Moldova.
28 June 2005 [08:29]

Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan owns the strongest army in South Caucasus

On 25 June 2005, President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev took part in the grand ceremony, dedicated to the next release of students in educational institutions of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan. Speaking at the event, the head of the state declared, that as Azerbaijan be in the armed conflict with Armenia, the attention of the he state to the army is very important, Trend reports.
28 June 2005 [08:27]

Steven Mann: “I am quite sure the Upper Karabakh conflict is a problem to be solved”

“We are close to peace now than one year ago. However, it would be wrong to think that peace is too near. I consider that the sides held serious and estimable negotiations. It is still difficult to achieve peace. But I am quite sure that this problem is to be solved”.
28 June 2005 [08:25]

Karabakh Freedom Organization decided to hold meeting related to Karabakh

Next meeting of the Supreme Assembly of the Karabakh Freedom Organization (KFO) was held yesterday.
25 June 2005 [08:55]

Supporters of killed journalist to hold a protest action

The Elmar Husseinov Fund will hold a protest action in front of the building of the National Security Ministry on June 28.
25 June 2005 [08:53]

Azerbaijan satisifed with PACE session

The summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has produced “normal, positive and constructive” results to Azerbaijan, according to the head of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE, MP Samad Seyidov.
25 June 2005 [08:51]

NATO is concerned replacing of military bases withdrawn from Georgia to Armenia

NATO Deputy Secretary-General John Colston and chairman of Sate Border Service (SBS) lieutenant-general Elchin Guliyev met media representatives.
25 June 2005 [08:45]

“Azadlig” bloc decided to hold rally in 11 dictricts of Baku at the same time

The parties of “Azadlig” or Freedom bloc decided to hold rally on 2 July.
25 June 2005 [08:27]

USA State Department gave “green-card” to 235 Azerbaijanis

The USA State Department announced the results of the “green-card” lottery which official name is “DV-2005”.
25 June 2005 [08:25]

Turkish PM’s visit to Azerbaijan to be too important, state official

«The Azerbaijan - Turkey relations are high-level and manifests as friendly, fraternal and strategic partnership,” Novruz Mammadov, the head of the Pubic Political Department of the Azerbaijani President’s Apparat, said on the eve of the forthcoming official visit of Turkish Prime Minister Rejep Tayyub Erdogan to Azerbaijan on 28-29 June.
25 June 2005 [08:23]

First sitting of sub-committee of the PACE on Karabakh problem held

First sitting of sub-committee of the PACE on Karabakh problem was held.
24 June 2005 [09:28]

Ziyafet Asgarov dissatisfied with the opinions in PACE Resolution

Vise-speaker of Milli Majlis Ziyafet Asgarov is dissatisfied with the opinions stated in Resolution of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) on Azerbaijan.
24 June 2005 [09:25]

Azerbaijani leadership accepts normally PACE’s last resolution

The leadership of Azerbaijan accepts normally the resolution on Azerbaijan, adopted on 22 June at the summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), head of the foreign relations department of the Executive Office of the Azerbaijan’s President (EOP), Novruz Mamedov told Trend.
24 June 2005 [09:21]

Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe adopted two decisions on Azerbaijan

A report of the PACE raporteur Malcolm Bruce on the political prisoner problem and the report named “Activity of the democratic institutions in Azerbaijan” prepared by the PACE co-rapporteurs on Azerbaijan Andreas Gross and Andres Herkel were listened to in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
24 June 2005 [09:12]

Foreign Ministry of Russia - Russia does not recognize Nagorno-Karabakh

The Russian citizens, who observed the so-called ‘parliamentary elections’ in Nagorno-Karabakh, did it on their own initiative and privately," Information and Press Department if the Russian Foreign Ministry announced.
24 June 2005 [09:08]

Ilham Aliyev received deputy secretary general of NATO John Kolstone

President Ilham Aliyev received deputy secretary general of NATO John Kolstone who is on a visit to Azerbaijan.
24 June 2005 [08:49]

Romanian Prime Minister to come to Baku

Romanian Prime Minister Kelin Popesku-Terichianu will come to Baku after the parliamentary elections sin November.
24 June 2005 [08:45]

Polish ambassador Marchin Navrot: “Four years are not enough for knowing Azerbaijan”

“I shall miss Azerbaijan. This country is very beautiful, four years are not enough for knowing Azerbaijan. Regrettably, I shall have to leave this wonderful country due to ending my diplomatic mission”.
24 June 2005 [08:41]

Expert groups of Azerbaijan, Russia, and Iran to meet in Baku

Meeting between the experts groups of the national head energetic offices of Azerbaijan, Russia and Iran is intended to taka place in Baku in the third ten-days of July.
24 June 2005 [08:30]

Baku hosts EU-Azerbaijan meeting

Expansion of bilateral cooperation between Azerbaijan and the European Union tops the agenda of the corresponding meeting of the parties, which opened today (June 23) in Baku.
23 June 2005 [09:27]

Glen Howard: “Azerbaijan army is better provided with military equipment than the previous period”

The volume of the defense expenses was increased in the bill related to the changes to the state budget in Milli Majlis.
23 June 2005 [09:25]

Lale Shovkat Hajiyeva: “The USA is the guarantee for holding free elections in Azerbaijan”

“The USA is the guarantee for democratic processes and holding free elections in Azerbaijan. This is related to America’s intention to carry out democratic reforms in Azerbaijan and the processes ongoing in the countries of the post-Soviet”.
23 June 2005 [08:46]

Resolution urging to ensure free elections in Azerbaijan under consideration at US Congress

The House of Representatives of the US Congress set to consideration of the resolution urging to hold “free and fair elections in Azerbaijan”.
23 June 2005 [08:44]

Russia does not recognize the independence of Nagorno Karabakh and the elections held here

“The Russian citizens and deputies of State Duma functioning as observers in the elections in Nagorno Karabakh have come here by their own initiatives”.
23 June 2005 [08:31]

France announced elections held to fake “NKR parliament“ non-legitimate

“Parliamentary elections” held in the Nagorno Karabakh Region (NKR) of Azerbaijan will have no effect to the peace process and future status of this territory” Press minister of France Janne-Batist Matye announced this statement.
23 June 2005 [08:21]

Monitoring in the contact line of troops suffered no incident

Monitoring was held in the village Kuropatkino of Kojavend region, in the contact line of the troops yesterday in accordance with the mandate of personal representative of OSCE chairman-in-office.
23 June 2005 [08:18]

PACE pending democratic changes in South Caucasus

The upcoming processes in the South Caucasus are of priority importance for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, according to the acting chairman of the Council’s Ministerial Committee.
23 June 2005 [08:13]

Elmar Mammedyarov discussed the Nagorno Karabakh problem with Javier Solana

Foreign Minister Elmar Mammedyarov who is attending the international conference on establishment of democracy in Iraq is conducting bilateral meetings.
23 June 2005 [08:10]

GUAM countries made declaration on solution of conflicts

An international conference dedicated to 30th anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act and 15th anniversary of the Paris Charter is continuing its work.
23 June 2005 [08:08]

Asim Mollazade included in the PACE provisional commission on Karabakh

Leader of the Party for Democratic Reforms of Azerbaijan (DRPA), member of the parliamentary delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Asim Mollazade has been included in the PACE provisional committee on the Upper Karabakh issue, the DRPA central office told Trend.
22 June 2005 [08:49]

OSCE observers expected

14 observation groups of the OSCE each comprised of 2 experts will arrive in Azerbaijan early this September, according to a report developed by the OSCE Office for Democratic Instates and Human Rights on the base of a weekly monitoring by a demand estimating mission.
22 June 2005 [08:27]

Armenia has no territorial claims to Azerbaijan

Armenia has no territorial claims to Azerbaijan, a special representative of the Azerbaijan’s President on Nagorno Karabakh conflict, deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, Araz Azimov told Trend at the briefing on 20 June.
22 June 2005 [08:24]

Georgian Prime Minister to pay an official visit to Baku

Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Nogaideli will pay an official visit to Baku in the first half of July. APA was informed from Georgian Embassy in our country.
22 June 2005 [08:22]

President of Azerbaijan signed decree on pardoning of 100 persons

President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on pardoning of a group of persons, condemned for imprisonment.
22 June 2005 [08:20]

Andres Herkel: “Amendments are expected to be made to the report on political prisoners in Azerbaijan”

The pardon decree of the President issued yesterday concerns 30 prisoners in the list of political prisoners of Council of Europe (CE).