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Fast food or homemade tasty food?

18 June 2014 [10:08] - TODAY.AZ
By AzerNews

Which one is better? To eat at home with the family or to have a quick snack on the street? I think the answer is clear.

We can talk about the dangers of the so-called fast food for hours, however, most of us have at least once tried these kinds of food, and some of us even like them.

The cliché that our age is the age of technology during which all processes are enhanced artificially and time is shorter than before reflects the underlying cause of all the troubles we have with our stomach.

When everything runs at breakneck speed, it is difficult to find sufficient time to comply with a certain diet - not to mention to eat homemade food. It is much easier to buy something from public caterings, which have spread significantly not only in our city, but also throughout the world.

Such a lifestyle often leads to disruption in the gastrointestinal system, and in particular increases the number of fat people. Most people refuse to have breakfast, which in itself has a negative impact on our health.

Breakfast is a perfect start to our day. It awakens the body in the morning, launching metabolic processes, and gives the necessary amount of energy for the productive work throughout the day.

Undoubtedly, any breakfast is better than none, but the top ten "best" products for the morning meal includes orange or grapefruit juice (gives C vitamin - and hence energy and vigor); chicken (contains almost no fat and carbohydrates, while it has a large amount of protein and is hearty and safe for the body); and white and rye bread, which complement each other perfectly.

Furthermore, coffee or tea are among the best drinks for the breakfast. Honey is a versatile product as fructose gives energy reserve (carbohydrates), acetylcholine copes with stress, and antiseptics helps to fight with disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Cheese (contains a lot of protein and calcium); egg (rich in A vitamin, protein and iron); cereal (easily digestible, have a substantial margin of trace elements, iron in particular) are equally important.

Yogurt or kefir are also in this list, because it increases the stability of immunity, contains a lot of protein and calcium and promotes resistance to stress.

Why do so many people refuse to have a breakfast today?

The morning meal is a real nuisance for many, when they simply cannot do a short work for making omelet, toast or cereal until they fully awake. Others simply do not have time for breakfast, when morning turns into a process of fast dressing, short procedures in the bathroom and to a cup of coffee at best.

This "average citizen" will try to make up for food shortage during lunch in some cheap bars, or worst of all - during dinner. Naturally, the stomach will not be happy to such a load, and will make felt itself by the evening of the same day.

What do we know about the food, which is cooked on the street? Absolutely nothing! Three main points are still unclear: What ingredients have been used? How was it cooked? And is it fresh? However, even those who venture to ask the sellers these questions will receive a puzzled look and the typical response "well, of course it is fresh". Thus, buying anything on the street, we are signing an invisible contract, under which we cannot prove anything to anyone.

Much-talked-of fast foods kind of McDonalds or Burger King have won great popularity all over the world not because of their quality, but quite the contrary. Strange property of these foods is a feeling of satiety, which passes by very quickly, and then the body begins to demand another portion.

Sure, many of us do not like such kinds of food, but the number of those finding it attractive is significantly more. In order to get more evidence, take a look at a fast-food shop. You will see a long queue before it despite the fact that most of these people know that the foods are not healthy. But there is something they are attracted to.

Is it worth risking your health for a five-minute pleasure?

Children's food allowance is another issue. All of us know that a child's body is more susceptible to external influences than the adult's. However, many parents often forget this fact and indulge a child's caprices. Neatly arranged potato chips, chewing gum, popcorn, sodas, chocolates and candies on the counter attract baby's look like a magnet.

In many cases, the most delicious food is the most harmful. For example, children's favorite lollipop, colorful candies, chewy candies are the most harmful food, containing a lot of sugar, dyes, chemical additives and substitutes. Chips are also very harmful, as they are a mixture of fats and carbohydrates, covered with dyes and taste substitutes.

Sodas are also harmful to health, as they quickly spread harmful substances through the body. Many have heard that Coke can remove rust and limescale, so I am scared even to imagine how it negatively impacts our stomach. Numerous chocolate bars contain a lot of calories, GMOs and chemical additives.

Of course, manufacturers are always in pursuit of their profits, and making a choice between their benefits or harming others is not of any interest for them. This is we who should care about our children's health and have a control over their diet.

Going back to the issue of snacking on the street or not, it should be noted that apart from the fact that homemade food is much healthier and tastier than the street foods, gathering all family members at the table is very hard in our age.

Be careful when it comes to the food you eat and remind the sentence which says: "you are what you eat."


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