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Heydar Aliyev 100: Azerbaijan's phenomenon & Nakhchivan period of his activities

30 March 2023 [12:49] - TODAY.AZ

By Susanbar Aghamaliyeva

Heydar Aliyev - the national leader of the Azerbaijani people, described as a "living legend of the Soviet reality" by world politicians, also left his mark on history as an architect and the founder of the independent Azerbaijani state.

All periods of his life and activities can be considered as an example, a source of honor and pride for every Azerbaijani.

The national leader and great personality, who lived and worked in Nakhchivan from 1990-1993, was the initiator of making decisions of historical and national significance both as an ordinary citizen, parliamentarian, and Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. This was a result of historical necessity. The Nakhchivan period of the political activity of the great leader Heydar Aliyev and the historical decisions made at that time can be considered the beginning of the path to independence and revival in Nakhchivan.

Remembering our childhood period, some young people of my generation, who were born in the 80s and were destined to live in Nakhchivan, can admit that even small kids, holding the hands of their parents, repeatedly attended Heydar Aliyev’s meetings with the people in 1990-1993 with great love and pride.

He knew very well that his people were in a difficult situation, in fact, he lived with people during those difficult times, but he never refused the moral support of ordinary people. I remember that the national leader sometimes met with villagers and encouraged them about the future. The people greeted the leader with great enthusiasm as if they understood the ideas of independence that shone in his eyes. In 1990–1993, unlike ordinary people, the great leader as an experienced politician, a great statesman, and a real leader, sought ways out of hard and difficult times.

He thought about the philosophy of independence and worked a lot in this direction. Restoration of the national history of Azerbaijan on November 17, 1990, and the adoption of the tricolor flag as the state symbol, the proclamation of January 20 as the National Day of Mourning, December 31 as the Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis, holding the founding conference of the New Azerbaijan Party on November 21, 1992, were decisions and steps that required great determination and courage.

The heart of national leader Heydar Aliyev was always with Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis because, despite the fact that he held a high position in the Soviet Union for many years, he always respected his nationality and repeatedly expressed pride in being an Azerbaijani.

“I have always been proud and I am proud today that I am an Azerbaijani man,” - the words of Heydar Aliyev is the proof of his endless love for Azerbaijan. His policy on the protection of the Azerbaijani language and Azerbaijanis during the hegemony of the Soviet Empire, as well as his national policy during the Nakhchivan period of his political activity and the national policy pursued throughout Azerbaijan since June 1993, are indicators of the great leader's patriotism and true love for Azerbaijan.

The great leader did a lot to ensure the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan, which is its integral part, to save it from the Armenian occupation and to prevent the protection of Nakhchivan from the Armenian occupation. His mission began in Nakhchivan and covered all regions of Azerbaijan. Historical documents preserved at the Heydar Aliyev Museum, established in Nakhchivan on February 18, 1999, show that the citizens of Azerbaijan, who were captured and taken hostage during the Karabakh war asked him for help. Working and living in Nakhchivan under the light of an oil lamp, the national leader became a beacon of hope for all Azerbaijanis.

In addition, I remember that during the occupation of Malibayli village of Shusha District in 1992, my relatives saw the indifference of the central government of Azerbaijan to the transfer of my close relative Ingilab Humbatov to Azerbaijan. He worked hard to listen to people patiently, to calm them down, and to solve all these problems using his great authority. Besides, he laid the foundation and built the Nakhchivan Special Army.

Purposeful measures taken by Heydar Aliyev in 1990-1993 to save Nakhchivan from a difficult situation - the policy of blocking damned Armenians - to restore historical ties with the Turkic and Islamic world are still bearing its positive effect. Thanks to his political will and prestige, the construction and commissioning of new bridges between Nakhchivan and neighboring countries with historical roots, including brotherly Turkiye, Iran laid the foundation for economic relations and saved people from a difficult situation. Today, the new infrastructure created in Nakhchivan in all directions, and the implementation of the ideas of the National Leader is a sign of great pride and confidence in a bright future.

Of course, one can analyze in more detail the political activities of National Leader Heydar Aliyev in Nakhchivan and dedicate dozens of articles and books to the period. Despite a short time, the adoption of important historical decisions in 1990-1993, the foundation of reforms in all areas, and the successful policy pursued today led to the development of Azerbaijan as a whole, as well as its integral part Nakhchivan.

I would like to emphasize that the return of National Leader Heydar Aliyev from Moscow to Baku on July 22, 1990, and then to Nakhchivan was, in fact, a homecoming from the Soviet empire and the basis of national salvation. The National Way of Salvation, which began in Nakhchivan, covered the whole of Azerbaijan and saved our country from destruction, the Armenian occupation, great political risks, and internal conflicts. National Leader Heydar Aliyev protected the Azerbaijani people from disintegration by playing a role of a bridge.

Today, in the eternal and indelible place of the great leader in the history of Azerbaijan, the political school created by him instills confidence that this policy will continue in our country for many years and will make our country even more prosperous. The Nakhchivan period of his life and political activity, as always, will be inscribed in history in golden letters!


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