Weird / Interesting

14 April 2010 [13:15]

Evil Clown hired for stalking, threats and a pie in the face - PHOTO

An 'evil' clown who stalks and threatens kids is being hired by parents as a birthday treat.
14 April 2010 [12:42]

Ubelievable: Croatian teenager wakes from coma speaking fluent German

A 13-year-old Croatian girl who fell into a coma woke up speaking fluent German.
13 April 2010 [16:12]

Survey: Money to buy people a longer life?

A new study shows that there is a link between high affluence and living longer.
13 April 2010 [13:44]

Pornographic magazine for the blind people has been launched

A pornographic magazine for the blind has been launched - complete with braille text and raised pictures of naked men and women.
13 April 2010 [12:36]

Live ammo removed from soldier's head - PHOTOS

A US military doctor has removed a live round of ammunition from the head of an Afghan soldier in an unusual and harrowing operation.
13 April 2010 [11:37]

Survey: How does smiling helps people live longer?

The wider you grin and the deeper your laughter lines, the more likely you are to have a long existence. Broader smiles and wrinkles around your eyes point to a positive outlook on life which translates to better long-term health.
13 April 2010 [09:58]

Tall or short women, who earns more? British study reveals the answer

Want a raise? Better don your stilettos and stand up straighter.
12 April 2010 [10:34]

China and Nepal have settled a 150-year-old dispute

China and Nepal have settled a 150-year-old dispute over the height of Mount Everest, agreeing that the "snow height" of the world's highest peak is 29,029 feet.
10 April 2010 [13:10]

Nervous owl has forgotten how to fly - PHOTO

Troy, the tawny owl gets in a fearful flap when he takes to the sky – because he is scared of heights. The nervous flyer has ‘forgotten’ how to be a bird after being hand-reared almost from birth.
10 April 2010 [11:45]

19yr old Tiger cat protects its home from the postmen

Postmen are boycotting deliveries to a house in Leeds because they are afraid of an old cat they say lies in wait ready to attack them.
10 April 2010 [10:34]

20% of Adults believe aliens live on Earth, survey says

Aliens are living on earth disguised as humans, according to one fifth of adults in a new global survey.
09 April 2010 [17:25]

Police seize 4-foot Indonesian penis in England

The boss of a furniture store has reacted angrily after a four-foot tall stone penis was seized from his shop in a police raid.
08 April 2010 [16:41]

Party of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals to participate in parliamentary elections in Philippines

The Supreme Court of Philippines issued a decree permitting the Party of Gays to participate in the parliamentary elections.
08 April 2010 [12:48]

US Army to "use Metallica to fight Taliban"

The US army are reportedly using music by Metallica and Thin Lizzy to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan.
08 April 2010 [11:15]

102-year-old woman starts at primary school

A 102-year-old woman has reportedly become the world's oldest first-year pupil when she started at a primary school in China.
07 April 2010 [18:09]

Nude man from Germany protests against the fuel prices

A German man apparently angry over high petrol prices staged an unusual protest - by buying his petrol completely naked (except for a pair of shoes).
07 April 2010 [17:19]

Amazing Rainbow Eucalyptus - PHOTO

This amazing rainbow eucalyptus was painted by nature. it’s not painted by human, this amazing rainbow eucalyptus can be found in New Guinea, New Britain and the Philippines.
07 April 2010 [14:24]

New Species of giant lizard discovered - PHOTOS

A new giant species of monitor lizard has been discovered in the forests of the Northern Philippines.
07 April 2010 [13:39]

UK Women arrested for taking corpse onto plane

Police have arrested two women at an British airport after they reportedly tried to smuggle a corpse onto a flight.
06 April 2010 [18:27]

A family claims to have seen the image of Jesus in a discarded piece of chewing gum

A family has claimed to have seen the image of Jesus in a discarded piece of chewing gum.
06 April 2010 [17:55]

Chinese hen lays a very strange egg - PHOTO

Even the most mundane things in life sometimes happen with a twist. Consider the case of a soft-shelled egg laid by a hen in China in the shape of a figure eight.
06 April 2010 [16:54]

Research: Women who exercise during pregnancy produce 'lighter babies'

Doing aerobic exercise during pregnancy can reduce the chances of giving birth to an oversized obesity-prone baby, a study has shown.
05 April 2010 [18:14]

Victorian-era women enjoyed making love, according to earliest sex survey

The prudish reputation of Victorian women has been challenged by a long-forgotten sex survey, which reveals intimate details of the bedroom habits of 19th Century wives.
05 April 2010 [17:47]

Thousands of people participate in International Pillow Fighting Day - PHOTO

Feathers have been flying around the world as thousands of people took part in mass pillow fights.
05 April 2010 [15:35]

Equal time: Women hold topless march in Maine

About two dozen women drew a crowd of onlookers when they shed their shirts and marched downtown in Maine's largest city to promote what they call equal-opportunity public toplessness.
05 April 2010 [14:58]

Turkish singer sets blind speed record in Ferrari - PHOTOS

Turkish pop-singer Metin Senturk became the world's fastest unaccompanied blind driver on Friday and said he felt he had danced with death.
05 April 2010 [13:33]

Thai police hires monkey to do policeman's job - PHOTOS

A Thai police force has begun taking a monkey dressed in officer's uniform on patrol each day to help improve relations with Muslim separatists.
05 April 2010 [12:14]

Man with half a body is a subject of new documentary

A man with only half a body has become the subject of a new documentary.
05 April 2010 [10:34]

Motorists confused by "Prostitute sign"

A road sign warning of prostitutes is confusing motorists in an Italian town.
02 April 2010 [13:21]

Air hostesses strip naked in wage protest - PHOTOS

Air hostesses employed by Spanish firm Air Comet have stripped naked for a calendar to protest against unpaid wages.
02 April 2010 [11:52]

New Yorkers told to "pull their pants up"

Low-slung trousers give their wearers a bad image, according to a US state senator who is behind an advertising campaign telling people to "raise your pants".
02 April 2010 [11:06]

Google helps Florida cop to find a crime suspect

A tech-savvy sheriff's deputy in Florida used an unexpected tool to track down a suspect alleged to have illegally dumped a boat - he found him on Google Earth.
01 April 2010 [15:44]

Robot jockeys ride camels in Egyptian race - PHOTOS

Robots might not yet be at the stage where they can replace humans in every meaningful task - but in Egypt and several other Arab countries, they are replacing human jockeys after being taught how to ride camels.
01 April 2010 [14:53]

Dog nurses baby squirrels who lost their home - PHOTOS

Three baby squirrels who were left homeless after the tree they lived in was chainsawed have found a foster mother in the shape of a poodle called Pixie.
01 April 2010 [12:20]

Investors wish to turn Saddam Hussain'a villas into gold

Saddam Hussein made his palaces a desert paradise, but now his hometown is seeking foreign investors to turn the late dictator's playground into a tourist mecca.
01 April 2010 [11:39]

French government picks new words to replace English

France has begun another attempt to prevent the invasion of English words in its language by creating new words to replace common Anglicisms.
31 March 2010 [18:17]

Elephants 'walk like Land Rovers', say scientists - PHOTO

Elephants have a 'four-leg-drive' system of walking that work much like the wheels of a Land Rover, scientists have found.
31 March 2010 [16:40]

Croatian storks Rodan and Malena reunited after 8,000 mile winter flight - PHOTO

These birds of a feather always flock together - in sickness and in health.
31 March 2010 [16:12]

Famous computer character found on Saturn moon by Nasa - PHOTO

Saturn moon Mimas looks just like the computer character Pac-Man in a thermal photo taken by a Nasa spacecraft.
31 March 2010 [16:00]

Strawberry Pines To Be Another Fruit

What looks like a strawberry, but is white and tastes like a pineapple? A pineberry, of course.
30 March 2010 [16:28]

South African woman spends two weeks with white lions

A South African woman was so moved by the plight of the local white lion population that she has decided to live with two of them for a fortnight.
30 March 2010 [16:12]

Britain's oldest father has child at 74

A 74 year-old has become Britain's oldest father.
30 March 2010 [15:40]

Child prodigy, 13, threatens to sue his university for banning him from field trip to South Africa

A 13 year-old prodigy studying at an American university is threatening to sue his school after being told he is too young to take part in a field trip to South Africa.
30 March 2010 [14:55]

Bats could inspire new radar systems

Bats which have evolved to avoid having their echo signals blocked by interference could help scientists develop more efficient sonar and radar systems.
30 March 2010 [13:40]

Russia abolishes two time zones

Russia has abolished two of its time zones in a bid to boost waking hours, communications and industrial productivity.
30 March 2010 [12:43]

Naked boat-dragging men cause controversy

A row has been sparked in China over plans to revive an ancient custom for naked men to drag boats through a local beauty spot.
30 March 2010 [12:19]

67 sheep dead in Germany train collision

Police say 67 sheep died when a pair of dogs attacked them and sent them fleeing into the path of a freight train in southwestern Germany.
29 March 2010 [16:43]

'Biggest man boobs ever' puzzle doctors

Doctors in China have reportedly said that they will not act to reduce a male patient's chest size until they know the cause of his enlarged breasts.
29 March 2010 [14:10]

'Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes' wins oddest book title prize

A book exploring the relationship between yarn-based crafts and complex mathematics has won the strangest literary award in Britain - the Diagram Prize for oddest book title of the year.
29 March 2010 [13:12]

Mysterious spheres discovered on Mars

According to Sci Fi Wire, the Mars-rover Opportunity has discovered berry-like clusters growing around a crater on the red planet.