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02 September 2010 [13:53]

Turkish gasoline sales to Iran plunge

01 September 2010 [18:22]

Turkey closely watches clashes on Azerbaijani-Armenian contact line

Turkish foreign minister says Turkey is closely watching the clashes on the Azerbaijani-Armenian contact line, Cihan news agency reported.
01 September 2010 [16:38]

Turkey welcomes Denmark's case against Roj TV

Denmark's decision to press charges against Kurdish-language television station Roj TV is a welcome development, Turkey's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.
01 September 2010 [12:12]

Turkish MP on whether Turkey will open border with Armenia for NATO exercises

Interview with member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament), Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Relations and member of the ruling Justice and Development Party Murat Mercan.
31 August 2010 [14:57]

GUAM, Japan discuss development of tourism

A periodical meeting on tourism took place in GUAM Secretariat as part of the GUAM-Japan cooperation on Aug. 30, according to official website of GUAM.
30 August 2010 [16:35]

ELDR president calls on Armenia to release 14 political prisoners

The European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) calls on Armenian authorities to immediately release political prisoners.
30 August 2010 [12:10]

Armenian media accuses country's Foreign Ministry of recognizing Azerbaijan's territorial integrity

Armenian media accuses country's Foreign Ministry of recognizing Azerbaijan's territorial integrity.
28 August 2010 [12:35]

Quake hits Iran: 3 people died and 40 injured

An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale took place near the Damghan city of Iran's Simnan Province at 23:53 last night, FARS news agency reported.
28 August 2010 [12:15]

Unmanned aircrafts to patrol Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline

Turkey is planning to use unmanned aircrafts for security of oil and gas pipelines.
28 August 2010 [11:38]

Turkish PM's wife set to visit victims in flood-hit Pakistan

Turkish prime minister's spouse will travel to flood-stricken Pakistan on September 1 to hand over funds collected during a fast-breaking dinner in Turkey.
28 August 2010 [10:25]

Turkey seeks explanation from Iran over alleged genocide remarks

Alarmed by reports that Iran's vice president said the events of 1915 constituted a "genocide," Turkey is seeking high-level explanation from Tehran.
27 August 2010 [15:25]

Landslide claims 11 lives in northern Turkey

Death toll rose to 11 in the landslide which happened in the northern Rize province of Turkey on Friday.
27 August 2010 [10:55]

Russia's Gazprom increases amount of gas to Turkey

Gazprom, Russian energy company, increased the amount of natural gas transfer to Turkey.
27 August 2010 [10:35]

Turkey ranks 2nd after China in "top 225 contractors" list

Turkey ranked the second in "top 225 contractors" list of Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine.
27 August 2010 [09:11]

Turkish FM: Borders with Armenia will not open

Davutoğlu said in unambiguous terms that Turkey would not open its border with the neighbor to enable a NATO disaster relief exercise scheduled for September.
26 August 2010 [14:50]

Iran offers Russia to establish joint nuclear consortium

Iran has put forward a proposal to Russia to establish a joint nuclear consortium to supply fuel for the Bushehr plant and plants to come on stream in the future.
26 August 2010 [11:25]

U.S. Armenians disagree with shortfall in US aid for separatist regime

The US Congress, even if the majority of its members are on vocation, has been getting lots of calls from US Armenians.
25 August 2010 [17:55]

Armenian firms suggest supplying meat for Turkey

Armenian companies have proposed exporting red meat to Turkey to satisfy growing demand in the country despite border disputes between the two countries.
25 August 2010 [16:33]

Iran test fires Fateh-110 missile

Iran officially opens the production lines of two domestically-built high-speed vessels, one capable of launching missiles.
25 August 2010 [10:27]

'Iran self-sufficient in radar systems'

A top Iranian military official says the country produces highly efficient radar systems even capable of spotting very small targets.
25 August 2010 [10:07]

Soldier shot dead in Armenian army

Another armed incident have occured at a military unit in Armenia.
24 August 2010 [12:21]

UAE congratulates Iran on N-fueling

Emirati Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan has congratulated Iran over the fueling of the country's first nuclear power plant.
24 August 2010 [11:40]

Iran to expand aid relief for Pakistan

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sympathized with 20 million flood-hit Pakistanis, expressing Iran's readiness to send more relief aid to the country.
24 August 2010 [10:55]

Boycotted Israeli firms seek to capitalize on Ramadan in Turkey

The president of Turkey's Consumers' Union has said the Israeli companies whose products are being boycotted are trying to compensate for their profit losses through religious marketing strategies during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.
24 August 2010 [09:50]

US envoy posts to Turkey, Azerbaijan remain vacant

US ambassadorial posts in Turkey and Azerbaijan may remain vacant for some time due to continued senatorial vetoes.
23 August 2010 [14:30]

Turkey sends two mobile hospitals to Pakistan

Turket sent two mobile hospitals and 40 medical personnel to flood hit Pakistan to be deployed in Sind and Belucistan states.
23 August 2010 [10:45]

Ahmadinejad appoints special envoy for Caspian Sea affairs

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has appointed his special envoys for Middle East, Asia, Afghanistan and Caspian Sea affairs.
17 August 2010 [15:22]

Turkish FM denies rumors on "Obama warning"

The Turkish minister of foreign affairs said on Tuesday that no country could warn Turkey or the Turkish prime minister.
17 August 2010 [09:50]

Iran to build new enrichment site by March

Iran said it would build a new uranium enrichment site by early next year, state media reported Monday.
16 August 2010 [17:55]

Turkish President says Turkey closely monitors Southern Caucasus

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said, "it is one of priorities of the Turkish foreign policy to prevail peace, stability and prosperity in southern Caucasus."
16 August 2010 [11:25]

OIC backs Iran's nuclear program

16 August 2010 [09:55]

Orthodox Christians from abroad gather in Turkey after 88 years

Orthodox Christians from Russia, Greece, Georgia and the U.S. poured in Trabzon for an historic mass at the Sumela Monastery.
13 August 2010 [13:57]

Abdullah Gul: Nowadays occupation of a country's lands cannot last long

Turkish President Abdullah Gul will visit Azerbaijan on August 16. On the eve of his visit, President Gul gave an interview to APA.
12 August 2010 [09:54]

Earthquake jolts Western Turkey

11 August 2010 [09:57]

Ancient scalpel found in Turkey