World news

03 March 2011 [18:36]

110 tons of drugs seized in Iran

03 March 2011 [13:41]

Georgia celebrates Mother's Day

02 March 2011 [16:33]

Gasoline prices in Turkey rise

Fuel distributors in Turkey increased the price of gasoline by Kr 4-5 per liter as of Tuesday.
28 February 2011 [17:53]

Turkish FM: Israel is the top human rights violator

Davutoglu said Monday that, in case a list was made for countries with most violation of human rights, Israel would be on top of that list.
28 February 2011 [17:45]

Report: PKK calls off ceasefire in Turkey

More than 40,000 people have died in the violence since the PKK took up arms in 1984.
26 February 2011 [12:03]

Sarkozy in Turkey for a 6-hour visit

Sarkozy arrived in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Friday for a short working visit as G-20 president, which has disappointed top Turkish officials.
25 February 2011 [17:07]

Iran oil price surpasses $100

24 February 2011 [18:20]

Turkey against imposing sanctions on Libya

Erdogan said Turkey was against imposing sanctions on Libya because such measures would punish the Libyan people.
24 February 2011 [16:20]

Iran executed 546 people in 2010

23 February 2011 [11:55]

Georgian soldier killed in Afghanistan

23 February 2011 [11:15]

Armenia tries to christianize Iranian youth?

Armenia is trying to christianize Iranian youth by different methods.
21 February 2011 [18:23]

Turkish business interests looted in Libya

Looters have attacked Turkish companies in Libya where they have projects worth more than $15 billion.