01 May 2007 [09:56]

Baku to host 13th Azerbaijan International Exhibition "Food, Drinks and Package"

The British International Exhibition company ITE Group PLC and its exclusive partner in the Caucasus Iteca Caspian LLC will organize the 13th Azerbaijan International Exhibition "Food, Drinks and Packaging" from May 23 to 25.
01 May 2007 [09:52]

Azerbaijan and Belarus to sign agreements on cooperation in phytosanitary and veterinary

Azerbaijan and Belarus Agriculture Ministries will sign two agreements on cooperation in the frame of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's visit to Azerbaijan May 2-3.
01 May 2007 [09:37]

Education Ministry and INTEL conclude memorandum

Azerbaijan's Education Ministry and INTEL company concluded a memorandum of mutual understanding and intent on the use of telecommunication and information technology in education, Minister Misir Mardanov represented Azerbaijani side and the director of education program on CIS countries Martina Ross represented INTEL in the conclusion of the memorandum.
01 May 2007 [08:56]

10,614 families receive targeted social assistance benefits in Nakhchivan AR

10,614 families received targeted social assistance benefits worth AZN 1.367 million in Nakhchivan AR during the first quarter of 2007.
30 April 2007 [22:16]

President issues decree to advance entrepreneurship

President Ilham Aliyev has today issued a decree on the development of entrepreneurship.
30 April 2007 [17:01]

IFC completes Azerbaijan Leasing Development Project

"When the Azerbaijan Leasing Development Project (ALDP) was officially launched in 2003 there were 3 leasing companies with AZN 0.9 million portfolio and 38 leasing operations. At present there are 12 active leasing companies out of 25 ones, AZN 80 million and 787 leasing operations," IFC Officer in Azerbaijan, Aliya Azimova, told at the press conference.
30 April 2007 [16:02]

Barmek president Huseyn Arabul to undergo surgery

Huseyn Arabul, president of Barmek-Azerbaijan Electricity Distribution LLC will undergo an eye surgery.
30 April 2007 [15:58]

SOCAR consolidates its position to be an international company

2007 will be a turning point for the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR). The company has unveiled its long-term plans to penetrate abroad.
30 April 2007 [15:55]

"Avropa gapilari" OJSC suspended

Plants and establishments belonging to the company were banned in the middle of last week and inspections started.
30 April 2007 [15:09]

Azerbaijan to establish Transport and Scientific Research Academies

Azerbaijan intends to establish a Transport Academy and a Scientific Research Academy in a few years.
30 April 2007 [14:11]

SOFAZ assets grew 18% during first quarter

As of April 1, the assets of State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) grew 17.7% from the early year to AZN 1.4918 billion and earnings from asset management totaled to AZN 15.4 million for the first quarter, the Executive Director Shahmar Movsumov told a press conference.
30 April 2007 [13:58]

Trial of Barmek officials starts

Trial on case of president of Barmek Azerbaijan Electricity Distribution LLC Huseyn Arabul and seven more company officials, who are accused of abuse of power, embezzlement and negligence of court verdicts, started at Court of Grave Crimes.
30 April 2007 [13:54]

India to tap gold in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan

India's MMTC and the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) unveiled their plan to develop gold fields in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, said the Minister of State for Commerce, Shri Jairam Ramesh.
30 April 2007 [09:27]

Azerbaijan negotiates with IDB over oil terminal

Azersun Holding and Azerbaijan Investment Company are considering construction of a new oil terminal in Garadagh, near Baku.
30 April 2007 [09:26]

Azersun Holding to build a salt plant in Baku

Azersun Holding and Azerbaijan Investment Company are considering construction of a salt plant.
30 April 2007 [09:25]

Inter RAO UES and AzerEnergy agree on electricity costs

Inter RAO UES and AzerEnergy have agreed upon the price and volume of Russia's electricity exports to Azerbaijan up to the end of 2007, the Russian company's press service said.
30 April 2007 [09:24]

Transportation tariffs for Black and Caspian regions to be discussed

Relevant bodies of the region will discuss the transportations tariffs for Black and Caspian Seas.
30 April 2007 [09:23]

Viktor Kozeny released from Bahamas prison

Czech financier Viktor Kozeny was released on bail on Friday from the Bahamas prison where he was sent in 2005 to await extradition to the United States, where he is wanted on a long list of corruption charges.
30 April 2007 [09:21]

Turkish parliament to ratify regional railroad project deal

Turkish Parliament is expected to ratify the agreement on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project in the nearest future. The process to buy railroad lands from residents in Turkey is under way.
30 April 2007 [09:19]

Istanbul to host 1st Black sea and 4th Silk Road conference

Istanbul will host 1st Black Sea and 4th Silk Road conference from May 14-16.
30 April 2007 [09:16]

Cold weather damages fruit trees

Cold weather in western regions of Azerbaijan has damaged fruit trees. The fruit prices for this year are expected to triple. Especially apricot will be expensive.
28 April 2007 [11:30]

Azerbaijan ranks 68th in electron preparation rating

"The Economist" international group publicized the annual rating of countries’ electronic preparation.
28 April 2007 [11:12]

MugamBank opens branch in Guba

Azerbaijan's MugamBank JSCB has opened its branch in Guba aiming at expansion its activity.
28 April 2007 [11:11]

Two new telephone exchanges commissioned in Terter

Two new Karel DS-200 telephone exchanges have been installed in Husenli and Azad-Garagoyunlu villages of Terter region.
28 April 2007 [11:09]

AzeriGas cuts off supply to 1134 defaulting customers of Baku

AzeriGas, State Gas Supply Company has cut off supply to 1134 defaulting customers of Baku.
28 April 2007 [10:47]

Rabitabank starts IFC technical assistance project

Rabitabank have started to implement the technical assistance project provided by the International Finance Corporation.
28 April 2007 [10:45]

Baku to host 2nd International Congress on Caucasus and Central Asia in Globalization Process

Press conference was held dedicated to the 2nd International Congress on Caucasus and Central Asia in Globalization Process to be held in Baku from May 2 to 5.
28 April 2007 [10:43]

Romania attaches great interest to Nabucco project, Iliescu says

"There are three important energy regions in the world: Persian Gulf, Russia reserves and the Caspian Sea.
28 April 2007 [10:41]

Azerbaijan improving legal framework for economic migrants

Azerbaijan's Ministry for Labor and Social Protection are working out proposals to improve the legal framework for regulation of the issues related to economic immigration and illegal aliens.
28 April 2007 [10:40]

Azeri enterprises suffer over 200 job-related accidents every year

During the past five years the employers suffered loss of AZN 434,000 in over 200 work accidents per year. 246 accidents killed 81 people last year.
28 April 2007 [10:34]

Fuzuli Alekberov: "Employers abuse workers' ignorance of their rights"

On Friday republic seminar was organized in Baku on "Safety and Health at Work" in the frame of April 28 World Day for Safety and Health at Work.
27 April 2007 [16:44]

FimBank to fulfill pro-Azeri court decision by May 3

Malta's FimBank will have fulfilled the 10 November verdict returned by Paris Higher Instance Court in favor of Azerbaijan by May 3.
27 April 2007 [15:48]

Oil pumping via BTC restored

Oil export through Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline was restored in Thursday evening after a short while of interruption.
27 April 2007 [15:26]

Azeri insurers achieve 29.5% increase in Q1 premium collection

Insurers operating in Azerbaijan collected a total of AZN 36.8 million in premium during the first quarter of the year, up 29.49% from the same period last year.
27 April 2007 [15:21]

Azeri employers to add dinner costs to price of products

The Confederation of Azerbaijani Labor Unions intends to make a proposal on provision of employees with free dinner.
27 April 2007 [15:15]

Azerbaijan, Russia resume energy talks in Baku

Inter RAO EES, a subsidiary of Russia's RAO UES (Unified Energy Systems) and Azerenergy, Azerbaijan's State Electricity Company, have Friday come together in Baku to continue the long-drawn-out price-haggling negotiations after the repeated failure of discussions.
27 April 2007 [13:51]

Azerbaijan improving legal framework for economic immigrants

Ministry for Labor and Social Protection are working out proposals to improve the legal framework for regulation of the issues related to economic immigration and illegal aliens.
27 April 2007 [13:05]

The Caspian: A zone of special interest

When back in the '90s the international community discovered the Caspian region's enormous hidden wealth, US energy experts were quick to announce the region as the world's third largest in energy resources.
27 April 2007 [09:29]

GTZ presents Phase 2 Private Sector Development Program in Azerbaijan

German Technical Cooperation [officially known as Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH] has delivered a presentation of Phase 2 Private Sector Development Program in Azerbaijan.
27 April 2007 [09:28]

Azerbaijan to apply IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standard

State Statistics committee can join Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) of International Monetary Fund (IMF), chairman of the committee Arif Veliyev has today said in the press conference.
27 April 2007 [09:27]

Russia suggests forming consortium to build a canal parallel to Volga-Don

Russia is going to propose Caspian states to set up a consortium for of a second line of the Volga-Don navigation canal, the country's transport minister said Thursday.
27 April 2007 [09:26]

GTZ supports development of tourism and tea-growing in Azerbaijan

It is very important to develop tourism in Azerbaijan, this is a new sphere for the country, chief of German Technical Cooperation’s (GTZ) program on development of private sector Michael Gerlich said.
27 April 2007 [09:24]

Technical failure in Agdam telecommunication network

Technical failure occurred in the Guzanli province of Agdam caused temporary problems in the telecommunication network of the region
27 April 2007 [09:23]

Chief of Coordination Council of BTK railway project appointed

Guram Guramishvili, deputy director of Georgian Railways OJSC has been appointed chief of Coordination Council of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project.
27 April 2007 [09:22]

ACIT Minister approves 2007-2008 Action Plan

Azerbaijan's Communication and Information Technologies Minister Ali Abbasov has approved 2007-2008 Action Plan for non-stop communications services in Autumn-Winter.
27 April 2007 [09:08]

SOCAR brings well online

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan has brought a new well in Hovsan oil field.
27 April 2007 [09:05]

ICT Ministry to invest AZN 29mln in communications sector

Azerbaijan's Ministry for Communications and Information Technologies is planning to invest AZN 29 million in IT sector of the country during 2007.
27 April 2007 [09:01]

Baku to host meeting of CIS Scientific-Technical Commission on Standardization

Baku will host 33rd meeting of CIS Scientific-Technical Commission on Standardization from May 2 to 5.
27 April 2007 [08:42]

State Maritime Administration reps to attend seminar in Athens

Athens will host seminar for the representatives of Maritime Administrations and institutions of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan in the frame of Maritime training from April 29 to May 5.
27 April 2007 [08:38]

State Statistical Committee holds press conference on Q1 overall results

Azerbaijan's State Statistical Committee's Chairman Arif Veliyev held press conference on 1Q overall results.
27 April 2007 [08:33]

Prices hike encouraged by better living standard in Azerbaijan, state top body claims

The recent prices increase has been caused and encouraged by better living standard in the country. The inflation keeps pace with the increasing earnings, Azerbaijan's State Statistical Committee chair Arif Valiyev told a press conference.
27 April 2007 [08:31]

Presentation of conception project on strengthening of municipalities

Economic Researches Center (ERC) organized the presentation of public discussions of conception project on strengthening of municipalities in Azerbaijan.
27 April 2007 [08:30]

British architects win big contracts in Azerbaijan

Signature designers each win high-profile contracts in the world’s fastest growing economy.
27 April 2007 [08:26]

Azerbaijan's Q1 trade gap beats $217 million

Azerbaijan's foreign trade with 109 nations bought out a trade deficit worth $217,067,900 during the first quarter.
26 April 2007 [23:48]

Azerigas cuts off supply to some districts of Baku

Azerigas, State Gas Supply Company has cut off supply to defaulting customers of Kurdekhani, Pirshaghi, Mashtaga, Bilgeh and Nardaran districts of Baku.
26 April 2007 [15:09]

Highway to airport to be reconstructed in Baku

The authorities have started to clear the highway going to the Heydar Aliyev International Airport from communications because of the road reconstruction project.
26 April 2007 [14:43]

Tariff Council might increase Baku-Sumgait bus fares

Transport Ministry intends to appeal to the Tariff Council, the State Prices Regulator, for reconsideration of Baku-Sumgait bus fares.
26 April 2007 [10:12]

Palmali, SOCAR negotiate on shipments from Ceyhan Port

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan and Palmali Group of Companies are negotiating on transportation of crude oil from Ceyhan Port, the outfall of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline.
26 April 2007 [10:10]

Bank Standard chooses customer for Arsenal-Chelsea

Bank Standard has completed the lottery choosing a client for Arsenal-Chelsea match, England Premier League.
26 April 2007 [10:08]

LUKoil expects Russian oil shortage in Europe

In the medium run the European market may feel hungry for Russian oil, said Vahid Alakbarov, the President of Russia's biggest oil producer, LUKoil.
26 April 2007 [09:26]

Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company and Russian Krasnoye Sormovo to conclude agreement

Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company and Russia's Krasnoye Sormovo enterprise will conclude the next agreement.
26 April 2007 [09:23]

Accounting Chamber approves auditing standard on Analytical procedures

Azerbaijani Accounting Chamber (AAC) has approved auditing standards on Analytical procedures.
26 April 2007 [09:20]

National Bank of Azerbaijan's networking architecture upgraded through Cisco-provision

The project to upgrade the networking architecture in the National Bank of Azerbaijan on the basis of CISCO provision has been completed.
26 April 2007 [09:19]

Azerbaijan to assemble MAZ trucks

Azerbaijan's Ganja Auto Plant will launch assembly of MAZ trucks in a few days.
26 April 2007 [09:17]

Public property management and privatization inflow to state budget more than doubles

Azerbaijani State Committee on Management of Property has hold meeting on 1Q results on privatization and management of state property.
26 April 2007 [09:16]

Sumgait Electricity Networks cuts off supply to 10,000 defaulting customers

Sumgait Electricity Networks has cut power supply to some 10,000 defaulting customers since Tuesday.
26 April 2007 [09:15]

International audit to be conducted in AtaLeasing Company

On 30 April, UK Bureau Veritas Quality International will conduct audit in AtaLeasing Company on application of Quality Management System that meets ISO 9001:2000 standards.
26 April 2007 [09:14]

Azerdemiryolbank achieves 2.8 times rise in money transfers

Money transfers through Azerdemiryolbank reached $8.24 million equivalent for the first quarter, 2.8 times higher than a year earlier. The earnings from transfers increased more than 3.5 times.
26 April 2007 [09:13]

KamAz Director General to visit Azerbaijan

Director General of KamAz Sergey Koqogin will visit Azerbaijan this year.
26 April 2007 [09:12]

Azerbaijan to save fuel in electricity generation by high technology

AzerEnergy, State Electricity Company intends to economize on fuel consumption in electricity generation by upgrading the running technology in power plants.
26 April 2007 [08:52]

ABTC starts implementation of CAP program

Azerbaijan Bank Training Center (ABTC) has started to implement CAP- Certified Accountant Practitioner Program for accountants of local finance organizations.
26 April 2007 [08:40]

World Bank mission visits IDPs camp in Sabirabad

World Bank's mission on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Economic Development Support Project lead by Ellen Hamilton has visited Galagayn IDPs camp in Sabirabad.
26 April 2007 [08:22]

Jordan's Minister of Energy receives Azeri envoy

Jordan's Minister of Energy and Mineral Recourses, Khaled Al-Shreidah met separately on Wednesday with the ambassadors of Azerbaijan to Jordan.
26 April 2007 [08:19]

Azerbaijan, STX sign MoU on shipyard construction

On April, 24 Azerbaijain Investing Company and South Korean STX Shipbuilding Co. signed the memorandum of understanding due to which it is planned to build a shipyard to produce and repair tankers in Garadag district.
25 April 2007 [22:11]

Russia intends to take part in privatization of Azeri banks

Russia shows interest to take part in privatization of banks in Azerbaijan, said Yuri Shedrin, Head of Russia's Trade Office in Azerbaijan.