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30 December 2009 [11:00]

James McAvoy may portray the creator of James Bond

If the producers behind a new planned biopic of Ian Fleming have their way, James McAvoy will be playing the man who created James Bond. His name? Fleming. Ian Fleming.
30 December 2009 [09:47]

Divorce 'Definitely' a Possibility for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are spending some time apart after his Christmas Day arrest on domestic violence allegations – and their future as a couple is uncertain, a source close to Mueller tells PEOPLE.
28 December 2009 [14:53]

Police: Ivana Trump Escorted off Plane

Ivana Trump was reportedly escorted off a New York-bound airplane on Sunday after police say she became angry with some children on the flight.
28 December 2009 [14:04]

Gene Simmons 'sued after attacking fan'

28 December 2009 [10:20]

The best film of 2009 has been named

"Precious" has been named the best film of 2009.
26 December 2009 [08:00]

Charlie Sheen Arrested for Domestic Violence

Charlie Sheen was arrested Friday on domestic violence charges.
25 December 2009 [23:00]

"Queen of martial arts movies" Cynthia Rothrock: I didn't like karate, it was hard for me - PHOTOS

Exclusive Day.Az interview with a multiple karate champion and martial arts movie star Cynthia Rothrock.
25 December 2009 [11:43]

Star of "High School Musical" sues website over nude pics

Vanessa Hudgens is not so innocent anymore.
25 December 2009 [10:40]

Mary J. Blige: I was just stopping brawl between my husband and my brother

Mary J. Blige wants to damp down the drama over that fight at her record release party Tuesday night.
25 December 2009 [09:45]

Nicolas Cage Faces New $36.7 Million Lawsuit

Here's something Nicolas Cage didn't want for Christmas: Another multimillion dollar lawsuit.
25 December 2009 [08:30]

Small, private funeral held for Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy's family and friends celebrated her life at a private Christmas Eve funeral.
24 December 2009 [18:35]

Stars - Caught in the act

24 December 2009 [18:20]

Lily Allen sparks engagement rumours

Lily Allen has been spotted wearing an engagement ring.
24 December 2009 [18:07]

"Transformers" star is excited about Christmas

Josh Duhamel is excited about Christmas because he gets to enjoy quality time with wife Fergie.
24 December 2009 [15:30]

Jay-Z and Beyonce to change surnames

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z - who married in April 2008 - are to take on both of their respective surnames in order to keep the Sweet Dreams singer's parental line from dying out.
24 December 2009 [14:00]

Domestic violence caused Courtney Love to lose custody of daughter?

Does a new court filing hint at some of the friction that caused Courtney Love to lose legal custody of daughter Frances Bean Cobain?
24 December 2009 [13:25]

John Kerry's Wife in Treatment for Breast Cancer

Teresa Heinz, wife of the U.S. Sen. John Kerry, revealed Wednesday she has been treated for breast cancer and urged women to get regular mammograms that she says could save their lives.
24 December 2009 [10:25]

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins Split

One of Hollywood's most enduring relationships has ended – Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have broken up after more than two decades together.
24 December 2009 [10:04]

Oscar-winning Jennifer Hudson pregnant?

23 December 2009 [10:25]

Oscar campaigning gets downsized

22 December 2009 [09:40]

LeAnn Rimes Reaches Divorce Settlement

21 December 2009 [12:18]

Terry Gilliam talks 'Don Quixote'

21 December 2009 [11:32]

Wes Craven's New Villain Revealed

21 December 2009 [11:18]

Roman Polanski finishing edit of his latest movie from house arrest

Roman Polanski is finishing the edit of his latest movie "Ghost" from his house arrest in Switzerland, surrounded by family and bombarded by telephone calls of support.
21 December 2009 [11:12]

Actress Brittany Murphy dies at 32

Hollywood stunner Brittany Murphy, who found big screen success after her breakout role in "Clueless," died Sunday after collapsing in the shower.