06 May 2006 [08:32]

Private universities not to admit students in fields of Law, International Law and Medicine

Education Ministry will not allow privately-owned universities to admit students in fields of Law, International Law and Medical Biology from this year.
06 May 2006 [08:20]

Education Ministry invalidates Independent Azerbaijan University

Education Ministry made a decision to invalidate Independent Azerbaijan University.
06 May 2006 [08:06]

Iranian President meets Caucasus Muslims Board Chief Allahshukur Pashazadeh

President of Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmud Ahmadinejad met with Caucasus Muslims Board (CMB) Chief Allahshukur Pashazadeh yesterday.
05 May 2006 [16:58]

Azeri judo team to attend tournament in Almaty

The National judo team of Azerbaijan will attend the international tournament in Kazakhstan capital, Almaty, May 6-7.
05 May 2006 [09:28]

Teymur Rajabov becomes UNICEF goodwill Ambassador

One of the world reputable grand masters, our compatriot Teymur Rajabov was appointed UNICEF's goodwill Ambassador to Azerbaijan.
05 May 2006 [09:12]

UN Watch rejects Azerbaijan's candidacy

Azerbaijan's application to UN human Rights Council for membership was not met. The reason was reported to be low-protection of human rights in Azerbaijan.
05 May 2006 [08:40]

Thomas Hammarberg: "Main goal of my visit to Azerbaijan is to acquaint with human rights condition"

"I plan to visit Azerbaijan this weekend to have a number of meetings in Baku. I attach the greatest importance to meeting with Ombudsman," CE Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg stated.
05 May 2006 [08:35]

Next trial against Ramil Safarov scheduled for September 1 and 5

Yesterday trial on the claim raised by jailers against Azerbaijani Army Officer Ramil Safarov accused of murder of Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan will took place in Pesht Court, Hungary.
05 May 2006 [08:10]

Appeal to sentence ex-ministers to house arrest

Azerbaijani Anti-Torture Committee Chief Elchin Behbudov plans to appeal President Ilham Aliyev to commute imprisonment of ex-ministers, Health Minister Ali Insanov and Economic Development Minister Farhad Aliyev, to house arrest.
04 May 2006 [15:58]

Heydar Aliyev monument to be set up in Bishkek

Monument of Heydar Aliyev will be set up in Bishkek, State Committee on Work with Azerbaijanis living abroad informs.
04 May 2006 [14:43]

House of Human Rights office to open in Azerbaijan

Ombudsman of the Azerbaijan Republic Elmira Suleymanova met with the representative of the Norwegian House of Human Rights (NHHR) Ms. Ane Tooswik Bonde.
04 May 2006 [14:09]

Azeri sportsmen to attend European powerlifting championship

Azeri national team led by senior coach Aladdin Aliyev will attend the European Powerlifting Championship, which to bring together 180 sportsmen of 15 countries of world in Saint-Avold (France), May 4-9.
04 May 2006 [08:37]

Reporters Without Borders makes report on World Press Freedom Day

Reporters Without Borders issued its report on occasion of 10-May-World Press Freedom Day.
04 May 2006 [08:33]

Ministry of Education prepared special program

Ministry of Education prepared special program for development of three education enterprises for 2006-2010.
04 May 2006 [08:25]

44 wanted detained in Azerbaijani State Border

Azerbaijani State Border Service (SBS) officials detained 44 wanted people.
04 May 2006 [08:12]

Alla Pugachova to visit Azerbaijan

People's Artist of Russia Alla Pugachova will arrive in Azerbaijan to hold concert at the Republican Palace named after Heydar Aliyev May 31.
04 May 2006 [08:07]

Action participants with regard to Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline left Georgia for Turkey

International action participants with organization of Azerbaijani Women National Confederation and Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) under the slogan "Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline is guarantee of peace, security, stability and development in the region", completed meetings in Tbilisi and left for Turkey.
04 May 2006 [08:02]

US allocates $40mln to support Press Freedom

"Though press is free in several fields in Azerbaijan here are series of restrictions that affect activity of press negatively," the US Embassy to Azerbaijan Public Affairs Officer Jonathan Henick stated at the press conference dedicated to World Press Freedom Day.
04 May 2006 [07:57]

World Olympiad winners may be admitted to universities without entrance examination from this year

If Cabinet of Ministers approve of Education Minister's proposal, gold and silver medalists of world Olympiad can be admitted to higher education institutions without taking entrance exams.
04 May 2006 [07:42]

Azerbaijani Army officer Ramil Safarov's father appeals to public

Sahib Safarov, father of Ramil Safarov who is accused of murder of Armenian officer Gurgen Markaryan in Hungary, appealed to public requesting for removal of his son's photos from public places and transportation.
03 May 2006 [23:29]

National holiday of Israel marked in Baku

May 3 Embassy of the State of Israel in Baku has arranged an official reception on the national holiday of Israel - Independence Day.
03 May 2006 [17:00]

Director of Public Administration Institute of Lithuania visits Azerbaijan

Meeting with director of the Public Administration Institute of Lithuania Alfonsas Velichka was held at the Public Administration Academy.
03 May 2006 [15:59]

Institute of Oriental studies and Office of Caucasian Muslims to host international conference

Academician Z. Bunyadov Institute of Oriental Studies and Clerical Office of Caucasian Muslims will jointly organize May 15-16 the international scientific conference titled "Tolerance in Islam".
03 May 2006 [13:20]

Azerbaijani citizen killed in southern Moscow

A citizen of Azerbaijan and his female companion, a local resident, have been killed in Moscow.
03 May 2006 [11:26]

Discussions on managing oil revenues held at US-Azerbaijan Education Center

Professor of the University of California Michael Ross delivered lecture on managing oil revenues at the US-Azerbaijan Education Center, May 2.
03 May 2006 [09:15]

Over 100 feared dead in Black Sea air crash

At least 100 people are feared dead after an Armenian passenger plane crashed early Wednesday off Russia's Black Sea coast, emergency services said.
03 May 2006 [09:11]

Russian NTV channel Azerbaijani associate Elkhan Mirzayev's case sent to Court

Prosecutor’s Office of Moscow Metropolitan has sent the case of NTV channels producer, Elkhan Mirzayev to Tverskoy region Court of Moscow.
03 May 2006 [08:56]

Ecology Ministry: "Baku Mayor's office uses sea-sand for construction and road building"

Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry Monitoring Office has monitored 955km-long beaches in Azerbaijani part of the Caspian Sea.
03 May 2006 [08:39]

Investigation to be conducted to find radioactive wastes

Special operation will take a start in 5 Azerbaijani regions to find buried radioactive wastes.
03 May 2006 [08:30]

180 people killed, 551 injured as a result of 520 traffic accidents within first term of this year

In the first term of this year more than 187 thousand traffic rules violation have been registered. More than 35 thousand has been fined, 547 drivers' rights have been limited for different terms, Interior Ministry Main Board of Police Office Department Chief Alastun Majodov stated.
02 May 2006 [22:46]

Court-Law Council decides to take 10 judges accountable

In Court-Law Council's regular meeting it was decided to take 10 judges accountable who committed serious shortcomings and irregularities in their position.
02 May 2006 [16:52]

Ecology Ministry monitored beaches

Caspian complex ecological monitoring department of the Ecology and Natural resources Ministry conducted monitoring of 995 km beach area in Azerbaijan.
02 May 2006 [16:09]

Renowned Azeri musician passed away in Turkey

A renowned Azerbaijani conductor, professor Nazim Rzayev, 81 year old, passed away in Turkish city, Eskishehir.
02 May 2006 [09:40]

Damage to Tezekend village will be calculated and compensations will be paid

Because of flood as a result of rise in the level of the River Araz, residents of Nakhchivan AR Sharur region, Tezekend have been evacuated.
02 May 2006 [09:30]

State Veterinarian service continues monitoring till "Bird flu" ends

State Veterinarian Service under auspicious of the Ministry of Agriculture has started monitoring the bird flu situation, according to a working plan approved at the beginning of April.
02 May 2006 [09:15]

WHO Director General calls for continued vigilance after recent outbreak of avian influenza

The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Lee Jong-Wook visited Azerbaijan from 25 to 26 April 2006.
02 May 2006 [08:46]

NASA uses Azerbaijani music for cosmic inter-civilization contact

Azerbaijani music is used for the cosmic inter-civilization contact. Our national music was used for the phonogram of "Voyagers 1" and "Voyagers 2" satellites sent to space on August 20 and September 5 in 1977 by NASA.
02 May 2006 [08:28]

Teymur Rajabov won golden medal in Russian championship

Russian championship held between the clubs on chess in Sochi city has been completed.
01 May 2006 [21:49]

MBA & TEMPUS-TACIS application call begins

The state admission commission begins application calls for international graduate programs MBA and TEMPUS-TACIS.
01 May 2006 [21:47]

WHO to render technical assistance to Azerbaijan

The World Trade Organization (WHO) will render technical assistance to Azerbaijan.
01 May 2006 [21:45]

National Broadcasting Council & Press Council to celebrate the World Press Freedom day

The National Broadcasting Council together with the Press Council will hold round table discussions on May 3 - the World Press Freedom day.
01 May 2006 [17:25]

Religious experts' Council created in Azerbaijan

Religious expert's council was created in the State committee for work with religious structures in Azerbaijan. The council has been created on social base.
01 May 2006 [12:41]

Mehriban Aliyeva: "Women of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey shall join efforts to achieve peace in region"

BTC pipeline, uniting East and West, not only contributes to economic development and power security of the region, but also speeds up global integration processes and promotes peaceful coexistence of representatives of different cultures, MP Mehriban Aliyeva, President of H.Aliyev's Fund stated.
01 May 2006 [09:05]

Fuzuli Alakbarov: "People use various methods to receive social assistance"

Those wishing to be included in the list of persons receiving targeted social assistance use various methods for it.
01 May 2006 [08:26]

Zeynal Nagdeliyev: "Dependence of municipalities on executive authorities are rumored"

"It is rumored artificially among the public that municipalities are dependent on executive authorities. Formation of municipalities in Azerbaijan as democratic institution is a newly born process," Chief of President's Office Department for Work with Local Authorities Zeynal Nagdeliyev stated.
01 May 2006 [08:14]

Musa Panahov: "Abolishment of Baku Transport Department is impossible"

Deputy Minister of Transport Musa Panahov told journalists that although Baku Transport Department had taken some measures to prevent individual increase of fares in urban transportation but any bus drivers raise that individually.
28 April 2006 [18:48]

Environmental terror continued at occupied by lands

The fact of environmental terror on part of Armenians at the occupied Azerbaijani territories is left neglected.
28 April 2006 [18:22]

President Aliyev meets with US Jewish organizations

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev met on April 26 at his residence in Washington with representatives of US Jewish organizations.
28 April 2006 [11:38]

UNICEF representative says Azeri juvenile crime rate low

The juvenile crime rate in Azerbaijan is rather low compared to developed European countries, the program director on children's protection of UNICEF Baku office, Radlslav Rehak, has said.
28 April 2006 [09:26]

Iraqi Ambassador visits Nakhchivan

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Iraq to Azerbaijan, Arshad Ismayi will visit Nakhchivan the first 10 days of May.
28 April 2006 [09:16]

484 mass media registered in Azerbaijan last year

Last year 484 mass media were officially registered in Azerbaijan.
28 April 2006 [09:12]

The 2nd Azerbaijan Motocross Championship to be held April 30

The 2nd Azerbaijan Motocross Championship will be held in the Baku Motodrom (motor-cycle racing track) April 30.
28 April 2006 [08:57]

Maleyka Abbaszade is dissatisfied with textbooks

"The State Commission on Student Admission (SCSA) investigates the mistakes in textbooks every year and refers the results to the Education Ministry. Unfortunately, they leave new mistakes in printing of the books although they correct the mistakes we sent. It is necessary to check the books for several times in order to avoid errors. Personally, I read all materials we issue," SCSA Chairwoman Maleyka Abbaszade stated.
27 April 2006 [22:51]

Azerbaijan and UNESCO to cooperate in education

Two year plan on cooperation between Azerbaijan and UNESCO in education field to be prepared.
27 April 2006 [17:15]

AFFA refused Hungarian proposal

Azerbaijan Football Federations' Assosiation (AFFA) refused a Hungarian Football Federation's proposal for friendly match in May.
27 April 2006 [09:05]

No diphtheria in Azerbaijan

"Diphtheria is extinct in Azerbaijan and tetanus is close to extinction," deputy health minister Abbas Valibayov told journalists.
27 April 2006 [09:03]

APA sues ANS Group of Companies

Azeri-Press Information Agency (APA) plans to sue ANS Group of Companies.
27 April 2006 [08:54]

Another Public TV channel to be launched this year

The second public television channel will start operation in Azerbaijan by the year-end, the Public TV general director Ismayil Omarov has said.
27 April 2006 [08:52]

Independent Azerbaijan University sues Education Ministry

A group of students of Independent Azerbaijan University staged a protest outside the Education Ministry.
26 April 2006 [17:58]

Chong Wook Lee: WHO ready to aid Azerbaijan

The World Health Organization (WHO) is ready to render technical assistance to Azerbaijan in frames of the healthcare reforms, the WHO head, Chong Wook Lee stated.
26 April 2006 [14:05]

Freedom House initiates roundtable on democratic development

On 28 April 2006, the nongovernmental organization and independent think tank Freedom House will hold at the Museum Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, a roundtable discussion and press conference to share the findings of its annual surveys on political rights and public liberties.
26 April 2006 [09:21]

Al Di Meola visits Azerbaijan

On May 18 an American jazzman Al Di Meola will visit Azerbaijan.
26 April 2006 [09:13]

WHO Director General: "Azerbaijan managed to succeed in Bird Flu prevention"

World Health organization (WHO) Director General Jong-wook Lee met with Azerbaijani Health Minister Ogtay Shiraliyev.
26 April 2006 [09:02]

Armenians demolish graveyards in occupied Jebrail region

Jebrail region occupied by Armenians undergo ecologic terror completely.
26 April 2006 [09:00]

New Internet portals being developed on Azeri tourism

Two new Internet portals are being developed to make the international public aware of the tourism potential and perspectives of Azerbaijan.
26 April 2006 [08:30]

Car accident kills four and injures three in Apsheron

A fatal traffic accident occurred in Apsheron district of Baku on Tuesday.
26 April 2006 [08:10]

11% Russia's citizens want unification with Azerbaijan

33 percent of Russia citizens are against unification of their country with any other states.
26 April 2006 [08:05]

US to donate 3 motor boats to Azeri NAVY

The United States is expected to donate up-to-date radar equipment and three motor boats to the Azerbaijani navy by the end of 2006.
25 April 2006 [22:23]

Elsevyar Agayev: "There is no state control over imported medicines"

There is no state control over imported medicines in Azerbaijan, Deputy Health Minister, Elsevyar Agayev stated.
25 April 2006 [16:24]

Abulfaz Garayev: "CE considers condition of historical monuments to be investigated objectively"

"We discussed many issues in our meetings in Council of Europe. All discussions were aimed at Azerbaijan's joining European cultural processes," Azerbaijani Culture and Tourism Minister Abulfaz Garayev visiting Strasbourg stated.
25 April 2006 [14:30]

New President of Space TV-channel appointed

Space TV-channel leadership changed again. A well–known film director, Vagif Mustafayev has been appointed as Head of the TV-channel, whereas previous director, Sevinge Abdullayeva retired from the position.
25 April 2006 [13:49]

Justice Ministry launches seminars in the regions

The center for work with municipalities at the Justice ministry is planning to carry out consulting seminars in the regions, the center director, Mehti Salimzadeh informs.
25 April 2006 [12:48]

No Azerbaijanis among victims in Egypt

There was no Azerbaijani citizen among the victims of terror attacks on the resort city Dahab in Egypt, Agasalim Shukurov, the first adviser of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Egypt informs.
25 April 2006 [12:16]

Intellectual property copyrights discussed

On the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day, 23 April (also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Day) and World Intellectual Property Day, 26 April, there took place "round table" on the topic "The role of protection of scientific achievements through copyrights of intellectual property in socio-economic development" organized by joint initiative of Azerbaijan Ombudsman and the Agency for Copyrights of Azerbaijan.
25 April 2006 [10:36]

Local authorities to help martyrs' families and Karabakh war invalids

Local authorities not the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population will deal with the distribution of apartments for martyrs' families and the Karabakh war invalids from this year.