World news

24 December 2009 [17:15]

Turkish Cyprus PM in Turkey for meeting with Erdogan

Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Dervis Eroglu, has arrived in Turkish capital of Ankara on Thursday.
24 December 2009 [16:15]

Upper Lars checkpoint on Georgia-Russia border to open in March

The Upper Lars checkpoint on the Georgia-Russia border will likely open in March, Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze said today at a briefing in Tbilisi.
24 December 2009 [15:50]

Armenian parliament's speaker: Armenia not to debate protocols until Turkish parliament ratifies them

The National Assembly of Armenia (parliament) will not discuss the protocols on normalization of relations with Turkey unless they are ratified by Turkish parliament, Armenian parliament's Speaker Ovik Abrahamyan said.
24 December 2009 [15:45]

Turkey to open Armenian church in eastern city

A regional governor said on Thursday that Turkey would open an Armenian church in an eastern city to worship in 2010.
24 December 2009 [15:40]

Trial Continues for France's Reiss on charges of action against Iran's national security

Trial of the French national, Clotilde Reiss, who is currently on trial on charges of action against Iran's national security, will continue for one more session, her attorney Mohammad Ali Mahdavi Sabet announced.
24 December 2009 [15:13]

Armenia's swine flu cases reach 107

As of December 23, a total of 107 swine flu cases, including two deaths are registered in Armenia, the Assistant to Armenian Health Minister Shushan Hunanyan said.
24 December 2009 [14:51]

NATO is urged to consider arms for Georgia

A senior Republican senator is urging the Obama administration and European allies to consider rearming Georgia, an action that would inevitably upset Russia.
24 December 2009 [13:48]

Another man participating in explosion of Glory Memorial in Kutaisi arrested

Tbilisi City Court has chosen a measure of two-month detention for another man participating in explosion of Glory Memorial in Kutaisi - Chief of the mobile station "Georvzrivprom" Elguja Gadabadze.
24 December 2009 [13:43]

Euro 2016 candidate Turkey introduces logo

A candidate to host the Euro 2016 European soccer event, Turkey introduced its championship logo yesterday at a meeting attended by State Minister for Sports Faruk Nafiz Özak and Turkish Soccer Federation (TFF) Chairman Mahmut Özgener.
24 December 2009 [13:10]

Armenia dissatisfied with Mikheil Saakashvili's stance on Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenia is dissatisfied with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili's stance on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
24 December 2009 [12:59]

Iranian Majlis Speaker: Israel upset by growing Iran-Egypt ties

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that Israel has been upset by the growing cooperation between Iran and Egypt.
24 December 2009 [12:20]

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Powers don't care about environment

Iran's president says the Copenhagen climate change summit proved to the international community that world powers are not prepared to make any changes to save the planet.
24 December 2009 [12:04]

Turkish PM rejects foreign-policy-shift criticism

A recent thaw in Turkish-Syrian relations is not a sign of a policy shift but simply normalization, the visiting Turkish prime minister said Wednesday in the Syrian capital of Damascus.
24 December 2009 [12:02]

Iran to unveil new generation of "national satellite"

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi announced on Wednesday that Iran will unveil a new generation of the “national satellite” called Tolou (dawn) in early February.
24 December 2009 [11:41]

Turkey, Syria issue joint declaration

Turkey and Syria issued a joint declaration on Wednesday after a meeting of a High Level Cooperation Council between the two countries.
24 December 2009 [11:33]

Armenia, China hold political consultations

Armenia-China foreign ministries’ political consultations were held in the Armenian Foreign Ministry.
24 December 2009 [10:48]

Turkey's Health Ministry to provide no more new data on swine flu deaths

The Turkish Health Ministry decided this week to stop releasing the number of deaths due to swine flu, a decision some experts criticized, saying it could erode transparency and confidence.
24 December 2009 [10:32]

Armenian National Congress official: Armenia facing increased pressures in Karabakh peace process

Armenia is facing increased pressures in Karabakh peace process, Armenian National Congress representative Levon Zurabyan said.
23 December 2009 [16:42]

Officer of Armenian army dies of swine flu

Armenia has confirmed the third swine flu death, Aykakan Zhamanak newspaper reported.
23 December 2009 [14:58]

Armenian soldier kills fellow soldiers in Azerbaijan's occupied lands

Armenian soldier Gor Agabekyan, who served at a military unit in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, has shot dead his two fellow soldiers.
23 December 2009 [13:11]

Armenian president: Last year was full of problems for Armenian economy

The past year has been a hard one with numerous problems for the Armenian economy, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan stated at his meeting with Armenian businessmen.
23 December 2009 [10:16]

PACE co-rapporteurs say Armenia's ad hoc committee on March events provide "comprehensive, although not complete" response

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) co-rapporteurs have issued a statement on Armenia.
23 December 2009 [10:06]

Armenian energy minister says Armenia is ready to export energy to Turkey

Armenia and Turkey have wide energy contacts, so both can carry out various joint energy projects, Armenia's Energy and Natural Resources Minister Armen Movsisyan said at a press conference.
22 December 2009 [17:34]

Georgia not holds talks with Russia to resume air communication

No governmental talks on resumption of air transport between Russia and Georgia are being held, Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze said.
22 December 2009 [17:12]

Swine flu kills pregnant woman in Georgia

Swine flu has killed 18-year-old pregnant girl in the Kutaisi Mother and Child Center on Dec.22, Georgia's National Center for Disease Control said.
22 December 2009 [16:32]

Gas explosion at Istanbul high school injures four

A gas explosion at the Maltepe Technical and Vocational High School for girls in Istanbul injured four people Tuesday.
22 December 2009 [10:12]

Armenian ruling party: Resolution of Karabakh conflict will be discussed during Turkey-Armenia reconciliation talks

"Armenia-Turkey rapprochement protocols contain provisions, disadvantageous to Armenia."
21 December 2009 [17:43]

Armenia's control service reveals tax avoidance cases

Armenian control service said the annual list of construction materials provided by the Ministry of Urban Development contains wrong figures.
21 December 2009 [12:33]

Turkey seeks visa-free travel in Europe

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has called on the European Union to allow visa-free travel for Turks despite a lack of progress on key policy issues in the candidate's membership talks.
21 December 2009 [12:14]

Quarantine in Armenian schools to last till late December

Armenia's Education and Science Minister Armen Ashotyan signed a decree on closing down kindergartens and schools till Dec. 28.
21 December 2009 [10:34]

Georgia opposition denounces govt for blasting Kutaisi memorial

Georgian opposition parties denounced actions by authorities on dismantling the memorial Martial Glory in Kutaisi and blasting its main part, which resulted in the death of two people.
21 December 2009 [10:23]

Turkey edges further toward EU

19 December 2009 [22:30]

Armenian president: Armenia, Kazakhstan enhance cooperation

Armenia and Kazakhstan develop bilateral cooperation in a quite high speed, Armenia’s Serzh Sargsyan told “Kazakinfo” agency.
19 December 2009 [10:08]

Georgian parliament approves ambassador to Belarus

On Dec. 18, the Parliament approved George Chkheidze the ambassador of Georgia to Belarus.
18 December 2009 [14:24]

PACE postpones discussions on Armenian issue

The PACE Monitoring Committee adjourned discussion over the Armenian issue on Dec. 17, Armenian MP Naira Zohrabyan said.
18 December 2009 [13:16]

Armenia launches Migration Service

Migration agency at the Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration has been formed into the Migration Service.
18 December 2009 [11:47]

Turkish filmmaker faces prison over Atatürk biopic

Journalist and filmmaker Can Dündar faces a possible seven-and-a-half-year prison sentence over his biopic “Mustafa,” which depicts the life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic.
18 December 2009 [11:34]

Turkey's deputy FM willing to see former DTP deputies in new party

Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has expressed willingness to see the deputies of the now-defunct pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) in a new political formation.
18 December 2009 [10:53]

Armenia, Russia sign partnership deal on export of military goods

Yerevan hosted the 4th session of Armenian-Russian Intergovernmental Committee on Military-technical Cooperation on Dec. 14-17.
18 December 2009 [09:45]

Lack of progress in resolution of Karabakh conflict complicates Armenian-Turkish protocols ratification, Turkish media says

Turkish media representatives say lack of progress in resolution of Karabakh conflict complicates Armenian-Turkish protocols ratification.
17 December 2009 [14:38]

Armenian, Turkish journalists meet in Yerevan

Eurasia Cooperation Fund and Center for Global Political Tendencies organized a meeting of Turkish and Armenian journalists in Yerevan on Dec. 17.
17 December 2009 [12:35]

Tiny Nauru recognises Georgia's other rebel enclave

The tiny Pacific island of Nauru on Wednesday recognised the Russian-backed rebel region of South Ossetia as independent, separatist rebels said, a day after Nauru recognised Georgia's other breakaway region, Abkhazia.
17 December 2009 [12:24]

Turkey may sue Israel over faulty Heron aircraft

Turkey may take Israel to an international arbitration court over the Heron unmanned aircraft it purchased from Israel, which Turkey says are not up to scratch, according to a source from the Defense Ministry.
17 December 2009 [11:21]

Japan and Georgia signed an agreement for the "exchange of notes"

Japan and Georgia signed an agreement for the "exchange of notes" at the Georgian Foreign Affairs Ministry.
17 December 2009 [10:56]

Eureko ready to transfer operations to Turkey

Foreign Trade Minister Zafer Çağlayan has said that the Dutch insurance giant Eureko is poised to transfer its operations, worth billions of euros, from less profitable countries to Turkey some time in 2010.