19 January 2006 [02:31]

Tender on major repairs of roads and reconstruction works held in Sabirabad city

The representation in Sabirabad city of the Sabirabad region Executive Power announced an open tender on major repairs of the roads and implementation of reconstruction works in the city in 2006.
18 January 2006 [17:47]

Despite worsening of weather conditions Azerenerji covers demand for energy

Despite worsening of weather conditions there is no any restriction in energy supply of Baku and Absheron Peninsula as in previous years.
18 January 2006 [15:58]

Paolo Perviz, BSC President: "Baku Steel Company still operates, and no pressure from Azeri Government"

The Company’s president Paolo Perviz made comments on his leaving Azerbaijan , and stoppage of his company’s activity.
18 January 2006 [04:45]

Heydar Babayev thinks that fares in transport most likely not to be raised this year

The Ministry of Transport has already submitted its proposals on increasing fares in transport to the Tariff Council.
18 January 2006 [04:33]

Azeronline brought action against Ministry of Economic Development

The Azeronline Joint Enterprise (JE) unsatisfied with a decision concerning the Internet providers issued in December by the Antimonopoly Policy Department of the Ministry of Economic Development brought an action against this structure in the Court of Economy.
18 January 2006 [03:49]

BakGas increased daily gas delivery to population 4 times in connection with snap of cold

Daily volume of gas delivery to population of the capital was increased to 11 million 458 thousand cubic meters in connection with snap of cold in the republic.
18 January 2006 [03:42]

Volume of capital invested in building sector increased 12,7% last year

5,4 milliard AZN were directed to the main capital from all financial sources during the past year and this is 12,7% more in comparison with the same indicator of the previous year.
18 January 2006 [02:48]

24,9% of subscribers of population group and 91,6% of non-population group of "Barmek" paid for electric energy in December

"Barmek Azerbaijan Electric Network" LLC supplied consumers with 1 milliard 132,78 million kWh of electric energy in December, 2005.
18 January 2006 [02:43]

Seminar on "Inflation and capability for international rivalry: methodology and experience of central banks" held in National Bank

A scientific-methodological seminar on "Inflation and capability for international rivalry: methodology and experience of central banks" was held for mass media representatives in the National Bank of Azerbaijan (NBA) today.
18 January 2006 [02:37]

National Bank predicts basis inflation to form 6-7% in 2006

It is predicted that the basis inflation level will form 6-7% in the country during this year.
18 January 2006 [02:27]

Azerkredit Bank prepared its five-year development strategy

The Azerkredit Commercial Bank (CB) completed preparation of the development strategy for 2006-2010 of the bank with participation of the specialists of the Azerbaijan Bank Training Center.
18 January 2006 [02:07]

Negotiations held for establishing trade unions in Scotch companies operating in Azerbaijan

Negotiations with foreign companies operating in the field of oil and gas output in our country continue.
17 January 2006 [21:40]

WB & government sign a loan agreement on new project

On Tuesday the World Bank and the Azerbaijani government signed a loan agreement on allocation of two grants within the implementation of new project "Agricultural Environment of Azerbaijan".
17 January 2006 [21:33]

Heydar Babayev: "Government to support activity of BSC"

Azerbaijani government is aware of suspension of production of Baku Steel Company, told journalists Heydar Babayev, economic development minister of Azerbaijan.
17 January 2006 [19:45]

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline to be fulfilled by March 2006 - Turkish Energy Minister

Turkish Minister for Energy and Natural Resources Hilmi Guler's exclusive interview to Trend news agency.
17 January 2006 [19:32]

Heydar Babayev: "?zerbaijan takes first place in attracting direct foreign investments"

The Fifth meeting of the board of trustees of the Azerbaijan Fund for Facilitation of Export and Investments (AFFEI) has been held today.
17 January 2006 [17:56]

Taxes Ministry strengthens operative tax control

The Taxes Ministry revealed violations at 17,805 objects belonging to 17,782 taxpayers within the measures taken on operative tax control in 2005.
17 January 2006 [17:28]

Forecast fulfilled on 9 types of taxes during 2005

667,7 million AZN have been transferred to the state budget in 2005 against the forecast of 741,2 million AZN in the state sector, and in the non-state sector - 760,8 million AZN (the planned amount is 679,2 million AZN). Performance in the state sector is 90,08%, and 112% - in the non-state sector.
17 January 2006 [14:09]

Taxes Ministry reports on double-taxation Agreements

Azerbaijan applies bilateral agreement on evasion from double taxation on profit and property with 17 countries, the Azerbaijani Taxes Ministry announced.
17 January 2006 [13:30]

IMF "did not demand" oil products price hike

The recent doubling of the prices on some oil products was not a requirement of the International Monetary Fund, but "just a recommendation to the Azeri government", the IMF representative in Azerbaijan Basil Zavoico has said.
17 January 2006 [11:40]

Anti-corruption project to be presented

A project on fighting corruption will be presented in the Confederation of Azerbaijani Entrepreneurs (CAE) next Monday.
17 January 2006 [11:36]

German company buys Azeri oil to be exported from Georgian port

Germany’s Select Energy Company has purchased this year’s first portion of oil to be exported by SOCAR from the Batumi port of Georgia in February.
17 January 2006 [06:00]

Azerphone Company to cover 85% territory of country in following 2 years

The Azerphone Joint Enterprise (JE) which signed a contract with the Ministry of Communication and Information technologies for the purpose of providing cellular communication services as a new GSM operator in Azerbaijan intends to establish its network in Baku (in whole Absheron), Ganja, Mingechevir, Ali Bayramli and Guba cities till September, 2006.
17 January 2006 [05:54]

Testing of Automated Taxes Information System to complete till end of January

The Ministry of Taxes will complete testing of the Automated Taxes Information System (ATIS) till the end of January.
17 January 2006 [05:46]

U.S. Stone Mount consulting company bought participation share of AtaHolding in AtaAudit Company

The U.S. Stone Mount Company bought participation share of AtaHolding in the AtaAudit Company included in the structure of the holding.
17 January 2006 [05:42]

Lawyer of Ibrahim Mammadov refuted news concerning “Azpetrol” published in press

Ramiz Hasanov, the lawyer of Ibrahim Mammadov, the founder of the “Azpetrol Oil Company” Limited Liability Company (LLC) held a press-conference today.
17 January 2006 [05:36]

Baku Steel Company stopped its activity from January 16

The Baku Steel Company has stopped its activity from January 16 because of lack of raw materials.
17 January 2006 [05:29]

AtaInsurance Company to increase its ownership capital twice till end of year

The AtaInsurance Company intends to increase its ownership capital 2 times to the amount $2 million till the end of the current year.
17 January 2006 [05:26]

“International Bank of Azerbaijan-Moscow” to obtain $5 million of credit from Austrian banks

The “Raiffeisen Zentralbank ?sterreich Aktiengesellschaft” and “Raiffeisenbank Austria” Banks adopted a decision to grant $5 million of credit to the “International Bank of Azerbaijan-Moscow”.
17 January 2006 [05:19]

Bank Standard started implementation of privileged tourism program

The Bank Standard Commercial Bank has started implementation of the “Bon Voyage” privileged tourism program prepared along with several travel agencies of the country from today.
17 January 2006 [05:12]

First Business Leadership School in Southern Caucasus to be established with financial support of USAID

The Azerbaijan Bank Training Center (ABTC) establishes the first Business Leadership School in Southern Caucasus along with the US Agency for International Development (USAID).
17 January 2006 [04:57]

T-bills in volume of 5 million AZN placed in BSE

An auction on placement of T-bills with the state registration number 10200213S of the Ministry of Finance was held in the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) today.
16 January 2006 [17:49]

Azeri broiler factories reduce production due to decrease of sale

Bird flu epidemic covered some countries begin adversely affect the local production of poultry in Azerbaijan. Both the purchasing capacity of the population and the production of chicken meat at broiler factories dropped due to spreading of bird flu in some countries.
16 January 2006 [17:39]

?zerbaijan is the second country where Turkish entrepreneurs seek to invest

?zerbaijan is the second country after Holland where Turkish businessmen seek to invest their capital, willing to save them from the domestic crisis, such data is presented in the annual report of the Ankara Chamber of Industry.
16 January 2006 [16:01]

Turnover of BBVB makes up 60% of all 4 exchanges in Azerbaijan in 2005

In 2005 the turnover of the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (BBVB) comprised 835,116m AZN ($885.6).
16 January 2006 [14:50]

New substation Bina to be commissioned in Feb

110KV substation Bina up to modern world standards will be put into exploitation in late February.
16 January 2006 [14:18]

Azerbaijani businessmen to participate in int’l exhibition on fishing

A delegation of Azerbaijani businessmen will leave for Iran on 24-27 January to participate in the 4th international exhibition dedicated to marine products and exploration of sea animals.
16 January 2006 [13:56]

Azeri oil market: results of week

From 9 through 13 January URAL (EX-NOVO) average price, sold by Azerbaijan in Novorossiysk port, was $55.30 per barrel or rose $2.43 barrel as compared to the last week (2 - 6 January).
16 January 2006 [13:51]

Shares of 81 Azeri JSCs put for money auction

The State Committee on State Property Management announced in the organization of a next money auction, where 81 joint stock companies (JSCs) will put their shares.
16 January 2006 [10:05]

SOCAR to stop temporarily petrol export

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) will temporarily stop selling petrol to abroad.
15 January 2006 [15:30]

Major shipments made via transit

14 January 2006 [21:13]

Communications Ministry commissions around 165,000 numbers in 2005

The Azerbaijani Communications and Information Technologies Ministry commissioned 164,185 telephone number, or 42,611 numbers more as compared 2004.
14 January 2006 [20:38]

SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev visited Lenkoran

President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) Rovnag Abdullayev visited Lenkoran.
14 January 2006 [13:55]

IMF welcomes Azerbaijan’s decision on increase of prices of oil products

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) welcomes the adjustment of the domestic prices of oil products in Azerbaijan inline with the world prices.
14 January 2006 [03:19]

Ministry of Finance to put up T-bills amounting to 5 million AZN to next auction

Next auction on placement of T-bills with the state registration number 10200213S of the Ministry of Finance will be held in the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) on January 16.
14 January 2006 [03:10]

International Finance Corporation and Baku Stock Exchange held joint symposium on perspectives of corporate management

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) held a symposium on “Corporate Management: Existing situation, problems and perspectives” dedicated to the Competition for Nationwide Scientific Articles.
14 January 2006 [02:49]

Azerbaijani and Iranian power engineering specialists discussed technical and organizational details of joint projects

The Azerbaijani and Iranian power engineering specialists discussed technical and organizational details of joint projects in their regular meeting held the other day.
14 January 2006 [02:34]

Banking school will help introduce corporative management to Gyandjabank as well

The Azerbaijan Banking Training Centre (ABTC) made a contract with the single regional bank in the country Gyandjabank on assisting in establishing the corporative management system.
14 January 2006 [02:30]

Turnover of stock exchanges of country increased 20% last year

Currency reserves, securities, immovable property and products of production-technical destination amounting to 1,335 milliard manats were realized in 574 auctions held in the stock exchanges acting in the country during the past year and this is 20% more in comparison with 2004.
14 January 2006 [02:28]

Tender held for selecting operator of heating object construction of which completed in Surakhani region

PA Government Services Inc. Company holds a tender on administering of the Heating Object project construction of which was completed in Surakhani region and Garachukhur settlement of Baku and providing services on heating, warm and cold water supply of consumers.
14 January 2006 [02:24]

Mortgage Fund holds tender on procurement of equipments and machinery

The Mortgage Fund of Azerbaijan (MFA) announced a quotation and proposals questionnaire on internal demands.
14 January 2006 [02:13]

Azerbaijani businessmen to visit Oman

A delegation consisting of local businessmen will visit Oman Sultanate on January 19-22 under organization of the National Confederation of the Entrepreneurs (Employers') Organizations of Azerbaijan (AEC).
14 January 2006 [02:11]

Mortgage Fund announces vacancies

The Mortgage Fund under the National Bank of Azerbaijan (NBA) announces vacancies on admission of specialists of various fields.
13 January 2006 [19:09]

In 2005 payments on tax evasion facts grow by 1.8 times

The Initial Tax Criminal Investigation Department under the Tax Ministry set to consideration of 281 criminal cases on illegal entrepreneurship and tax evasion in 2005.
13 January 2006 [16:22]

The State Oil Fund budget will grow up in comparison with the last year

The budget of the State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the year of 2006 is planned to be 807842,6 thousand AZN, as informs.
13 January 2006 [15:06]

Azeri Internet Forum regards change of tariffs for local & int’l calls as inexpedient

The Azerbaijani Internet Forum NGO regards change of tariff for local and international calls submitted by the Communications and Information Technologies Ministry to the Tariff Council as inexpedient taking into consideration insolvency of population.
13 January 2006 [14:53]

Azeri entrepreneurs to participate in show of Turkish goods

The Azerbaijani entrepreneurs will participate in the an exhibition of Turkish goods and Turkish week entitled ‘Osman Sultanate I’, to be held in Masqat, capital of Osman Sultanate, from 19 to 22 January.
13 January 2006 [14:42]

Azerbaijan not agree with WTO's proposal on lifting restrictions on foreign capital

Azerbaijani government did not agree with proposal of the World Trade Organization to lift restrictions on foreign capital in the insurance market of the country.
13 January 2006 [11:05]

New bank opens in Azerbaijan

A new bank to provide all types of financial services, with a charter capital of $5 million, has opened in Azerbaijan.
13 January 2006 [04:43]

UniBank begins utilizing first credit tranche of Black Sea Trade and Development Bank

The “UniBank” Commercial Bank received the $700 thousand first tranche of the credit granted by the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) for the purpose of developing trade operations.
13 January 2006 [04:41]

Meeting of Azerbaijan-Pakistan intergovernmental economic commission to be held

Next meeting of the Azerbaijan-Pakistan intergovernmental economic commission will be held in Islamabad in these days.
13 January 2006 [04:35]

New mobile operator Azfon launches construction of transmitters

Azerbaijan’s new mobile communication operator, Azfon, is about to start the construction of a telephone exchange and transmitters, while eight months later the operator will start providing services to mobile phone users.
13 January 2006 [04:31]

Azerbaijan-Israeli forum will promote bilateral business relations

Azerbaijan-Israeli business-forum to be held in Baku and Guba on February 19-21.
13 January 2006 [04:02]

Alim Guliyev: “Currency exchange stations will be replaced with exchange bureaus in the country”

Currency exchange stations acting in the territory of the country will be replaced with exchange bureaus in near future.
13 January 2006 [03:56]

Azeri MPs Concerned over High Fuel Prices

Some Azeri MPs voiced concerns over the government’s unanticipated decision to double retail prices on some oil products to bring them closer to world levels.
12 January 2006 [21:55]

Azeri authorities express confidence on inflation level in 2006

The Azeri Government managed to keep inflation level in one-figure level.
12 January 2006 [10:47]

Azerbaijan will launch a space satellite

“Azerbaijan will launch a satellite in the space soon. The new satellite will be orbited together with Azerbaijan, Russia and Georgia.”
12 January 2006 [10:20]

Azerbaijan honoured with 123rd place on Index of Economic Freedom

Azerbaijan was honoured with the 123rd place among 161 states on the Index of Economic Freedom calculated by the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal.
12 January 2006 [10:07]

Negotiations on price of electric energy Azerbaijan sells to Russia to be continued this month

Negotiations on the price of electric energy Azerbaijan sells to Russia will be continued in January. According to the information given from the press-service of “Azerenergy” OJSC based on the vice-president of OJSC Marlen Asgarov, during the year “Azerenergy” purchases approximately 3 billion kWh electric energy from Russia and sells 1 billion kWh to this country.
12 January 2006 [09:10]

Ali Abbasov: “Hearing with FimBank to complete in Azerbaijan’s favor”

“The hearing with FimBank will complete in the Azerbaijan’s favor.”
11 January 2006 [22:59]

Kazakhstan asserts its intention of joining to BTC

Kazakh Prime Minister Danial Ahmetov asserted his government’s intention on joining to the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) main export oil pipeline during the meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart Artur Rasizade.