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Unique virtual YARAT: I might be staring at infinity or backs of my own eyelids

12 June 2020 [13:10] - TODAY.AZ

YARAT Contemporary Art Space is pleased to announce the group exhibition "I Might Be Staring at Infinity (or the backs of my own eyelids)" at Virtual ARTIM Project Space with works by Leyli Ahmadova, Murad Akbarli, Aghababa Baghirov, Natig Asgar, Kateryna Bortsova, You Open a Box (Art Collective), Joshua Dyson, Lukasz Horbow, Laura Ige, Nathan M. Collis, Martina Morger, Rehan Miskci, Forough Noei, Florian Nitsch, Jay Rechsteiner, Gafar Rzayev, Nadya Sayapina, Julia Smirnova, Aline Schwibbe, Pudji Utomo, Nina Traub &Lukas Zerbst.

Exhibition dates: May 22 – August 22

Music set by AYAZ

Location: Virtual ARTIM Project Space

More information:; (+994)50 246 9292

Please find the instructions below to visit the show:


To access the show you need a PC with a Microsoft system (access for MAC books is in process and will be possible in a short time). The app is only working on computers, but not phones, tablets etc.

Access to the exhibition:

• Download App

• Unzip folder

• Drop the folder to desktop

• Open Vriendly.exe (if there appears a window with writing Microsoft do not allow run this program,

click More info, click Run anyway )

• Enter your username

• Push login button

• Create your Avatar

• Select Login


Inside the exhibition:

• You can talk and interact with other people

• If you want to see the video works, go closer to the projection wall and it will appear

• To move further use W button, to turn around use mouse or trackpad, or Q & E buttons

• To hear the sound, press the headphone icon

• To get more information on the artworks, press info-icon

Exit the exhibition:

• Press right mouse pad for some seconds

• Settings window will appear

• Select Exit

Download app:



Join us in the virtual ARTIM Project Space located on a spaceship that crosses the universe; it left earth as life on the planet became impossible. You are invited to see the historical group show "I Might Be Staring at Infinity (or the backs of my own eyelids)", which reflects on the coronavirus pandemic of 2019/2020 and features different reactions of Earth's inhabitants to the extraordinary situation, recalling one of the disasters that forced humanity to seek alternatives for living. Before entering the show, you will be able to create avatars as hybrids at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machines and humans.

The title, as well as the conceptual layer of the show, loosely draws on the science fiction novel "Quarantine" (1992) by Greg Egan, set in the near future 2034-2080 when the solar system has been isolated in a bubble for unidentified reasons, causing widespread societal panic, 'claustrophobia' and terrorist action. To overcome the psychoses, advanced bio- and nanotechnology is used in which completely new possibilities such as neural mods are installed in the brain, producing a variety of effects such as particular skillsets, different emotions, and altered states of awareness but also illegal control systems. The novel aligns with theories of quantum mechanics about parallel events, the significant role of the expectations of the observer, as well as human brain wave power being able to collapse the whole system. The exhibition space reflects this metaphysical point of view; visitors are able to wander around the different emotional states, exploring varieties of possibilities that are happening in parallel among others, experience the desire to break free from controlling systems, and a final blurred state.

The featured works by emerging artists show different possible and impossible conditions and positions among the backdrop of quarantine due to the global Covid-19 crisis. Among them, a depressed, rather dark mood of loneliness triggered by isolation that found a form of artistic expression in an increasingly flowing digital and physical creativity is displayed. Likewise, voices who see virtual space as a new opportunity for experience and adventure are represented, but they also critically reflect upon artificial self-representation and question exaggerated pathetic positions on social media. Works that document the beauty of everyday life form a further level of meaning. In a humorous or documentary way, they make the trivial things of everyday life something 'special' and stimulate reflection on the enjoyment and beauty of the little things. A section is also devoted to the drama of life, which furthermore questions stereotypical representations of gender. How do our mood swings express themselves? In emotional outbursts or maybe retreat? Another level shows how a sense of community and togetherness can be created and lived in during times of isolation when, for example, artists invent forms of creative cohesion while being locked in artist-in-residences. Peace and quietness is also a parallel state, once the bed sheet becomes a flag of peace and we may find the state of harmony through a white labyrinth. On one hand, the standstill imposed from the outside causes voices of dissatisfaction, desire and gestures of rebellion. On the other hand, everyday noises are transformed into a vibrating, dissolving space that suggests infinite dimensions. It is up to us to decide what or who generated these states: our brain, an emotional mode of artificial intelligence or a matrix that can only be understood from another dimension of perception?

Located in Icheri Sheher, ARTIM Project Space is directed at young artists with an intention to support and encourage emergent talent to grow. It is a platform for experimenting and professionally showcasing art. Creative young people are invited to participate in different ARTIM programs.

Vriendly is a GAAS virtual environment to transform innovation, education and the life in the future that initially focused on entrepreneurs and startups. Vriendly's infinite multi-theme rooms and 3D customized environment with specific toolkit enables users to hold effective sessions in a meaningful way. We believe that whether it is drawing and texting on a beautifully designed whiteboard, sharing, uploading and downloading files instantly through sessions or engaging with each other, it creates meaningful experience to learn and enjoy.


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