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14 July 2010 [10:47]

Confusion mounts on Turkey's Iran nuke diplomacy

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has denied claims by a U.S. official who said Ankara had agreed to distance itself from the Iranian nuclear issue, saying it remains open to participating if the parties seek its help.
14 July 2010 [09:58]

Iran says Medvedev's nuke remarks 'divorced from reality'

Top Iranian officials on Tuesday angrily dismissed Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's remarks that Tehran was on the verge of acquiring military nuclear capability, the Fars News Agency reported.
13 July 2010 [14:53]

EU Special Representative for S. Caucasus is on visit to Georgia

EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus Peter Semneby will arrive in the occupied Abkhazia.
13 July 2010 [14:28]

Turkey agrees to stay out of Iran nuclear issue, US official says

A senior U.S. official said Turkey has agreed to stay out of international efforts to pressure Iran on its nuclear program, The Associated Press reported on Tuesday.
13 July 2010 [11:15]

Turkey, Serbia lift visa procedures

Turkey and Serbia signed an agreement on Monday to lift visa procedures.
12 July 2010 [16:44]

Iran: 20 kilograms of 20 percent enriched uranium ready

Iran said on Sunday it has produced around 20 kilograms of 20 percent enriched uranium, in defiance of the world powers who want Tehran to suspend the controversial nuclear work.
10 July 2010 [12:35]

27th Qur'an contest opens in Iranian capital

The 27th international competition of the Holy Qur'an has opened in the Iranian capital Tehran, bringing together representatives from 60 Muslim countries, Press TV reported.
10 July 2010 [09:19]

OSCE PA president: Armenia is to blame for protraction of Nagorno-Karabakh peace process

Armenia is more responsible for dragging out the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process, stated President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Joao Soares, who is completing his terms.
09 July 2010 [11:07]

Armenia's foreign debt to reach U.S. $4bn by 2013

On July 8, the Armenian Government first approved a strategic program of national debt control for 2011-2013.
09 July 2010 [10:33]

EU policy on South Caucasus discussed in Berlin

European Union policy toward the South Caucasus was discussed in Berlin.
08 July 2010 [18:08]

Kars province governor: Turkey does not conduct any technical work to open border with Armenia

The Turkish government does not intend to carry out some technical work, or talks to open borders with Armenia till Azerbaijani lands are under Armenian occupation," Kars province governor Ahmet Kara said.
08 July 2010 [16:33]

Turkish president denies claims of planned meeting with Israeli president

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has denied claims about the possibility that he was planning to clandestinely meet Israeli president.
05 July 2010 [17:21]

OSCE PA's annual session in Olso to debate transnational crime and corruption

The 19th Annual Session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, with the theme “Rule of Law: Combating Transnational Crime and Corruption,” is taking place 6-10 July in Oslo, hosted by the Parliament of Norway – Stortinget.
05 July 2010 [13:51]

Executive Director of American Jewish Committee: "We consider Azerbaijan an important country for the U.S. and for the whole regional stability"

“The Jewish community helped the United States to appreciate the importance of Azerbaijan”, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee David A. Harris told journalists in Baku.
30 June 2010 [15:53]

Azerbaijani, Turkish military men to participate in joint exercises

Azerbaijani and Turkish military men will take part in joint military exercises in July.
28 June 2010 [12:36]

Erdogan discusses Karabakh conflict with Obama and Medvedev

Turkish Prime Minister discusses Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with Russian and U.S. presidents.
28 June 2010 [12:03]

Turkish authorities close the airspace for Israeli planes

According to website, Turkish authorities closed the airspace for the Israeli planes, according to a statement made by Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
26 June 2010 [12:25]

Turkey to restore Russian Tsar Nicholas II's hunting lodge

A 113-year old hunting lodge constructed for the Russian Tsar Nicholas II in Sarikamis town of north-eastern province of Kars will go through restoration.
26 June 2010 [11:08]

Armenian MP circulates document condemning Armenia in PACE

Zaruhi Postanjyan, a member of the Armenian delegation to PACE, said a document on Armenia’s non-compliance with of its international obligations was circulated on her initiative.
26 June 2010 [10:16]

Erdoğan to meet Obama at G-20 summit

With world leaders coming together this weekend for a G-20 summit in Toronto, Turkish diplomats are expecting Erdoğan to meet Obama to discuss the various controversial events involving Turkey since their phone conversation in May.
24 June 2010 [15:25]

Former Russian energy minister worried by Caspian oil spill threat

Former Russian Energy Minister Yuri Shafranik says he is concerned about the threat of a major oil spill in the Caspian Sea, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Russian Service reported.
24 June 2010 [14:45]

Lithuanian diplomatic mission in Georgia to operate like NATO contact embassy

From January 1, 2011 the Lithuanian diplomatic mission will serve as the NATO contact embassy in Georgia for two years. This decision was made by member-countries of the alliance.
24 June 2010 [10:22]

Newspaper in Turkey's Van to have Armenian page

A multilingual newspaper in the eastern city of Van is preparing to add stories in Armenian to its Turkish, Kurdish, Persian and English-language content to mark the reinstating of religious services at a local Armenian church.
23 June 2010 [16:55]

Atomic chief says Iran has 17 kilograms of enriched uranium

Iran has already produced 17 kilograms of enriched uranium, the nation's atomic chief Ali-Akbar Salehi said on Wednesday.
22 June 2010 [10:56]

Georgia to become 2nd Dubai in just 5-7 years?

If Georgia keeps its pace of development, it will reach the level of Dubai in five or seven years, President Saakashvili said in Batumi late on Monday evening.
18 June 2010 [17:10]

Turkey's FM receives Woodrow Wilson Award

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu received "the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service" by Woodrow International Center at a ceremony at Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul on Thursday.
18 June 2010 [11:07]

Turkish ambassador: Nobody can spoil Turkey - U.S. relations

Nobody and nothing can spoil the historical relations between the U.S. and Turkey, Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Hulusi Kilic said.
17 June 2010 [11:45]

Turkish scientists found adequate response to "Armenian genocide"

Turkish archaeologists and historians, engaged in excavations near Tepekoy village of Erzurum city, have found a mass grave, proving barbarism, brutality of the Armenians who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Turks at the beginning of the last century.
17 June 2010 [10:36]

Iran summons British ambassador

Iran summons the British ambassador to Tehran over allegations of UK support for terrorists and various acts of violence in the country.
17 June 2010 [09:55]

Turkey has demands for Israel...

Turkey expects Israel to fulfill four demands related to the attack by Israeli military on the international sea convoy "Freedom flotilla", Anadolu news agency reported, citing diplomatic sources.
16 June 2010 [14:45]

Turkish MPs meet US congressmen over Israel attack

A group of lawmakers from Turkey's ruling Justice & Development (AK) Party began talks in the United States on Tuesday.
16 June 2010 [11:07]

OSCE media freedom representative: Armenian broadcasting law fails to guarantee media pluralism

"Despite amendments, Armenia's new Law on Television and Radio fails to promote broadcast pluralism in the digital era," the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Dunja Mijatovic said on JUne 15.
16 June 2010 [08:55]

Washington to host conference on U.S. strategy in South Caucasus and Caspian basin

The Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies will host a conference on the United States' strategy in the South Caucasus and Caspian basin.
15 June 2010 [12:53]

Turkey: Unilateral committee can not probe Israeli terrorism

Turkish government spokesman said on Monday that Turkey would not be satisfied with unilateral committee of Israel that would investigate the attack on Gaza-bound aid flotilla.
15 June 2010 [09:45]

U.S. archeologists find ruins of four ancient castles in Turkey

A group of American archeologists found ruins of four ancient castles dated back to the 2nd century B.C. in western Turkey.
14 June 2010 [10:56]

Erdogan says EU has trifled with Turkey for 50 years

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday, in regard to Turkey's European Union (EU) membership process, the EU has trifled with Turkey for the past 50 years and continues to do so.
12 June 2010 [11:46]

Turkish housecleaners unite to demand rights, respect

Housecleaners who work without any social security-benefits or health care are uniting to demand their rights. Many have been injured on the job and lack respect for their work as well as employee rights.
12 June 2010 [11:37]

Turkey: Israel must apologize, pay compensation for forgiveness

Israel must make amends to be forgiven for a bloody commando assault on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, including apologising for the attack and paying compensation, Turkish President Abdullah Gul told the French daily Le Monde.
12 June 2010 [10:56]

Turkish president Gul condemns Youtube, Google ban in Twitter

Turkey's President Abdullah Gul has used his Twitter page to condemn his country's ban on YouTube and some Google services.
11 June 2010 [16:55]

'Change of axis' claims are unfounded, Turkish energy minister says

Turkey's energy minister on Friday rejected claims that Turkey was moving away from the West and toward the Middle East, an assertion that resurfaced this week after the country voted against the U.N.'s latest round of sanctions against Iran.
11 June 2010 [15:52]

Iranian parliamentary speaker: Iran sanctions "strange"

Iran's Parliament Speaker says he finds it hard to believe that the UN Security Council has decided to adopt new sanctions on Tehran despite all its confidence-building efforts.
11 June 2010 [09:58]

Arab nations unite in applause for Turkey's tough Israel stance

Turkey gets Arab nations’ full support on its stance against Israel’s deadly attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla and blockade on the Palestinian territory at a forum in Istanbul.
10 June 2010 [15:35]

People die, as Turkish military helicopter crashes

A military helicopter crashed in the central province of Tokat on Thursday.