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17 December 2009 [12:35]

Tiny Nauru recognises Georgia's other rebel enclave

The tiny Pacific island of Nauru on Wednesday recognised the Russian-backed rebel region of South Ossetia as independent, separatist rebels said, a day after Nauru recognised Georgia's other breakaway region, Abkhazia.
17 December 2009 [12:24]

Turkey may sue Israel over faulty Heron aircraft

Turkey may take Israel to an international arbitration court over the Heron unmanned aircraft it purchased from Israel, which Turkey says are not up to scratch, according to a source from the Defense Ministry.
17 December 2009 [11:21]

Japan and Georgia signed an agreement for the "exchange of notes"

Japan and Georgia signed an agreement for the "exchange of notes" at the Georgian Foreign Affairs Ministry.
17 December 2009 [10:56]

Eureko ready to transfer operations to Turkey

Foreign Trade Minister Zafer Çağlayan has said that the Dutch insurance giant Eureko is poised to transfer its operations, worth billions of euros, from less profitable countries to Turkey some time in 2010.
16 December 2009 [11:33]

Armenia's swine flu cases reach 86

15 December 2009 [16:18]

Gas transit from Russia to Armenia resumed

Supply of natural gas from Russia to Armenia through Georgia resumed on Dec. 14, ArmRusgazprom said.
15 December 2009 [12:07]

Turkey swine flu toll reaches 415

Turkish Health Ministry reported 19 more deaths from swine flu over a week in the country, making the death toll 415.
15 December 2009 [09:56]

Armenian government refuses to allocate funds for separatist "NKR" settlement program

Armenian government refuses to allocate funds for separatist "NKR" settlement program.
14 December 2009 [17:13]

Armeia reports first swine flu death cases

Armenia has confirmed 2 A/H1N1 death cases, one of them being a pregnant woman in her 6th month, the other one a 28-year youth.
14 December 2009 [14:53]

Deputy FM: EU associate membership not to influence Armenia's foreign policy

Armenia's EU associate membership will not influence Armenia's foreign policy.
14 December 2009 [13:13]

Armenian FM trips to Paris

14 December 2009 [11:34]

Sergei Bagapsh re-elected president of break-away Abkhazia

Sergei Bagapsh has won a second five-year term as president of the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia, electoral officials there have announced.
14 December 2009 [09:40]

Virtual crimes rate increase in Istanbul

11 December 2009 [17:51]

Turkish parliament foreign affairs commission approves int'l agreement on Nabucco

Turkish parliament’s foreign affairs commission has approved a bill on the international agreement on Nabucco gas pipeline.
11 December 2009 [17:16]

Mine blast in Turkey kills 19

An explosion at a coal mine in northwest Turkey has killed 19 workers, Labour Minister Omer Dincer said on Friday.
11 December 2009 [12:07]

Armenian parliament approves 2010 state buget

The Armenian parliament approved country's 2010 draft budget on Dec. 10.
11 December 2009 [11:16]

Armenia, EU deepen human rights cooperation

Yerevan hosted the first Armenia-EU dialogue on human rights – a problem that has attracted the attention of 30 countries worldwide.
10 December 2009 [10:09]

Russia, Georgia may resume air links

09 December 2009 [18:14]

Turkish State Minister: Azerbaijani, Turkish energy ministers hold tense talks

Interview with Turkey’s State Minister Egemen Bagis.
09 December 2009 [17:29]

Armenian FM says Armenia interested in reinforcing ties with EU

Eastern Partnership Foreign Ministers had a meeting in Brussels on Dec. 8.
09 December 2009 [16:25]

Armenian Constitutional Court sets date to consider Armenia-Turkey protocols

The Constitutional Court of Armenia will consider the Armenian-Turkish protocols on Jan. 12.
08 December 2009 [15:34]

Turkish PM: OSCE Minsk Group should intensify its work

Interview with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan.
08 December 2009 [14:45]

Turkish FM: We have seen strong interest in Washington in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Interview with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.
07 December 2009 [17:31]

"Development of relations with Armenia is impossible without resolving Nagorno-Karabakh conflict"

Interview with Vice Speaker of the Turkish parliament, member of the ruling Justice and Development Party Sadik Yakut.
07 December 2009 [16:42]

"Azerbaijanis expect more from Iran in terms resolving Nagorno-Karabakh conflict"

Day.Az interview with Mehdi Sanai, Iran-based Center for Russian, Central Asian and Caucasus Studies Director and professor at Tehran University.
04 December 2009 [13:28]

Turkish MP: Turkey will decide future of protocols only after Armenia fulfills Turkey’s requirements

Interview with Mustafa Kabakci, member of Turkey’s National Grand Assembly (parliament) from the ruling Justice and Development Party and head of the Turkey-Azerbaijan parliamentary group.
03 December 2009 [11:33]

Turkish MP: Ratification of Turkey-Armenia protocols is not on agenda

Interview with Zeynep Dagi, member of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly (parliament), Deputy Chairman of ruling Justice and Development Party’s parliamentary faction.
01 December 2009 [11:55]

Turkish MP: Opening of Armenia-Turkey border is impossible until liberation of Azerbaijan’s occupied lands

Day.Az interview with non-party member of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly (parliament) Ahmet Tan.
30 November 2009 [10:38]

Georgian political expert: Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will be solved soon

Day.Az interview with Georgian political expert, senior researcher at Georgia-based Fund of Strategic and International Studies Archil Gegeshidze.
23 November 2009 [12:29]

Turkish parliamentarian: Opening of Turkey-Armenia border is impossible

Day.Az interview with member of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly (parliament), Nationalist Movement Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Shandir.
21 November 2009 [13:44]

Russian expert: Armenian elite understands regional alignment of forces will not be in favor of Armenia

Day.Az interview with Russian political expert and Head of the Political Forecasting Service of the Center for Post-Soviet Studies Alexander Karavayev.
20 November 2009 [11:24]

Turkish parliament will not ratify protocols: chief editor of Moscow-based newspaper

Interview with chief editor of Mowcow-based ‘Konservator’ newspaper of Azerbaijani origin Rustam Arifjanov.
19 November 2009 [13:06]

Turkish MP: We will continue to oppose ratification of Turkey-Armenia protocols

Interview with member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Deputy Chairman of the Republican People’s Party Onur Oymen.