10 February 2005 [09:24]

New banknotes to be designed by author of euro

New metallic coins will appear in circulation, Elman Rustamov, the chairman of the Managing Board of the National Bank of Azerbaijan (NBA), told journalists on Wednesday.
09 February 2005 [09:19]

USA to send 5.75 million dollars military aid to Azerbaijan

USA considers allocating 5.750.000 dollars finance aid to Azerbaijan in the frame of aid program to foreign countries in the next financing year.5 million dollars of this allocation will be spent on military financing processes.
09 February 2005 [09:16]

EBRD to update strategy on Azerbaijan

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) started the collection of notes on the draft updated strategy on operations in Azerbaijan, an official statement by the EBRD says.
09 February 2005 [09:14]

New IMF supervisor on Azerbaijan expected

Vitaliy Kramarenko, the new head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission, is expected to pay his first fact-finding visit to Azerbaijan on Tuesday.
09 February 2005 [09:13]

Amount of trade circulation between Azerbaijan and Turkey in 2004 was 408 million dollars

Amount of trade circulation between Azerbaijan and Turkey in 2004 was 408 million dollars.
09 February 2005 [09:08]

Azerbaijan undersigns TACIS regional program for 2004 FY

The Azerbaijani government undersigned a financial memorandum on TACIS regional program for 2004 fiscal year (FY).
09 February 2005 [09:07]

Finance ministry publicizes macro-economic indices in Azerbaijan in 2004

The Finance Ministry has publicized the macro-economic indices of Azerbaijan for 2004.
09 February 2005 [09:04]

Processing center to be ready to work with denominated AZM by 1 Oct

Azerikard Processing Center will be ready to work with the denominated manat by 1 October 2005
08 February 2005 [09:09]

Azerbaijan to Re-Denominate Its Currency

Azerbaijan will re-denominate its currency by 5,000 times beginning next January, President Ilham Aliev ordered Monday, potentially putting the manat on a one-to-one rate with the U.S. dollar.
08 February 2005 [09:08]

Azerbaijan doubles GDP

Azerbaijan has doubled its GDP since 1995 year, the survey on GDP growth in CIS countries conducted by the CIS Interstate Statistical Committee said.
08 February 2005 [09:06]

Azerbaijan earned more than expected under the "Contract of the Century"

Azerbaijan earned AZM 746250,0 million from selling 6,6 million tons of oil under the "Contract of the Century" in 2004.
08 February 2005 [09:05]

Azerigas plans to spend 70bn AZM on improvement of gas supply system in Azerbaijan in 2004

In 2005 Azerigas Joint-Stock Company (JSC) plans to spend 70bn manats (over $14.2m) on the improvement of the gas supply infrastructure in Azerbaijan, Nazim Samadzada, and the Vice President of Azerigas JSC, told journalists on Monday.
08 February 2005 [09:04]

Exploration well drilling on Yalama due to complete by mid-2005

Exploration well drilling on the Yalama prospect (D-222), carried out by Russian Oil Company, and reached the depth at 2300 meters.
05 February 2005 [09:27]

Public budget revenues over-fulfilled

The 2004 public budget revenues were over-fulfilled by 1.2% and the revenues amounted to 7607,200m manats.
04 February 2005 [09:36]

Azerbaijan has 1 billion 588 million dollars foreign debt

Debt of Azerbaijan to foreign state was 1 billion 588 million USA dollars for January this year.
04 February 2005 [09:33]

British companies will discuss capital investment opportunities to Caspian region

On February, 8, conference will be held dedicated to oil, gas and oil-chemistry fields of Azerbaijan, Iran and Kazakhstan in Great Britain.
04 February 2005 [09:10]

AIOC handed 74.8 million m3 of 86.7 million m3 of region gas from "Chirag" field to SOCAR in January

Azerbaijan International Operation Company (AIOC) handed 74.8 million m3 gas of 86.7 million m3 produced in "Chirag" field to State Oil Company (SOCAR) in January.
03 February 2005 [09:40]

Counting chamber failed to inspect Caspian sea shipping department

Counting chamber failed to realize inspections in Caspian Sea Shipping Department.
03 February 2005 [09:36]

Tourism-Information Center opened in Baku

Yesterday an official opening of Tourism-Information Center (TIC) was held in Baku.
03 February 2005 [09:19]

10 million barrels needed to fill BTC pipeline

Ten million barrels of oil will be needed to fill Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, and this process will take five months.
03 February 2005 [09:17]

Meeting of railwaymen of Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran be held in Baku

On February 8-9, meeting of railway-men of Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran will be held in Baku.
02 February 2005 [09:20]

Oil sector to get 16,3 trillion manats of overseas investment

Volume of the overseas investment placed in the economy of Azerbaijan in 2004 rose 32,6 percent in comparison with that in 2003 and 90 percent of this volume falls to the share of the oil sector.
30 January 2005 [13:31]

Plant will be constructed in Azerbaijan for processing radioactive wastes

In Pirekishkul district, a plant will be constructed to process radioactive wastes.
28 January 2005 [00:38]

Oil price keeps on rising

Price of oil keeps on rising in world markets.