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Which countries are the land of billionaires? - LIST

10 June 2014 [10:23] - TODAY.AZ
No. of billionaires: 515
Total net worth (2013): $2,064 billion

Land of the free, home of the billionaires? Nearly a quarter of the world's wealthiest -- those with more than $1 billion in assets -- are based in the U.S., according to 2013 data from Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2013.

And if you look a little lower on the wealth ladder, at folks worth $30 million or more, Americans account for a whopping 32% of the world's super rich.

American women hold a lot of that wealth: $1.2 trillion worth of assets, more than ultra-wealthy women in any other country.

So where in the states are the richest Americans? California's golden shores account for 20% of the country's super rich, and their numbers are growing. New York and Texas also rank high.

No. of billionaires: 157
Total net worth (2013): $384 billion

China's growth has slowed recently, but it remains a hotspot for billionaires. The country added 10 new billionaires over the last year.

That number might have been even higher, but some wealthy residents decided to take their money beyond the mainland recently -- giving Hong Kong and other Asian cities a boost. The moves were apparently sparked by concerns about China's ongoing credit crunch and a recent anti-corruption campaign that targeted luxury spending, according to Wealth-X.

To be ultra rich in China, think manufacturing. A full 17% of the country's wealthiest, those with $30 million or more in assets, derived their wealth from that sector.

No. of billionaires: 148
Total net worth (2013): $432 billion

It's no secret that Germany's robust economy helped bolster the eurozone and drag it out of the financial crisis. That strength also helped it to keep producing ultra-rich Germans.

Indeed, Germany has nearly as many billionaires as China, despite its much smaller population.

German billionaires saw their assets grow slightly in the past year, but wealth creation was even stronger for rich folks in a lower tier -- those with $30 million to $199 million in assets. That group saw their overall net worth increase more than 25% last year.

United Kingdom
No. of billionaires: 135
Total net worth (2013): $420 billion

With London as one of the top financial capitals of the world, the city boasts a growing number of the ultra wealthy. There are now nearly 6,400 Londoners worth more than $30 million -- that's 5.7% more than the year before.

In the U.K. overall, the ranks of the richest -- billionaires -- actually dropped slightly. Their net worth declined as well. But those a rung below them on the wealth scale are enjoying solid financial growth, so it's likely more Brits will reach the billionaire mark soon.

No. of billionaires: 108
Total net worth (2013): $342 billion

The Russian economy has been thrust into question due to the annexation of Crimea and the crisis in Ukraine. The International Monetary Fund recently lowered its projections for Russia's growth from 2% to 1.3%.

Still, there are plenty of ultra-rich Russians. In fact, their numbers rose by 35 last year. How much the political unrest will affect the country's wealthiest citizens in the future, though, remains to be seen, especially since the U.S. and E.U. have imposed sanctions against some Russian individuals and businesses.

No. of billionaires: 103
Total net worth (2013): $180 billion

2013 wasn't a great year for Indian billionaires. Their ranks and overall wealth declined more than 5%. Meanwhile, the country has struggled with economic issues including a weak rupee, slowing growth and high public debt.

But with a sweeping victory for the country's pro-business party last month, and the inauguration of a new prime minister, Narendra Modi, investors hope a turnaround is near. Modi is focused on growth, and seeks to attract foreign investment by minimizing bureaucratic challenges businesses face there. That means more billionaires could be on the way.

Hong Kong
No. of billionaires: 75
Total net worth (2013): $224 billion

Hong Kong is attracting more of Asia's wealth as investors in mainland China seek to diversify their assets in a place known for low taxes and light regulation.

Hong Kong's super rich are worth a combined $530 billion -- and their wealth is growing at healthy double-digit rates.

Saudi Arabia
No. of billionaires: 64
Total net worth (2013): $204 billion

The oil-rich Middle East has long been a home for billionaires, and Saudi Arabia leads the pack.

It also boasts a growing population of ultra-wealthy people who have $30 million or more in assets. Saudi Arabia gained 200 of these super-rich folks last year, and their total wealth grew 27%, according to Wealth-X.

Almost the entire Middle East saw double-digit growth, except for Syria, where the ongoing civil war has taken a toll.

Women still struggle to gain a foothold among Saudi Arabia's wealth elite: They account for just 5% of the country's super rich.

No. of billionaires: 64
Total net worth (2013): $202 billion

French President Francois Hollande garnered international attention for his so-called "millionaire tax," which was approved by France's highest court last year. Under it, companies that pay high annual salaries could face a 75% tax rate.

While critics fear the tax will push some wealthy residents to leave the country, the impact is yet to be seen.

Most French billionaires and multimillionaires are based in Paris. The City of Light accounts for nearly three-quarters of the country's wealthiest.

No. of billionaires: 61
Total net worth (2013): $128 billion

As Europe continues to recover from the debt crisis, its high earners have seen big gains. Switzerland has proved to be especially resilient, as the super rich added almost $100 billion to their coffers last year.

And while the country has recently been cracking down on tax evasion and chipping away at banking secrecy laws, the country still managed to mint four new billionaires last year.

No. of billionaires: 50
Total net worth (2013): $259 billion

The host country for this year's World Cup is hoping to get a $70 billion boost from the influx of spectators for the games, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Sports.

That could be a helpful shot in the arm for the economy, since Brazil's growth has slowed recently. Even the country's super-rich are feeling poorer -- their combined wealth dropped $95 billion from 2012 to 2013. However, a large portion of that loss can be attributed to Eike Batista, a rich Brazilian businessman who lost billions of dollars in the last couple years.

No. of billionaires: 38
Total net worth (2013): $56 billion

Turkey has been in the news recently for anti-government protests and a mining disaster that claimed the lives of more than 300 people.

Its economy, though, has been getting stronger since the global financial crisis -- it experienced 4% growth last year.

And though the International Monetary Fund slightly downgraded Turkey's growth for this year, its economy is still predicted to expand by 2.3%.

Turkey's wealthiest are reaping the benefits -- the country added 70 people to the ranks of its super rich last year. How apropos then that Turkey is ranked 3rd worldwide in production of yachts, a favorite toy of the wealthy. Only Italy and the Netherlands rank higher.



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